Cartoon Cartoon-cember Part 24: Adventure Time

What time is it? No really what time is it my clock broke. Well whatever time it is Adventure Time was always the time for bizarre entertainment. The show follows the adventures of a human named Finn and his adoptive talking shape-shifting dog brother Jake. The show was heavily inspired off of video games and Dungeon and Dragons which explains why the story can be so inconsistent at times. Sometimes they’ll be traveling the world, other times they’ll be helping out the princess of a kingdom, fighting against their archenemy, or other times they’ll be chillin’ in there treehouse home. Yeah a treehouse is their home, like I said crazy show but it works. I think my favorite character in the show is Lemongrab the guy is just a straight up lunatic, like I’m seriously worried about the citizens of his kingdom, the guy actually makes the antagonist from Warriors of Virtue look normal that’s how crazy the guy is.

There’s really not that much to say about the show, the show was crazy and weird and often felt like a mindfuck which is why a lot of people are turned off by the show or don’t find it all that interesting. But that’s the point of the show. It’s supposed to be a mindfuck, it’s supposed to not make any sense, and it’s supposed to make you question reality. The more something weird and bizarre showed up in the show the more interesting and funny it became. The show is still on-going and is one of Cartoon Network’s show that all critics seem to find amusing if just for how out there the show is. Adventure Time is a mindfuck I welcome and while I may not watch the show I will admit I find it amusing.

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