Cartoon Cartoon-cember Part 23: Total Drama Island

Often seen as Cartoon Network’s answer to Survivor, Total Drama Island is a show that comes from our good neighbors up north, Canada. The show centers around a group of high schoolers on a reality show similar to Survivor only at a cheap camp trying to win 100,000 bucks. All of the characters are stereotypes of high school students you see in movies and in real life. We have the emo girl, the acoustic guitar guy, the black girl with attitude, the cool guy, the student council president, the geek, the rebel, the hot girl, the bitch and many more, any stereotype you can think of is in the show and to me it is hilarious. I personally really did like this show just because it reminded me a lot of Survivor only with high school students which added more drama and comedy to the show and they also added in their own original ideas like there’s this guy name chef at the camp who takes over a few of challenges and has a military like personality which scares everyone. I also like the host of the show, the guy is just enjoying himself, he knows he is torturing these teens and enjoying every minute of it while poking fun at them but at the same time he acts professional and does his job correctly but when he makes fun of the competitors he does it perfectly. The show provided you with a lot of laughs with the characters interacting with each other and working off one another excellently. I like how the bitch forms in alliance with the geeky girl and the hot but stupid blond girl, I like that the student council president and the rebel become a couple in the show, and I even like the romance going on between the emo girl and the acoustic guitar guy. There so many relationships and friendships/alliances formed in this show that you can’t help but laugh at them and find them entertaining.

While the show was good it also seemed pretty risky for kids show at the times. They showed a few of the characters make out at times, sexualize a few of the characters like you could really see the proportions on the females they spared no expense in showing how hot these girls are, and they even showed one character completely naked and one of the girls flashing her boobs. They were censored of course but still to actually show that on a show geared for kids was a pretty risky move on their part but hey I like I was raised in the 90s I can handle just about any cartoon in today’s parental safe television. But maybe I’m over analyzing this for the most part the show was entertaining and provided funny of laughs and story and if you pay close attention it should be obvious who the winner is at the end. I know there are a lot of other seasons that came out after the first one but only ever watched the first season and only a few episodes of the second season and from what I saw it was alright I didn’t like the fact that they bought back all the characters I was hoping that they would introduce a whole new cast of characters for the new season and then sometime down the road bring back a few of the characters to participate in the game again. That would have been better in my opinion but I understand creating new characters with the same stereotype wouldn’t have worked out so well. This show may have been a rip-off of Survivor series but it’s a rip-off done well.

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