Cartoon Cartoon-cember Part 4: I Am Weasel

From the man that bought us Cow and Chicken comes I Am Weasel. Originally a segment of the Cow and Chicken show that came on as the third segment of an episode. Yeah, back then you got 3 segments an episode instead of two because the 90s were awesome like that. The showed followed the adventures of a talking weasel called I.M. Weasel an internationally famous, rather eloquent, highly intelligent and very talented weasel who was adored by everyone and a baboon called I.R. Baboon who was idiotic and jealous of Weasel’s success and tried desperately to outshine him. There really isn’t all that much to say about the show it was just like Cow and Chicken, the show was surreal and always stuck the two in different roles where Weasel would show off how awesome he was and Baboon trying to upstage him which usually failed at the end. That isn’t to say they were always rivals, there would be times when the two would get along and even be friends like in two episodes they were detectives and cops partnered together but for the most part they were always against each other. The characters were also likable Weasel was overflowing with the confidence and leadership and someone you admired and wanted to be like and Baboon wasn’t really a bad guy he just wanted his chance to be in the spotlight because to him he felt that Weasel wasn’t better than him he felt that he and Weasel were on the same level and that he deserved as much attention and respect as Weasel which is something I think a lot of people feel like and at times I often found myself cheering for Baboon to beat Weasel.

The humor was relatively the same as Cow and Chicken but the show in a sense was a little bit better than Cow and Chicken in my opinion. It had a good formula put the hero in a roll and have the jealous monkey try to outshine him. It was basic I admit but at the same time it worked greatly. It was like Tom and Jerry or Homer from The Simpsons just put the characters in this situation and the story writes itself. The show provided us more surreal humor after Cow and Chicken ended, had a good formula for each episode, and likable characters so I say this show was good maybe not one of Cartoon Network’s most recognizable shows but still an underrated show that provided you with surreal entertainment. Let’s move on.

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