Cartoon Cartoon-cember Part 5: The Powerpuff Girls

One of Cartoon Network’s most popular shows The Powerpuff Girls. Man was this show popular at the time everybody liked it girls, adults, and even boys liked it. When I first heard of this show I was skeptical but after watching the premiere I became a fan. The show centers around these 3 kindergarten aged girls who have superpowers and fought crime to protect their city from villains, monsters, and various other forces of evil. They were created by Professor Utonium who was trying to create the perfect little girl but after accidently adding in chemical X to his formula he gave birth to the Powerpuff Girls Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. They all had the same powers but different personalities. Blossom was the know it all leader of the group who always spoke her mind, stayed level headed and listened to those she considered smarter than her. Bubbles was the baby of the group who loved animals, was nice and sweet to everyone, and was often seen as the heart of the team. Buttercup was the tough one, the tomboy of the three who just wanted to fight bad guys and take names. Each episode was split into two segments with the girls fighting against a foe to protect their city and often solving another problem by the end of the episode. One of the things I liked about the girls is that even though they have superpowers they still acted like girls their age and everyone around them treated them as just regular girls. They go to school, have friends, do homework, have fears (bugs), and do house chores if anything superhero business was like an afterschool activity they did to keep themselves active and healthy.

The best part for me in the series were the villains these guys were just funny and awesome. Each of them were unique and funny and one of the best rouge gallery I’ve seen in a superhero show and that’s saying a lot. There was Fuzzy Lumpkins the monster hillbilly, Princess the spoiled rich girl, Him the transvestite (the most controversial out of all the villains), The Ganggreen Gang a group of misfits who just caused trouble, The Rowdyruff Boys who were basically the evil boy version of the girls, and Mojo Jojo the evil monkey genius who never shuts up and was hands down the best villain in the show because of it. All of my favorite episodes in the series involves him as the leading villain. Just the history and chemistry he has with the girls just makes him the perfect villain for them. My favorite episode is when he has to go and babysit the girls and they drive him on the brink of insanity. Anybody who’s ever done babysitting has been in Jojo’s spot before or come close to it. All I can say about is that it was great series that I enjoyed a lot. I liked the characters, the villains, the stories, everything about it. It’s one of Cartoon Network’s most popular shows and I’m glad I didn’t skip over it.

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