Disneytoon-cember Part 27: Kim Possible

Hands down one of Disney’s best cartoons. When this show began I don’t think anyone expected this series to be so popular but it was. At the time when Disney was going through a drought of great shows to air this came out and just wowed the viewers. I mean this show was popular at the time. So popular that when the third season ended which was scheduled to be the series finale they bought the show back by popular demand for one more season. That’s how good this was.

The premise of Kim Possible focuses on a girl named Kim Possible a crime-fighting high school girl and her clumsy yet lovable childhood friend and sidekick Ron Stoppable. In the show Kim a normal high school girl runs a website where she helps save the world from mad scientist, evil golfers, and monkey people. The show had a lot going for it, it had action, adventure, comedy, romance, drama and good characters and stories. Kim is an average in high school. Despite being a crime fighter she balances out her school and social life well by being the captain of the cheerleaders and getting good grades in school but she still deals with the problems an average teenage girl goes through such as having multiple crushes, being embarrassed or annoyed by her family and siblings but still getting along with them, and dealing with her rival at school. But what makes her such a likable character is how she handles it all. She stays calm and in control, she’s very smart and witty, and doesn’t let the whole crime fighting thing get between her and her normal life nor does she let the whole crime fighting go to her head. At school despite everyone knowing what she does she’s still gets treated like an average girl and everything. Ron was funny in that he’s the comic relief of the show with his pet naked mole rat but he also goes through the classic clichés of a high school boy. Trying to fit in and letting things go to his head but he listens to others and realizes his mistakes. He’s quite loyal to Kim sticking by her side despite being way in over his head but sticking with her because they’re friends who obviously have feelings for each other. Yeah, the romance between Ron and Kim is handle well in this series. At the start the two only see each other as just friends and nothing else but near the end of the third season when Kim finally finds a guy she really likes and likes her back Ron starts to realize his feelings for Kim and finally confesses to her and sure enough Kim likes him to.

Each episode had a pretty simple formula. A villain was trying to take over the world and Kim and Ron have to stop them. While they’re trying to stop them the two are also dealing with problems in their daily lives or at school that the viewer could relate to. One of favorite episodes is when they satirize the 60s Batman show and even got Adam West to guest star on the episode. The best villains were by far Dr. Drakken and his assistant Shego. The chemistry between these two was just as great as Kim and Ron. Drakken was an evil scientist but his plans would often get ruined by his own mistakes and oversight and Shego was the witty and smart assistant who would honestly make a better villain than Drakken. Her fights with Kim were honestly the best fights in the series and she always knew how to get in Kim’s head. Even though the two were arch-rivals you get the sense that Kim and Shego do have a mutual respect for each other and the two have teamed up a few times in the series. Kim Possible was a great show that showed off amazing writing, excellent character development, and that Disney could still create inventive shows.

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