Disneytoon-cember Part 28: The Buzz on Maggie

When Kim Possible was over they replaced the show with this show The Buzz on Maggie which focused on the life of a teenage girl fly named Maggie an adventurous impulsive girl who aspires to be a rock star. This show was doomed to fail from the very beginning for numerous reasons. The concept, characters, and themes are just a few of the things that bought this show down but before this show even aired it was already getting major heat because it was replacing Kim Possible a show that was amazingly popular than what anyone originally thought and was rapidly becoming one of Disney’s best shows. Even if this show didn’t replace Kim Possible it still would have failed on its own.

First let’s start off with the concept of the show. Flies. Why flies? The average housefly lives 15-30 days. Not the longest life cycle if you ask me. Not to mention they are nasty. No matter how cute you try to make these characters they’re still gonna be nasty in my eyes. Surely there were better animals or insects they could of chosen for this show. The characters aren’t interesting at all. Maggie’s character is almost identical to Pepper Ann. She’s impulsive and adventurous just like Pepper Ann and gets into all sorts of trouble that she causes where she learns her lesson at the end. The rest of the characters aren’t unique either. We got the annoying siblings, the best friend who’s smarter than the main character but still a follower, pompous school teacher, and of course the nasty rival. The themes and story aren’t anything new. The themes and stories in this show have all been done in past Disney shows and they were actually done a lot better in those shows than in this show. The only redeeming quality this show has is that the flash animation is pretty good but even that’s not enough to cover up all the mistakes and problems of this show. This show had no originality in it whatsoever and tried to make a nasty insect look adorable. Your characters are copies of past characters, your stories and themes are copies of other stories and themes from other Disney shows, and your concept is dumb seeing how if this show was going by real time Maggie would have been dead by the 5th episode. Some people say that if the show had picked a better insect or animal it would of worked. No it wouldn’t have worked. The show still would of failed big time. If the concept was the only problem than it could have been fixed easily but the problem lives in every aspect of this show. This was a show that nobody liked and is one that everyone forgets even existed.

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