Disneytoon-cember Part 33: Shorty McShorts’ Shorts

The final Disneytoon I would like to talk about is Shorty McShorts’ Shorts. Often shorten to just SMS this show’s run was just as short as it’s name. Just like Cartoon Network had What A Cartoon and Nickelodeon had Oh Yeah! Cartoons, SMS was Disney’s project in the hope of finding new shows to air on their channel. A good idea except for one problem. All of the shorts sucked.

I mean it, none of these shorts were any good. They all had non-interesting ideas, bad characters, bad morals, and just weren’t funny or entertaining to watch. Another problem that annoyed me about the show was finding out when it came on. Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon each gave their shows a time slot but Disney didn’t they instead ran the shorts in between shows at random times so finding the show was a hassle. You’re supposed to give the show it’s own time slot and run the shorts multiple times that way you could see which ones were popular and which ones weren’t. You slowly start to eliminate the weaker shows in the hope of finding the good shows. This show was way smaller than WAC and OYC as it only had 13 shorts and not a whole lot of well-known people working on it. The only person I recognized was Van Partible who was the creator for Johnny Bravo. Yeah when I said Johnny Bravo was made by Butch Hartman I made a mistake it was actually Partible however Hartman did direct and write a majority of the episodes. There was also Chip Wass who’s well known for doing illustrations. His most notable work is the network design for Nick at Nite. There was also Rob Reger but I’m not familiar with his work. The only short that got turned into an actual show was SheZow! a show about a boy who fights crime while wearing women’s clothing except it was picked up by the Hub channel in Australia and never aired here in the states. SMS was Disney’s second worst cartoon and really had no effort put into it. It was a waste of time and remains to be one of Disney’s biggest embarrassments and failures to this day. Well guys that’s the end of Disneytoon-cember. Thanks for joining me and I’ll see you again in 2016. Happy new.

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