Disneytoon-cember Part 35: Star vs the Forces of Evil

The newest series to come from Disney. When I started Disneytoon-cember I was hesitant to talk about this show since it only just got done airing this past year and I didn’t see it until late December but since you guys requested it so much and I like you I can talk about it and yes it is a damn good series. Much like Gravity Falls it’s one of the best animated shows to come out in recent years and is a sign that writers and creators of animated shows are starting to take their audience and job seriously again and they’re not just limiting their audience to just kids but making it accessible for adults to watch as well and not feel embarrassed by it.

The show focuses on a princess named Star in this different dimension. Star has just turned 14 and has received the family heirloom wand which holds powerful magic. After accidently setting the castle on fire Star is sent to Earth as a foreign exchange student where she lives with Marco and his family. While on Earth Star must deal with the day to day life of being a teenage girl and adapting to our world while also protecting herself and her friends from the evil Ludo and Toffee who want to steal her wand. The best way to describe this show for me at least is an Americanized version of the magical girl anime. Similar to how Avatar and Samurai Jack were Americanized versions of other anime genres. Actually surprisingly the creator of this show did use Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z as a bases to get the show started. According to her the original idea was to have Star be a girl who wanted to be like Sailor Moon while Marco was a guy obsessed with DBZ and they would be fighting against each other. But as time went on and following the suggestions of others the show changed and we got Star vs the Forces of Evil.

Now I’ve only just finished watching this show in December. In fact, I liked it so much that I actually marathon the show all in one day. I love how Star is this eccentric girl living in a foreign land but at the same time she’s not really stupid just eccentric and a fish out of water but at the same time she’s a princess who’s not afraid to kickass and take names. She does things her way and isn’t really all that concerned about fitting in. This is who she is and if the world can’t accept that than that’s there lost. She’s a nice departure from the traditional princess we’ve seen in the past and is this well-written but very relatable girl. Marco is also a well-written character. He’s not too nerdy, unlikable, or a helpless sidekick. He’s quite smart and clever and works off of Star well. Actually one of the things I like about these two is that neither one of them is never really ahead of the other. There are somethings Marco understands more than Star and there are things Star understands more than Marco. They both have their faults and strengths that make up for what the other lacks and they’re both quick to see their faults and mistakes and apologize for them. The villains in this show are also good. Ludo is your classic comedic villain while Toffee is that sinister villain who has his own agenda and is always plotting something. Toffee might just be one of the best villains I’ve seen in a long time and Ludo is one of the funniest villains I’ve seen in a long time. Each episode is split into two stories (hey old school cartoon. Started to feel like a kid again) where they each tell their own story that’s good and mainly focus on Star’s daily life and once again shows us how good of a character Star is as well as Marco. If the two wind up becoming a couple in the future I won’t be surprise as the show is hinting at this big time. In the end this is a very good show that I’m really glad I checked out. It’s already been renewed for a second season so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next. I’ve heard that Gravity Falls is ending and when it does I can guarantee you that the fanbase will be coming to this show if they’re not hear already.

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