Journey to the East Epilogue

*Nitsuj has arrived back in Cincinnati, has just gotten his luggage, and is heading towards his car*

(Nitsuj): I’m back. Hello Cincinnati, it’s been a while. I can’t wait to get home and see how the girls are doing. Assuming the house hasn’t been burnt down.

*Nitsuj takes out his phone and checks the news for any fires or explosions*

(Nitsuj): Well there’s nothing in the news about anything exploding or catching fire so I guess my house is still standing. Time to head home but first a quick stop.

*Nitsuj hops in his car heads back to Cincinnati. After driving for about 20 minutes he arrives at a storage facility on the outskirts of Cincinnati called Enzio’s Weapons and Storage*

(Nitsuj): Boy he is going to flip when he sees me.

*Nitsuj walks into the building where he’s greeted by a middle-aged Italian man*

(Enzio): Hello and welcome to-

(Nitsuj): Hello Enzio, how it’s go-

*Nitsuj cuts off and ducks as Enzio throws a knife at him*

(Enzio): You! Get the hell out of my shop! You no welcome here!

(Nitsuj): Easy there Enzio, you and I have a long history together.

(Enzio): Yes! A history full of you swindling me out of my prize! You destroyed my Fino from Yuusibu figurine!

(Nitsuj): Oh come on you’re still mad about that!? I keep telling you it wasn’t my fault. I delivered the figurine at the precise location. It was Jin’s fault for picking it up late that it got smashed under a car.

(Enzio): Than how do you explain my limited edition swimsuit magazine of the cast from To Love-Ru?

(Nitsuj): Okay, now that was my fault and I am deeply sorry for that, you missed out on something great!

(Enzio): You son of a pig!

*Enzio throws another knife at Nitsuj but he dodges it again and gets back up*

(Nitsuj): Wait wait wait! I have something to fix everything.

*Nitsuj reaches for his backpack and pulls out a figurine of Hestia frim Danmachi in a sexy pose as well as an ecchi magazine featuring the characters from Highschool DxD. He lays them on the counter and Enzio goes to inspect them. He picks up the figurine to grade it’s model and rarity and then flips through the magazine as his eyes widen a little. He then looks up at Nitsuj*

(Enzio): Nitsuj my friend, I missed a you so much!

*Enzio comes from behind the counter and embraces Nitsuj in a hug*

(Nitsuj): Let merchandise never come between good friends ever again.

(Enzio): So what can I do for you?

(Nitsuj): I’ve come to pick up what I left years ago.

(Enzio): *Gasp* The Yami no Period. I though he was retired?

(Nitsuj): He is, but these last few months I’ve done some soul searching and have come to embrace my past while moving forward.

*Enzio goes in the back and brings out a case. He sets the case on the counter and opens it up to reveal Yami no Period*

(Nitsuj): It’s just as beautiful as I remember it.

(Enzio): I kept it in shape just liked you ask. I sharpen the blade, and readjusted the hilt to better suit you.

*Nitsuj picks up the sword and grips it to see how it feels*

(Nitsuj): It’s perfect. It’s just like how I remembered it.

(Enzio): Anything else I can do for you Nitsuj?

(Nitsuj): No. I’m good. See you around Enzio. Try not to get deported while I’m gone.

(Enzio): Oh let those swine try to deport me. The only way they’re getting me out of this country is in a coffin.

*Nitsuj leaves Enzio’s shop and heads home. After 20 minutes of driving Nitsuj pulls up to his driveway*

(Nitsuj): *Takes a deep breath* I’m home.

*All of sudden the sound of bullet shots and glass shattering begins to be heard and stuff comes crashing through the windows*

(Nitsuj): Yep, I’m home and it’s August.

*With a smile on his face Nitsuj grabs his two swords and heads to the front door*

(Nitsuj): Well I wonder who’s attacking us this year?

*As Nitsuj opens the door an AI assassin comes flying out and lands beside him*

(AI Assassin): Primary objective spotted. Destroy Nit-

*Nitsuj takes out Hikari no Nenrei and stabs the assassin in the chest to kill it*

(Nitsuj): Well, AI assassins it is. Still better than Uwe Boll.

*Nitsuj walks in and prepares to fight*

The End

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