Journey to the East Part 16

*After a quick rest and climb Nitsuj finally reached the top of the mountain where a shrine was present. Nitsuj walked through the gates of the shrine hearing nothing. Everything was silent as if time had stood still. After walking around a little bit a dagger finally flies pass Nitsuj’s face. Once he stopped a sword slash appeared from out of the wall to slash him. He barely dodges the slash by ducking underneath the blade in the nick of time. Nitsuj backed away as the wall came crumbling down and from it’s ashes appeared a man looking just like Nitsuj only wearing a black kimono with red, gold, and white diamonds and having the hair style of a traditional samurai*

(Nitsuj): It just had to be you didn’t it?

(???): It’s been a while Nitsuj. See you cut your hair. Looks good on you.

*The samurai said with red eyes and the look of a killer in his eyes*

(Nitsuj): Thanks. I see you haven’t changed that much. Dark Samurai.

(Dark Samurai): Why so hostile. You and I used to have so much fun together. Why’d you leave me up here in this shrine away from your life and what’s the deal with this Project Nitsuj? Come on man, that’s not you. You’re not a reviewer. You and I are trained fighters. Our place is on the battlefield and nowhere else.

(Nitsuj): You’re wrong. We had a lot of good times in the past. But that part of my life is over. I’m a reviewer now. And if beating you is all I have to do to end this madness than let’s do this.

*Nitsuj and the Dark Samurai charge at each other and clash swords*

(Dark Samurai): Your weak! You’ve gotten soft on me over the years.

*Nitsuj tries to get some offense going but fails and instead is forced to go on defense due to the overwhelming power of the Dark Samurai*

(Dark Samurai): Don’t you see how weak you’ve become? Viper bite!

*The Dark Samurai does a diagonal slash which catches Nitsuj completely off guard and the slash knocks his sword away*

(Dark Samurai): You should have easily dodged that move.

*Nitsuj tries to reach for his sword but gets tripped up back the Dark Samurai)

(Dark Samurai): Turning your back on a strong opponent without so much as a plan. Useless!

*The Dark Samurai stomps Nitsuj in the stomach*

(Nitsuj): Ohhhhh~!

(Dark Samurai): Thunderbolt.

*Lightning courses throughout the body of the Dark Samurai and shocks Nitsuj*

(Nitsuj): Ahhhhhhhhh~!

*After the thunderbolt attack is done the Dark Samurai picks on Nitsuj*

(Dark Samurai): Energy shot!

*An energy shot from DBZ goes flying from the Dark Samurai’s hand and blowing right up in front of Nitsuj’s face. This sends him in the air slightly*

(Dark Samurai): Mutton shot!

*The Dark Samurai kicks Nitsuj and sends him flying through one of the temples where he lands in a pond. As Nitsuj lays there barely conscious the Dark Samurai picks him up out of the pond*

(Dark Samurai): I’m guessing you don’t want desserts?

(Nitsuj): Actually, I could really go for a nice piece of double chocolate cake.

*Nitsuj swings at the Dark Samurai with the dagger he picked up after the Dark Samurai cut through the wall. The Dark Samurai dodges the attack but Nitsuj grabs him and headbutts him. While dazed Nitsuj grabs the Dark Samurai’s sword*

(Nitsuj): Yami no Period. I missed you.

*Nitsuj than goes on the attack trying to slash the Dark Samurai but his speed and agility allow him to dodge all of Nitsuj’s attacks. He runs away with Nitsuj hot on his trail and they arrive back in the center of the shrine where the Dark Samurai picks up Autumn’s Requiem to fight Nitsuj*

(Dark Samurai): Not bad. This truly is a beautiful sword. Too bad the owner fails to meet the standards of such a fine blade.

(Nitsuj): Why don’t you and the sword get a room.

(Dark Samurai): Ignorant jackass.

*The two clash swords for about a minute until they both lose their swords and begin fighting hand to hand. Once again the Dark Samurai has the advantage with his superior fighting skills*

(Dark Samurai): This ends now. 8 trigrams! 128 palms!

*The Dark Samurai soon begins striking Nitsuj like no tomorrow*

(Dark Samurai): 2 palms! 4 palms! 8 palms! 16 palms! 32 palms! 64 palms! 128 palms!

*All of the palms were direct hits on Nitsuj as he collapsed to the ground totally demolished by the attack. As Nitsuj sat on the ground the Dark Samurai goes and picks up both swords holding them to Nitsuj’s head*

(Dark Samurai): It is over. You have lost. Not that you ever stood a chance to begin with. Don’t you see, Project Nitsuj was just your way of running from your past. You didn’t want to face it so you took it all and placed it in this shrine along with me. Hoping that nobody would find it. But even after locking it all up you still couldn’t get over your troubles and didn’t want to be alone. So you created a virtual girl to hide your heartache and insecurities. Good day master. Yes master. God, did I really have such a master complex? Project Nitsuj was a failure. It was all for nothing and should be forgotten. Now that I think about it, you should be the one stuck at this shrine and not me. Let me take control once again. You remember all the good times we had right? Nobody could touch us. We were an unstoppable force. Kicking ass and taking names. Let me take you back to the good old days where you don’t have to worry about anything ever again. No thinking. No AI girls. No more reviewing. Just you, me, two swords, and a whole world to test them on.

*As Nitsuj begins to slowly reach out his hand to shake the Dark Samurai’s hand his phone drops and opens up an email from Isis which contains a video of Chibi Isis’ first rant from Yoru no Yatterman. As Chibi Isis begins to rant a small smile appears on his face as he listens to her*

(Nitsuj): Dark Samurai. . .you are. . .completely insane!

*Nitsuj quickly gets up and punches the Dark Samurai. He then kicks Autumn’s Requiem out his hand and grabs it*

(Nitsuj): You know. You almost had me there. I was just about ready to quit and give it all up. But Chibi’s little rant reminded me of who I am. Project Nitsuj was never about getting famous. It was all about the anime. Watching it, having fun, and just sharing my opinions about it. I wasn’t doing this to get popular or get noticed in the world nor was I trying to upstage anyone else. All I wanted to do was share my opinion and nothing else.

*Nitsuj begins fighting the Dark Samurai pushing him back. Nitsuj’s moves have become smoother, more precise, and his reflexes sharper*

(Nitsuj): But you know, there’s one thing you were right about. I did want to run away from my past. I wanted to forget all about it. The heartaches, the pain, and you in particular. I also tried to hide my own insecurities with the AI girls of being left alone. But it’s not like that. The AI girls, the Jack Brothers, Yume. They’re all valuable friends to me and I can’t imagine life without them. And anyone who insults my friends gets slashed.

*Nitsuj’s chest begins to glow and out pops a new sword which he takes*

(Dark Samurai): Oh what the hell is this? I beat you up and yet you pull a deus ex machina from your chest? Oh this is bullshit!

(Nitsuj): It’s a been a while since I’ve used two swords. Let’s see if I can remember this move correctly. Twin dragon vortex!

*Nitsuj charges at the Dark Samurai spinning his swords around until he finally collides with the Dark Samurai where the two go flying into the zen garden. Despite Nitsuj’s attack landing the Dark Samurai managed to protect himself from the attack and he just smiles at Nitsuj*

(Dark Samurai): Now we’re getting somewhere.

*The Dark Samurai pushes Nitsuj back and the two exchange sword slashes with each other*

(Dark Samurai): Is it wrong to say that I’m having so much fun right now?

(Nitsuj): Not at all. Because I’m having a blast as well!

*The two begin to increase their speed against each other until they finally prepare for the final strike putting everything they have into this one final move*



*Their swords collide in an epic clash that shook the very mountain they were on. But when the dust settled the one who was left standing was the Dark Samurai while Nitsuj fell to his knees. The Dark Samurai exhausted from his battle begins to walk away slowly*

(Nitsuj): Wait. We’re not finished yet. I’m still breathing. You haven’t beaten me yet.

(Dark Samurai): You still intend to fight?

(Nitsuj): Until my final breath.

*The Dark Samurai walks back towards Nitsuj*

(Dark Samurai): You know better than anyone how powerful I am. Why don’t you just give up?

(Nitsuj): Because you know better than anyone that that’s the one thing I’ll never do. When I made up my mind, I stick with it no matter what.

(Dark Samurai): Than I guess there’s no choice.

*Nitsuj prepares to counter the Dark Samurai’s attack*

(Dark Samurai): You pass.

*The Dark Samurai helps Nitsuj to his feet*

(Nitsuj): Pass? But, I didn’t beat you.

(Dark Samurai): I never said you had to beat me. You just assumed. All you had to do was just show me your determination and you did. I crushed your body but I could never crush your spirit.

(Zeo): And that’s something none of us can break.

*Nitsuj turns around to see Zeo and the rest of sins*

(Kai): Your test this whole time was to test your determination and will to keep going when the odds were stacked against you.

(Andre): You’ve shown us that your will to keep Project Nitsuj going and face your past is stronger than any sin.

(Ryuugi): Indeed. You truly are amazing. Now come with us. There’s something we have to show you.

*Nitsuj gets up and follows the sins back to the shrine and they lead him to a temple in the far back*

(Nitsuj): What’s in there?

(Nigel): The anime force. Our original job was to keep watch over it. However, we felt that you were getting off track with Project Nitsuj so we locked it up to get you to come and see us.

(Haruhiko): Sorry for the trouble but we felt you needed this.

(Nitsuj): Yeah. I did. I now know how valuable Project Nitsuj is to me. I also learned to accept my past and instead of trying to run from it I should instead work with it to walk to a better future.

(Dark Samurai): Damn straight! Now hurry up. You’ve got friends out there waiting for you to come back and don’t be a stranger. If you ever need me, you know where to find me.

(Nitsuj): Indeed I do. Thanks guys.

*As Nitsuj begins to walk towards the temple*

(Haruhiko): Don’t forget what happened to the man who got everything in the world?

(Nitsuj): What happened to him?

(Dark Samurai): He gave it all away and realized what he needed was right in front of him the whole time.

*Nitsuj smiles, takes a deep breath and opens the temple door where he gets blinded by a bright light. He soon regains consciousness back in the real world where he’s resting on Yume’s lap*

(Yume): Did you have a pleasant dream?

*She said with a smile*

(Nitsuj): Nope. But I am having a pleasant wake up call.

*Nitsuj gets up and walks out of the cave with Yume where he’s greeted by Mori and the council*

(Mori): Welcome back. I sense the anime force within you. How do you feel?

(Nitsuj): I feel great. If anything I feel even better than ever.

(Mikoto): And I see you unlocked a new sword.

*Nitsuj looks to his side to see the sword he used to fight the Dark Samurai was right on his waist the whole time*

(Nitsuj): Holy crap it’s real.

(Azura): Quite remarkable. That sword is a representation of the anime force within you. No doubt a gift for completing your trial. I believe you should call it Hikari no Nenrei. Age of Light.

(Nitsuj): Age of Light? I like that, it sounds right. Well I thank you all for your hospitality but I must be getting back home. Don’t suppose you guys have an ATM machine up here?

(Sora): Not to worry.

*Sora takes out a first class airline ticket and gives it to Nitsuj*

(Sora): Consider it our gift to you.

(Nitsuj): Woah. Thanks. I only wish I had something for you guys.

(Azura): You give us hope Nitsuj. Hope that there are others out there like you who share their love and appreciation for anime.

(Nitsuj): Well, I’m glad I could be of help to you. Come on Yume, let’s go.

(Yume): Actually Nitsuj, I’m not going.

(Nitsuj): What!? But we said we would go back together. I have plenty of room at home. You’ll fit right in.

(Yume): It’s not that. It’s just. . .I took a look inside your trial.

(Nitsuj): You did what?

(Yume): I stayed hidden and watched you from the shadows. I saw all the hardships you went through and I saw some of your past memories of you fighting with the other AI girls. I came to the conclusion that I’m not strong enough to be by your side and help you. That’s why, I’ve decided to stay here and train with the monks.

(Mori): Yume has a very strong connection with the anime force. With enough training it could be put to good use for you in the future.

(Yume): So that’s why, I’m going to stay here and get stronger so that when I join your team I won’t slow you or anyone else down. Until that day comes please wait for me.

(Nitsuj): Alright. I understand. But hurry up alright. I’ve got a lot of plans for you.

*Nitsuj pulls out Falls Requiem and hands it to Yume*

(Nitsuj): Consider this your welcoming present to Team Nitsuj. The next time we meet I expect you to have mastered this sword. Understood?

*Yume nods and hugs Nitsuj before he heads out the door and looks down the long flight of stairs*

(Nitsuj): I think I’ll just take the elevator down.

(Mori): Unfortunately, the elevator is broken now.

(Sora): Also you might want to hurry. Your flight leaves in about an hour.

(Nitsuj): Oh shit! Thanks for your help you guys. Goodbye! Yume come find me when your training is all finished!

*Nitsuj begins running down the stairs as everyone waves goodbye to him. Even though he was in a hurry he couldn’t help but smile. The journey was long and hard but at the same time fun and memorable*

The End

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