Journey to the East Part 14

*Nitsuj continues to stare at the man who looks just like him*

(Nitsuj): Who are you?

(???): I am you.

(Nitsuj): But I am me.

(???) No I am you and you are me.

(Nitsuj): If you are me and I am you than who am I?

(???): Okay enough! We’re not doing this bit. Look, I’m you or rather a part of you. I represent one of the seven deadly sins living within you. I am sloth but you can just call me Zeo.

(Nitsuj): Zeo. Wait the seven deadly sins? Like FMA?

(Zeo): Oh this is such a drag. Look, inside all humans are the seven deadly sins. They’re sins that are born within you and stick with you for the rest of your life. *Yawn* Now I’m sure you’re here because you seek the anime force.

(Nitsuj): Yeah. What do I have to do to regain it?

(Zeo): Hmm~ I don’t know. I remember the others telling me about it but I kind of forget. What was it again?

(Nitsuj): Man you are lazy. I’ll just go find one of the others to help me.

(Zeo): No can do. The only way to move on is to defeat me in battle. But I really don’t feel like fighting you so what say you just give up now and turn back.

*Nitsuj draws his sword*

(Nitsuj): I didn’t travel all this way to Japan just to go back empty handed. Draw your sword.

(Zeo): Ohhh~ I really don’t want to fight.

(Nitsuj): Fine! I’ll end this now.

*Nitsuj charges at Zeo and swings his sword at him but Zeo dodges it with ease. Nitsuj continues his attack on Zeo but he keeps dodging Nitsuj’s attack wearing him out*

(Nitsuj): *Breathe heavily* Damn it. Why can’t I hit you?

(Zeo): Oh that’s an easy one. What was it again?

(Nitsuj): I cannot believe you live inside me.

*Zeo finally goes on the attack with Nitsuj barely blocking his attack and receiving a kick to the ribs. Zeo than attacks with a downward slash which breaks Nitsuj’s guard leaving him wide open to an attack*

(Zeo): Fire Fist!

*Zeo’s fist turns into fire and he punches Nitsuj in the stomach. Nitsuj goes flying backwards down a dune and lands in water*

(Nitsuj): Fire Fist!? That was Ace’s move from One Piece. You can use the anime force?

(Zeo): I can? Oh yeah I can. *Chuckles* Sorry. I guess I forget sometimes.

(Nitsuj): I am going to end you.

*Nitsuj slowly gets back up and prepares to fight once again*

(Nitsuj): Wait a minute I’m going about this all wrong.

*Nitsuj sheaths his sword*

(Nitsuj): Come on. Take your best shot.

*Zeo smiles and charges at Nitsuj with a sword in one hand and a flaming fist in the other hand. Just before Zeo strikes, Nitsuj dodges the attacks and creates some distance between him and Zeo*

(Zeo): Fire bullet!

*Zeo points his fingers at Nitsuj like a gun and begins firing on fire bullets at Nitsuj who uses his sword to block all of the fire bullets. After blocking all of the fire bullets Nitsuj creates a small dust storm which he uses to block Zeo’s vision and hits him with an upward sword slash that Zeo was too tired to defend against and takes the full hit of the attack flying in the air and falling to the ground where he smiles*

(Zeo): Wow~ good job. How you do that?

(Nitsuj): I figured out how to beat you. I became water, just like you. I emptied my mind and became calm like you. I was fighting you too intensely before and became readable. I kept applying excessive force and you turned it against me. So I became water, went with the flow, and turned your own excessive force against you knowing you would tire yourself because you’re so lazy.

(Zeo): *Laughs* Good work. I’ll let you pass. Just follow this river and it’ll lead you out of the desert. But be careful. The other sins are out there and they won’t be as lazy as me.

*Nitsuj takes a look down the river*

(Nitsuj): How long does it go?

*Nitsuj turns around to see that Zeo has vanished without a trace*

(Nitsuj): Alright. Guess we’re doing this.

*Nitsuj begins walking along the river*

(Nitsuj): Man I always thought my mind would be filled with more things.

*Nitsuj continues to walk for what seems like hours yet he doesn’t feel tired at all. He finally reaches the base of the river*

(Nitsuj): Well. I’m here. Now what do I do?

*Nitsuj begins to smell something good*

(Nitsuj): Something smells good. It smells like, Steak n’ Shake fries?

*After looking around Nitsuj spots a buffet table filled with all of his favorite food and snacks*

(Nitsuj): No way! Lee’s famous fried chicken! Popcorn chicken! Sausage links and rice! McDonald’s fries and chicken nuggets! Reese’s peanut butter cups! Time to chow down!

*As Nitsuj races toward the food before he can have a bite to eat he gets swatted away by a large sumo-sized man who looks just like him*

(???): Hey buddy back off! This food belongs to me, Andre the glutton.

(Nitsuj): Andre huh? I take it you’re my next opponent?

(Andre): Yep. If you wanna pass you’ll have to beat me in combat. Or better yet why fight. Why not just give up now and enjoy this spread with me? It’s pretty good. You know you want to.

(Nitsuj): As tempting as that sounds I’ll have to decline. Now stop eating those delicious IHOP pancakes and fight me.

(Andre): Alright fine. A little break never hurt anybody.

*Andre gets up from the table and takes a fighting stance against Nitsuj*

(Nitsuj): No sword?

(Andre): Kind of lost it. No worries. My fist should be more than enough.

*Andre charges at Nitsuj where he sees that despite his large size Andre was quick and nimble. Andre tries to sumo chop Nitsuj but he dodges his attack. His attack however does chop down a coconut tree where Nitsuj grabs the coconuts and tosses them at Andre where Andre catches one in his mouth and devours it with ease. He bounces the other coconuts off his stomach and back towards Nitsuj who uses his sword to slice the coconuts but one of them nails him in the head and dazes him for a few seconds allowing Andre to close in on him*

(Nitsuj): Oh no.


*After taking the hits Nitsuj whole body is bruised up and his clothes are tattered up*

(Andre): Ready to give up little man? You can barely stand.

(Nitsuj): Oh go munch on a celery stick.

*Nitsuj jumps in the air and tries to high jump kick Andre but he bounces Nitsuj off his stomach and as Nitsuj is in mid-air totally defenseless Andre sumo chops Nitsuj to the ground where he lies on the ground in the pain. As Nitsuj lies on the ground in pain Andre climbs on top of a sturdy table and jumps in the air doing a shooting star press*


*Andre lands the shooting star press on top of Nitsuj*

(Andre): *Chuckles* Banzai.

*But as Andre lays there proud of himself he slowly begins to float in the air. After hearing a few grunts he looks underneath him to see that Nitsuj is lifting him. Somehow Nitsuj managed to make it to his feet before the impact and caught Andre*


*Using all of his strength Nitsuj manages to body slam the huge Andre to the ground. After the body slam Nitsuj manages to get some distance between him and Andre where he composes himself and does a running leg drop on Andre. He gets back up, creates some distance again and does a big splash on Andre. He gets back up and does another big splash on Andre followed by another one*

(Nitsuj): *Breathe heavily* No! I can do more!

*Pulling himself up Nitsuj jumps on top of a table, rips his tattered shirt off and does a shooting star press on Andre where he screams in pain*

(Andre): Urgh~! Well done. I admit defeat. Behind that waterfall lies a cave. Enter and you shall move on.

*Nitsuj gets up still exhausted from his battle but still feeling good*

(Nitsuj): And I’m taken the chicken fingers!

(Andre): No! Not the chicken fingers! I was gonna eat those!

*After eating the chicken fingers Nitsuj enters the dark cave. He eventually sees a light within the cave and rushes towards it where he enters a room full of videogames*

(Nitsuj): Wow. Look at them all. All games from the SNES to Saturn to Playstations. Hey wait minute I recognize all these games. I played them all in the past and beat them.

*Nitsuj picks up a copy of Crash Bandicoot*

(Nitsuj): *Chuckles* This one brings back memories. It was a tough game, left me frustrated at times, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

(???): Man check.

*A child comes up to Nitsuj and punches him in the balls*


*Nitsuj falls over in pain as the child takes the game from Nitsuj and runs off*

(Nitsuj): You little brat!

*Nitsuj gets back up and chases after the kid to find him sitting in front of a huge 70-inch plasma screen TV playing a video game*

(Nitsuj): Woah! That has got to be the biggest plasma screen TV I have ever seen.

(???): Hey! Quit staring at MY TV!

*Nitsuj looks down at the kid and upon farther inspection sees that the kid looks just like him when he was a kid*

(Nitsuj): And the day just keeps getting more surreal.

(???): I take it the fact that you’re here means you got pass Andre?

(Nitsuj): I take it you’re my next challenge kid?

(???): That’s right and stop calling me kid. The name’s Kai. Know it, live it, respect it. I represent your greed.

(Nitsuj): Makes sense. Nothings greedier than a spoiled child. Alright, so how do I get out of here? I don’t normally hit children but I will kick your ass.

(Kai): Cool your privates pops. All you gotta do is beat me in a game.

(Nitsuj): A game?

(Kai): Yep. And for the fun of it I’ll let you decide which game it is. Choose which ever game you want and if you beat me I’ll let you move on. But it has to be a game in the library.

(Nitsuj): A game in the library huh?

*Nitsuj goes exploring to find a game to challenge Kai in*

(Nitsuj): This is bad. That kid’s probably played every single game in here at least a hundred times so he’ll have the advantage over me. A fighting game? No, he’s mastered every character in the game. A strategy game? No, he’ll predict what I’ll do. Arcade game? No, I’ll be a sitting duck in those games. Damn it, there’s gotta be some game I can beat him in. A game we don’t play often, a game that left a bad impression on me, a game with no basic structure or strategy to win. That’s it!

*Nitsuj hurries back to Kai*

(Nitsuj): Alright Kai, I’m ready.

(Kai): Took you long enough. So what game we playing? Or should I say which game am I whooping your butt in.

(Nitsuj): I choose. . .Call of Duty.

(Kai): What! I haven’t played that game!

(Nitsuj): Oh yes you have. Back in college I played the game with a couple of dorm mates. I was never a fan of the series nor did I care for it so I never bought the game myself. But even so I still played it and since I played it, it gets added into my video game library even if I never owned the game or liked it. It’s the perfect game for a situation like this.

(Kai): Ohhh~ fine. Let’s play it.

*Nitsuj and Kai play a deathmatch round of Call of Duty. Since neither of the two were big fans of the series and didn’t really play it all that much, neither of them had the advantage. Thus, the match all comes down to who the better shooter is and who can be the cheapest player in the match. It was a long 15-minute game but in the end Nitsuj won with a last minute knife kill earning him more points than Kai*

(Nitsuj): Yes! This may have been the cheapest gameplay I’ve ever done but you do what you gotta do to win and I won.

(Kai): Yeah yeah. A wins a win. Just take that door to your right and you’ll move on to the next sin. Now get the hell out of MY game room. And no taking anything. These games are mine! All mine!

(Nitsuj) Fine you selfish bastard.

*Nitsuj gets up and exits out the door on the right where he walks back into the cave and when he turns around he sees that the game room has disappeared. He continues to move forward until he finally exits the cave and arrives at a cliff overlooking a city*

(Nitsuj): Three sins down. Four more to go.

*Nitsuj begins to make his way down from the cliff and towards the city*

To be continued

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