Journey to the East Part 13

*A few hours have gone by and Nitsuj and Yume have finally arrived in Tokyo, Japan*

(Nitsuj): We made it! We’re finally here. The heart and soul of Japan. Tokyo.

(Yume): Yes. After passing our stop accidently and making a few stops along the way we’re finally here.

(Nitsuj): Well we wasted enough time traveling. Let’s get to Akihabara immediately. I wanna get the anime force fixed ASAP.

*Nitsuj and Yume hop into a taxi and head directly into Akihabara. Right away the two are amazed at what they see. After a few minutes of walking and awe Nitsuj and Yume arrive at the AM Manga shop and Nitsuj enters the shop*

(Nitsuj): Alright. Let’s do this just like we planned.

*Nitsuj goes to the Shounen Jump section and buys volumes of One Piece buying the volumes the monk told him to buy*

(Clerk): Did you find everything okay sir.

(Nitsuj): Yes, thank you.

*Nitsuj hands the volumes to the clerk in the order the monk told him*

(Clerk): You do know you’re buying two of the same volume right? Why?

(Nitsuj): One’s for reading the others for admiring.

(Clerk): Interesting.

*The clerk smiling at Nitsuj rings up the last volume and checks him out*

(Clerk): Have a good day sir.

(Nitsuj): Thanks.

*Nitsuj takes his bag of mangas and leaves the store*

(Clerk): Code Kuro! Repeat! Code Kuro!

*As soon as he leaves the shop a few shadowy figures begin to follow Nitsuj at a safe distance without him noticing them*

(Shadowy figure 1): Suspect is turning the corner is the trap ready?

(Shadowy figure 2): Trap is set. About to engage.

(Shadowy figure 1): Engage.

*As Nitsuj turns the corner and continues to walk a maid comes running towards him and purposefully runs into Nitsuj*

(Maid girl): Oh my goodness! I am so sorry!

(Nitsuj): It’s alright. No harm done.

*Nitsuj gets up and helps the maid up*

(Maid girl): Please allow me to make this up to you. I work at a maid shop not too far from here. We serve the best sweets and tea on the block with plenty of cute girls including yours truly. My treat.

(Nitsuj): Oh you really don’t have to-

(Maid girl): Please~. I really wanna make it up to you master.

*Not being able to resist the maid’s charm Nitsuj agrees to go with the maid who leads him down a secluded alley*

(Nitsuj): So where’s this maid café?

*As Nitsuj wonders where the café is the maid sneaks up from behind him and hits him with a stun gun. Nitsuj goes down after one shock*

(Shadowy figure 1): Good work Hime.

*The Shadowy figure comes out from the shadows to reveal himself to be Hideo*

(Hime): You too Hideo. So who is this guy?

(Hideo): Someone I met on my training. I think he might be working with the weeaboos. Let’s bring him in for questioning.

*As Hideo and Hime go to pick up Nitsuj he disintegrates right in front of them*

(Hideo): Holy crap! Did we kill him!?

(Nitsuj): Bzzt! Wrong!

*Nitsuj shows up behind them*

(Nitsuj): Hey Hideo, how’s it going?

(Hime): What! How’d you get there! I stunned you and everything.

(Hideo): Yeah and I saw you get stunned!

(Nitsuj): What you guys saw was an illusion created by my friend here.

*Yume comes out*

(Yume): Good day to you.

(Nitsuj): You see, I had a feeling you were lying to me back in Itano. A secret organization wouldn’t give their secrets away that easily. So when I left the store I had Yume stay hidden for the time being and watch my back. Sure enough you guys were setting me up for a trap so I had Yume cast an illusion on whoever was following me.

*Hideo remembers spotting Yume from a bench where she waved to him*

(Hime): Okay that explains him but what about me?

(Yume): Oh that was easy. I walked right by you. Right before you led Nitsuj down the alley.

*Hime starts to remember walking pass Yume in the street*

(Hime): Shit!

(Hideo): Urgh~! That’s the second time you made a fool of me. I will-

*Before Hideo can finish his sentence Nitsuj draws his sword and points it towards Hideo*

(Nitsuj): I’ve traveled a very long time to get here. I will not be denied what I came here to do. So we can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way.

(Yume): Nitsuj, we got company.

*Nitsuj turns his head to see that 5 more anime monks have appeared and they’re each carrying a different weapon*

(Nitsuj): So we’re doing this the hard way.

*As the monks close in on them Yume prepares to create another illusion*

(Nitsuj): Don’t bother. They know what you can do. Just stick behind me.

*The anime monks continue to close in on Nitsuj and Yume*

(Mysterious voice): Wait~!

*All the monks stop in their tracks*

(Mysterious voice): This man is not our enemy. He is an ally and a good man.

*The mysterious voice said as he continued to walk down the alleyway and reveals himself to be Mori*

(Monk 1): Master Mori, it’s an honor to see you.

*All the monks bow their head to Mori who makes his way to Nitsuj*

(Mori): This man and his companion are my friends. Treat them as such.

(Monks): Yes master!

(Mori): I apologize for the behavior of my students. Lately weeaboos have been coming around the area trying to find our secret base.

*Mori bows his head to Nitsuj and Yume*

(Monks): We apologize!

*The monks bow their heads to Nitsuj and Yume*

(Nitsuj): 0_0 I’m sorry, I need a second to take this in. You were an anime monk Mori?

(Mori): *Chuckles* Indeed. Sorry to keep it such a secret but once Hideo told me about you I had to check to make sure you weren’t working for the enemy. So you are not with the weeaboos?

(Nitsuj): No way! Don’t even compare me to those scumbags.

(Mori): Good to hear. I’m glad you’re the person I thought you were. Let us continue this talk at our base. This way please. Hideo and Hime you come too. The rest of you, carry on with your duties.

(Monks): Yes!

*The five monks with weapons scatter while Nitsuj, Yume, Hideo and Hime get taken to an abandoned building. They use the backdoor to get inside and take the elevator down to a secret floor. On the secret floor Mori approaches a door and types in a passcode to unlock it*

(Mori): Right this way.

*They follow Mori inside and board a train cart*

(Mori): Hold on tight.

*The cart takes off at amazing speed on underground rails beneath the city*

(Nitsuj): So your headquarters isn’t located in Akihabara.

(Hime): Akihabara may be our place of operations but the headquarters is located outside the city. We created these catacombs to travel to and from the city with ease. Although some of us live within the city.

(Yume): You guys certainly are quite elaborate. Might I ask what it is your society does?

(Mori): We teach others in the ways of anime. Pass on the joy and excitement of anime onto others while also studying the anime force.

(Nitsuj): That’s why I’m here. For some reason the anime force within me has stopped working. Can you guys help me out.

(Mori): Of course. Losing the anime force is quite a normal occurrence. Truth be told some people have the anime force but never know about it.

(Nitsuj): So how exactly does one get the anime force?

(Mori): Well we’re still studying that. Our theory is that after watching a large quantity of anime and developing a knowledge and understanding of it you subconsciously start to develop anime force within you. The problem is learning how to draw that power out. You should consider yourself lucky. Most people go their whole lives not knowing anything about the anime force. But when they do we take it upon ourselves to train them how to use the anime force properly.

*After a few minutes the train cart comes to a stop and they exit it climbing up a small flight of stairs until they come to a monastery on top of a large flight of stairs*

(Nitsuj): Woah!

(Mori): Well let’s go, we got a lot of stairs to climb. Be careful not to fall.

(Nitsuj): Urgh~.

(Mori): *Chuckles* Just a little monk humor. Those are just there for show. Come on, well take the elevator.

*Mori leads the group behind a nearby waterfall and activates the elevator. They ride the elevator up and arrive inside the monastery*

(Mori): Welcome my friends to the Anistery. Home of the Anime Monks. As you can see we hide ourselves in the mountains out of the public where we train and house those who have the anime force. They go through rigorous training day in and day out but we do make sure they have fun and interact with society regularly. After completing their training they are then offered the choice to stay or return to their daily lives.

(Nitsuj): Quite the impressive facility here. Wi-fi and central air conditioning all throughout the facility. Along with hot springs.

(Mori): Naturally. Now come I will lead you to the council.

*Mori takes Nitsuj and Yume to the council which is composed of 5 people*

(Mori): Greetings council. I have bought the one known as Nitsuj. He comes to us all the way from America.

(Councilwoman): Please step forward Nitsuj.

*Nitsuj steps before the council*

(Councilwoman): Greetings Nitsuj. I am Azura leader of the council.

(Councilman): I am Mikoto second in command of the council.

(Councilwoman): Sora. In charge of oversea affairs.

(Councilman): Shinsuke. Minister of operations within the Japan area.

(Mori): And lastly I Mori. Instructor and head minister of the Anistery. Normally there are nine of us here but the other 4 are away on business at the moment so it’s just us.

(Azura): I welcome you Nitsuj. Please, tell us what it is that you seek.

(Nitsuj): I seek to learn how to reuse the anime force. I was told that you guys could help me.

(Shinsuke): Hmm~, I do sense a very strong connection to the anime force within you. One of the strongest I have ever seen.

(Mikoto): As do I. But for some reason something is blocking the natural flow of it within your body.

(Nitsuj): Any ideas how to unblock it?

(Azura): Unfortunately, we can’t. But you can. You must dive into your mind and face your trials. Only then will you be able to use the anime force once again. But I must warn you, the trials are dangerous and harsh.

(Nitsuj): I’ll do it.

(Mori): Well said. Let us begin then.

*The council gets up and take Nitsuj to a secluded cave where the only light is a cherry blossom tree*

(Sora): This place is very strong with the anime force. Go to the tree and meditate underneath it. Drift into your mind and face your trials.

*Nitsuj begins to walk towards the tree*

(Mikoto): Your luggage. You will not need it.

(Azura): Although you might want to take that sword with you. Just in case.

*Nitsuj takes off his backpack and proceeds to the tree where he sits down and begins to meditate slowly drifting into his mind*

(Azura): He has great skills both mentally and physically. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a promising student.

(Yume): Yes. He truly is amazing.

(Azura): You also have incredible skills within you as well fox child.

(Yume): But I’m-

(Azura): An artificial being? That doesn’t matter. You are a thinking creature and those who can think can learn.

*Inside Nitsuj’s mind he finds himself in the middle of the desert*

(Nitsuj): Hello? Anybody here? Hello!

(???): Urgh~. Not so loud. I can hear you just fine.

*Nitsuj turns around to see that the person answering him is none other than himself*

(Nitsuj): What the hell?

To be continued

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