Journey to the East Part 9

*It’s early in the morning and Nitsuj’s train has just pulled into Osaka*

(Conductor): We are now pulling into the Shinsaibashi Station. Please be sure to take all your luggage and belongings. We hope you had a pleasant ride. Thank you and have a nice day*

*Nitsuj takes his luggage and gets off the train with Yume still materialized in his phone*

(Nitsuj): We made it Yume. We’re in Osaka, Japan’s kitchen, some of the greatest food in Japan can be found here.

(Yume): Speaking of food I’m hungry. Find a safe spot where I can materialize into the real world.

(Nitsuj): Not yet. We need to find you some new clothes.

(Yume): What’s wrong with the ones I’m wearing now?

(Nitsuj): We’re in a city now, you can’t just go walking around in a kimono you’ll draw unwanted attention to yourself. Let’s find you some western clothes and I know just the place to go. Amerikamura.

*Nitsuj hops on a bus and is in Amerikamura in no time*

(Nitsuj): Ahh~ Amerikamura, it’s not America but it’s the closest place here that feels like home.

(Yume): Save the walk down memory lane for later. For now, let’s go shopping.

*Nitsuj enters one of the clothing stores nearby*

(Store Worker): Hello sir. My name’s Akane, need any help?

(Nitsuj): Uh yes, I’m looking for your female section.

(Akane): Oh~, looking to get clothes for your girlfriend?

(Nitsuj): *Nervously* I wouldn’t exactly call her a girlfriend but she is a very special friend to me and-

(Akane): Oh I get it. She’s someone you like and you’re looking to win her heart.

(Nitsuj): Yeah we’ll go with that. You seem like a pretty fashionable girl Akane, any suggestions for me?

(Akane): Hmm~, that depends. Can you give me an idea of what she’s like?

(Nitsuj): If I had to pick an object to describe her I say she’s the moon. Mysterious but at the same time beautiful that you can’t help but be drawn to her. If I had to pick an animal she’s like a fox. Playful, naughty, and mischievous but at same time cute.

(Akane): *Blushing a little* Wow, that’s a beautiful description of her.

(Nitsuj): I know it sounds corny and cliché but that’s the only way I can describe her.

(Akane): Not at all. I think it sounds great. I like it when guys can be deep and thoughtful about the person they have affection for.

*Akane goes up to a clothes rack*

(Akane): Let’s see, I think these clothes would match her perfectly.

*Akane takes out a short sleeved orange top with an eclipsed moon on the front, a pair of loose Lacoste jeans for women, and a white cap*

(Nitsuj): Woah not bad. I like it.

(Store Assistant): Hey Akane, can you give me a hand over here.

(Akane): Coming! Sorry, I’ve gotta go. Let me know if you need anymore assistance.

(Nitsuj): You’ve been more than helpful. I’m gonna look at a few other clothes around here. Thanks.

(Akane): Alright. Also, if you’re looking to have fun with that your friend there’s a party going on in Osakako tonight. Here’s the address.

(Nitsuj): Thanks, I’ll see if we can swing by.

*Akane walks away as Nitsuj takes out his phone*

(Nitsuj): So what do you think Yume?

(Yume): I like it. That girl certainly does have a good sense of fashion.

(Nitsuj): Glad you like them. Get ready for some new clothes.

*Nitsuj uses the camera on his phone to take a picture of the clothes which will allow Yume to put them on. After taking the pictures Nitsuj heads out the door and goes down a secluded alley way for Yume to materialize. Once she materializes she’s wearing her new clothes*

(Yume): Now be honest, how do I look?

(Nitsuj): You look great!

*Yume’s stomach growls and she blushes*

(Nitsuj): And hungry no less. Let’s go get something to eat.

*The two head for McDonald’s where they eat and talk with each other*

(Yume): How can something so bad for you taste so good?

(Nitsuj): Tis the charm of American fast food.

(Yume): Speaking of charm that Akane girl seemed like she was coming on to you a little there in the store.

(Nitsuj): Nah you’re being delusional. That girl just saw me as a customer and nothing more.

(Yume): Oh I seriously doubt it. The girl was clearly taking an interest in you. But like a boy you clearly didn’t notice. So tell me, is she your type?

(Nitsuj): What, you jealous or something?

(Yume): Not at all. I’m just curious. What type of girl are you interested in? Is Akane your type of girl?

(Nitsuj): Not really, while I admit she’s cute she’s not really my type. While she has a good fashion sense she comes across as a girl who’s into tabloid magazines, the latest gossip, and usually goes for flashy guys trying to compensate for something. She finds me flashy but trust me when a flashier guy comes in she’ll be all over him. She’s a girl ruled by the latest trends.

(Yume): That’s quite the assumption. From my viewpoint she’s rather naïve and innocent. She has a pure outlook on the world and easily swayed by her friends and the woos of men. Simply compliment her and she’s in the palm of your hands. Make her feel like she’s the only girl you think about and she won’t leave you alone.

(Nitsuj): Interesting viewpoint.

(Yume): Now getting back to the second part of my question, what type of girl are you interested in?

(Nitsuj): Straight to the point as always. If I had to name my type, I’m interested in girls who are strong and independent but at the same time kind, patient, and fun to be around. She has a good sense of humor, an open mind, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind whenever she feels something is wrong or out of place. Finally, she’s real. Her personality isn’t fake either. Who I meet is the same person I’m dating.

(Yume): Wow. So going with that in mind do I fit your qualifications?

(Nitsuj): You do, but I would prefer if we stayed friends for the time being. There’s no need to rush things now is there.

(Yume): Not at all. But what about the AI girls at your home. Is there anyone of them you could see yourself dating?

(Nitsuj): Those girls? No way! We’re all just good friends and nothing more. Isis is like a smart girl next door who goes along with my insanity for her own amusement. Mira is like an assistant always keeping me focused and on track. Shizuku is that tomboy I can always hangout with. Yin-Yang is always positive and keeps me laughing. Seras can be scary at times but I know deep down she cares for me and the others. As for Chibi, she’s like a little sister or Tails from the Sonic games. Young and easily influenced by the world and everyone around her. In the end we’re all good friends who can’t get rid of each other.

(Yume): And me?

(Nitsuj): A spoiled seductress who’s mysterious and likes causing trouble.

(Yume): *Giggles* That fits me perfectly. One last question, why do you have them call you master instead of by your name like me?

(Nitsuj): No reason. It just kind of ended up like that. Why do you ask?

(Yume): I just figured that since you were all friends there would be no need for things such as a master/servant pact between you.

(Nitsuj): The master/servant pact we have really doesn’t mean that much to us. It’s just something we have. It means nothing and doesn’t affect are relationship with each other if that’s what you’re wondering.

*Nitsuj gets and goes to throw his trash away*

(Yume): It sounds like to me your hiding something.

*After Yume finishes her drink she gets up, tosses her trash away, and the two head out*

(Yume): So what’s next on our list?

(Nitsuj): Feel like hitting the arcade? I’ve heard their fun.

(Yume): I’m up for that. Do you think they’ll have the crane game?

(Nitsuj): If they do don’t expect much from me, I suck at those games.

To be continued

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