Journey to the East Part 10

*Nitsuj and Yume are in the Shinsaibashi shopping district hanging out in the arcade and playing videogames. They are currently playing the videogame version of Gal Gun*

(Yume): I still cannot believe this game is coming to the west.

(Nitsuj): I know. Isn’t it amazing?

(Yume): It’s shameless.

(Nitsuj): For you maybe. I bet if the game was all guys you wouldn’t be complaining about it.

(Yume): Touché.

*After playing Gal Gun they decide to move on to move on to the rhythm Vocaloid game Project Diva in the form of DDR. Yume takes the stage first and dances to Luka Luka Night Fever earning the high score of the day and getting applause from the crowd. Nitsuj than takes the stage and dances to Spice where even though he doesn’t come close to getting the high score he does get some applause and laughs for his fanservice and pelvic thrusts*

(Nitsuj): You are quite the amazing dancer Yume. Self-taught I assume?

(Yume): Correct. When nobody was looking I would go online and watch dance videos. I simply copied their moves while adding my own twist to them.

(Nitsuj): Well I’m impressed.

*Nitsuj and Yume notices a large group gathering around an arcade machine and go to check it out*

(Nitsuj): Hey what’s going on here?

(Bystander): Generic bystander with nothing to say or add anything to the plot.

(Nitsuj): Man that is so annoying and useless.

(Bystander): *Chuckles* Just kidding. I always wanted to try that on a foreigner. They’re giving a sneak preview of the new Tekken game coming out and they’re hosting a Tekken tournament. Winner gets free tickets to ride the Tempozan Ferris Wheel.

(Nitsuj): So what? The tickets really don’t cost that much so what makes these tickets so special?

(Bystander): These are V.I.P tickets. You can ride the Ferris Wheel at anytime without waiting in line.

(Nitsuj): No way! Do you have any idea what you could do with those tickets?

(Bystander): You can do a lot with those tickets. Sell them at a high price or use them on yourself to create the perfect romantic setting over the city. All the girls have pretty much forced their boyfriends to play in the tournament and those looking to score tonight want those tickets as well.

(Nitsuj): Well in that case count me in.

(Bystander): Woah no offence but you’re not from around here. This is Japan. The videogame landscape is different here than in America.

(Nitsuj): Do videogamers here spam attacks and use top tier fighters with zero strategy?

(Yume): Yep.

(Nitsuj): Good enough for me.

*Nitsuj goes to sign up for the Tekken tournament and participates in the tournament where he wins using Eddy*

(Yume): As to be expected.

(Bystander): Amazing! You actually won. But how?

(Nitsuj): Simple. I kept mashing buttons doing the moves I know how to do and instead of picking a top tier fighter I choose a low tier fighter. You guys have good strategies but because you guys always use top tier fighters you’re not used to fighting low tier fighters which throws off your strategies entirely. Don’t underestimate low tier fighters unless you want to get embarrassed.

*Nitsuj takes his tickets and walks out with Yume by his side*

(Yume): So we heading to the Ferris Wheel next?

(Nitsuj): Not yet. Before we head there there’s a place I want to show you.

*After hopping on a bus Nitsuj and Yume arrive at the Tempozan Harbor Village and go to the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan*

(Yume): This place is simply amazing.

*Yume is overjoyed to see the many exhibits of aquatic life for the first time in her life*

(Nitsuj): I take it you’re enjoying yourself?

(Yume) *Nods head* I’ve always seen pictures of creatures of the ocean but never in all my life did I think I would get the opportunity to see them in person.

(Nitsuj): Glad you like it. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to the aquarium myself so I’m really enjoying myself as well.

*As Nitsuj watches Yume excited and exploring the exhibits he begins to notice her tail wagging uncontrollably*

(Nitsuj): By the way I’ve been wondering, why hasn’t anyone said anything about-

(Yume): My tail? Not to worry. I cast an illusion, anyone who looks at me will just see me as a normal girl. Of course I can cancel out the illusion and let everyone know I’m a fox girl if you want me to *smiles slyly*.

(Nitsuj): I rather you didn’t. I rather keep our date just between the two of us.

(Yume): A wise choice.

(Akane): Yoohoo~.

(Nitsuj): Hey I remember you, you’re that store worker from Amerikamura. Akane right?

(Akane): Correct. Off work and ready to party.

*She takes notice of Yume*

(Akane): Oho, so this is the girl you were talking about.

(Yume): Hi, I’m Yume. A pleasure to meet you.

(Akane): Wow, you’re so pretty. I love your hair. What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use to get that shine?

(Yume): Nothing. I’m afraid this shine is all natural. I’m told you’re the one who helped my boyfriend here pick out clothes for me. Thank you, your taste in clothing truly is wonderful.

(Akane): Thank you. So you guys are a couple? I thought you said she was a friend.

(Yume): You’ll have to forgive him. He’s rather shy about his relationship with me and he’s a lot of trouble but *grabs Nitsuj’s arm* I love him, a dull day never happens whenever he’s around.

(Akane): Aww~ that’s so sweet. You guys are such a cute couple. Well, I won’t disturb your date anymore. Nice seeing you again.

*Akane walks away*

(Nitsuj): Now why on earth did you lie to that girl?

(Yume): To get her off your tail once and for all. Like I said that girl was clearly after you. Why break her heart and tell her you’re not interested when you can just simply tell her you’re dating someone?

(Nitsuj): You really think she came all the way over here to flirt with me?

(Yume): Of course I do. We women can sense stuff like this. Trust my judgment. Besides look.

*Yume points to Akane to show Nitsuj that she was here with her friends. 3 guys and 2 girls. Akane was chatting with this stylish looking guy who had an annoying smile on his face and was laughing obnoxiously while Akane pretended to be interested in him and rolled her eyes*

(Yume): It appears that you were right about her all this time. She’s a girl only interested in flashy guys and the latest trends.

(Nitsuj): A real pity. She really doesn’t seem like such a bad person either. The path she’s on will lead to a lot of heartbreak down the road.

(Yume): Yes. Well hopefully she’ll learn from her mistakes before it’s too late. Well let’s continue with our tour.

*Nitsuj and Yume continue their tour of the aquarium and exit where it’s nighttime. Nitsuj than takes Yume to the Ferris Wheel which is close by and they ride it overlooking the city at night*

(Yume): So this is what you were planning.

(Nitsuj): Yep. The best way to end the day on a high note. A first class view of the city at night.

(Yume): It’s beautiful and the perfect ending for the day.

*Yume gets up from her seat and goes to sit next to Nitsuj where she rests her head on his shoulder worn out from all the fun she had during the day*

(Yume): This truly is the most fun I’ve ever had in my life and I owe it all to you.

*As Yume relaxes fireworks soon go off in the air to bring their fun day to a close*

To be continued

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