Nitsujcember Part 34: One Piece Movie 10: Strong World

The finale to the first season of Project Nitsuj. With my first year coming to an end I wanted to make it as epic as I possibly could and answer the question of who’s been targeting me and why. Well my answer was an alternate Nitsuj who had gone evil on us and wanted to kill all the Nitsujs. I really don’t consider this blog to be one of my best but it’s not a blog I think I did a terrible a job on.

This is the tenth One Piece movie and the only movie to written by Oda himself so it’s totally cannon unlike the other movies. In this movie a pirate from the Age of Roger named Shiki has escaped prison and now wants to destroy the East Blue which is the ocean where Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji came from. The Strawhat crew crosses paths with Shiki where he kidnaps Nami because of her amazing navigational skills and separates the Strawhats by throwing them onto different islands that he controls. The race is now on to save Nami, defeat Shiki, and save East Blue. A lot of people were complaining that I liked this movie more than Film Z because Oda wrote this one. No, that’s not the case. I like this movie more than Film Z because it actually feels like a One Piece movie. The story was entertaining and exciting, you get invested in it because we actually get to see a pirate from Roger’s era and the Strawhat crew acts like themselves in this movie. I liked Shiki’s character. While he’s not as deep as Z he does feel like a traditional One Piece character. He has his funny moments and interesting power but at the same time he can be dangerous and downright evil at times. We knew this was a character we could laugh at but at the same time a character who was not to be trifled with and someone who could be a threat to the crew. I really did like the animals in this anime. We get to see various animals all of whom would work out great as Pokémon. They’re that creative. We got good fight scenes and the music and animation was spot on. While I did a good job reviewing the movie I do wish I would of focused more on Nitsuj and Nitsuj 45 more in the review. I didn’t let them interact as much as they should of. The stuff at the end was good especially with the reveal that the other AI girls were alive and on my side but I think I could have added more banter between me and Nitsuj 45 during the review. I guess I was afraid that I would lose everyone if I focused on the banter more than I did the review. I gave this movie a pretty high score when I first watched it but looking back it’s not that great as I originally thought. If I was ranking it today I would give it a 7.5/10. It’s a still a good movie and worth watching if you’re a fan of One Piece. I still consider this to be the best One Piece movie out there. I haven’t seen Gold yet so it’ll be interesting to see if that movie can topple Strong World. Not my best review but a good way to end the first season with new characters, removing the doubts of Nitsuj, and sending the series in a strong direction. Thanks for joining me guys throughout the month. I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you next year on Project Nitsuj.

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