Night Of The Living Chibi

On the outskirts of Cincinnati during Halloween night a strange portal opens. Appearing out of the portal is a tiny AI girl who looks exactly like Chibi Isis except she has red eyes, fangs, and a crown on her head.

(Evil Chibi Isis): Alright the jump was a success. All troops come over.

*An army of Chibi Isis’ come through to join the Evil Chibi Isis*

(Evil Chibi Isis): You know the mission, the one known as Nitsuj is somewhere within this city, find him and eliminate him.

*We cut to Nitsuj and Isis taking Chibi Isis Trick or Treating. Nitsuj is dressed as an Assassin from Assassin’s Creed. Isis is dressed as a vocaloid and Chibi Isis is dressed as a shrine maiden.*

(Chibi Isis): Trick or Treat!

(Neighbor lady): Oh~ what a cute little child you are. Are you out trick or treating with mommy and daddy?

(Chibi Isis): Uh-huh. I’m treating with Nii-chan and Nee-chan.

(Neighbor lady): Oh your brother and sister. They must be lucky to have such a cute little sister. Here go *drops candy in bag*, try not to eat too much okay.

(Chibi Isis): Thank you very much okaa-san *flies back to Nitsuj and Isis*.

(Isis): I can’t believe she didn’t notice how different Chibi Isis was different from other children.

(Nitsuj): See it’s just like I told you. With the camouflage function I added to her everyone will just see her as a normal child. Plus, look at that smile how can you deny that?

(Isis): Fine. I admit it, this was a good idea. I am glad to see her having fun. Though I’m surprised you didn’t apply one to me.

(Nitsuj): No need. You have the appearance of a normal human girl so people will think we’re a couple out trick or treating.

(Isis): HA! What makes you think people would see someone as lovely as me dating someone like you? You’re lucky to have me as an escort.

(Nitsuj): Hardly. You’re drawn to my eccentric personality and charm that makes me irresistible and fun to be around. Not to mention that nice lady thought we were a couple and I saw you blush when she said it.

(Isis): *Blushing* That. . .that means nothing! Not to mention old age makes a person’s eyesight go bad *walks away while still blushing*.

(Nitsuj): That girl just can’t be honest with her feelings. Well I guess that does make her cute in her own way. Come on Chibi Isis let’s go to the next house.

(Chibi Isis): Yay!

(Isis): Honestly, that troll always trying to make a fool out of me.

*A group of men approach Isis trying to hit on her*

(Man 1): Hi there, lovely weather we’re having eh beautiful?

(Man 2): You know, me and my friends here are about to go to a rockin’ party. Care to join us?

(Isis): Sorry, no thanks I already have plans tonight. Not to mention my friends are waiting for me.

(Man 3): Well at least let us accompany you until you meet your friends. It dangerous for such a cute girl to be out alone at night. You never know when someone might try to take advantage of you.

*The men get close to Isis*

(Isis): I see now. I did promise my master that I would restrain myself tonight but I think in your case we can make an exception *jumps back*. Head *punches Man 1 in the face*!

(Man 1): AHHH!

Isis: Chest *kicks Man 2 in the chest*

(Man 2): OHHH!

*Isis gets grabbed from behind by Man 3 who tries to cop a feel*

(Isis): Oh you really are the dumbest out of all of them aren’t you *steps on his foot*?

(Man 3): OW!

(Isis): AI Kenpo: Cyber strom *throws a series of rapid punches which knocks Man 3 unconcious*.

(Man 3): UHHH *falls to ground*!

(Isis): Anybody else wanna treat?

(Man 1 & 2): No ma’am. Have a nice night *run away while dragging the body of Man 3 with them*.

(Isis): Hmph! Even if I was a little interested in their party I wouldn’t have gone with them at all. No class in the respect for women. I much rather go with my master. He’s a little crazy but at least he knows how to charm his way into a woman’s heart.

(???): Good show there Nee-chan. You really showed those losers whose boss.

(Isis): Oh, Chibi Isis I thought you were with the master *Chibi Isis look alike approaches Isis dressed in a catgirl outfit with cat ears*. That’s odd I thought you were dressed as a shrine maiden.

(Chibi Isis imposter): I changed costumes while you were away.

(Isis): Oh okay. Well let’s head back to the master and continue are trick or treating.

*Meanwhile on Nitsuj’s end of the story*

(Nitsuj): This assassin’s uniform is incredible. I feel invincible in this thing. Come on you Templars show yourself I’ll leave you in a pool of your own blood *laughing*! I could probably do some park tour training with this on and look even cooler.

(???): Nii-chan!

(Nitsuj): Oh hey Chibi Isis did you get some good candy. *Takes a closer look* You look a little different? Also weren’t you trick or treating in front of me instead of behind me?

*While this is going on*

(Chibi Isis): Thank you for the treat okaa-san *flies away*. *Looks inside bag* I can’t wait to get home and eat these delicious treats *runs into a stranger*. Ow!

*stranger turns around to reveal itself to be Evil Chibi Isis*

(Chibi Isis): I’m sorry I wasn’t watching where I was going *sees the Chibi Isis look alike*. Sugoi! You look exactly like me only your eyes are red and you’re wearing a black shrine outfit instead of a blue one like me. You must be a fan of Nii-chan’s show. Come on I gotta show you to Nii-chan, he’ll be so thrilled to meet a fan.

*As Chibi Isis flies away while tugging along the evil Chibi Isis the evil Chibi Isis shoots lasers from her eyes setting Chibi Isis’ bag of candy on fire destroying all the candy*

(Chibi Isis): AH! My candy *tears begin to appear in her eyes as she runs away*. WAHH~!

*Back to Nitsuj*

(Nitsuj): Also where’s your bag of candy?

(Chibi Isis imposter): It doesn’t matter right now all I’m interested in is going home where it’s nice and quiet.

(Nitsuj): Huh? But we haven’t even finish the block yet. Are you sure you wanna stop?

(Chibi Isis imposter): Yes definitely! Let’s just go home where we can be alone and no one can interrupt us.

(Nitsuj): Well alright. But let’s find Isis first I don’t want men hitting on her and getting brutally hurt that she ends up in jail for the night.

(Isis): Master~! Master there you are what were you thinking letting Chibi Isis out. . . of your. . .sight *sees the Chibi Isis imposter besides Nitsuj*. What the. . .

(Chibi Isis): Nii-chan! Nii-chan *she runs into the arms of Nitsuj with tears in her eyes*! A horrible girl who looks just like me shot lasers from her eyes and destroyed all my candy.

(Nitsuj): Oro *gets punch to the ground by Isis*! UHH!

*Isis sits on top of Nitsuj’s chest with her hands around his neck*

(Isis): Tell me troll was the amount of money you made off of this exploit worth the hell I’m about to send you through.

(Nitsuj): Isis I know you’re mad right now but I swear on my life I have nothing to do with this!

(Isis): This isn’t the time to be lying troll.

Nitsuj: I ain’t lying. I admit I may be a little crazy but even I know not to fly to close to the sun. I ain’t got nothing to do with this.

(Isis): Than how do you explain the three Chibi Isises that are standing right in front of me?

(Evil Chibi Isis): How dare you hag. How dare you give the name of such a pathetic AI like her to someone as great as me.

(Nitsuj): Who in the fiery pits of Hell are you and why do you look like Chibi Isis?

*Evil chibi Isis throws a small kunai at my foot*

(Nitsuj): Ow! Damn it! What is with me getting hurt this month!?

(Evil Chibi Isis): Don’t call me by that useless name. I am Chibi Seras.

(Isis): Chibi Seras? So then you’re not-

(Chibi Seras): A clone of this Chibi Isis you seem so fond about? Of course not. Compared to me that AI is nothing more than a joke.

(Nitsuj): Hey, where do you get off insulting Chibi Isis? I’ll have you know she’s a very skilled fighter. Not to mention way more adorable than you.

(Chibi Seras): Shut it maggot. By orders of my master I’ve come for your head.

(Nitsuj): Master? What master? And did you just call me a maggot? Sure I’ve been called a troll a number of times in the past but maggot? That’s a new one for me.

(Chibi Seras): Silence! I’m about to chop your head off and feed your body to the neighborhood dogs. As for the hag and crybaby I’ll help myself to breaking their bodies apart piece by piece.

*Isis and Chibi Isis stare at her with anger*

(Isis): My, my. I’ve only known for no more than 10 minutes and you’re already on my shit list. Call me hag once shame on you. Call me hag twice and I break you.

(Chibi Isis): *Draws out her swords* Nobody threatens Nii-chan when I’m around and you’ll pay for destroying my candy.

(Chibi Seras): Time to enlighten you girls. Chibi clones take them down.

*The Chibi clones attack Isis while Chibi Isis takes on Chibi Seras herself. Chibi Isis and Chibi Seras cross swords with each other. Sparks fly in between them as bystanders watch them exchange attacks. Isis takes on the two Chibi clones in hand to hand combat. Unfortunately she’s not as good in hand to hand combat as I would have liked her to be. It was either hand to hand combat or mastery of weapons for her and I choose the one that would benefit her the most. Isis struggles against the Chibi clones who knock her down and make their way to Nitsuj.*

(Isis): Master look out!

(Chibi Isis): Nii-chan!

(Nitsuj): HYAHH!

*Nitsuj throws his fist out and a hidden blade pops out to slash the Chibi clones*

(Chibi Seras): WHAT!

(Nitsuj): HA! I bet you thought these were just decorations. After playing Assassin’s Creed I became fascinated with the hidden blade. So I did some studying on the concept of it and created my own version of the blades. *Strikes a cool pose* Live by the creed and die by the creed motherfucker. Chibi Isis take her down.

(Chibi Isis): Right! *Splits into 5 clones* AI sword style: Data wave slash *a beam of energy hits Chibi Seras knocking her unconscious*!

(Nitsuj): Well that takes care of her!

(Isis): And cut! Alright everyone that’s a wrap!

(Nitsuj): We would like to thank everyone for showing up and seeing the live performance of the Project Nitsuj special. We hope you enjoyed and do be sure to check out the show online.

*Bystanders begin to clap and cheer as Nitsuj, Isis, and Chibi Isis run away*

(Isis): That was close.

(Nitsuj): Good cover back there Isis. The last thing I need is a police report for disturbing the peace. Good work taking out that evil AI girl Chibi Isis.

*Chibi Isis has tears in her eyes*

(Nitsuj): You’re still upset about the candy eh kiddo?

*Chibi Isis nods head*

(Nitsuj): There, there *pats her on the head*. I’ll stop by the store on the way home and buy you a big bag of candy to replace the candy you lost. How’s that?

(Chibi Isis): Yay!

(Isis): Well then let’s go.

(???): AI sword style: 9 sword prism slash

*9 chibi AI girls appear and strike Chibi Isis severely injuring her*

(Chibi Isis): AHHHHHH!


*Nitsuj runs to pick up the unconscious Chibi Isis*

(Nitsuj): You’re still alive!?

(Chibi Seras): That’s right. Did you really think you could beat me that easily? The one you fought against was just a clone of mine. I was watching from a safe area and analyzing your abilities.

(Nitsuj): So you have the AI cloning skill just like Chibi Isis?

(Chibi Seras): Correct. But unlike her who has a limit of only 5 I can clone myself up to an infinite number of times. Look up in the sky.

*Nitsuj and Isis look up in the sky to see a whole army of Chibi Seras getting ready to attack*

(Nitsuj): Oh this night just keeps getting better and better doesn’t it?

(Chibi Seras): You cannot win. Now that I have analyzed all your skills there’s nothing you can do to take me by surprise anymore. Prepare to die.

(Isis): Master, orders.

(Nitsuj): . . . First things first. Getting Chibi Isis healed. She’s still alive. We need to put her back into the system so that she can heal. Isis, take Chibi Isis home to heal her.

(Isis): What!

(Nitsuj): Her target is me, I’ll lure her away while you make a break for it.

(Isis): I won’t just leave you here to fight alone.

(Nitsuj): You’ll only slow me down. Let me show you just how cool your master really is *turns back and smiles at Isis*.

(Isis): *blushes* Fine. But if you die I’ll follow you to the afterlife and drag you back into this world just to kill you myself.

(Nitsuj): I know. Now go.

*Isis runs home with Chibi Isis in her hands*

(Chibi Seras): Pretty noble of you. Too bad after I get done killing you I’m going after them next.

(Nitsuj): *cracks neck* Trick or treat?

(Chibi Seras): Attack!

*The army of Chibi Seras attacks Nitsuj. Nitsuj takes out his hidden blades and stabs two of them dodging the others. He grabs one of them and throws it against another one. He karate chops another one and does a roundhouse kick to the one beside it. He continues to go through the others with ease*

(Chibi Seras): Impressive. So he does have some combat skills just like my master. I expected nothing less from him. Artillery group! Aim and fire!

*Artillery clones lock on to Nitsuj and fire at him*

(Nitsuj): AHH~ *jumps out of the way and lands in nearby garbage*!

(Chibi Seras): Right in the trash where you belong. Fire again!

*Nitsuj grabs trash lid to shield himself from artillery fire*

(Nitsuj): *Trash lid protects Nitsuj* Durable *throws trash lid at clones and starts to run away*. There’s too many of them. I need to regroup back with Isis at home and come up with a counterstrike.

*Nitsuj continues to run down the street while the chibi clones continue to fire at him. He decides to take a shortcut through the playground to get home quicker. Runs to monkey bars.*

(Nitsuj): Monkey bars are safe *shot barely misses his head*! Ah, guess not *continues to run while being chased*!

(Chibi Seras): Sword team go in for the kill.

(Nitsuj): First guns now swords *blocks swords with hidden blades*.

*Nitsuj fights off the sword squad while fighting back. He takes out a good chunk of them but a few of them slash up his outfit*.

(Nitsuj): Hey! This took me about a month to make *blocks an artillery shot with one of the hidden blades and the blade gets destroyed*! Oh come on~. Why does everything I make always get destroyed?

*Nitsuj continues to run and ducks away in a metal dome for safety. He looks out one of the holes and sees a blue light in the distance*

(Chibi Seras): It’s over maggot. Come out and die like the maggot you are.

(Nitsuj): Actually I would prefer to stay in the dome. I am currently afraid that the world has been taken over by evil chibi AI girls who are yandere.

(Chibi Seras): Lift up the dome.

*The chibi clones lift up the dome and toss it aside to reveal Nitsuj*

(Chibi clone): Hands up.

(Nitsuj): Alright, you got me. Now what?

(Chibi Seras): You know despite this little chase I have grown a little fond of you. So I’ll make you a deal. Give up Project Nitsuj and I’ll tell my master I killed you and all will be solved.

(Nitsuj): You keep saying your master sent you to kill me. Who is he and why does he want me dead?

(Chibi Seras): Actually my master doesn’t want to kill you he just wants you to give up Project Nitsuj. Also I can’t say who he is. That information is classified.

(Nitsuj): O~kay. Than can you at least tell me why he wants me to stop Project Nitsuj? My show has done no harm to anybody if anything I like to think my show helps others. So why stop me from doing good?

(Chibi Seras): Because you have no idea the pain and suffering it will bring you. Just like my master. He doesn’t want you to go through that same ordeal he did. Now give up Project Nitsuj or this playground will be painted with your blood.

(Nitsuj): Hell no! I don’t know what kind of ordeal your master went through nor do I give a damn. Project Nitsuj is my show and I and only I will decide when the show has reached its course. So I say to hell with your offer and fuck you and your master.

(Chibi Seras): Very well. Troops prepare to fire.

(Nitsuj): Wait! Before I die at least let me have one last drink.

(Chibi Seras): Ha! Do you really take me for a fool maggot? I know you don’t drink.

(Nitsuj): Oh the drink I’m asking for is non-alcoholic. GIMME A ISIS ROYALE!

*A beam of light appears and shoots the artillery AIs.*

(Chibi Seras): What the hell!

(Nitsuj): One more shot!

*Multiple beams of light appear and take out the AI clones.

(Chibi Seras): What’s going on!?

*Nitsuj jumps in the air to reach Chibi Seras*

(Nitsuj): NITSUJ CHOP!

*Nitsuj karate chops Chibi Seras to the ground*

(Nitsuj): To answer your question. That was my girl Isis serving up a few Isis Royale shots to your clones. It’s a pretty strong drink and I recommend only taking one shot. And since you don’t seem to be the drinking type I thought I’d serve you a Nitsuj Chop but I guess it was too much for you. See ya *runs away*.

(Chibi Seras): MAGGOT~!

*Nitsuj runs, makes it through the park and finally reaches his house*

(Nitsuj): Isis I’m in! Put the house on lockdown! Prom boy’s got us on our backs and he’s not wearing a condom! Code 158!

*House goes into lockdown*

(Isis): Lockdown sequence complete. No one gets in or out.

(Nitsuj): Good! We’re safe for the time being. How’s Chibi Isis doing?

(Isis): She’ll live. The system is almost done restoring her completely but I don’t know if she’ll be ready to fight.

(Nitsuj): Alright, which means it’s only just you and me against an army of murderous chibi AI girls who want to kill us and seem to have an infinite number of soldiers to keep fighting. Not bad odds at all.

(Isis): Good pep talk coach. Now how about some good news. I analyzed our little friend and found out that the AI clones aren’t as strong as her and don’t have a mind to think on their own. She’s basically controlling them herself.

(Nitsuj): Which means?

(Isis): Which means we don’t have to fight all the clones we just have to destroy her and the rest of the clones will disappear.

(Nitsuj): I see. And I bet there’s a limit to how many she can control by herself. While I was fighting her I noticed how some of them remained motionless and didn’t attack.

(Isis): Give the troll a bridge, that’s exactly what I was about to tell you next. If we rush her with our combined power one of us should be able to land the final blow and kill that bitch in cold blood.

*Hears a banging on the door*

(Nitsuj): That better not be the AI clones.

*checks the peephole to see that it is the AI clones*

(Nitsuj): Damn it!

(Isis): Who else were you expecting the cast of Twilight!?

(Nitsuj): Hey with the amount of insults I’ve said to the cast and writer of the book I wouldn’t be surprised if they showed up to suck out my life with what little emotions they had left in them.

*Banging continues*

(Isis): There not gonna get through the lockdown right?

(Nitsuj): Not unless they figured out how to get into the system and override the binary codes I setup.

*Door begins to unlock*

(Isis): Oh no. Lockdown sequence has been overridden.

(Nitsuj): Clever girl.

*Chibi Seras walks in with her army prepared to fight*

(Chibi Seras): This game of cat and maggot is over. Let’s finish this here and now.

(Chibi Isis): I couldn’t agree more.

*Chibi Isis appears*

(Nitsuj): Chibi Isis you’re back up.

(Chibi Seras): You survived. Not bad for a crybaby. Now I get the pleasure of killing you all.

(Isis): Big talk. I figured out how you work. You can control the clones but there’s a limit to how many you can control. All we have to do is overpower you so much that you break concentration and you’ll be easy pickings.

(Chibi Seras): Not bad hag but I have a counter for that weak spot.

*the AI clones combine to form one big human size clone which looks like a bigger version of Chibi Seras*

(Nitsuj): And the crazy night continues to get crazier.

(Chibi Isis): Nii-chan! Nee-chan! You guys take on the big one. I’ll handle the real one.

(Nitsuj): You sure? She got you pretty bad back there not to mention your still injur-

*a red aura of anger surrounds Chibi Isis*

(Chibi Isis): She stabbed me in the back and destroyed my Halloween candy.

(Nitsuj): 0_0 Okay, all you.

*Chibi Isis takes on Chibi Seras in another sword fight this time Chibi Isis has 2 swords. Chibi Isis is able to over power and slam her into the wall. Isis and Nitsuj take on the big Chibi Seras who despite its size moves quite swiftly and agilely. Nitsuj uses some karate moves on her but it has no effect and she swats him away. Isis uses her AI guns but the giant Chibi Seras clone keeps deflecting them away. Isis decides to move the battle outside and charges the giant pushing it outside on the front lawn.*

(Isis): Alright. Rapid fire *begins firing guns to break shield*. Get some~!

*Shields finally break*

(Nitsuj): My turn *charges at the giant*. Double palm fist!

*Nitsuj attacks the clone sending it into the air*

(Nitsuj): Isis! Make it count!

*Isis leaps into the air and takes out Exile to strike the clone*

(Isis): AI sword style: Rakka Senpū Surasshu!

*Isis slices the giant clone in half destroying it. The clone explodes on the front lawn*

(Nitsuj): Good job Isis. Now how am I going to explain this to the neighborhood?

(Isis): You can start making up story after we get done destroying the army of evil chibis

*More Chibi Seras come in and begin attacking Nitsuj and Isis*

(Nitsuj): Assassin blade *slashes 3 Chibi Seras*! Roundhouse kick *kicks 2 Chibi Seras*! Say hello to my boomstick *gathers spirit energy and unleashes the Spirit Shotgun from Yu Yu Hakusho on a bunch of Chibi Seras*!

(Isis): *Continues slashing against the endless army of Chibi Seras* How many of these creatures are there? Woah *dodges a stray bullet*!

*Throws sword at armed Chibi Seras stabbing it. Isis than runs to the impaled Chibi Seras, grabs her sword and uses the Chibi Seras as a stepping stone to jump into the air and unleash her attack*

(Isis): AI sword style: Saiba Senpuu (Cyber Whirlwind)! *A large whirlwind of sword slashes appears and begins slicing up all the Chibi Seras in its path until it finally disappears*

*Isis lands, switches her sword with AI pistols, and puts her back against Nitsuj’s back as they become surrounded by the Chibi Seras*

(Nitsuj): So enjoying your first Halloween *stabs an incoming Chibi Seras with Assassin blade*?

(Isis): It’s not what I was expecting *fires pistols at two Chibi Seras* but I will admit this has been somewhat enjoyable.

*A Chibi Seras attacks Nitsuj with a sword. Nitsuj blocks the attack with his Assassin blade deflecting the attack but the blade gets destroyed*

(Nitsuj): Damn! That was my last blade. I’m down to bare hands.

(Isis): *Offers Nitsuj one of her AI pistols* Take one of mine.

(Nitsuj): Not my style.

(Isis): Suit yourself, I intend to survive this Chibi apocalypse.

*Back in the house Chibi Isis and Chibi Seras continue their fight*

(Chibi Seras): Why are you trying so hard to protect that maggot? Can’t you see I’m trying to save him from this life of hell?

(Chibi Isis): How can you say that? Have you not read his blogs? Nii-chan loves doing this job, he pours his heart into everything he reviews and I won’t stand by and let you take that away from him.

*Chibi Isis knocks down Chibi Seras’ sword leaving her defenseless*

(Chibi Isis): You destroyed my Halloween candy *takes a slash at Chibi Seras*.

(Chibi Seras): AHH~!

(Chibi Isis): You stabbed me in the back *takes another slash at Chibi Seras*

(Chibi Seras): AHH~!

(Chibi Isis): And this is for trying to kill my Nii-chan! AI double sword style: Data Sutorīmu Tsuisutā.

(Chibi Seras): AHHHHH~!

*The slash from Chibi Isis was so power that it tore a hole in the roof of Nitsuj’s house. Chibi Seras feels the full force of that slash and falls to the ground*

(Isis): Chibi Isis we came to-

(Nitsuj): Good Lord what the hell did you guys do to my house!?

(Chibi Seras): I’ve been defeated. I was foolish to underestimate the powers you guys have. Just know this. My master has been keeping a close eye on you and he will send even stronger opponents to make you stop. You will look back on this day and wished that I had killed you. I only wish I could live to see the look on your face when you and my master finally meet. See you in hell maggot!

*Chibi Seras vanishes before their eyes*

(Nitsuj): Looks like it’s finally over.

(Isis): Yeah. But I can’t help but wonder who her master was? Whoever he is he must have a major score to settle with you to go so far as to send someone to kill you. Why do you think he’s after you so much master?

(Nitsuj): No idea. But whoever it is we’ll be ready for them. Now if you’ll excuse me, I like to take a relaxing shower to heal myself from this craziness. Isis go inside the system and fix any damage done to it.

(Chibi Isis): Nii-chan. My candy.

(Nitsuj): You can have it after you fix the roof and clean up the mess you and your little friend made in my house *walks to bathroom*.

(Chibi Isis): Aw.

(Isis): Let’s let him have this one. He worked hard for both of us tonight.

(Nitsuj): Chibi Isis.

(Chibi Isis): Yes.

*Nitsuj throws Chibi Isis a king size Reese peanut butter cup*

(Nitsuj): Happy Halloween.

*Chibi Isis smiles as tears appear in her eyes. She runs to hug Nitsuj.*

(Chibi Isis): Thank you Nii-chan!

*Meanwhile in an unknown location*

(???): Master, it would appear that Chibi Seras has failed.

(???): I know Seras. It appears I underestimated him. I won’t make the same mistake next time. You have no idea what the future holds for you Nitsuj. Give this data that we received before Chibi Seras stopped functioning to the AI squad and have them analyze it.

(Seras): Right away sir *disappears*

(???): I will save you from yourself whether you want me to or not Nitsuj. You have no idea where this road will lead you to.

The end?

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