Project #175.5: Koihime Musou OVAs

(Chibi Isis): Hi~! I’m Chibi Isis and welcome to another side blog the blogs between the blogs. Nii-chan is busy getting a check-up done on him so he asks me to talk about the Koihime Musou OVAs. That’s right. Between each season there was an OVA of the series that took place in an alternate dimension where in this dimension the characters live in modern-day Japan as school girls. It’s a short series made for laughs and was used to hold people over until the next season came out. Let’s take a look at them for fun.

In the first episode of this alternate reality Koumei is a new transfer student at the academy and quickly befriends Aisha. When Koumei buys the last bread that Lin Lin wanted she begins to act spoiled, Aisha calls her selfish and the two wind up having a fight with Lin Lin running away from the group. Later on we find out the academy is holding a tournament to decide who the next student council will be. Aisha, Choun, Bachou, and Koumei form a group and Lin Lin joins Enshou’s group out of spite for Aisha in the hopes of beating her. The competition for the student council plays out like a school’s sports festival where the team moves on. They start off on the track and field and then head towards the pool where the final match is a relay race between Aisha and Enshou’s team. It all comes down to Aisha and Lin Lin where it seems like Lin Lin will win but she gets the cramps and begins to drown forcing Aisha to save her. After being saved Lin Lin apologizes for her selfish behavior (yeah you selfish brat apologize) and Enshou’s team is declared the winner because Aisha crossed over to save Lin Lin (well what was she supposed to do let her drown? Yeah, they’ll look good in tomorrow’s newspaper. Local girl drowns from absurd school tournament who’s to blame?). In the end Enshou becomes the new student council president (so this is the year the school gets burnt down).

In the second OVA Enshou invites everyone to a southern island for summer vacation. On the island they run into Suikyou who’s researching the Nanban Tribe. Yep, this is the episode that introduced the Nanban Tribe who were such a hit with everyone that the animators decided to add them into the third season. Miyu and her assistant stowaway on Enshou’s ship and make it to the island where they get captured by the Nanban Tribe, steal the treasure of the island, and get chased by the treasure’s guardian a giant octopus who goes on a rampage pulling off everyone’s swimsuits (it’s a good thing Nii-chan has taken a vow to cut back on the dirty jokes. Otherwise, he have a field day with this). During the confusion we see Ryubi make an appearance who all this time was thought to be lost at sea but was instead rescued by the Nanban Tribe and has been staying with them ever since. In order to stop the octopus Lin Lin, Aisha, and Ryubi use the power of the three rings to transform into magical girls and defeat it (and it was at this moment you could tell they ran out of ideas). They return the treasure, apologize, and enjoy the remainder of their vacation on the island with Ryubi returning with them to civilization.

In the third OVA the school is preparing for a school festival and Hinari is coming as a transfer student to hangout with Koumei. We see all sorts of fun events at the festival. Haunted house, school plays, talent show, and all sorts of funny stuff that I’m sure you’ll get a laugh out of. At the end Hinari wonders if she’ll be able to make friends because of her shy personality but everyone assures her she’ll be fine (if Koumei can make friends. So can you).

The final OVA is a rather interesting one. In this OVA the characters perform a concert in front of a live audience (it’s not like the Vocaloid concerts it’s more like the concerts from Idolm@ster. All animated only it doesn’t quite live up to the hype and animation level as Idolm@ster). In the concert the characters sing the opening and ending songs of the first two seasons. I’m guessing they were trying to promote the artist of these songs and to be fair the characters do a good job singing them.

So those are the OVAs. Just like the anime they’re pretty simple and straight-forward. If you’re looking for more Koihime fun check them out. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

*Chibi Isis gets up, leaves, and goes to check up on Nitsuj where the others are waiting for the Jack Bros. to finish their medical check*

(Pyro Jack): Pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin.

(Jack Frost): Ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice ice.

*The Jack Bros. continue their chanting for another 20 seconds until they finally stop*

(Jack Frost): Alright, we’re finish. I sense nothing what about you Pyro?

(Pyro Jack): I got nothing either.

(Isis): Oh well that’s good.

(Pyro Jack): No that’s bad. In the past we could sense something powerful within Nitsuj. I can’t explain it but it’s something out of this world.

(Jack Frost): And now we can’t sense it at all. It’s still there but we really can’t sense it. As far as Nitsuj’s health goes he’s fine but I think something bad is going on within him. Watch. Nitsuj, try using the Kamehameha wave on Pyro Jack.

(Pyro Jack): What!

(Nitsuj): Kamehameha~!

(Pyro Jack): Oh God no!

*Nothing happens*

(Shizuku): No way. Boss can’t use his anime moves anymore.

(Jack Frost): Exactly.

(Nitsuj): Oh man. This is bad. That means I’m just a regular human now.

(Seras): There’s nothing wrong with that.

(Nitsuj): Nothing wrong with that!? Everything’s wrong with that. *Takes a deep breath* I was afraid this day would come. If the Jack Bros. don’t know what’s wrong with me than there’s nobody who can help me. Here at least. Girls, one of you take over this week’s review. I’m going to go talk to someone who can help me.

*Nitsuj goes to his room and pulls an evoker in the form of a gun*

(Yin-Yang): Do not kill yourself, you crazy bastard!

(Nitsuj): I ain’t killing myself girl. You really thought I was gonna kill myself? You a fool. I said there was no one in this world who could help me. But there is someone who can help me and this is the only way to reach him. I’ll be back in a little while. Until then, take over this week’s review. See you guys soon.

*Nitsuj holds the evoker to his head and fires it where he falls down completely unconscious. Worried about him the AI girls go to check on him*

(Mira): His vitals are normal and he’s still breathing. I think he’s just gone into a deep sleep.

(Seras): Yeah but who was he talking about that could help him? Any ideas Isis?

(Isis): Nothing. This is the first time he’s ever done something like this. But I’m sure he knows what he’s doing so let’s trust him to return. Now, who wants do a review this week?

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