Project #175: Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Tairan

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Well guys we’re entering the final season of the Koihime series Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Tairan. Released in 2010 a mere 4 months after the 2nd season ended Otome Tairan serves as the final season of Koihime. Once again based loosely off the second game and continuing where the previous season left off. Let’s finish strong and take a look at Shin Koihime: Otome Tairan.

Opening and Ending Theme

The opening this time is “Renka Tairan” by Masami Okui. It’s a good song. Much like the second song it’s pretty serious but not as serious as that one. Okui’s soft voice really goes well with the song and as the anime progresses the song does start to fit the anime more. The ending is “Yuuki Rinrin” by Engi no San Otome and it is honestly the best ending in the series. The song is catchy and cute to listen to. Once again the chibi animation returns with all the characters and this time they do a cute and funny dance that matches perfectly with the song. It’s addicting and you honestly wanna get up and start dancing with them.

Episodes 1-4

This season starts off in the capital of the kingdom where Kashin (you know, that big-breasted general who looks evil but surprisingly isn’t evil) is off to go and meet with the Emperor but it turns out it was all a setup by Chojo an adviser in the kingdom who has a rivalry with Kashin (Chojo: She has bigger boobs than me! It’s not fair). Chojo labels Kashin a traitor and forces her to swallow a pill where she passes out from the effects. After that scene we return to Touka Village where Koumei is writing a letter to Hinari telling her that everyone is fine except for Choun who is still missing (just put out a search for weird girl wearing a butterfly mask. That or put a pitfall over a basket of bamboo shoots) and we find out that Ryubi received a new sword called the Dragon’s Sword courtesy of the village they saved last season. We then move on to the main focus of the episode and that is Ryubi concerned about her weight. She tries all sorts of things to lose weight such as cut down on her food and train with Bachou and Batai but she fails all of them. No longer able to take it she sneaks into the kitchen at night and eats Choun’s secret stash of bamboo shoots that have gone bad (you think she would stop after the first bite but no she kept going). The next morning she has a stomachache and everyone thinks she’s pregnant (how!? Males are pretty much non-existent in this anime?) and thanks to a misunderstanding earlier in the episode everyone thinks it’s Bachou who got her pregnant (man even Maury, Wilkos and Jerry would find this whole situation ridiculous that not even they would put this on their shows). As everyone is panicking we see that Choun has returned to the village but wants to make a grand entrance. As she’s looking for her chance to appear Lin Lin comes running out looking for a doctor where she runs into Kada and a cloaked figure. Lin Lin tells him the situation and he rushes to Ryubi’s bedside where he reveals that she’s not pregnant and just has a stomachache. After things settle down we see that the cloaked figure is Kashin who thanks to the pill she swallowed is slowly turning into a cat which she despises (// As she was escaping the capital she ran into Kada and begged him for help. He says he knowns of a way to cure her but because he’s busy tracking down the Crucial Keys book he can’t make the antidote thus he goes to our heroines for help to track down the ingredients and make the antidote themselves. The ingredients are all over the place, the first is a persistent herb that only grows at the top of Mt. Taishan, the second is the Kouton pill which belongs to the Son family, and the final ingredient belly button lint from a Nanban elephant is found only in Nanban who live in the far south. The group agrees to gather the ingredients and split into three teams. Aisha will go speak to the Son family, Bachou and Choun will get the herb on Mt. Taishan, and Lin Lin, Ryubi, and Koumei will go speak to Suikyou believing she has some of the elephant lint in her house. They all leave the village and go their separate ways (and the story for the season begins).

Not much to say about episode 2. We start with a flashback featuring two new characters, Kaku a strategy advisor and Kayu a general who both served the Emperor. While on an expedition in Kyoudo the troops became struck with a plague and the enemy forces broke through their frontlines. Kaku gives the order for all troops to retreat and Kayu goes off with a small number of troops to buy them time promising to come back alive (and there’s the death flag). About a year has gone by since the expedition and while Kayu was not reported dead she’s been missing ever since and Kaku blames herself for Kayu’s disappearance and possible death. Back with Lin Lin’s group they continue to make their way to Suikyou’s place where we see that Batai has tagged along with them despite being told to remain in the village by Bachou. Koumei and Lin Lin try to send her back but once she threatens to reveal Lin Lin broke Koumei’s favorite inkstone to Koumei, Lin Lin sides with Batai to stay and at the end they decide to let her join their journey. They reach Suikyou’s mansion (this time nobody got lost. That’s a first) where Suikyou unfortunately doesn’t have the elephant lint thanks to Hinari who accidently destroyed it when she was cleaning. Hinari of course keeps this a secret from everyone and decides to make it right by making the lone journey to Nanban herself (not possible. With your reserved nature and loli appearance you’ll be eaten alive within seconds). When she tries to sneak out at night she gets caught by Lin Lin and confesses to what really happen with the elephant lint. Worried and afraid that everyone will hate her for this (hit her with a rock) she busts out in tears but Koumei tells her she could never hate her (you’re too cute) and even though she’s mad about the lie she thanks her for being honest with them. The next day Lin Lin and the others leave deciding to head to the Nanban region and find an elephant. Before leaving Koumei receives a feather fan from Suikyou and Lin Lin confesses to breaking Koumei’s inkstone where Koumei goes ape on her.

In episode 3 we go to the Son Kingdom and focus on a new character named Ryomo a ninja of the Son Kingdom. Ryomo is assigned to be Sonken’s bodyguard where the two slowly build a friendship (well Sonken does. For Ryomo, it’s more sexual). Sonken notices that Ryomo takes an interest in her studies and decides to teach her where she discovers that Ryomo is near-sighted so she goes out and buys her some glasses. The studying continues where Ryomo continues to get better and everything seems to be going great until one night while studying Ryomo fell asleep and while Sonken was going to the restroom she apprehends a thief trespassing in the storage room (must not be a good thief if he gets taken down by a princess). Angered by this the captain of the guards Kannei confines Ryomo to her quarters where she is ordered not to leave. While confined she notices one of the children playing with a flute which they said they found in the grass. Ryomo quickly pieces together that the thief was really an assassin who replaced the flute with a knife for his associates who are going to be performing in front of Sonsaku and assassinate her. Ryomo breaks orders and rushes to the throne room where she stops the assassination attempt on Sonsaku and saves her. While she acted correctly she still failed to follow orders and as punishment is fired from the guards (oh come on she saved a life) but the upside to this is that thanks to her quick thinking she gets taken on as an apprentice strategist working under Sonken (and dreams come true).

Episode 4 takes us back to Ryubi’s group. As they’re traveling and eating dumplings a strange girl with a boyish face and hair runs pass them causing Batai to drop her dumplings. Angered by this Batai chases after the girl (you will pay~ for this) and fights her where Batai loses but gets saved by Lin Lin who manages to defeat the girl because she was distracted by Ryubi (why? Your breast are bigger than hers). Just before Lin Lin can deliver the finishing blow she gets stopped by Genga the lord of the land they’re currently in and master of the strange girl who we find out is named Gien and is a student of Genga. She apologizes for all the trouble Gien has caused, treats them all to dumplings, and invites them back to her mansion as guest for the night. During their time there we see that Gien has fallen for Ryubi since she resembles Gien’s late older sister (wait, you had a crush on your older sister? That’s sick! Your attracted to someone who resembles your sister. What is with girls being attracted to their dead siblings?). The next morning Batai and Gien get into a fight but Genga stops them and tells Gien she’s tired of her constant fighting without reason (this had reason. Gien said Batai’s fighting sucked. Batai disagrees so the two decided to fight each other and see who was right) and places a paper string on her sword which will break when she tries to draw it. Genga says if the string should break then their relationship as master and student would be over. After that foreshadowing scene Genga gives everyone a tour of the town. While that’s going on Gien is relaxing by the riverbank when all of a sudden a couple of bandits who know she can’t draw her sword show up to fight her. They proceed to beat her up (yes, you guys must be very proud of yourself to beat up on a girl who can’t fight) when Ryubi sees them and tries to come to her aid only to get caught herself and this forces Gien to fight where she fights so hard that she actually breaks her sword in the process. While Genga understands the situation Gien still disobeyed her and as a result is banished however Genga does say that now she understands the importance of protecting others. At the end of the episode Gien decides to travel with Ryubi and the others and she receives Genga’s weapon as a parting gift.

Episodes 5-8

Nothing much to say about episode 5. This time around we focus on Aisha (man this anime bounces from story to story more times than a kid on a pogo stick. Kids still play with pogo sticks right? If not, they should) who has enter Enjutsu’s city once again. We see that the place has become a lot livelier than last time and while walking the streets Aisha runs into Sonshoko who along with her strategist and bodyguard are here to speak with Enjutsu about a land dispute in the mountains but Enjutsu continues to avoid talking to them because she’s too busy working on a play (which is an alternate take of season two’s finale where Enjutsu saves the day). They sneak into the play house where Enjutsu says she’ll listen to them if they all help out with her play and they do it where Enjutsu finally meets with them and has no choice but to agree to the terms of letting them have the mountain territory because of a treaty they signed in the past. With Sonshoko’s first royal mission a success she heads back to the Son Kingdom with Aisha and the others.

We return back to Ryubi’s group in episode 6 as we see that Gien and Batai still don’t get along with each other (all this over a dumpling). As they travel the group is secretly attacked by a girl named Gotsutotsukotsu (man that’s a mouth fool. Good luck saying that 3 times correctly) a mountain girl who lost her older sister to Gien in a martial arts tournament. Although not intentional Gien killed her and now Gotsutotsukotsu wants to avenge her. She tries to kill Gien by smashing her with a boulder but she dodges it and instead just causes Ryubi to sprain her ankle. They rest at a cabin near a hotsprings where Gien secretly goes off to face Gotsutotsukotsu and her tribe alone but Batai recognizing all the signs of Gien sensing danger rushes to her aid where the two fight side by side and defeat Gotsutotsukotsu and her tribe. Gotsutotsukotsu escapes but she vows that one day she will return and kill Gien. The next day the group continues on their journey with Ryubi’s ankle all healed up and Gien and Batai slightly bonded together.

In episode 7 Aisha arrives in the Son Kingdom only to find out that Sonsaku and Shuya are having a fight with each other (trouble in paradise). While that’s going on Aisha ask Shokan for the Kouton pills which she’s more than happy to give to her however the pills are lost somewhere in storage and it’ll take a few days to find it (you guys need to get organized). Sonshoko wants to help Sonsaku and Shuya make up with each other and after receiving help from the mature beauty Kogai she tricks them both into a storage room and locks them in there until they can make up. We find out that the reason Shuya is mad at Sonsaku is because she drank a special alcohol Shuya was saving in order to celebrate their 10 year anniversary of having sex with each other (O-O). After hearing this Sonsaku apologizes for her actions and taking Shuya for granted. They spend the night in the storage room where they have sex with each other (must resist urge to make a dirty joke. Must resist urge. Must resist urge). When morning comes Aisha and Shokan go into the storage room to find a naked Sonsaku and Shuya sleeping with each other (ahhhhhhhhhh~! I’m sorry, I gotta go take care of something, I’ll be right back). So Aisha gets the pills and takes her leave (finally seeing what true love can be).

In episode 8 Ryubi’s group has finally reached Nanban where it’s summer all year around (too bad there’s no women to enjoy it with). We get to meet King Mokaku leader of the Nanban tribe and loli catgirl who along with her servants like big boobs (I like them already). After accidently biting the tail of her pet baby elephant PayaPaya (the size of this elephant can’t be healthy) the elephant runs away and gets chased by a tiger through the jungle. While the girls are cooling off at a river (man there sure are a lot more bath scenes this season) PayaPaya runs into Lin Lin’s arms and she has a mental battle with the tiger managing to psyche it out (tigers aren’t stupid, they know when and when not to fight). Lin Lin decides to adopt the elephant as her own until Mokaku and her tribe girls show up to take him back and enjoy Ryubi’s boobs (scene here: // After asking Mokaku for the lint she says no and if they want it they’ll have to catch her and force it out of her (didn’t know the Nanban tribe were leprechauns). Using the simplest of tricks and traps they manage to catch her a number of times but set her free each time (it’s all a part of the hunt). Tired of being made a fool, Mokaku decides to summon evil spirits, have them possess PayaPaya (this elephant needs to find a new owner), and beat up Ryubi and the others. The plan doesn’t go as well as she would have hoped. After getting possessed by the evil spirits PayaPaya grows into an unstoppable elephant and tries to take them all out (now that’s a wild elephant). In order to stop him they have to cut off his demon tail and Lin Lin manages to do this with ease. Mokaku finally seeing them as good people gives them the lint but says she and her tribe are going with them back to Touka Village to make sure it’s used for good and to check out the big boobs within the area (oh trust me there are a lot of them).

Episodes 9-12

Not much to say about episode 9. We see that the people in the capital are suffering under Chojo being forced to pay heavy taxes in order to fund this big construction project and some prisoners are even being forced to help build it (ahh~ the good old days before employee rights the union). We also see that Toutaku is a prisoner of Chojo and is forcing her servants to obey her otherwise she’ll execute her and because Toutaku is her prisoner she pushes all of the blame on what’s been happening in the capital onto her (You. Bitch). We then find out that Chojo is working with Ukitsu to fill the Crucial Keys book up with the dark emotions of people in order to resurrect her own army, creating her own kingdom and ruling with an iron fist. Back in Touka Village everyone has returned with their ingredients and just in time because Kashin is almost full cat. After Mokaku sees this and finds out she’ll grow huge boobs once she returns to normal she agrees to let them use the lint but in exchange she wants Kashin’s boobs to be her personal set of boobs (deal. She’s all yours. Hey, all I want is Aisha and Kochu’s boobs. Everybody else is fair game). Kashin drinks the medicine where she returns back to normal except her ears are still cat ears (well, back to the old drawing board). Near the end of the episode Enshou receives a letter from Chojo (under the name of Toutaku) telling her that her position as lord is to be revoked because she refused to send her troops. Unless Enshou shows up to explain her actions and beg for forgiveness her title as a lord will be removed (and then she’ll really just be considered nothing more than an idiot). Furious by this Enshou calls for a rebellion asking other lords and armies to join her cause and her call gets answered by quite a few of them including Soso, Sonsaku, and of course Aisha’s group.

Episode 10 starts off at the gates of Shisui Fortress guarded by Ryofu and her army (well we’re not getting pass this fortress let’s try the other one). Chinkyuu sneaks into the rebellion base camp and tells everyone the situation going on in the capital (dark clouds, unfair taxes, people being forced to work, and evil officials trying to gain power. Hey this sounds like the Republican party). She begs them for help but they don’t entirely believe her (do you really think she would make something like this up on the spot?) that is until Lin Lin yells at them and says they don’t have the right to call themselves lords and strategist if they don’t believe her. After hearing Lin Lin’s speech, they decide to believe her and work out a plan to save Toutaku, the only problem is they don’t know where she’s being kept, have no way inside the capital and even if they did find her how would they get her out of the capital? Luckily, Kashin knows of a secret passage way which will lead them directly into the castle and the group sends in Shuutai a ninja of the Son kingdom to find and rescue Toutaku (this message will self-destruct in 5 seconds). Shuutai goes through the passage way and accidently triggers a trap which causes the whole passage way to collapse on her (I guess we’re taking the long way home). After a few days of searching Shuutai sends a message saying she hasn’t found Toutaku yet so Koumei devises a plan to fool Chojo and get pass Ryofu. They dress up a dummy to look exactly like Toutaku which fools Ryofu and she let’s them pass through the first gate. Back in the capital Chojo hears what happened and goes to make sure she has the real Toutaku locked up in a cell (you dun goofed little lady). Shuutai now knows where Toutaku is being kept and gets a message to Kaku telling them to have a carriage on standby in the morning to make their escape. Shuutai rescues Toutaku and get to Kaku’s carriage where they fight off the guards and make their way towards the gates (run~ get to the gate~) but the guards have already closed it (run through it). However the gates are reopened by a hooded individual who reveals himself to be Kayu (she survived) and they all escape (mission accomplished). Frustrated by her defeat Chojo calls for Ukitsu who says it doesn’t matter as the Crucial Keys have gathered up all the energy it needs to awaken the army beneath the castle. No longer needing Chojo, Ukitsu forces her to drink a potion which turns her into a rat (how fitting) and goes to awaken the stone army (so just out of curiosity where’s the emperor in all of this?).

We start episode 11 with Kayu explaining what happened to her. It turns out she did get captured by the enemy but instead of killing her they forced her to work for them (if was either that, death, or sex slave). When she got a chance she escaped and through off her pursuers by traveling from city to city and eventually made her way to the capital disguised as a beggar to find Toutaku. Despite word spreading about Toutaku surrendering to the rebellion and Chojo’s acts of evil going public (her next act of evil will be stealing the cheese from the kitchen) Chouryou still wants to fight and Aisha gives it to her and beats her. In the end Chouryou accepts defeat not because of Aisha’s blade but because of her words (// With this they invade and secure the capital and forgive Toutaku for what happened by stripping her of her title as lord and put her in the care of Kaku (well looks like everything is wrapping up nicely). As everyone is feeling good about themselves Kada comes and tells them all that Ukitsu is behind all of this and that he plans on resurrecting the stone army an army that the first emperor created because he was afraid real soldiers would betray him (trust issues). Ukitsu resurrects the army and easily makes his way pass the first gate where his first destination is the capital (abandon city). Kada says the only way to stop him is to use a dragon claw but where are they gonna find one? All we have is a dragon sword which was created using the claw of a dragon.

In the final episode we see that Ryubi’s sword is in fact the sword they need to stop the stone army (what an unbelievable coincidence). They devise a plan to get Ryubi to Ukitsu where she can strike and kill him which will require the combined forces of everyone in the anime (we’re all in this together folks. They might outnumber us 30 to 1 but we will rise! Fear not my brothers and sisters! For tonight! We dine, in anime! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~). So we get to see a few fight scenes on different parts of the battlefield and Ryubi manages to make her way to Ukitsu where she gets the sword knocked away but in a pretty good twist that wasn’t the real Ryubi it was a fake (surprise). The real Ryubi was hiding inside a basket being carried by Lin Lin and once Ukitsu dropped his guard she jumped out of the basket and killed him with her sword (flawless victory, // With Ukitsu defeated Kada seals away the Crucial Keys and the stone army stops moving with everyone staring at them (what are you waiting for!? Finish them). After that they have a big celebration where we see everyone in the anime (wow we got girls of all different size and shapes. There’s something for everyone). After the party the series wraps up with Aisha, Lin Lin, and Ryubi going to visit Lin Lin’s village and spending the night in her old home as sisters. The End.

Final Thoughts

So that was Otome Tairan and yeah it ends the series on the good note. While not giving me anything new aside from introducing new characters and wrapping up the story this season delivered on what we wanted to see. Cute girls, good humor, and everything wrapping up nicely. There’s really not much to say about this season other than it gave me exactly what I expected. It’s pretty predictable on what was going to happen and how it was going to happen. I liked it and the introduction of the new characters was also done well. My favorite new characters being the Nanban tribe as they’re just fun characters to see and who represent the amount of absurdity this anime has to offer. I do like how the show was able to expand and develop these new characters in the short amount time they had. Unfortunately, they didn’t expand much on the main characters which is a letdown.

The animation is still the same along with the music and the humor still remains the same as well. If I had to name one thing that change it would be that they started to add in chibi scenes in the anime. I guess they saw how popular it was with the ending they decided to just add it in the anime.

Is it better than the last season

Definitely better than season 2. As for season 1 I say it’s a tie.

Final Score

The final score for Otome Tairan is 6/10 and taking all three scores from the final score for the Koihime Musou series is a 17/30 and taking the of these scores we 5.6/10. Going by my system that averages out to a 5.5/10. It’s an okay series and if you’re looking for a good laugh and something to relax to I say check it out. It’s better than that other anime based off the 3 kingdoms that I reviewed in the past and once again if you really wanna known the true story of the 3 kingdoms than buy the book. Or just play Dynasty Warriors. Thanks for reading and I’ll-

*A bullet shoots over Nitsuj’s head as he falls to the ground. Nitsuj looks up to see that the person who shot at him was an AI girl who looked like Isis only her body was grey and her eyes were yellow*

(Nitsuj): An AI girl? Who are you? And why do you look like Isis?

(AI girl): Primary objective. Destroy Nitsuj.

*The AI girl takes another shot at Nitsuj but he dodges it, grabs his sword, and slices off her hand where he proceeds to pummel her with rapid anime punches*

(Nitsuj): I am so sick and tired of people sending AI girls out to kill me!

*Nitsuj continues to fight her until he feels a sharp pain in his around his neck and stops fighting. He soon begins to feel dizzy and begins to sweat a little. The AI girl sees this, gets back up, and takes out her sword*

(AI girl): Primary objective. Destroy Nitsuj.

*As the AI girl prepares to strike Nitsuj, Seras comes in and kicks the sword out of her hand*

(Seras): Nobody kills him but me.

(Nitsuj): Thanks for caring Seras.

*Yin-Yang appears from behind the AI girl and uses her katana blade to slice at her back, exposing her core, and pulling it out*

(Yin-Yang): Bull’s eye!

*After Yin-Yang pulls out the core and crushes it with her hand the AI girl explodes right in front of them Mira, Shizuku and Isis come in to check on Nitsuj*

(Isis): Master, are you okay?

(Nitsuj): I think so.

(Shizuku): What happened?

(Nitsuj): I don’t know. My body just felt weak all of a sudden. As if someone had wrapped a chain around my neck and was trying to choke me out.

(Mira): I don’t sense anything hazardous in the room. Your body seems normal.

(Seras): How did that AI girl even get pass The Reaper? I didn’t even sense her.

(Yin-Yang): Is it possible that because she looked like Isis, The Reaper just assumed it was Isis and didn’t bother to do anything?

(Mira): It’s possible.

(Seras): Either way, that AI was very strange. I felt nothing within her.

(Nitsuj): We’ll worry about that later. For now call the Jack Bros. I want them do a physical on me.

(Shizuku): Wouldn’t it be better to go to a doctor for that boss?

(Nitsuj): A spiritual physical. I can’t explain it but something is wrong with me.

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