Project #197: The Top 11 Anime That Deserve Another Season

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. If you’re like me, you’ll notice that in these last few years there’s been a lot of anime reboots and new seasons of popular animes from the 90s and early 2000s. Animes that got people into anime like DBZ and Sailor Moon as well as fan favorites like Berserk and D-Grey Man have all either gotten a reboot or a new season to continue their stories. While this is all good as it’s nice to show the new generation of anime fans why these animes receive such high praise from everyone and why we love them so much you have to wonder why other well liked animes don’t get another season while these animes do? The obvious answer is popularity but even so there are all sorts of animes out there that deserve a second season. They were animes that we all enjoyed watching and would like to see what happens next for our beloved characters. So today I’m here to count down the top 11 animes that deserve another season. Why top 11? Because just like someone else I too like to go one step beyond. Now, for this list there is one rule, the animes that I’ll be naming must be at least 3 years old. I’m not gonna name animes that just recently came out because there’s a good chance of them getting another season. When Hell Girl came out everybody thought it was gonna have just one season but instead it got two more seasons back to back with each season having 24 episodes. Again, very impressive. So let’s dive right in, these are the top 11 anime that I feel deserve another season.

#11. Hidan no Aria

This was an anime that didn’t really get a lot of recognition when it came out. Even I skipped over it. But over the years people have discovered this series and have come to like it. It’s got a good story, interesting characters, guns, suspense, swords, the super natural, there’s something in it for everyone and there’s plenty of story to go on. This isn’t just another harem story we actually do get a chance to explore the characters and develop them with very little ecchi moments. There’s a lot of action scenes for everyone to enjoy that it actually feels like you’re watching a spy/mercenary movie. I’ve heard rumors that the series will be getting a second season soon thanks to the spinoff getting more people interested in the series but I’m not sure if that rumor is true or not. If it is great and here’s hoping to another season of Hidan no Aria.

#10. Deadman Wonderland

Often seen as a watered-down version of Berserk, Deadman Wonderland was a series that knew what it was and didn’t shy away from its source material. This was a series that ended on another cliffhanger with Ganta remaining in the prison to protect his friends and fight. With that set up you would think Manglobe (at the time) would have been more than ready to make a second season and capitalize on this series especially once the manga ended 2 years after the anime aired. With Manglobe shut downed we may never get another season of Deadman Wonderland but if by some stroke of luck, we actually managed to get a second season it would be welcomed.

#9. Kino’s Journey

Yeah I know what you’re thinking why didn’t I put The Bandit King Jing on here? While it’s true Jing has a lot more stories to go on for an anime I feel that they wouldn’t translate well into an anime. Kino’s stories on the other hand would definitely translate well. Once again the philosophical aspect of this series is amazing and I would love to see the series tackle more subjects in a philosophical manner. While it didn’t really pull in a big audience because of its smart and deep writing back then I think people would be more open to it in today’s culture and find the anime all the more interesting to watch and discuss amongst themselves. Plus, I’m curious as to where Kino is going. Does she have a destination or is she just wondering around aimlessly believing that the journey is the destination? I don’t know, but wherever she’s going there’s no doubt that along the way you’ll learn something amazing.

#8. Is this a zombie and Baka and Test

I decided to put these two animes together because they have one major similarity between them. They make us laugh nonstop. Both Zombie and Baka and Test are hilarious. Anybody who watches one of these two animes is guaranteed to laugh. Both animes also received a second season where Baka and Test expanded on its cast of characters more and developed them as a whole while Zombie decided to do little plot and instead go for laughs. The cast for both of these animes are great and work off each other amazingly well. You could pretty much have an episode where all the characters do is just sit around and talk with each other and it would still get a good laugh out of you just because of their interactions off each other. Unlike Kino’s Journey these two animes were pretty popular when they aired and gained quite a following enough where both animes got a second season and they’re still quite popular to this day, so you have to wonder why they never got a third season especially when there’s so much to go on and everyone is open to the idea of a third season. I don’t know how or why but some reason both these animes just lost their momentum after the second season and the studios that made them never tried to build it back up again. Whatever the reason it needs to be ignored and both Is this a Zombie and Baka and Test need to make a return ASAP because we can always use a good dose of laughter in our lives.

#7. AKB0048

With Love Live pretty much taking over the idol anime scene and exploding in popularity in Japan despite the anime not really being all that great you have to wonder why AKB0048 hasn’t hop on the train and created a third season. Yeah at the end of the second season our two main characters reached their goals of graduating even becoming a center nova as well as inheriting the name of a legendary idol but I still think there’s room for another season which could serve as the epic finale to the series where the group have their final battle against DES with the universe at stake. On top of that there’s still plenty of things left unresolved such as who or what exactly is Sensei-Sensei, who killed Chieri’s dad and why, the Takamina and Kanata situation, how will that be resolved? Will Takamina give up her position in order for Kanata’s dream to come true and finally the biggest question why was music banned in the first place? They’ve never explained why music was banned and why DES does the things it does. The third season would be a good way to answer all these questions as well as end the series on a good note where everything has been laid out for all of us to see.

#6. Angel Beats

This is an anime that everyone has been crying out for a sequel for years and can you really blame them it’s a great series. The idea of purgatory being a place for people to find their peace with life is a fascinating idea and the way the anime handled its subject matter was very well done. Angel Beats was one of those rare animes that made us laugh, cry, cheer, and think all at the same time. Even though we know at the end the main character returns from purgatory we want to know the journey he took before reaching his destination. Who else did he come across, what problems did he face, and how did he handle certain situations during his time in purgatory. All these things are stuff we want to know and would definitely make a great second season. Just try not to rush through the story this time.

#5. Ouran High School Host Club

This romantic comedy is one of those animes that anybody can sit down, watch, and enjoy it. This was a very popular anime back in the day being one of the first animes bought over from Japan and gaining quite a following for its comedic writing and excellent voice acting in the dub. The story was also very good and interesting. It kept your attention and you never got bored watching it. With the manga done for quite some time one has to wonder why this series never got a second season covering the rest of the manga when they have so much to work with. Whatever the reason it’s a fan favorite that desperately needs to make a return and one I welcome back with open arms.

#4. Baccano

When Baccano first came out it was an anime overlooked by a lot of people but as time went on people to watch it and said “this is a really great show, why didn’t I watch this sooner?”. Baccano was that anime that managed to grab the brass ring with its great storytelling, stylist animation, excellent VAs, and its biggest selling point was its big cast of main characters who were all well-developed and likable. You could honestly follow any of these characters around for one episode or a whole season and you would be entertained by them. People have been crying out for a second season for years for good reasons and since the author of this series is the same guy who made the Durarara series you would think he be more than happy to make a second season. It’s a great series, one that I highly recommend you watch, and one that definitely deserves a second season.

#3. Spice and Wolf

Why does this not have a third season? No seriously, why the hell is there not a third season for this anime? While the series isn’t big on action or adventure the character development and interaction of our two main characters more than makes up for it. The relationship between Lawrence and Holo is so realistic and heartwarming and the talks of economics are enjoyable (again, studied marketing in college so this kind of stuff is up my alley). This anime received a lot of praise when it came out so you have to wonder why it never got a third season when everyone was eagerly awaiting a third season. Hell, there was even a petition a few years back asking for a third season of Spice and Wolf. While the people who made the petition were misinformed about who the creators of the anime were (they were going to send it to Funimation. For those of who don’t know Funimation doesn’t make anime. They own the licensing rights of animes which allows them to distribute and dub the anime here in America) it’s the thought that counts in the end. There’s plenty of material to go on for a third season and possibly a movie and with the light novel being done for quite some time now, I see no reason why this series shouldn’t have a third season if not a movie to bring this amazing series to a close for viewers. Come on Japan, get off your asses and do the right thing.

#2. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

This anime is a sad tale that will never be continued no matter how much we wish. This was one of the few animes made for the American audience. It’s one of the craziest animes I’ve ever watched but also one of the most enjoyable and creative animes I’ve ever seen. It made me laugh for its insane writing and characters and surprisingly had a few deep and emotional moments that caught me off guard a few times. With the way the anime ended you know a second season is needed to explain what the hell is going on but sadly with the director of this series leaving to start his own studio and Gainax being idiots by not selling the rights to him and just leaving it on the shelf to mock him and us for that matter we may never get a second season of this insane anime. If by some stroke of luck, we actually do get a second season, one that’s good it’ll no doubt be a miracle in my eyes. All we can do is hope and pray that people in Japan can set aside their differences and do what’s best for the industry.

And the number one anime that deserves another season is. . .



















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