Project #198: Soul Eater Part 1

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Last week I created a list talking about the top 11 animes that deserved another season leaving out the number one pick. So what’s the number anime out there that deserves another season? Soul Eater. It is mind blowing that this series hasn’t gotten a second season. With everyone doing reboots of past animes why haven’t they done Soul Eater? Based off a manga written by Atsushi Ōkubo from 2004-2013 Soul Eater focuses on a group of students who train as fighters under Shinigami to protect the world from evil entities and witches. Originally the series got started as a one-shot story called Soul Eater but fans who read the one shot liked it so much that Atsushi created two more stories focusing on different characters. One was called Black Star and the other Death the Kid. These two stories were also big hits so Atsushi decided to roll with this idea and create entire series based off the characters thus Soul Eater was born. The series quickly became popular in the world for its well-written characters, engaging story, dark atmosphere, cool action sequences, and interesting insights about death and fear. Even the anime, which came out in 2008 under the production of Bones (FMA: Brotherhood, Noragami, and Space Dandy) was a big hit being one of the most popular animes here in the west that got a lot of people into anime at the time. With all this popularity you have to wonder why this series never got the FMA treatment where they just did a whole new season starting from the beginning and retell the story correctly from beginning to end. Fans have been crying out for this for years and yet we’ve never gotten an answer. So, throughout Ani-ween we’re going to take a look at the Soul Eater anime as well as the spinoff leading all up to my 200th review. It’s my longest review to date, there’s a lot to cover and talk about so let’s get started. This is Soul Eater.

Opening and Ending Theme

The opening is “resonance” by T.M.Revolution another opening that everyone likes and why wouldn’t they its T.M.Revolution, that guy always sings great openings and endings for anime so you know your anime is gonna be good when this guy sings the opening. On top of having a great singer the song is also good to listen to. I like how it has this haunting feel to it but at the same time it’s upbeat, thrilling, and fun which matches up the series well. While Soul Eater can be a little scary given its subject matter, the series has its moments where it brings joy to you, gets you excited, and it’s a fun series to read or watch. The ending them is “I Wanna Be” by STANCE PUNKS. This was a song that at first I didn’t like all that much but it started to grow on me as time went on. It’s okay, not one of my favorite endings but still a decent one nonetheless. I do like how the song starts off nice and peaceful and then it just goes wild and crazy at the 25 second mark and get explosions, monsters, fire, and our main characters killing said monsters. This ending almost sounds like something that would fit in the Naruto series.

Episodes 1-5

The anime starts by talking about the DWMA aka Death Weapon Meister Academy (cool school name) located in Death City, Nevada (it’s about 666 minutes east of Las Vegas. Nice city, the townhouses are pretty nice and affordable). The academy is run by Shinigami voiced by Ryūsuke Ōbayashi the lord of Death who created the academy as a training facility to train kids who can turn into weapons and meisters who can use these weapons to fight against the evil forces of the world. The goal of every meister is to turn their weapon into a death scythe where their power will increase dramatically and they’ll become the personal weapon of Shinigami himself (as for the meister. . .I don’t know. Give them a medal of something). In order to become a death scythe the weapon must defeat and absorb 99 evil human souls and one soul of a witch (I like it, it’s got that Pokémon feel to it. Except instead of capturing wild creatures we’re killing them).

Now the first three episodes are the character introductions. Yeah we don’t focus on one team, we actually have multiple teams who we focus on and I do like how the first three episodes are solely dedicated to each team as it helps us get to know who they are, what they’re like, how they interact with each other, and they’re fighting styles. In the first episode we focus on the team of Maka voiced by Chiaki Omigawa (who made her anime debut with this role) and her partner Soul the scythe voiced by Kōki Uchiyama (Ichika from IS). These two are considered the main protagonists of the series and who we focus on the most. The episode starts with Maka and Soul getting ready to fight Jack the Ripper in the city in a cool fight scene which I have to admit is way better than the manga’s fight scene. In the manga this scene was short but here it’s freakin awesome (scene here: // Damn, I didn’t know Jack the Ripper was inhuman. No wonder London couldn’t catch this guy). After defeating Jack the Ripper and eating his soul, we find out that this was Soul’s 99th evil soul meaning all he has to do is eat a witch’s soul and he’ll become a death scythe. Maka calls Shinigami to tell him the news and possibly get clues as to where she can find a witch where we see that in this universe Shinigami isn’t really all that scary (if anything he’s quite funny, perverted, and a good guy). We also get to meet Maka’s father Spirit a death scythe in the service of Shinigami. Back in the day Spirit and Maka’s mom were partners who eventually fell in love, got married, did the horizontal bop, and had Maka. However, some years later the two got divorced because Spirit was a skirt chaser hitting on every woman he came across (wow~, he’s scum). Because of this there’s a wedge between Maka and Spirit where Maka refuses to acknowledge him as a father and Spirit plays the over-protected father hoping to win back Maka’s respect. Shinagami tells them that there’s a witch named Blair on the outskirts of town so the two go to her house where Soul Eater just rushes in with no plan whatsoever where we get a clear understanding of Maka and Soul’s character. Maka is more of a planner, a book smart girl, do the basics and get the job done. Soul is kind of the opposite. He’s more of a go with flow kind of guy, street smart, stay calm and be cool (these two have the yin-yang effect going on here). Once Soul jumps the gun and rushes in he lands in the bath with Blair (who is a catgirl and has a hot body. Well somebody’s making the list next year. You know what list I’m talking about). Maka and Soul are forced to treat for the time being and try again numerous times with Blair getting the jump on them each time until Soul says he’s had enough and decides he wants to be Blair’s partner (more like sex toy but either way good for you Soul). Maka is upset by this and calls all men scum (don’t judge us by our worst specimen) but it turns out it was all a trick by Soul to get Blair to drop her guard and it worked. Maka and Soul defeat Blair and get her soul (too bad, I kind of liked her. She’s sexy). Once Soul eats Blair’s soul nothing happens to him because it turns out Blair’s not a witch at all she’s just a very powerful cat with magic powers and can transform into a hot catgirl. She’s also still alive (nine lives folks. Nine lives). So with this failure that means Maka and Soul have to start all over again from scratch (if it was me I be very pissed. Scene here: //

In episode 2 we focus on the team of Black Star voiced by Yumiko Kobayashi and his partner Tsubaki voiced by Kaori Nazuka (Yui from To Love Ru). Unlike Maka and Soul who embody a traditional team (well about as traditional as the yin-yang effect can give us) Black Star and Tsubaki lean more towards the assassination team. Black Star is a skilled ninja with incredible strength and fighting capabilities (which is more than I can say for another ninja who wears an orange jumpsuit) and Tsubaki is a weapon known as a shadow weapon who can transform into various ninja weapons and is a very sweet girl (Pyro Jack: One day my wife). With a team like this you would think they be one of the closest teams to becoming a death scythe. Wrong! They’re the furthest team away from becoming a death scythe and it’s mostly thanks to Black Star. While Black Star is a skilled fighter he’s an idiot and egoistical maniac (scene here: //, I don’t know if Black Star’s in denial about his situation, overconfident, or just being an idiot. Whatever the case this is honestly my favorite team in the series). So they failed to get Al Capone and his men’s soul, but Black Star and Tsubaki track them down to the residence of the witch Angela who Al Capone wants to capture and control (he once controlled the drug game so it’s only fitting he control the witch game). When Black Star and Tsubaki arrive at the residence of Angela they see that Capone and his gang have all been killed by Mifune a skilled swordsman who acts as Angela’s bodyguard. Wanting to take on a strong opponent Black Star takes him on in a fight where despite his ego getting in the way he actually manages to get a hit in on Mifune. Just when Black Star is about to finish him off Angela comes in to stop him where we see she’s just a child with barely any magic (scene here: //, are you out of your freakin mind man!? Do it). Of course Black Star decides not to kill Mifune or Angela in honor of his code (sigh, I can respect that. You are a good man). He takes his leave and as for the souls of Capone and his gang he hands them over to Shinigami saying he doesn’t want them because he didn’t beat (you are a foolish man).

Episode 3 focuses on our final team Death the Kid voiced by Mamoru Miyano (Light from Death Note) and his partners the Thompson sisters a pair of guns from the mean streets of New York, Liz (the smart and mature one) voiced by Akeno Watanabe (Rito from To Love Ru) and her younger sister Patty (the childish and borderline psychotic one) voiced by Narumi Takahira. Kid is the son of Shinigami and a natural meister. His skills are almost godlike and along with his intelligence he’s no doubt the strongest meister out of the three teams so far. However, he does have one weakness, asymmetriphobia (the fear of asymmetrical things). Despite Shinigami’s appearance he believes that there has to be order and balance in the world and because Kid is his son (who will one day inherit the title, God of Death) he inherited this belief. Because of this he suffers from OCD for symmetry and if anything is the slightest bit asymmetrical he goes crazy (scene here: // So after failing to capture Lupin (man this shows perception of Lupin is way off. That or Lupin really let himself go) Kid decides to go soul-hunting in the pyramid of Anubis where a witch has been reported conducting experiments to resurrect a pharaoh (all in the name of magic). She succeeds however she gets killed by the pharaoh in the process (he needed some skin). Kid and the others enter the pyramid where Kid leaves because he felt a disturbance in the symmetrical (// leaving Liz and Patty to deal with the mummies. The girls manage to take care of situation as they’re able to use each other in battle but the pharaoh captures them and wraps them in bondage (man it’s been awhile but this series really played the whole fanservice card quite a bit in the beginning). Kid shows back up to save them and now they have to defeat the pharaoh who Kid refuses to fight because he’s symmetrical and destroying something so perfectly symmetrical would be a crime against the world in his eyes (your perception of reality needs to be fixed). Kid allows himself to get pounded and beaten up by the pharaoh to the point where he’s actually coughing out blood but once pharaoh steps out of his coffin and reveals his asymmetrical appearance Kid unleashes his rage which destroys the pharaoh as well as the pyramid. As punishment for destroying the temple Kid is forced to hand over all the souls he captured.

The series officially begins in episode 4. It’s start off at Soul and Maka’s apartment where Blair who moved in with them goes to wake up Soul in a very sexual way that pisses Maka off (there’s a lot of sexual tension in that apartment). At the academy rumors are floating around about a teacher named Sid being killed and bought back to life as a zombie (and this is scary how? I mean, they go to a school where death literally interacts with them. A zombie is the last thing they should be afraid of). Maka, Soul, Black Star, and Tsubaki (who are all good friends) are called to Shinigami’s office (if this is about the lunch room incident I honestly thought the lunch lady was the witch from Hansel and Gretel). Shinigami pretty much tells them they’re failing (// and are about to be kicked out of the academy so he gives them a remedial mission to find and capture Sid and find the person responsible for turning him into a zombie. With not much clues to go on they go to the cemetery in the hopes of finding Sid (it is the hotspot for zombies) where they find and fight him in a pretty impressive fight sequence with Black Star capturing him (scene here: // The group is being watched by Shinigami, Kid, Liz, and Patty where Shinigami reveals that the person who turned Sid into a zombie was Dr. Franken Stein an alumnus of the DWMA said to be the most powerful meister to ever graduate.

In episode 5 Maka, Soul, Black Star, and Tsubaki arrive at the lab of Stein and fight him. He shows just how powerful he is as a meister by showing he can read the soul wavelengths of others as well as discern their characteristics (scene here: //, as much as I like the Japanese voices I have to admit hearing the voice of Hiei as Stein in the dub is cool). Maka, Soul, and Black Star fight against Stein where even without a weapon he’s able to hold them off with ease and even manages to take Black Star down. After seeing Black Star go down Kid has seen enough and decides he’s going to step in and save them but Shinigami says he can’t since he’s not a student so Kid tells him that starting tomorrow he’s a student of the DWMA. Back with the others Maka uses her soul perception ability to take a peek at Stein’s soul and sees just how powerful he is where she becomes overwhelmed by it and is ready to admit defeat until Soul pulls her back into the game and they unleash their final move soul resonance (scene here: //, that last moment looks very suggestive Soul). Stein stops fighting them and reveals that this was all a part of Shinigami’s test which they all passed (full fight here: //, wow Shinigami you’re a troll). The next day in class the group has a new teacher and guess who it is. . .Stein (the nightmare continues).

Episodes 6-12

Episode 6 starts off with Kid doing a last minute check on his house to make sure everything is symmetrical where he and the girls are already 2 hours late because of it. In class we see that Stein’s methods of teaching are a bit on the eccentric side (Shizuku: All they do is dissect stuff. If I wanted to take a biology class I would have talked to Mira). While class is going on Kid finally arrives at DWMA where he’s greeted by Soul and Black Star who want to fight against Kid to show he’s not all that great (welcome to DWMA Kid). The battle is pretty much one-sided as Soul and Black Star are totally out of sync with each other and Kid overpowers them. Maka, Tsubaki, and Stein watch from the sidelines where Stein gives Maka (as well as us) a lesson about soul perception and wavelengths. During the fight Black Star tries to use Soul as a weapon but finds that he can’t use Soul (he can’t even lift him). Stein explains that a meister can’t just go around and just use any weapon he/she pleases. Their souls have to synchronize with each other. Soul and Black Star can’t synchronize with each other because they’re so different from each other. Black Star tries to control Soul with his wavelength but Soul isn’t the kind of guy who likes to be controlled which is much different from Tsubaki. Tsubaki doesn’t mind Black Star controlling her and has the patience and tolerance to handle him which most people can’t do. Maka doesn’t try to control Soul but instead tries to help him reach his goal of becoming a death scythe so the two are drawn to each other and synchronize with each other through this (scene here: // As for Kid and the Thompsons. It’s respect. It’s jumping ahead quite a bit but before Liz and Patty came to DWMA they were street thugs robbing people all the time in order to stay alive until they were finally caught and Kid made them an offer which they accepted. Of course Liz was planning on robbing Kid behind his back and just considered him a spoiled rich brat who got everything he wanted but as time went on she saw how hard Kid worked. Nothing was handed to him he earned everything and Patty started to smile and laugh more which was something she rarely did. Liz soon gained respect for Kid and saw him as a person she could trust and follow. Anyway back to the fight. Kid decides to stop playing and unleashes the big guns on Soul and Black Star (scene here: // After shooting them Kid pretty much faints because Soul cut off some of his hair throwing off his symmetry but Soul and Black Star are still standing making them the winners (take it any way you can I suppose). Shinigami shows up and decides to take Kid home where Maka tries to see his soul but can’t detect it (he’s death, he has no soul) because his soul covers the entire city.

In episode 7 Maka and Soul go to Italy (if Italy is the land of love than all love is in my hands- Lupin III) for a supplementary lesson to collect another evil soul. While that’s going on we go back to DWMA where we see that Stein and Spirit are somewhat friends. In the past Spirit was Stein’s partner and was put in charge of looking after Stein when he was in DWMA (he’s borderline insane so of course they have to watch him). Stein tells Spirit that they have to go on a mission to Italy because a witch has been conducting experiments to create an artificial kishin the main threat that DMWA was created to stop from happening in the world. Back in Italy it’s nighttime and Maka and Soul have just defeated a creature to get his soul. After Soul eats the soul Maka senses strong soul activity in a nearby church and goes to investigate it with Soul. When they arrive Maka senses that all the souls have vanished (they heard she was coming and decided to leave) except for one. Once they go inside they meet Crona voiced by Maaya Sakamoto (Haruhi from Ouran High Host Club) meister of the demon sword Ragnarok a sword that was melted and fused with her blood so now its the living embodiment of a demon sword. And yes to answer I have no idea what Crona’s gender is. Some say Crona is a girl because of her body figure and language other say Crona is a boy because he displays a romantic interest in Maka later on in the show. The author goes on record saying he did this on purpose and has given no explanation on what Crona’s real gender is. Anyway, Crona attacks Maka and Soul where Maka can’t defend against Crona’s attacks and can’t harm him (for the sake of the review I will refer to Crona as a boy. A very girly looking one) because he keeps hardening his blood which actually starts to damage Soul a little. Not wanting Soul to get hurt Maka tries to retreat but gets locked inside the church. Just when she’s about to get slash Soul returns to human form and takes the hit for her (he likes her. Also, Soul. . .Soul. . .Soooooouuuuuullllllllllll~)

Episode 8 opens up with Stein and Spirit saving Maka and an injured Soul where they take on Crona in a good fight scene and manage to beat him but he gets saved by Medusa a witch who is Crona’s handler and one of the best anime villains of all time (scene here: // She’s voiced by Houko Kuwashima (Sango from Inuyasha). Stein does surgery on Soul saving his life but tells Spirit that Soul has been infected with Ragnarok’s blood (I’ve got you~ under my skin~). Maka blames herself for what happened to Soul and vows to get stronger so that Soul never winds up in this predicament again. Black Star and Tsubaki come to visit where Black Star gives us a good laugh and we see that the school nurse is really Medusa in disguise (evil, sexy, and the school nurse? (Jack Frost): That is such a turn on for me).

Episode 9 centers around Black Star and Kid. While cleaning up the library Black Star and Kid come across a book talking about Excalibur the holy sword whose powers surpass that of any weapon in the world and grants eternal glory to whoever wields it. The two decide to claim Excalibur as their own and they find it in a cave not too far from the city (that was easy). They find out that the legends about Excalibur are true. If you wield it you’re pretty much the strongest person in the world but there’s just one problem with Excalibur. He’s annoying (not Deadpool annoying where you find him hilarious but more of I want to choke this guy out annoying. (Seras): So you mean just like the Jack Bros.? (Pyro Jack): You say that but you know you love us). His personality is so unbearable not to mention he requires you to do a list of things on a daily basis that only serve to boast his ego and make him more annoying (scene here: //, it’s enough to drive a man mad). So Excalibur says he’ll be their weapon as long as they fulfill all of his tasks and when it’s time to make a decision they both throw him back into the ground and leave (I would have done the same thing. It’s not worth it. He may be the strongest sword but he’s the most annoying thing in the world). The next day Black Star and Kid spot each other in the hallways and say they don’t need Excalibur because they’ve already got great partners (agreed) and Soul gets released from the hospital and returns to school.

Episodes 10-11 focus on Tsubaki. Black Star and Tsubaki get assigned with tracking down and defeating Masamune the enchanted sword which has been controlling people and devouring their souls. This mission is very personal for Tsubaki because the Masamune is actually her brother (sibling rivalry taken up to a whole new level). They go to a village where Masamune was last spotted where the villagers attack Black Star because of his eyes and heritage. They’re force to retreat where Black Star talks about his clan the Star clan. In the past the Star clan were these group of skilled assassins said to be the best in the world but they used their skills for themselves and instead started absorbing souls for the purpose of becoming kishins. The DWMA was called in and destroyed the Star clan except for Black Star who at the time was just a baby and taken in by Sid. Masamune finally reveals himself by controlling one of the villagers and Black Star fights him where he manages to free the villager being controlled by Masamune and Tsubaki takes hold of the sword and goes into it subconsciously to fight her brother where if she loses Masamune will absorb her soul and gain her powers. In the sword Tsubaki fights Masamune where she gets beaten up pretty bad. We find out that the reason Masamune went all evil on us is because he was jealous of Tsubaki. Tsubaki gained the clans ninja powers while Masamune didn’t which pissed him off and Tsubaki’s kindness felt more like pity to him (wow, I thought you were this deep and tortured person. But instead you’re just a crybaby who didn’t get the toy he wanted for Christmas). Outside the sword Black Star watches over Tsubaki’s body keeping it safe and waiting for her return without moving a step. Even when the villagers come out and start pummeling him he refuses to leave saying he’ll stick by Tsubaki to the end just she did for him. We get a flashback to when Black Star first entered DWMA where no one wanted to be his weapon because of his ego and his goal to one day surpass Shinigami which everyone thinks is impossible (only because you believe it’s impossible) and thought he was insane except for Tsubaki who believes he can do it and offers to be his partner which he accepts (and together they formed the lowest ranking team in the academy’s history). Back in the sword Tsubaki is just about to lose but Black Star calls out to her and she fights back defeating Masamune and absorbing her first soul (good for you) and she also gains the enchanted sword abilities.

Nothing much to say about episode 12. Soul talks to Medusa about a dream he had where he is guided by a little red demon in a tux to give into the madness in order to get stronger and it ends with Soul emerging from Maka’s stomach (well at least we know where all of her calories go). Stein gives Black Star some special training so that he can master the enchanted sword form of Tsubaki and Maka asks Stein to give her and Soul special training to make her stronger as a meister. In the witch’s realm two witches named Eruka and Mizune try to kill Medusa because they found out that she plans on resurrecting the kishin hidden below DWMA (it’s hidden behind Shinigami’s porn stash). The witches fail and Medusa actually kills Mizune and forces Eruka to help her free a prisoner named Free who stole the eye of the witches’ leader and is now in Witch Prison (I’m sure the death sentence there is being burned at a stake). Medusa wants to use him in an experiment on Soul.

Episodes 13-17

Episode 13 starts with Eruka freeing Free from prison who is an immortal werewolf and somewhat of an idiot. Back with Maka and Soul, Stein puts them through special training where they point out each other’s flaws (I tried that with the girls once. It did not go over so well. Let’s just say I’m glad I took a big insurance out on the house). This causes an argument between the two that threatens to permanently stop their souls from resonating because deep down they’re both scared. Maka is scared of her weakness as a meister and Soul is scared that the madness inside of him will hurt Maka if not kill her (they’re both thinking each other but are too stubborn to admit that they care about each other). Later on the two go to London with Black Star and Tsubaki for a supplementary lesson where they fight against Free. Black Star goes down after using Tsubaki’s enchanted sword mode which he still hasn’t mastered yet and as a result drains him of energy. This leaves only Maka and Soul to fight where their souls have diverged so greatly that just using Soul burns Maka (usually it’s the girls doing the burning not the boys). They start bickering with each other until Tsubaki tells them to put aside their differences and work together (keep in mind this is coming from the girl with the most egoistical ninja for a partner). They finally open up to each other and their souls resonate with each other better than before however this also intensifies the black blood in Soul and it almost consumes her but Soul stops it. With their combined powers they beat Free and force him off a bridge (let’s see if werewolves can swim).

It’s exam time in episode 14 and Maka is determined to get the highest score in class. We see everyone prepare differently for exam. Maka studies diligently like an honor student, Soul decides to cheat by writing answers all over his body, Tsubaki tries to tutor Black Star (scene here: //, Liz and Patty try to study but get distracted easily, and Kid doesn’t study at all since he’s been taught this stuff his whole life. In an act of desperation Black Star tries to sneak into Stein’s lab and still the answer sheet but Stein finds him and beats him up giving him an automatic zero for the exam. The next day comes and it’s exam time. Soul quickly gets discovered for cheating and has to take the test in nothing but his underwear (well that’ll distract the girls and guys for that matter), Liz tries to concentrate on the exam but gets distracted by a hanging hair on one of the students, Patty makes a giraffe out of her test (scene here: //, in her defense the giraffe is nice), and Kid can’t even get past writing his name because of his symmetry issues (scene here: //, the sad part is there are people like Kid who have done this during exams). At the end of it all Soul, Black Star, Kid, Liz and Patty fail while Tsubaki got an average score and Maka got the highest grade in class. Once Spirit hears about this he gives Blair money to buy Maka a gift from him (big mistake. You should have just bought the gift yourself and left it in her mailbox). Blair of course screws Spirit over and buys a very erotic gift for Maka saying it’s from Spirit which makes Maka’s disgust for him grow even more.

Episodes 15-16 focus on Kid and the Thompson sisters on a mission in the Baltic Sea (which I’m going assume is located somewhere around the European coast). They’re searching for the Black Dragon a ship that’s been terrorizing people within the area and absorbing their souls. After much investigating they find the ship put Liz gets separated from the others and gets freaked out by all the souls on the ship which she mistakes as ghost (you know it’s hard to believe this girl used to be a street punk when you put her in scenes like this). Back on Kid and Patty’s side they find the captain of the ship who has fused with the ship and controls everything on it (this is what happens when you stay out at sea for too long). Kid refuses to fight because he would just be using Patty and he doesn’t want to throw off his symmetry (now is not the time for this Kid). With the help of the souls Liz makes it to the deck of the ship where Kid and Patty have just arrived (main characters on deck) and they manage to defeat the captain who was gathering all these souls for the kishin’s revival. Just before Kid can send the souls to rest Crona shows up and uses Ragnarok to absorb all the souls in the ship making Ragnarok stronger and Kid prepares to fight him where he lays quite the beaten on him (I even say he beats him up more than Stein. What does that tell us about Kid?). Despite Kid’s beatdown Crona still manages to get back up and escapes due to Kid being distracted by how symmetrical the world is (scene here: // Back at the academy Maka goes to talk to Medusa about coughing up black blood (you probably should have gone to Stein. Actually no he probably try and dissect her) so she gives her some pills that won’t help but instead enhance the black blood in her body. Stein starts to become suspicious of Medusa and sends Sid and his partner Mila to investigate her house for evidence. Sid and Mila invade Medusa’s house (why is the wall paper all snakes?) where they find out she plans on using the black blood to resurrect the kishin below DWMA. Eruka sees them and bombs the house thinking she’s killed them. Kid returns to DWMA where he goes to talk to his dad about the kishin.

We get a filler for episode 17 centered around everyone’s favorite annoying weapon Excalibur. In the episode Ox (another honor student who’s like the male equivalent of Maka) is doing a report on Excalibur and goes to him for an interview (I did a report on him as well for school. It went like this: He’s so annoying, he’s so annoying, he’s so annoying, he’s so annoying, for 7 pages straight. I’ll show you sometimes it’s a good read). So Excalibur tells Ox all about his exploits throughout history such as residing in the projects, dancing at an opera house, solving a crime incorrectly, his first heartbreak (with the world’s greatest bartender. Scene here: //, and he even sings his own theme song (scene here: // After the interview Excalibur offers to be Ox’s partner but Ox turns him down because he’s annoying (well he lasted longer than Kid and Black Star. He’s got an A in my book).

Well this seems like a good place to stop for now. These first episodes was the warm-up. From here on out it gets real. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj as Ani-ween continues. Muhahahahahahahaha!

*Isis throws a rose where one of the thorns gets stuck in Nitsuj’s eye*

(Nitsuj): Ahhhhhh~! Rose attack! Rose attack! Damn you Tuxedo Mask wherever you are!

*Nitsuj runs into a wall and falls to the ground in pain*

(Isis): Who knew a rose could be such an effective weapon?

To be continued

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