Project #208: Assassination Classroom Part 2

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Today class we’ll continue are lecture on assassination. Please open your books to page 12 and let’s continue.

Opening Theme

For the second half of the anime we get a new opening called “Jiriki Hongan Revolution” by 3-nen E-gumi Utatan which is basically the VAs of the Class 3-E students. This song is definitely better than the first opening. It’s catchy in a good way, I like the beat, the energy throughout the song is addicting, and especially like the dance they do throughout the song. Again the animation for this opening really steals the show. The ending was kept the same which I’m totally fine with.

Episodes 12-15

The second half of the anime starts off with a baseball tournament where class E (in order to get a good laugh out of the students and remind them that they’re failures) is forced to play in a game against the top players of the baseball club which Tomohito used to be a part of. Despite knowing the odds are against him and his class Tomohito is determined to win and Koro-Sensei inspired by his determination (// decides to coach them for the match. The day of the match comes where class E goes with a bunting strategy which loads the bases and Tomohito hits a grand slam thanks to his training with Koro-Sensei to give the class an early lead (yeah! What now class A-D?). Finding this unacceptable (// Gakuho takes over as the coach of the baseball club (yeah the guy is like some crazy genius who can pretty much do anything like Koro-Sensei. Although to be honest if I had a choice I would choose Koro-Sensei as my teacher over Gakuho any day of the week) where he puts an end to the bunting strategy by having the players move in to where they’re almost right in front of the hitter and using hypnotic suggestion turns the pitcher into a bloodthirsty monster ready to kill someone. In the bottom of the final ending with class E in the lead and the bases are loaded. Using provocations from an unfair play earlier, Karma gets up close to the hitter where he can’t swing without hurting him. Since he can’t bring himself to hurt another player he doesn’t swing and loses the game for his team giving class E the victory and Tomohito gaining the respect of his former baseball buddies.

Episode 13 is where we get our first glimpse of Nagisa being a badass. Up until this point Nagisa has been seen as the main character of the series seeing as how the story is told from his perspective and he’s involved in just about every episode but he hasn’t done anything to make himself stand out or seem all that interesting besides being the boy who looks like a girl. Well this episode changes all of that. In the episode Akira another member from the Ministry of Defense as well as an acquaintance of Karasuma is sent to take over as the P.E. teacher and train the students. At first, everyone seems to like him. He’s nice, kind-hearted, funny, and quickly gains their trust that is until he reveals his true nature as a ruthless instructor who uses fear and violence to keep the students in line. After hurting two of the students in a training exercise Karasuma finally steps in voicing his complaints (thank you, where was this earlier?). Akira refusing to stand down challenges Karasuma to pick one of the students to face off against him using a real knife where Akira plans to use this exercise to inject fear into the students by pummeling whoever Karasuma chooses (you’re going to pummel a middle school student? Dude, this is a no win situation for you. If you lose you lose to a middle schooler if you win congratulations, you just beat up a fucking middle schooler). Karasuma chooses Nagisa to face Akira believing that Nagisa’s dangerous aura will pull him through and sure enough it does leading us to one of best moments in the series and the moment where we realize that despite being a trap, Nagisa is a badass (scene here: //, holy shit Nagisa. Forget owning and getting rekt, Nagisa just straight up buried that guy. I mean seriously Nagisa could have killed the guy right there). Not accepting his defeat Akira tries to attack Nagisa only to get taken down by Karasuma. Later on, Gakuho fires him (you fire a violent instructor and yet you encourage the school to bully one class all for their amusement? How does your brain work?) and Karasuma resumes control of P.E. class.

In episode 14 Koro-Sensei makes the class their own private pool (okay seriously do we have to kill this guy? He’s the best teacher of all time. He takes his students to Hawaii to see a movie, helps them win a baseball game, saves them from delinquents, and he builds them a pool in the mountains. God I wish I had a teacher like him). Everyone seems to enjoying themselves except for Ryoma the class bully who doesn’t like how everyone is all chummy with Koro-Sensei. Unlike the other students who have a shred of hope and want to make themselves better, Ryoma kind of accepted his role as a class E student. He knows he’s not smart or as talented as everyone else in the class and thought that he could get through life coasting off of others using his physical appearance (unfortunately life doesn’t work that way and he learned the hard way). Anyway, in the episode the students learn one of Koro-Sensei’s weaknesses, his tentacles become bloated whenever soaked in water (really, they didn’t know that? I figured that out a long time ago. Okay, well I had a theory about it and wanted to test it but still you have to wonder why the other students never tested this in the past?). After finding out this weakness Ryoma works with Shiro and Itona to kill Koro-Sensei. After spreading a gas in the classroom which gives Koro-Sensei allergies and adding something to the pool at night they set their plan in motion the next day. In the day while everyone is relaxing in the pool Ryoma uses a transmitter to contact Shiro only instead sets off an explosion which puts the students in danger much to Ryoma’s shock and surprise. Before they get swept away Koro-Sensei enters the contaminated water to save them causing his tentacles to get puffy. Itona appears to fight him with one of the students still in danger and since Koro-Sensei’s has allergies acting up and puffy tentacles he’s pretty much at the mercy of Itona (all because of Ryoma). Feeling like shit after putting his classmates in danger Ryoma teams up with Karma to get some much needed payback (scene here: //

In episode 15 the end of the term is fast approaching and Koro-Sensei is set to offer an incentive to the students who get the top scores in their best subject, they get to shoot off one of his tentacles (and then keep it as a trophy to hang on their wall). This is a big deal because whenever Koro-Sensei loses a tentacle he gets slower so if they shoot off a good number of tentacles they can bring Koro-Sensei down to normal speed and make him an easy target (you guys have a golden opportunity don’t screw it up). However getting the top scores may prove to be difficult because Class A led by Gakushu the son of Gakuho (that man actually reproduced? Okay he’s not bad-looking but still that personality and his fake smile that hides his sadistic and warped personality, tell me you don’t find him disturbing to be around?) are determined to take them down. They feel that class E has gotten too confident in themselves and disrupting the system of the school (and we don’t fuck with the system. The system is God. All hail the system. Hail it I say). While some of the students are studying in the library on the main campus the big 5 show up to harass them where they make a bet in which the class who snags the most top spots in the exams can demand anything from the losing class (scene here: // While class A wants to make them their servants, Gakushu on the other hand wants to know what the class is hiding from the rest of the school (the best teacher the world has ever known). With this the stage is set for the end term exams and the episode ends with exams about to start.

Episodes 16-18

Nothing much to say about episode 16. The students are once again taking exams and it’s represented as the students fighting against monsters once again (I love it). At the end of the exams class E wins their bet with the Big 5 with 3 of the students beating them. So in the end the class earns the right to shooting off 3 tentacles along with 4 more tentacles since Ryoma and his gang got the top marks in home economics (it’s a lame class but it still counts as a class nevertheless). The class would have had 8 but Karma didn’t come close to getting the top scores because he was overconfident in his skills and didn’t study all that much (you’re holding the team back Karma). For winning the bet the class forces class A to give them their reward of relaxing at an island resort in Okinawa where they plan to use that as the venue for their assassination attempt on Koro-Sensei.

Before going on their summer vacation trip we get a few side stories in episode 17. In the first half Hinano goes on a bug hunt with Nagisa and a few of the other students where they see Taiga the class pervert (hey, if there’s a class clown and class troublemaker there can be a class pervert) try to assassinate Koro-Sensei using porn. For weeks he’s been laying out porn magazines to see what Koro-Sensei’s taste is in order to keep him distracted long enough to set off his trap. While not a bad trap Koro-Sensei easily sees through it and manages to escape Taiga’s trap with ease. In the second half Lovro returns to help train the class for their big assassination attempt. He quickly takes an interest in Ryonosuke and Rinka the top 2 snipers in the class as well as Nagisa telling him the story of The Reaper the greatest assassin in the world as well as teach Nagisa a surefire technique to take his targets down. After the training the class arrives at the island which has been reserved for them and only them upsetting Irina as she was hoping to have a summer fling (well she’s still got Karasuma. Scene here: //, ahh the love between a man and a woman). Throughout the day the class splits into groups hanging out with Koro-Sensei keeping him distracted while another group makes preparations for their big assassination attempt. After dinner where Koro-Sensei sheds his skin the class takes him to a sea chapel where their assassination begins.

The assassination begins in episode 18 where they start off by showing Koro-Sensei a movie of his embarrassing habits weakening his mental state and bringing shame to his character (scene here: // This sea chapel was constructed by the students to get Koro-Sensei wet and puffy slowing him down and then the students who got the high marks on their exam come in to shoot a tentacle off of Koro-Sensei making him slower. Koro-Sensei tries to escape but he becomes surrounded by a wall of water with no way out (clever kids). With nowhere to run and in a weakened state the class has Koro-Sense right where they want him and have Ryonosuke and Rinka takes the shots to finish him off. Just when the class think they succeeded Koro-Sensei reveals his ace in the hole ultimate defense, where in this form Koro-Sensei traps himself in an indestructible crystal sphere. While the form completely immobilizes him, for the next 24 hours he is completely invincible. As the class heads back to the hotel feeling defeated especially Ryonosuke and Rinka who blame themselves for failing believing that their shots missed Koro-Sensei entirely a few of the students start to faint and develop a high fever. It gets revealed that there was a third party on the island who spiked the drinks with a deadly virus which will kill the students within hours unless they get the antidote. The third party agrees to hand over the antidote in exchange for Koro-Sensei but the remaining students decide against the trade-off and come up with a plan to infiltrate the high-security hotel where the third party is staying, make them pay, and get the antidote (this message will self-destruct in 10 seconds).

Episodes 19-22

We begin the last (and honestly epic) arc of the first season with Karasuma, Irina, and 15 students sneaking into the hotel undetected after scaling the side of a mountain. They run into their first obstacle with the first floor heavily guarded but Irina uses her seduction and piano playing skills to distract the guards and allow the others to sneak pass them (way to earn your keep bitch-sensei). They make it to the third floor where they meet their first opponent Smog the guy who poisoned everyone. Some of the students try to take him head on but he unleashes a paralysis gas which would have hit them if Karasuma didn’t protect them with his body. Despite getting hit Karasuma still stands up (the teachers of these students are monsters after all) and he takes down Smog with one kick (One kick man~! Scene here: // They head up to the fifth floor where they meet their next opponent Grip a guy who can kill you with just his grip. Since Karasuma is still feeling the effects of the gas he can’t fight so Karma steps up to face him and wins (scene here: // and // After defeating Grip they make their way up to the sixth floor where they’ll need to unlock the back entrance of the stairs in order to remain undetected (does this hotel not have security cameras?). In order to unlock the back entrance, the students will need to enter a lounging area for high-class kids and the girls decide to do it leaving the boys behind to avoid suspicion (yeah because a group of girls walking together doesn’t arouse suspicion at all). Not wanting the girls to go in alone the boys dress Nagisa up as a girl and has him go with them (well this had to happen eventually. I’m actually amazed it took them this long to crossdress him). While in the lounge Nagisa gets hit on by a boy named Yuji who falls for Nagisa and tries to impress him (or her. You know what I mean) but winds up angering a member of the yakuza only to get saved by Nagisa and the girls. Right before Nagisa and the others leave Yuji tries to impress him once again by dancing (please stop right now you will only embarrass yourself) and sure enough he looks like an idiot (told ya). Nagisa tells him to stop being such a poser and just be himself which he takes to heart. Making their way up to another floor they knock out some guards and steal their pistols giving them to Ryonosuke and Rinka. They then arrive in a theatre where they face off against Gastro a trained gunman with keen senses (and for some reason he like to stick his gun in his mouth. Disgusting. Scene here: // Once Gastro is down they finally arrive at the top floor and discover the mastermind behind all of this is Akira who after losing to Nagisa went pretty much insane and now he wants to humiliate and make Nagisa suffer. He calls for a rematch with Nagisa on the roof of the building demanding Nagisa get on his knees and say he’s a coward who cheated in order to get the antidote. Nagisa does all of this and Akira destroys the antidote right in front of him sending Nagisa into rage mode ready to kill Akira (and then your journey to the Dark side will be complete. Sorry, wrong series. Scenes here: // and // Yeah Nagisa thanks him but deep down I know he wants to say something like this, // After defeating Akira the three assassins from earlier reveal that the rest of the students won’t die. The virus they used was nothing more than enhanced food-poisoning which according to them will wear off soon. They take their leave with the students impressed with the skills of the assassins as well as the skills of Karasuma and Irina. The next day Koro-Sensei emerges from his crystal form only to avoid another assassination attempt set up by the government and spends the rest of the vacation making the most of it with his students (we’ll get him in the second term).

So that’s the first half of Assassination Classroom. Did you learn anything? If not, you will next week as we dive into Assassination 201. Until then, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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