Project #209: Assassination Classroom Part 3

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj and welcome to the second season of Assassination Classroom. After a successful first season in 2015 the second season began at the start of 2016 continuing where the series left off and following all the way to the end. Let’s continue our lessons on assassination and take a look at Assassination Classroom S2.

Opening and Ending Theme

The opening this time around is “Question” by 3-E Utatan. I like it. There’s an atmosphere of seriousness from the students in this song. As in they’re taking this mission seriously now. They’re not playing games anymore, they’re going after Koro-Sensei with everything they got and they will succeed. On of that the song is quite catchy and upbeat. My only complaint is that the animation in the opening does take a downgrade as compared to the other openings before it. The ending is “Kaketa Tsuki” by Shion Miyawaki. I love this song. I think this might just be my favorite ending in the entire series. I think Shion’s soft voice really sets the tone for this ending and sounds great here. I honestly thought it was Boa when I first heard it and got really excited. Once again they kept the chalk animation and it’s still cute and amazing. Following the style of the previous endings we see various drawings until we pan out and see the whole sketch.

Episodes 1-4

The season starts off with the class still at the resort. It’s the last day and Koro-sensei wants to make the best out of it by causing a love scandal (hard to do that when you’re trying to kill a creature worth 10 billion yen). He has them do a test of courage pairing them up and hoping to set the mood for them (than you clearly need a new tactic) but they see through his plan and tell him they’re not as sleazy as him. However, when they see Irina and Karasuma locked in the arm they decide to get sleazy and join Koro-sensei in hooking-up Irina and Karasuma (ohhh yeah~. You gotta get sleazy~. You gotta get sleazy in here~. It’s time to get sleazy. Uh oh). They setup a date between the two outside overlooking the ocean and sunset (hmm~, very romantic) where Irina screws herself over and Karasuma thinks her flirting was all an act (one is too dense the other too shy. Watch them get together by the end). After that they all return home where they decide to spend their last day of summer doing what they want to do. For Nagisa it’s going to a sushi bar with his dad (oh good he can finally talk to Nagisa about the trap look he has going on) but Koro-sensei shows up and invites him as well as other students (and enemies) to the summer festival happening at the shrine. Most of the students go where they dominate at the games thanks to their training (man I heard these games were hard but I didn’t think you need assassination training to win them) and Koro-senesi makes money by working multiple stalls. At the end of the episode we see that Koro-sensei’s has gone up to 30 billion yen and everyone prepares for the second term (yeah~, I’m pretty sure they’re gonna burn the school down).

In the first half of episode 2 the second term has started and the class has a plan to assassinate Koro-Sensei courtesy of Kaede (what? The support character takes the lead for once?). Yeah, it’s quite shocking but this time the assassination plan comes from Kaede of all people and it’s actually a really good plan. Kaede’s plan has the class make a giant pudding since Koro-Sensei loves pudding and then at the bottle of it set off a bomb when he gets close. Like I said before it’s a very good plan as it takes advantage of Koro’s weakness and they even explain and show how they’re making this giant pudding (that is so rare to see. Usually the anime just makes shit up on how it’s done but here they actually make plausible). They manage to complete the pudding and leave it for Koro and as he’s eating it Kaede tries to stop them from detonating the bomb saying she can’t bring herself to destroy it (don’t get attach to a pile of sugar woman, we’re trying to save the world here). But of course Koro sees through their plan by smelling the explosives as he was eating and manage to deactivate the bomb making it useless (scene here: //, so deliciously close). In the second act it starts with a game of cop and robbers between Karasuma and the students in the mountains. Because it’s a game of cop and robbers the robbers can free the other robbers however with Koro as the guard that seems next to impossible (than you must go American on him). In order to get out of jail they bribe Koro with swimsuit photo and a sad story (he is too easy). In the end the students win (yay~ no homework for the day) but the next day the students look at Koro with disdain because a news article has de-picked him as a bra thief who goes around at night stealing women’s bras. Koro says he’s innocent but the evidence keeps piling up against him. After much thinking the students all come to the conclusion that Koro isn’t committing these crimes (obviously, he’s too smart and quick to leave behind this much evidence) and decide to prove his innocence. After much investigation they stake out a place the pervert will strike next with Koro also there to catch him (if a guy was running around doing the things you wanted to do but of a good conscience you don’t do it, you would want to catch him to). The pervert finally shows up and we find its old man Higgins from the Scooby-Doo show (nah just kidding). It’s actually Karasuma’s assistant who was hired by a mysterious man to lure Koro out into a trap.

So in episode 3 we see that the people attacking Koro are none other than Shiro and Itona fueled by the desire to kill Koro no matter what (you and the rest of the world kid but you’re way too hasty). After trapping him in a tent made out of those anti pallets Itona begins attacking him from above but Koro figures out his attack pattern, fires a Kamehameha wave, and beats Itona giving him another humiliating defeat (this time DBZ style). Shiro tired of Itona’s failures leaves him to die by his tentacle which will slowly drive him crazy and kill him within 3 days. He runs off and begins destroying cell phone stores (odd) until the group catches up to him where Shiro knew Koro would try to help Itona and had a trap ready for him. Shiro captures Itona and lures Koro into a trap where he does his best to protect Itona. The rest of the students come in and take out Shiro’s men and he finally accepts his defeat but he vows to return and kill him. That just leaves Itona and how they’re going to save. After a bit of research they find out that Itona is the son of a former cell phone company owner. His motto was studying and integrity will always put them ahead of their competitors but some of the employees left and told the company secrets to the competitors shutting down Itona’s family business. Itona’s dad was so heartbroken that he and his wife ran away and left Itona to live with his uncle. After regaining consciousness Terasaka and his group try to help him out where Terasaka tells him not to let one bad lost get to them (which he’s right. Just because you lose one time doesn’t mean it’s over. Get back up and keep trying). In the end he just has to beat Koro once to prove that he’s better. This manages to work on Itona and Koro is able to remove his tentacle hair saving Itona’s life and he officially joins the class.

Nothing much to say about episode 4. In the first half Itona has created an RC tank that makes little to no noise at all. At first the boys think this’ll be a good tool to assassinate Koro Sensei but the idea quickly gets turned to a “let’s use it to look up the girls’ skirts” kind of plan (oh yeah~. It’s time to sleazy~. We’re gonna get sleazy~ today       ). Despite this hidden perverted plan this actually does help Itona bond with the class and bring them all closer together. That is until the girls overhear their plan and Itona ditches them (smart man). In the second half the class decides to give each other codenames and each codename surprisingly captures their characters (scene here: //

Episodes 5-7

It’s the return of Gakushu in episode 5 and his target this time is Isogai. After Gakushu finds out that Isogai has a part-time job (scene here: // he threatens to report him to school unless Isogai and the others can defeat him in a game of pole-tipping at a sports festival (I’ve played that game before. Let me just say it’s no game. People die). It’s obvious that Gakushu wants to embarrass them in front of the whole school and the class knows but they still decide to go through with Gakushu’s plan. In the match Gakushu hires professional players from oversea to join his team (which means we get a lot of engrish scenes which are not only funny but they’re actually done very well). Using what they studied in class, Class E manages to beat Asano once again and humiliate him in front of the school (your dad is so going to disown you). When he goes to get scolded by his dad one of the players speaks up for Gakushu saying he can learn something from defeat. Gakuho takes offence to this and beats the player as well as the others to a pulp right in front of Gakushu (you are one messed up parent you know that?).

In episode 6 it’s midterm season and the class is cramming for test. Or they would be if an accident didn’t occur. While going to school one day a few of the students decided to do some parktour training on the roofs of houses where they jump off a roof and land on an old man. While his injuries weren’t serious he’s going to be out of action for two weeks which is bad since he’s the principal of a struggling elementary school. Koro-Sensei is pissed at how they abused their new talents and smacks all of them (although later he apologizes to the innocent students for smacking them). As punishment the students are forbidden to study for their midterms and will be working at the elementary school while the principal stays in the hospital. They arrive at the school where they see it’s in bad condition so they all entertain the children and get to work fixing up the school. Nagisa befriends the oldest girl there named Sakura who actually goes to another school but due to bullying problems stays away. Nagisa becomes Sakura’s tutor and helps improves her grades while also being dense to Sakura’s feelings for him (keep going down this route Nagisa and you’ll find yourself in a harem anime). Once the two weeks are up the principal returns where the students have remodeled the school making it bigger, built a library as well as an indoor playground, and most importantly bonded with the students. Through this they all learned a valuable lesson and apologize to Koro-Sensei and Karasuma once again for their actions. The next day midterms come and they all get low rankings except for Akihabara who came in second and covers for the rest of the class by saying they were holding back to give Class A a win for once.

Episode 7 focuses on Irina. It’s her birthday and she hasn’t received a gift from Karamusa so the students decide to lend a hand in their romance once again (time to get sleazy). While some students distract her the other students go out and buy a bouquet of flowers for her and convince Karamusa to give it to her. It seems like their plan is working but Karamusa reminds her of their mission (to kill the perverted octopus teacher) and opens her eyes making her realize that they don’t have time for romance (so he’s not as dense as he looks) because in less than half a year they will either die or live (and are fate lays in the hands of a bunch of middle school kids). This wakes Irina up and she disappears on the class for a few days when the class is greeted by the man who sold them the bouquet of flowers who turns out is an assassin known as the Reaper. He says he’s holding Irina hostage and challenges the students to come and rescue her alone without telling their teachers. They decide to take on his challenge and sneak into his hideout where they see just how weak they are in the presence of a high-ranking assassin and get captured. What’s even more shocking is that Irina is on his side and is helping him capture the students to lure Koro-Sensei out.

Episodes 8-10

In episode 8 Koro-Sensei and Karamusa go to rescue the kids from the Reaper. Koro-Sensei gets easily captured (captured but not beaten) and Karamusa gets captured at gunpoint by Irina and the Reaper. The Reaper’s plan is to flood his underground base with the kids still tapped in a cell with Koro-Sensei meaning they’re gonna die as well and that doesn’t sit well with Karamusa. He attacks the Reaper and says that the lives of the students are more valuable than the world (*squeal* you are so cool) and pursues the Reaper through the underground base with Irina right on his tail trying to kill him (or have sex with him I’m pretty sure she’s still after that booty). When the Reaper triggers a trap that almost kills Karamusa and Irina she switches sides (it also helps that she got to see his awesome abs. Those things will make anybody switch sides). The kids and Koro-Sensei fool the Reaper into believing they escaped the cell and he gets caught off-guard by Karamusa who takes him to Suplex City (population, you) and fights in a pretty cool hand to hand fight where we see the Reaper peeled the skin off his face in the past (eww~) and Karamusa kicks him in the balls (damn Karamusa is dirty) and finishes him off with a right hook (scene here: // Once the Reaper is down and captured Karamusa frees the others as Irina waits for them to scold and ridicule her they instead just tell her to stop goofing off and come back to teach them because they miss her (wow, she almost killed them and yet they want her back. You kids are so innocent). The next day Karamusa passes a new rule to the board for freelance killers. The new rule is that freelancers can’t harm the students otherwise they don’t get the reward. The new rule gets approved but the board chairman says it doesn’t matter since they’re done hiring freelancers and are making preparations for their sure-fire attempt on Koro-Sensei.

Episode 9 focuses on everyone’s favorite trap character Nagisa. It’s November and Koro-Sensei is doing career counseling with the students (also Irina is wearing off the rack clothes. Don’t know why but she’s somewhat sexier now). Everyone seems to have an idea of what they want to be except for Nagisa. A part of him says to go be an assassin since he’s already got the skills for it (that could work. Or you could be a model confusing everyone). Koro-Sensei tells him to think about it more and if he decides he really wants to be an assassin he’ll support him every step of the way (sometimes I feel like Koro-Sensei swings between being a school teacher to an anarchist). We go to Nagisa’s home and meet his mother who at first seems like a nice lady who only wants the best for her son but in truth she takes passive aggressiveness to a whole new level (I take it back, she’s not passive aggressive she’s passive abusive). Yeah, Nagisa’s mom is a little crazy in that she pushes her life and expectations onto Nagisa (it’s like he’s her personal doll). So Nagisa’s mom wants to get Nagisa out of the E-class and plans on talking to Karasuma tomorrow which is a problem because he’s away on business so Koro-Sensei disguises himself as Karasuma (now that sounds funny) and does the meeting with Nagisa’s mom where she pretty much says she wants Nagisa to leave the class, do what she wants him to do which is live the life that was denied to her in the past, and wishes he was a girl instead of a boy (I’m starting to see why your dad left Nagisa. Actually, I wonder why he stayed for so long). Koro-Sensei pretty much tells her he has no intention of letting Nagisa leave the class and that she should check her privileges and let Nagisa do what he wants to do (and she’ll take exception to this). She goes berserk on him and walks out mad as all hell promising to make him pay. So that night she drugs Nagisa, kidnaps him, and takes him to the school where she wants him to burn it down (I couldn’t make this up even if I wanted to folks. She is actually telling her son to commit a felony for her sake. Okay, seriously send this woman to the hospital or a mental institute she’s clearly not normal). An assassin comes by looking to kill Koro-Sensei and threatens to kill Nagisa’s mom (is it wrong if I say go ahead?) but Nagisa stops him showing off his assassination skills. Koro-Sensei comes in and tells her once again to check her privileges and stop trying to live her life through Nagisa and she faints from everything that happened (oh yeah, drugging your son must have taken a lot out of you). Koro-Sensei drives them back home (he can drive?) where Nagisa tells him he doesn’t want to be an assassin and will try to talk to his mother more as well as help her around the house to relieve a little bit of stress on her. The next day Nagisa tells her he’s going to start making breakfast and taking out the trash as well as studying harder to get into a good high school and begs his mom to let him stay in the E class (and stop making him try on women’s clothing. You’re mentally scarring him and playing with everyone’s emotions). She gives in and decides to let him do what he wants not caring anymore.

In episode 10 it’s the school fall festival and the E class is determined to beat the A class which will prove to be a difficult task since Asano has sponsors from top-class restaurants and talent agencies backing him up (is this kid really in middle school? What kind of middle school kid has these kinds of connections?). Koro-Sensei tells the class to use their surroundings to their advantage so they gather resources from the mountain and make acorn noddle soup (and to answer your questions yes this is a real thing and yes it is delicious like seriously delicious that I’m honestly getting hungry just thinking about it). They setup shop outside their classroom in the mountains (enjoying soup while watching the beautiful scenery of nature in the fall. I like it) where we see a number of characters from past episodes come back to make an appearance such as those high school gangsters from their class trip, those kids from the daycare, and even Yuji makes a return where he’s still under the impression that Nagisa’s a girl and a few of the students try to milk this but Nagisa comes clean and tells him the truth (his reaction is surprisingly good. He didn’t get mad or freak out). The next day the class gets a huge crowd wanting to try their noodle soup because Yuji help spread the word online. It turns out he’s a famous food blogger and goes around the world trying all kinds of food and writing about them (wow, look at you rich boy). The group makes a huge profit that day getting all kinds of customers including Kuroko and Bobobo (okay, I can understand Kuroko being there but why Bobobo? This anime may be strange but it’s not that strange to have this guy appear in it. Still a nice shout out). The group is forced to shut down their shop after the second day as they don’t want to disrupt the ecosystem and we get a touching moment between Nagisa and his mom who came to check out the shop where she’s come to terms that Nagisa is growing up and she can’t keep trying to control him however she still wants to mother him a little while longer just until he leaves the nest and when he does she’ll support him in whatever he decides to do (this was nice. I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff). At the end of the festival class A made the most profit and class E came in third surprising everyone who instead of mocking them praise them for a job well done (as they should. They took their one weakness and made it their biggest strength. Sounds pretty smart and clever to me) which catches the attention of Gakuho.

Well guys let’s stop here for today. Tune in next week as we the exciting conclusion to this series. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj. Now let’s go try some of that acorn noddle soup.

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