Project #244: Shimoneta

This blog is dedicated to the life, memory, and work of Miyu Matsuki (1977-2015). May she rest in peace and never be forgotten.  

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. To be a hero means to stand for truth and justice. Although sometimes being a hero means standing for what you believe is right even when the world around you says your wrong. Case in point, Shimoneta. Shimoneta falls into the same category as Keijo, it’s one of those rare animes that at first seems silly and ridiculous but when you really sit down and watch it you discover that the series is smarter than you give it credit for. Shimoneta is a light novel written by Hirotaka Akagi that ran from 2012-2016 and asks us the question, what would happen if we lived in a world where anything perverted was outlawed? In 2015 as the series was drawing to a close the anime studio J.C. Staff (Prison School and DanMachi) adapted the series into an anime making it one of the best animes to come out in 2015. Let’s fight for our right to say what our perverted minds want and see the genius of Shimoneta.

Opening and Ending Theme

“B Chiku Sentai SOX” by SOX is the opening for this anime. While not the best opening it’s not the worst opening either. The opening surprisingly sounds like something from the Sentai Rangers. Look up some of the Sentai Ranger openings and compare it to this opening and you’ll see how they match up. There’s really that much context to the opening, it introduces us to the characters, and explains what S.O.X is and what they hope to accomplish. The ending is “Inner Urge” by Sumire Uesaka. This ending has a bit more context than the opening and passes as a full song. It’s energetic, funny, and catchy. Just listening to it makes you want to get up and do the dance with the characters in the ending.

Episodes 1-4

The anime opens up with a bunch of guys looking at porn magazines (a little old school but I respect that) until Peace Maker Control aka PMC comes in and arrests them. In this world anything consider immoral or dirty has been outlawed. Even saying dirty jokes is prohibited by the law and everyone wears chokers which monitor what they say so if they say anything dirty they’ll be immediately arrested (Corbin: What a terrible world to live in. It’s bad enough I can’t look at porn but now I can’t say or do anything dirty without getting arrested. Shoot me now). This ideology has gone on for decades and has made Japan the purist and most virtue place on Earth (and at the cost of your culture. Was it worth it Japan?). This has resulted in the youth of Japan to grow up pure and healthy but at the same time they are ignorant in the ways of sex education because the school won’t teach it to them (you cannot be serious!? You have to teach sex education! If not they will do something crazy and stupid down the road). We then focus on a kid named Tanukichi voiced by Yūsuke Kobayashi who is trying to get into Tokioka Academy the purest academy in the country. He passes the exam and becomes a first year which makes him happy because he’ll get to be with his senpai Anna the love of his life. While on the train he sees a student from Tokioka named Gouriki (who looks like a gorilla) being accused of groping a woman. Tanukichi knows he’s innocent and the lady is lying so he pretends to be the groper and gets off the train with the woman who in an act of vengeance gets the PMC to go after him. When they have him surrounded in the station he gets saved by the ero-terrorist Blue Snow a lady who wears nothing but a sheet of cloth with panties as a mask and goes around saying dirty jokes and throwing dirty pictures (well on the upside to this insanity, terrorism has become funny. In a sense). He escapes and goes to the academy where he meets Fuwa a student as well as a scientist who wants to know how babies are made and ask Tanukichi how it’s done since he’s the only one who knows the truth in this pack of poorly guided students. He gets saved by Ayame the vice president of the student council voiced by Shizuka Ishigami (Stella from Rakudai Kishi no Kyabarurii) who wants Tanukichi to join the student council at the request of Anna voiced by the late Miyu Matsuki (if I’m not mistaken this was her last role until her death in October of 2015). Anna wants Tanukichi’s help in finding Blue Snow who she believes is a student at the academy. Since she and the rest of the council have no idea what constitutes as indecency (because you were raised by idiots) she believes that Tanukichi’s past experience will be of assistance to them. He gets put in the hands of Ayame where she takes him to a run down café and reveals that she’s Blue Snow (the most perverted girl I have seen in anime). She forces him to join her terrorist group known as S.O.X and explains that the reason she can get away with saying dirty stuff is thanks to her cellphone given to her by her father which disrupts the chokers but she can only say dirty stuff for up to 3-minutes a day. The next day at school Ayame tells Tanukichi she wants to teach students what “docking” is but doesn’t have any material to work with (Corbin: I have a bedroom and some condoms. (Baron): I have a camera and production equipment. What day works for you Ayame?) but Fuwa does because she’s been watching her flies mate (ewww~). At a school assembly S.O.X puts their plan into action. Tanukichi dressed in drag distracts Anna and Gouriki on the school’s field while Ayame plays the fly porn and voices over it like she’s reading some doujin (and thanks to rule 34 someone out there is getting off to this. *Corbin sneezes* Bless you. (Corbin): Thank you). The plan is working as the students are becoming aroused by this (scene here: and even Tanukichi is getting excited at the fact that he’s betraying the expectations of the girl he admires (you’re corrupting her pure mind and making her go bad. Sounds pretty arousing to me).

At the start of episode 2 we learn that Tanukichi is the son of an ero-terrorist. His dad was the one who taught him all kinds of dirty jokes and once he spoke out for freedom of speech (because that’s pretty much what this is) he was arrested and labeled a terrorist. Because of this Tanukichi became an outcast by his school (oh how they ignored him) until Anna came and became the only person who didn’t fear him. After this the episode kind of slows down as the characters talk. We learn that Anna’s parents are politicians who are mostly responsible for the state of Japan (so you destroyed Japan) and are working to pass a new law which will allow the PMC to monitor everyone more closely. Ayame decides to launch another attack during the 1st year’s physical check-up by teaching them dirty words using their sight. This time Ayame acts as the decoy while Tanukichi dressed as Blue Snow teaches the 1st years how to say dirty words. The lesson gets interrupted by Anna who chases after Tanukichi showing tremendous strength and speed but thanks to Ayame he manages to get away but a student sees Tanukichi remove his disguise on the school roof.

Episode 3 introduces us to Otome voiced by Satomi Arai (Peke from To Love Ru) an art student famous for her pure drawings and the one who saw Tanukichi dressing in drag at the end of episode 2 (and I’m just gonna say it, Satomi may not have been the best choice for this character. I have nothing against her, I just don’t think her voice matches up well with Otome). At a ceremony honoring her work, she rips up a certificate given to her declaring that she’s in a slump (the world has blocked you from expressing your true self). She drags Tanukichi away and threatens to expose his connection to S.O.X unless he becomes her pet (hey now, you’re in to some kinky stuff) and helps her get out of her slump. Otome admits that she’s in love with Anna (forbidden love) and wants Tanukichi’s help in getting her affection. Speaking of Anna, she’s being stalked and she’s scared out of her mind (despite her abilities she’s still a girl. A naïve and innocent girl). Gouriki accuses Tanukichi of being the stalker but Anna defends him. When Tanukichi tells Ayame about Otome’s crush on Anna she thinks Otome might be the stalker so she sets up a trap where she’ll dress up as boy, go on a date with Anna, and lure the stalker out for them to capture. Gouriki will stay undercover for back up while Tanukichi stays behind to keep an eye on Otome. Once Otome finds out about the plan she dresses up Tanukichi in drag and they follow them on their date where Otome reveals that the reason for her block is Anna. The people in Otome’s drawings all stem from her imagination. She’s never had a real model before and all her drawings are of Anna but she just can’t capture Anna’s pure beauty and wanted to date her hoping that would help her get over her block. While in the park we see that the stalkers are nothing more than overweight fanboys. Ayame takes out the first one and Tanukichi takes out the second one saving both Ayame and Anna but the third one clocks him with a rock. Before he passes out he does land on Anna where he kisses her (scene here: and makes her heart skip a beat big time (he has no idea what he has awoken).

Episode 4 is the episode that made me want to write a review for this series. Honestly speaking, I was going to skip this anime but this episode made me change my mind. In the episode Gouriki finally starts acting nice to Tanukichi and accepts him as an ally after he saved Anna (that or he unknowingly has developed feelings for Tanukichi after seeing him crossdress. Either way, he has a bro-crush on Tanukichi). Otome joins S.O.X and agrees to draw porn for the group but the problem is the bracelets they wear will detect her inappropriate drawing and she can’t get a good idea on the intercourse between men and women that Ayame wants her to draw (Corbin: I’ve got the bed and condoms. (Baron): And I’m ready to roll whenever you are). As for Anna, she gives Tanukichi the cold shoulder for some reason. She didn’t even come to visit him in the hospital making him believe that Anna hates him. She also begins cracking down hard on anything obscene within the school. She actually destroys Fuwa’s flies. Later that night, Ayame tells Tanukichi that there’s a forest full of underground porno. The forest is on private property and the man who owns the land is an ero-supporter however the PMC found out about the porn stash and are planning to raid the forest in three weeks. Security is tight and nobody can get in but Ayame has a plan to outnumber the guards. She wants to use the students of the academy. Her plan is to ignite their curiosity with dirty pictures and spread rumors about the forest in the weeks to come. They try to plant maps and pictures during Sophia’s (Anna’s mom) speech but someone is stalking Tanukichi so he can’t do anything without someone watching him. At Sophia’s speech the X Prohibition Law, a law that will force students to wear new monitoring gear (around their private areas mind you. In other words Chasity belts) and the petition to pass the bill will be this Sunday and hinges on the students voting for it. This is bad because that’s the day the grace period for the forest expires meaning S.O.X has to act fast. They need Otome’s drawings so Ayame has Tanukichi take one for the team and invite his stalker into his apartment to “dock” while Otome hides out in the closet to see it firsthand. The plan works as we find out that Tanukichi’s stalker is none other than Anna (and she wants the D). She ties up Tanukichi and attempts to rape him but gets saved by Ayame where Anna is so overcome with emotion that she retreats for the time being and Ayame gets a full view of Tanukichi’s manhood where she freaks out (oh that is beautiful. The girl who enjoys dirty jokes can’t handle the real thing). As for Otome she finally has her eyes opened and begins drawing by using her mouth (scene here:, I’ve got nothing. This is like something out of weird hentai horror. If that’s possible). After the credits we find out that the reason Anna has been cracking down on indecency is because it makes her love stronger (what the hell are you on about you nympho maniac?). According to her the more pure actions she does the more she’ll be loved and accepted by others. So in order to get Tanukichi to fall more in love with her she believes the more she cleanses the world of obscene material the more Tanukichi will love her (that could not be further from the truth).

Episodes 5-8

So. . .following that craziness at the end of episode 4, episode 5 opens up at school where Anna has made cookies for Tanukichi and Ayame (well that was nice of her). Except Tanukichi’s cookies are filled with Anna’s love nectar as she calls it (scene here: OOO Oh. My. God). Yep, because of Anna’s lack of knowledge on immoral subjects she has mistaken her lust for love and has become obsessed with Tanukichi that just being near him causes her to heat up and unleash a flood of her love nectar (I have never seen such a drastic change of character in a person like this. It’s as if they’re two different people) and because she doesn’t know the difference between love and lust and has mistaken her lust for love, which in her eyes is the purest thing in the world thus everything she does (no matter how crazy) is perfectly acceptable. She also displays signs of yandere as she threatened to cut Ayame with a pair of scissors because she was getting too friendly with Tanukichi (scene here:, okay so she’s a yandere nymphomaniac. Her character just keeps getting interesting by the minute). They decide to put the Anna situation on hold (that’s impossible) and focus on stopping the students from signing the X Prohibition Law. Now that Otome has seen the lewd act of docking she has drawn pictures of this lewd act in great detail (she’ll make a great doujin artist in the future). Ayame’s plan is to have Tanukichi stash these pictures around the school secretly with a map on the back of it which will lead the students to Yatsuga Forest to find the porno (a good plan). The only problem is Anna keeps creepy up behind him each time trying to get his love nectar (scene here:, give it to her man. Plant it deep within her garden). The plan fails and it’s the day of the X Prohibition law signing and all the students have lined up to sign the bill. With nothing left to do Ayame decides that she’ll do a suicide mission into the forest herself to get the porn and she doesn’t want Tanukichi to get involved. Just before she can move Fuwa shows up with the rest of the students to Yatsuga Forest (it’s a miracle. A lewd miracle). While Anna was chasing Tanukichi to get his love nectar (just be a man and give her the nectar) he dropped the drawings in the science lab and Fuwa found them. She distribute the drawings herself and rallied the students to the forest where the girls sell out the boys and continue hunting for the porn while the Decency squad is dealing with the boys (it’s true! Girls are more perverted than boys! I knew it). Ayame and Tanukichi decide to use this chance to find the porn but before they can get started Anna shows up (and she is horny). She’s here to capture Blue Snow believing that by capturing her Tanukichi will love her even more (it’s gonna be hard to love you from a prison cell). She chases after them where she displays amazing athletic abilities and strength (behold. The sexual drive of a yandere nymphomaniac. Beware~). Ayame not wanting to get Tanukichi involved pushes him off a cliff (you just killed a man. Way to go) and gets tackled by Anna. Tanukichi rolls down a hill and lands safely in a cave where he finds the porn (let’s see we got milfs, naughty nurses, maids, oh that’s a good one. Brony porn yes that’s a real thing. Oh hey they got doujins of To Love Ru). He eventually hears Ayame crying for help and decides he wants to save her but he needs an outfit and luckily he finds one in the form of garter belts and panties (we shall call you Hentai Mask). He goes out to face Anna as the no name masked erotic terrorist where her body begins to heat up. Even though she believes it’s not Tanukichi she says their physiques are exactly the same which she believes is causing her to heat up. Not being able to stand she jumps off the cliff and into the forest (is she still alive I have no idea). They manage to secure the porn and foil Sophia’s speech and petition by burning the signatures and getting her to show pornographic images on national TV (now that’s what I call *puts on sunglasses* kinky television,

Nothing much happens in episode 6. Now that the students know what porn is Ayame moves onto homemade sex toys and she gets Tanukichi to make Fuwa make them tiny vibrators (just bring her in already). As payment for the vibrators Fuwa wants to see Tanukichi’s penis but before she can Anna comes in (in yandere mode) wanting to know what’s going on (we’re making masturbation toys. Want one?)? She sees the vibrator and Tanukichi passes it off as a gift he was planning on giving to Anna which she accepts whole heartedly (that sweet and innocent girl continues to vanish with each episode). She turns it into a pendant and the next day when Tanukichi and Ayame go to help her with her work he accidently hits the switch activating the vibrator on Anna (this will not end well). He tries to turn it off but the switch is broken and Ayame believing he did this on purpose leaves in disgust (you are the ero-terrorist right?). Anna goes in nymphomaniac mode and tries to attack Tanukichi (be a man and let her rape you). She eventually catches him and puts her vibrating chest on his crotch where just before his love nectar sprays all over her face the vibrator breaks (scene here:, you got lucky).

In episode 7 a new pervert (oh no we got our pervert quota filled. Now leave) is stealing underwear from both men and women. Many students have become victims of this so the student council does a stakeout to find the pervert where Anna goes nympho on us again and attacks Tanukichi unleashing her love nectar on him (honestly man, just sleep with her already). Ayame catches Fuwa acting suspicious and accuses her of being the underwear thief (her *laughs hysterically*?) and we see that what she’s hiding is actually a yaoi manga starring Tanukichi and Goriki (created by Ayame and drawn by Otome. All 10 volumes only $80. Order now while supplies last). He burns it and they get a call from Anna saying they found multiple underwear thieves who are all working for this guy named White Peak a high class pervert (the worst kind if you ask me. Always thinking their acts are better than mine when really it’s just the same. Except I add creativity to mine) who is the leader of the ero-terrorist group Gathered Fabric. He claims to be an ally of S.O.X which upsets Ayame because she doesn’t approve of his actions which are making S.O.X look like the bad guys (Mira: Well you guys are the bad guys. (Nitsuj): I think she means the bad bad guys) which could damage their sex education operation. Later that night Tanukichi runs into a young girl named Kosuri daughter of a politician who secretly supports ero-terrorist (our mole on the inside). Kosuri is a big fan of S.O.X and wishes to join saying she can provide them with stun guns, night sticks, and of course money (sold. Welcome to S.O.X). Ayame is hesitant to have her join because her acts are immature and wrong at best. But since the Decency Squad is after her Ayame decides to let her join and train her properly in the ways of dirtiness. We also get this funny Anna moment (scene here:

Episode 8 opens with Tanukichi waking up to Kosuri right beside him (okay, nothing too dangerous yet) and Anna is also there holding a knife in her hand (oh shit! It’s about to get School Days up in here). Just before Anna can chop Tanukichi up Kosuri wakes up and she pretends to be his little sister but even than Anna’s yandere mode sends a message to her (scene here: At school, the Decency Squad have sent Oboro a graduate from the academy to help put a stop to the lewd acts appearing in the school. She begins by banning a few sports such as volleyball, ping-pong, tug-o-war (nothing major), and basketball (okay now we have a problem). Other than that she really doesn’t seem like an enemy who will cause trouble for our characters. Hell, in one scene Fuwa shows her 2 yaoi doujins and she flat out removes them from the ban list once Fuwa convinces her that they’re educational (society is ignorant). The next day Ayame explains that their next phase is to teach other schools about lewd acts (we are expanding). The first is Zoshigaoka Academy where Kosuri wanting to prove her worth decides to take on the job of placing doujins around the school and decides to infiltrate the school first and understand the layout. Back at their academy Oboro continues to dispose of objects that can be considered lewd. This time it’s toilet paper (*thinks about it for a second* yeah, I can see why. But still, who’s gonna risk a paper cut on the family jewels? Also, it’s uncomfortable we need something more- why am I talking about this?). A few days and Kosuri has infiltrated Zoshigaoka Academy already placing the doujins in areas as well as that fly mating video ready to play throughout the school as well (uh~, fly porn. Disgusting). We see that because of this Kosuri gets a big head and starts to boss Tanukichi around saying that his ways are too soft and that Ayame needs someone sturdier than him by her side (little girl is a straight up S. (Corbin): I can dig it). Anna’s decency squad continues to round up and burn all the doujin students have and Ayame has a plan that might solve all of their problems but it’s risky (sometimes you gotta take risk to win).

Episodes 9-12

In episode 9 we see Ayame’s plan get put into motion. Her plan is to capture members of Gathered Fabric to prove that S.O.X is not associated with them in the slightest (perverts catching perverts? What’s this world come to?). To do this they use Tanukichi’s underwear to lure the thieves out. Ayame will cause a disturbance in the school, while Otome and Kosuri plant dirty magazines around the school, and Tanukichi will lay in wait to catch the perverts. Ayame’s distraction works however instead of capturing a member of Gathered Fabric they instead capture Anna (a wild sex-crazed yandere has appeared). Naturally, Anna thinks Tanukichi’s underwear is a sign of his love for her (well it’s a sign for something but it ain’t love) and attacks him in the locker room right in front of Oboro who allows it because she’s been ordered to follow Anna’s orders and serve her no matter what. After Tanukichi explains the situation to Anna she still wants to keep the underwear as a reward but it gets snatched by Gathered Fabric and she goes after them. We find out that this was all a part of Ayame’s plan. Now that Anna is out of the picture (and doing God knows what to that underwear) S.O.X can focus their attention on Gathered Fabric. The next day they set the same plan into motion only this time Tanukichi manages to capture members of Gathered Fabric. Kosuri jealous that Tanukichi is still second in command decides to take matters into her own hand and recruits Fuwa to help lure students to Tanukichi and she sets off the sprinklers in the school causing a disturbance where Tanukichi attacks Oboro in the dark and we find out that Oboro is a boy who was told to dress and act like a girl so he wouldn’t commit lewd acts on Anna (wow, you are a robot). Anna comes in and has Tanukichi cornered but he tosses up his underwear and escapes (she’s gonna have her own little collection going on in the coming episodes). They abort the mission and meet back up at the base where Ayame is mad at Kosuri’s actions. Kosuri’s actions didn’t help S.O.X it instead screwed them over (big time). By exposing herself to Fuwa she made it known that S.O.X is guiding students and by setting off the sprinklers it makes them look like attackers when really they’re not. You see S.O.X’s goal isn’t to destroy the government but instead change it to allow the teaching and practice of lewd behavior and bring common sense back into an ignorant world. Kosuri, on the other hand can’t see this and instead wants to destroy the government which would accomplish nothing it would only turn people against S.O.X and make them be seen as nothing more than troublemakers because of their lewd behavior. In other words Kosuri ( Near the end of the episode they receive a message from White Peak asking to meet them in the park (bring your stun gun).

In episode 10 they go to meet White Peak where S.O.X say they don’t support White Peak or his actions saying he’s nothing more than just an underwear freak (and you guys are in a position to judge how again?). White Peak takes his leave and decides he’s going to do something extreme to get his point across to the masses so the next day he and his followers cut the power to the monorails forcing everyone to use the bus where they hijack the buses demanding everyone hand over their underwear ( Luckily, all but one of the terrorist are using a real gun and three buses with the help of brave students manages to take down their capturers. After Tanukichi escapes his bus he meets with Ayame where they decide to catch White Peak and end this once and for all. They find the bus he hijacked, use panties to lure him into a trap and Tanukichi jumps him on the bus where they fight where Tanukichi loses but Ayame is there to distract White Peak long enough for Tanukichi to take him down. With White Peak in their custody Ayame plans to negotiate with the Decency Squad on what to do with him but she gets pushed from behind by a passenger and lands outside the bus where she’s forced to retreat leaving Tanukichi with White Peak. The passenger reveals herself to be Kosuri (little bitch). She doesn’t like the way S.O.X handles situations so she’s decided to join White Peak (oh I hope she gets beat up badly by the end of the season).

Episode 11 opens up where episode 10 left off. Kosuri pulls out a stun gun forcing Tanukichi to get off the bus and retreat. Kosuri and White Peak take control of the bus and escape where they meet back up with other stolen buses and take control over an academy where they demand that fresh panties fall from the sky every 3 hours or they’ll upload embarrassing photos of the hostages with underwear on their head (this is the most ridiculous scheme I have ever heard). The Decency Squad is told to remain on standby even though they can easily raid the place and arrest Gathered Fabric. Why? Because Anna’s dad wants to use this stunt to show the world how dirty jokes and perverts are destroying the world (you sneaky son of a bitch). Kosuri’s eyes are finally open when she sees that White Peak is all talk and no action. He has no desire to fight the Decency Squad or do guerrilla warfare he’s just a pervert obsessed with panties and now that they’re dropping on him daily he intends to ride this out for as long as he wants ( Kosuri tries to take him down but she easily gets defeated and tied up (I want to see her suffer some more). Ayame and Tanukichi don’t know what to do. They’re outnumbered, out gunned, and out manpowered (they have the spirit but not the numbers) however Tanukichi has a plan and it involves manipulating Anna (the nympho incarnated). Tanukichi tricks Anna into believing that Gathered Fabric has his underwear so Anna wanting to get them back teams up with S.O.X along with the student council and Decency Squad of their school. They infiltrate the school and begin beating up on perverts left and right (this might be seen as a hate crime). Even Otome gets in on the action and helps the hostages fight their way through and escape. They finally reach White Peak and fight him where they all manage to beat him (scene here:, never underestimate the power of true ero). White Peak gets arrested, Kosuri admits her mistakes and apologizes for her actions, and Ayame gives a gallant speech about how dirty jokes are good and shouldn’t be banned from the world. After her speech Ayame and Tanukichi escape via air balloon clearing S.O.X’s name and living to fight another day.

In the final episode, we sadly get a filler episode. S.O.X receives an invitation from Sophie to go to a health resort in Nukumi a place that Tanukichi’s father said holds a secret and he gave Tanukichi an artifact to use should he ever go there. When they arrive we see that Gouriki and Anna have also been invited to the resort and Anna quickly jumps to the conclusion that her mom reserved the place so that she and Tanukichi could be alone together (does she even know about your crazed yandere obsession with him?). They decide to take in the hotsprings where Anna sneaks into the boy’s side and once again tries to rape Tanukichi (it’s the last episode Tanukichi, man up, and give her your love nectar so she can stop being thirsty) but she gets interrupted by her mom screaming. They find her passed out in the changing area and meet Base Black an ero-terrorist covered in nothing but black panties (oh God not again) who is the one who asked them to come to the resort. He steals Sophie’s black panties (sure why not? After everything this anime has done, I’ll accept anything at this point) and vanishes but not before replacing everyone’s clothes with black garments (because black is seductive). They try to get clothes from their luggage but find out that Base Black has taken it as well as the artifact. Base Black reveals that the artifact unlocks a trove of treasure long since forgotten and he’ll only give it back if the group can beat him in strip rock-paper-scissors. Thanks to Gouriki stripping (I forgot to mention he wears a bra for some reason and yes it is disgusting) Tanukichi manages to retrieve the artifact and him and Ayame search for a way up the mountain which is where the treasure is. Thanks to Fuwa they find a cable car and ride it to the top but along the way Anna comes chasing after them wanting her reward for defeating Base Black (now is not the time woman) where she falls through the floor and into the forest (will she survive that? Of course! She is crazy). They make it to the top and find a destroyed mansion where they enter and find the keyhole for the artifact. Kosuri and Otome show up to help them turn the artifact and it reveals to them a trove of erotic art. They decide to keep this place a secret since the world isn’t ready for it yet but they vow to one day return and reveal it to future generations.

Final Thoughts

Can you see how funny and smart this anime is? The anime is downright funny with its jokes, characters, setup, and everything else. But at the same time it’s smart and clever with its writing and getting its point across. There’s nothing wrong with telling dirty jokes or being perverted. If anything, it’s healthy and good for you. The anime shows both sides of the argument and how one extreme is just as bad as the other. If we’re too pure and don’t allow ourselves to be open to dirty thoughts and properly teach the subject we become like Anna. Confused, not informative, and mistake our lust for love which can lead to trouble down the line. But if we’re too perverted we become like White Peak and engross ourselves in our perverted habits ignoring everything else and coming across as downright creepy. The series as a whole teaches us that we need to be somewhere down the middle like S.O.X and not be ashamed of our perverted minds but at the same time know when to hold back. Basically, being somewhere down the middle.

As I said before the characters are good but it’s our main 3 characters that really drive this series forward. I like how it’s Ayame who likes the dirty jokes instead of Tanukichi. Every time she’s on screen she’s making dirty jokes nonstop and it’s quite funny that when she’s presented with a perverted situation she’s absolutely scared for her life. But what really makes this character is how she has a full scope of the situation and the world she’s in. Ayame isn’t trying to topple the government, she’s just fighting for her right to say what she wants to say whether it be something pure or dirty she has to say it and who are we to deny her that freedom. Tanukichi is a good partner to Ayame as well. If Ayame is the person who looks at the big picture than Tanukichi is the guy who looks at the details of that picture. He’s the perfect representation of the average male. He has full knowledge of perverted stuff and dirty humor, but in order to not come across as a pervert and get labeled by society he hides his knowledge. However, as the anime progresses he starts to be more open and accept his perverted nature and realizes that just like his pure nature is a part of him so too is his perverted nature. He doesn’t have to give either of them up, he just has to find a balance between the two. Anna was hands down the best character in this show. Miyu stole the show with this character by putting everything into this role and she doesn’t disappoint us. At the start Anna was already a good character but once episode 4 comes around it became clear that she was going to be the best character in the series. She represents everything wrong with the world this anime takes place in. She’s pure and innocent but at the same time oblivious to her body and her emotions because she didn’t receive the proper education. While her character gives way to a lot of comedic moments that will get a laugh out of you no matter what, Anna shows us that if this world were to exists than we would be people who have no idea how to handle our emotions or urges and we would go on sexual rampage not knowing what to do. The rest of the side characters are alright but I have to admit Kosuri annoyed me especially at the end when she straight up betrays the group because she just wants to cause mayhem.

The animation is alright, nothing really stands out for personally and the music matches up well with the series as it matches the tone and situation of the anime and the world they’re in. It doesn’t really stand out but it works for this anime. If I had to name the big downside of this anime it would be the lack of world exploring. They drop us into this world but they never explain how this world came to be. The fact that there are porn magazines shows us that the world wasn’t always like this so what caused the world to ban dirty humor and images? Also, is this concept accepted by the entire world or is it just taking place in Japan. The setup good but I wished they would have explored the world a little more so that we have a better grasp of it.

Final Score

The final score for Shimoneta is a 7.5/10. This was hands down the funniest anime I saw in 2015 as well as being one of the smartest and cleverest animes with its message and story. It’s also tamed in terms of fanservice in that there’s barely any fanservice. For a series that’s all about embracing dirty humor and content it doesn’t show a lot of the content. No panty shots, shower scenes, or clothes getting ripped open to show breast and it works here. It’s one of those rare occasions where telling is actually better than showing. I really do hope this series gets a second season in the future as I would really like to see what other commentary this series has to offer. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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