Project #255: Nanatsu no Taizai Part 1

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. The Seven Deadly Sins has been a part of media for years. Whether you’re a person of religion or not, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of the Seven Deadly Sins. Anime is no stranger to these sins as a lot of authors like to use them as the villains in their stories which is understandable. They’re the sins that tempt us every day of our lives so why not give them a physical form for our heroes to fight and conquer. But there’s always someone who comes along and changes up the script where instead of making the sins the villains they’re the heroes and the series that did this is Nanatsu no Taizai. When translated it literally means The Seven Deadly Sins and it’s one of the most popular mangas in the world. Getting started back in 2012 and still going to this day, Nanatsu no Taizai was written by Nakaba Suzuki who just like a lot of authors from his generation was inspired by the work of Akira Toriyama (Dr. Slump and Dragonball). But the one thing that makes his work stand out from other authors is that his drawings have a more old school feel to them. While it’s true that when most artists start off, their drawings are a little weird and offsetting but as time goes on their drawings gradually change and become sharper, more precise, and less messy. Suzuki on the other hand keeps that old school feel which reminds me of Dragonball and I think that’s what he was going for. He was a big fan of Dragonball growing up and wanted to draw a manga similar to the series he enjoyed so much. In 2014 the controversial A-1 Pictures (SAO and Magi) took the manga and turned it into a 24-episode anime series. Many were worried about this as A-1 Pictures was known to be lazy with certain animes and with the series on a rise around this time, they were all afraid that the studio would botch it. Were they right to be afraid? Well let’s get our hands dirty and take a look at Nanatsu no Taizai.

Opening and Ending Theme

The first opening is “Netsujō no Spectrum” by Ikimono-Gakari. I enjoyed this opening. It sounds great, is very inspirational and grand. I also like how it maintains a certain of element of elegance throughout the song as if this was a holy anthem of the heroes. The ending is “7-seven” by Flow and GRANRODEO. Holy shit that is awesome. Two of my favorite Japanese rock bands coming together to sing the ending for one of my favorite mangas. As you would expect the song is great and metal. Truth be told, this song would have better used as the opening. The song is overflowing with energy and given who’s singing it you’ll understand why. Both bands are known for their great openings because they get you hype for the anime and that’s what this song does, it gets you hyped for the anime. Great song, would have worked better as the opening.

Episodes 1-4

So the anime opens up in the country side where a rusty knight is slowly moving through the field making a squeaking noise (this guy could use some oil. That and some heavy maintenance). We then go a bar called the Pig’s Hat (home of great service and lousy food) which is run by a man with a child-like appearance named Meliodas voiced by Yuuki Kaji (Issei from Highschool DxD) who runs the bar with his talking pig companion that he threatens to eat on numerous occasions Hawk voiced by Misaki Kuno (Serara from Log Horizon). In the bar the customers begin talking about the 7 Deadly Sins a group of criminals who were said to be the strongest fighters in the kingdom blessed with the powers of beast. These 7 great warriors served the royal family that is until they were accused of plotting to kill the royal family which resulted in the sacred and holy knights fighting them where nearly almost all of the sacred and holy knights were killed by these 7 warriors (1,000 knights vs 7 criminals. After the dusk was settled the only sight shown was an ocean of blood and the bodies of dead knights). It’s now 10 years later and everyone thinks the 7 sins are dead (show me the bodies. Only then will I believe you) but the knights keep sending out wanted posters of the 7 sins each year placing a huge bounty on them. As the customers keep chatting the rusty knight enters the bar (he’ll have a glass of your best oil) which freaks all the customers out because they believe the Rusty Knight is a member of the 7 sins (he’s come to take our souls to Hell). Everyone runs away except for Meliodas who pulls out his broken sword (um Meliodas I think you might wanna rethink this strategy a bit) but the knight passes out and it gets revealed that inside of the armor is a beautiful young lady (well welcome to my bar pretty lady). Meliodas treats her and checks her body to make sure nothing is wrong (and by check I mean grab her boobs and squeeze it even when she wakes up and sees him doing it. He’s kinda perverted like that. Scene here: This young lady we find out later is Elizabeth voiced by Sora Amamiya (Akame from Akame Ga Kill) third princess of the Leones kingdom (and legal age for fanservice) who seeks the aid of the 7 sins. Why you ask, to save her kingdom from the knights who have seized control of the kingdom, arrested the royal family, and are now planning for a war (against who? You guys are great and powerful knights who’s gonna oppose you?). Soon enough a group of young knights stop by the bar looking for the Rusty Knight (we heard a squeaking sound in the area so we figured we must be close) and Meliodas and Hawk distract them allowing Elizabeth to escape out the back but she gets spotted and the knights pursue her. Hawk comes in headbutting the knights to save Elizabeth and Meliodas comes in to get her out of harm’s way while also copping a feel (this guy is smooth). The leader of the knights Twigo comes out, recognizes Elizabeth, and slices the air which sends out a powerful slash that destroys the forest instantly (damn it’s like a hurricane just came through the place taking everything). Elizabeth volunteers to give herself up in the hopes that Twigo will spare Meliodas and Hawk (I don’t see that happening) but Meliodas steps in to save her and reveals himself to be not only a member of the 7 sins but the leader of the 7 sins (oh my God this was. . .so obvious). He takes out his broken sword (again Meliodas rethink your strategy) and just owns Twigo with one swing sending the guy flying (okay nevermind. You just keep doing your thing Meliodas). The group escapes with their bar on the back of Mother Hawk a giant pig and Hawk’s mother. Their mission now is to find the other 7 sins and save the kingdom from whatever the knights are planning.

Episode 2 turns out to be pretty slow but epic episode. After Meliodas gives Elizabeth a new more revealing outfit (again he’s a pervert) the group arrives in the town of Bernia famous for their beer (Bernia. Berlin. Okay I see what Suzuki-sensei did there). The town has lost its water supply thanks to a young boy by the name of Mead. A few days ago a Holy Knight named Gilthunder came to the town to taste their beer where he said it tasted awful in front of the whole town (dude, manners). Insulted by this, Mead took a bug and threw it into Gilthunder’s beer making him angry (he wasted beer and insulted a knight. Kid’s got balls). As punishment Gilthunder embedded his holy sword into the center of the town which drained up the town’s water supply destroying the herbs that they use to make the beer. The townsfolk have been trying to pull it out but only a holy knight (or someone of equal power) can pull the sword out so Meliodas gets two drinks and pulls the sword out himself like it was nothing (didn’t even a break sweat). He tosses the sword to the soldiers standing by (dude, keep it) and they run back to report what happened to Gilthunder at his fortress where he grabs a spear and throws it at Meliodas who is 11 km away from Gilthunder’s fortress. Meliodas senses the spear, heads outside, grabs it, and throws it right back at Gilthunder destroying his fortress and cutting his face (scene here:, by God that was awesome). Meliodas says it’s time to leave and they head for the White Forest a forest not even the Holy Knights will enter.

In episode 3 Meliodas, Elizabeth, and Hawk enter the White Forest which is covered by a thick fog hindering their eyesight (but hey that doesn’t stop Meliodas from getting some action. He truly is a Yuuki Kaji character). As they continue in the forest doppelgangers appear and take the form of Hawk (I’m having ham tonight) and then take the form of Elizabeth (alright hot girl parade). Since Meliodas stole Elizabeth’s panties when he groped her butt earlier (how he did that I have no idea) he has some fun and finds out who Elizabeth is (will the real Elizabeth please grope your boobs please grope your boobs). The doppelgangers lead the group to Diane a female giant (biggest boobs I’ve ever seen) who is also one of the Deadly Sins and has a crush on Meliodas (man him sexually harassing you must have been a challenge). She’s voiced by Aoi Yūki (Kurone from Demon King Daimao). After being told the situation (and attempting to eat Hawk while also beating up Meliodas for being with another woman) she decides to join them in their search for the others (, Diane the Giant has joined your party). But before they can leave they get attacked by Gilthunder who binds them using lightning (hence the name Gilthunder for those of you slow on the uptake). He says he’s come to kill them (good luck with that) because they killed his father. Meliodas says that’s a lie saying that 10 years ago on the day of a festival he and the other sins were summoned by Gilthunder’s father to an old castle where they found him dead pierced several times by multiple spears ( After that the Holy Knights began to raid the castle and they split up to escape them where something happened to Meliodas that gave him amnesia forgetting what happened after he escaped the castle. After being told this Gilthunder still wants to kill them because he wants to prove that he’s superior then Meliodas (you cocky spoiled brat. Know your place). Meliodas and Diane break the lighting bind on them with ease and Meliodas fights Gilthunder one on one in a pretty impressive fight scene where Gilthunder slashes Meliodas in the back and allows him to have one final word where he asks for information on where the other sins are. Gilthunder says a knows the whereabouts of a few of them and Meliodas gets back up perfectly fine thanking Gilthunder for the information (Meliodas was trolling FTW).

In episode 4 after getting the information Meliodas needs Diane throws Gilthunder faraway where he lands in a church killing everyone inside and not caring (I’m not sure who to hold at blame for this. The knight or the giant). With this new bit of information, they decide to head to Baste Dungeon and save Ban since he’s the closest but before they can get there they have to treat Meliodas who has fainted from the thunder slash delivered by Gilthunder. They make it to a village near Baste Dungeon where they find a doctor for Meliodas and have him rest but Diane decides to go to the dungeon herself in order to put the stress off of Meliodas (don’t be a hero Diane). Elizabeth tries to stop her but she says no and talks about how Elizabeth can’t fight and how deep down she’s jealous of her (Diana: You have the best chances of sleeping with the captain while I don’t). Diane talks about how everyone she met treated her like a monster but Meliodas was the only person who treated her like an actual lady protecting her and everything. After Diane and Elizabeth tell each other how jealous they are of the other the town gets attacked by poison bugs courtesy of the Holy Knights known as Weird Fang a group of knights who are the wardens of Baste Dungeon (and have the weirdest fashion sense. I guess that’s why they’re called the Weird Fang). At first Diane does nothing because she’s afraid of bugs (you’re a giant squash them) but she gets over her fear and kills the bugs where we see that on top of being a giant and having incredible strength she can earthbend (if Toph is the world’s greatest earthbender than Diane is the world’s biggest earthbender. Let’s see who’ll win in a fight). After crushing the bugs she heads to the dungeon and leaves Elizabeth in charge of watching Meliodas who’s not doing so well (damn it Elizabeth we leave you in charge for one minute and look what happens). It turns out the doctor was paid off by the Weird Fang to put Meliodas into a deep sleep (why not just kill him now while you have the chance dumbasses?) where he’ll never wake up. Another member of the Weird Fang enters the room saying he’s come to capture Elizabeth (and here’s an idea. Why don’t you kill the dangerous OP badass lying in bed over there for your own safety). Back in the dungeon Ban voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Yuuji from Baka and Test) overhears the guards talking about Meliodas and decides it’s time to escape his cell.

Episodes 5-8

At start of episode 5 the Weird Fang knight tries to take Meliodas’ broken sword (at any other time I would say why but as we’ve seen in the past that broken sword is dangerous) which is a big no in Meliodas’ book. For some strange reason Meliodas is very protective of that sword and gets mad when anyone touches it (and trust me this is a very laidback guy so to see him get angry is very scary) claiming him carrying this sword is the only way for him to atone for his sins in the past. So when the holy knight tries to take the sword Meliodas wakes up instantly and gives the knight the lazy eye ( This scares the knight to the point that he jumps out the window and runs away like a pansy only for Meliodas and Elizabeth to go out and find him for answers. He shows back up in front of them trying to kill Meliodas where we see that his power is transparency and he uses this to kill the doctor who poisoned Meliodas who was being threatened into poisoning him for the safety of his daughter. After a short fight Meliodas manages to corner the knight but he escapes via horse. They go back to the doctor where Elizabeth blames herself for his death saying that if she never tried to find Meliodas he wouldn’t have ended up hurt and the doctor would still be alive (you do too much, you’re not superman you know. Or superwoman in this case). Meliodas tells her that this is the path she chose to follow and she has to accept the events and lives that come with them even if that means in order to save her kingdom she has to give her life or the lives of others in order to accomplish her mission. She understands this and the three continue to Baste Dungeon to save Ban, along the way they run into Diane who has been hypnotized by the Weird Fang and thinks that Meliodas is a holy knight (how I don’t know he’s too perverted and badass to be one). They fight where Meliodas also gets hypnotized by the knights and thinks Diane is a holy knight (I will say Meliodas does a good job fighting against a giant). Back in the dungeon Ban continues to walk around freely where he also runs into a holy knight apprentice named Jericho who is the one responsible for torturing him all these years. The holy knight tries to take him out but her attacks do nothing to harm him because he’s immortal.

At the start of episode 6 Meliodas and Diane still continue their fight. Elizabeth manages to snap them out of it by calling out to them (really? That’s all it takes to break the spell? That’s gotta be the easiest spell break ever) but they quickly get hypnotized again by a shepherd boy who is really a member of Weird Fang in disguise. Another member of the Weird Fang comes out and attacks the shepherd boy with a swarm of bugs where Elizabeth bravely jumps in to save the child only to have the child get revealed to be a holy knight (you should have left him to die). The holy knight beats up Elizabeth a little (oh you are so much trouble my friend) but she manages to get the bell that hypnotizes the others and that’s when all hell breaks loose. Meliodas sees what the knights did to Elizabeth so he beats the crap out of one and literally punches him back to the dungeon where Meliodas proceeds to lay him out in front of everyone. As for the other knight she got squashed by Diane (now eat her). Elizabeth remains injured but still wants to go to the dungeon and see this thing through (man, Elizabeth is showing how tough she can be this episode). They arrive at the dungeon where they see that other knights ran away after seeing Meliodas punch a hole in the chest of the holy knight (yeah, I would probably run away too) and enter the dungeon where the last member of the Weird Fang uses an incantation ball to put a magic barrier on the prison trapping them inside. They find the doctor’s daughter and run into Ban who took care of the other Weird Fang and he and Meliodas are so happy to see other that they have a little fun with each other by play fighting and arm wrestling which destroys the entire dungeon forcing the knights to retreat (they are so overpowered it’s almost ridiculous). They return to town where the doctor is miraculously still alive ( Yeah, he’s still alive not even he’s sure how he survived but who cares let’s have a party celebrating their success and end with a shot of the next sin character King voiced by Jun Fukuyama (Keita from Inukami) talking with Gilthunder.

In episode 7 the group makes their way to the Capital of the Dead (sounds like a charming city) where they believe they’ll find King. Along the way we get a few flashbacks about Ban and a loli named Elaine (Ban, step away from the loli before I call the cops) who Ban seems to have a deep connection with. In the flashbacks we see that before Ban became immortal he was just a regular bandit who had nothing good happen in his life (yeah we call that karma). He wanted to change this so he set out to find the Fountain of Youth which would give him eternal life saying with an eternal life something good is bound to happen (can’t argue with that logic). He finds the fountain in a forest but the guardian of the fountain Elaine keeps blowing him away but he keeps returning never giving up until Elaine tells him that if he steals the fountain than the forest will up and die (only you can prevent forest destruction). After hearing this Ban says he won’t take the fountain and he means it (well that’s nice. Maybe he’s not a greedy bastard after all). At first Elaine doesn’t believe him saying that humans are all greedy and selfish people (she’s got a point) but once she reads his mind (Elaine: Why do you have so many S&M fantasies with a faceless girl that looks exactly like me?) and confirms he’s telling the truth she starts to warm up to him. Back in reality the group reaches a deserted town which serves as the entrance to the Capital of the Dead (no wonder they left). In town Ban finds two kids (a brother and sister) and runs into King who attacks Ban trying to kill him saying he’s responsible for killing Elaine who we find out later is King’s sister (and King don’t want Ban for a brother-in-law). Meliodas and the others show up where King retreats out of embarrassment because he has a secret crush on Diane (I guess King likes them big and heavy). After feeding the kids they find out that the secret to reaching the Capital of the Dead is for you to have a deep memory with someone from the dead. Ban goes out into a field and begins to remember Elaine where the others join him and they all get transported to the Capital of the Dead which is made entirely out of huge crystals (apparently the description of Hell was greatly and wrongly exaggerated). King also arrives with them jumping in at the last minute and he and Ban both see the ghost of Elaine and chase after her.

Episode 8 can be split into two stories. The first story focuses on Ban who really does have a sad past. After being turned into stone by King (don’t question it, he’s a fairy) we see that Ban and Elaine fell in love with each other (no offence but I hope the kids take after their mom instead of their father). Ban wants to show Elaine the world but she can’t leave the forest and has to continue guarding the Fountain of Youth which we find out she’s been doing for the last 700 years (so they would make a good couple. Although Ban would be giving people the wrong impression by dating a loli looking girl). Once Elaine tells Ban about King he makes plans to go out and find him so Elaine can be free but before he can go a fire demon attacks the forest burning down everything (where were you on this one Smokey?). Ban tries to kill it but underestimates the demon and gets hit with a fire blast which puts him and Elaine at death’s door. Accepting his death Ban tells Elaine to drink the Fountain of Youth but Elaine forces Ban to drink it making him immortal and giving up her life to save his. After Ban defeated the demon the forest was left in ruins with only a single seed remaining which Elaine tells Ban to plant one day. After the flashback the spirit of Elaine shows up in front of Ban and King with Ban being the only one who can see her (well King fails). She frees Ban from his stone imprisonment (well there goes King’s art project) and Ban tells her that one day he will make her his ( After Ban says that he takes his leave to rejoin the others leaving Elaine with King who can finally see his sister (Elaine: Brother you got so skinny and small. I knew that coupon to Planet Fitness would be a good gift idea) who tells him the true story and everything (accept Ban as your brother-in-law King). While all of that was going on in the second story a new holy knight named Guila has followed the group into the Land of the Dead to kill them (jokes on you lady they’re technically already dead). She fights Mediolas and Diane using her exploding sword where she does a good job fighting the two OP badass characters (though in their defense I think they’re not really all that interested in fighting her) even when Ban comes to join the fight she still holds her own against them (yeah, at this point they’re honestly not trying to beat you). The episode ends with King returning to help the others and he makes his entrance by piercing Ban through the chest again (those two get along so well don’t they?).

Episodes 9-13

At the start of episode 9 King just straight up owns Guila overpowering her and beating her (man who knew fairies could kick ass). The Capital of the Dead soon rejects their presence since they’re still alive and they return to the world of the living where they tie up Guila and Mediolas draws on her face for laughs (again Mediolas be trolling FTW. I’m surprise he didn’t strip her). Once safe King asks them what happened to their holy weapons, special weapons that they received from the king that gives them even more immense power (so you mean to tell me these guys have the potential to get even stronger? This is both scary and awesome at the same time). They all say that they lost their weapons through various reasons (reasons being they’re all irresponsible people) so they decide to start tracking them down so that the holy knights won’t give them as much trouble as they are now. They arrive at the village of Bizel that’s hosting a fighting tournament where the winner will receive a giant Warhammer which turns out to be Diane’s holy weapon (I would say what are the odds but then again how many giant warhammers are there in the world?). The guys enter the tournament while the girls stay behind and have a girl talk. While that’s going on a few of the apprentice knights from the last episodes are given demon blood to drink which will make them stronger but also take away their humanity.

Episode 10 is a really fast episode. The group wins the preliminary round of the tournament (which is following Dragonball Z tournament rules) where there are only 8 competitors remaining. Three of them are Mediolas, Ban, and King. Two of them are holy knights and the remaining competitors are a drunk old man, a muscle-bound idiot, and a mysterious lady in disguise. In the first round the holy knight whose name is Griamor will be fighting against the mysterious lady. Griamor is a knight who works under Princess Veronica the older sister of Elizabeth who has been searching for Elizabeth ever since she left the kingdom. The fight begins where we see that Griamor has the power to create impenetrable force fields that no one can break (Shizuku: I beg to differ *grabs hammer*). At first it seems like Griamor is going to win by using his force field to push the mysterious lady out of the ring but she uses her fist to break through the shield and knock Griamor out of the ring revealing herself to be Diane in human-size form (alright now I can sleep with her). We find out that when Elizabeth and Diane were out foresting they came across a rare mushroom that used its spore to shrink them. Now Diane is the size of a human and Elizabeth is the size of I don’t know a grain of rice (and that’s just me guessing). The tournament continues with Hauser the other holy knight winning his round with ease and King losing to the drunk old man named Cain because without a weapon King is weak as all hell (according to Mediolas he’s so weak that even a cat could beat him). The episode ends with the main fight of the round Mediolas vs Ban (run people! Before you get swept in their fight and die).

In the first half of episode 11 we get an amazing and awesome fight between Mediolas and Ban with over the top moves, plenty back and forth action, and they even do a shout out to Dragonball Z by having the two fight in mid-air for a short while (or we could look at it as a shout out to the Matrix, We get to see Ban’s secret power known as Snatch which allows him to absorb the power and speed of his opponent (fitting considering that Ban represents the sin of greed). But even with Mediolas’ power Ban still gets blasted out of the ring and loses (losing an eye and getting several holes blown through as well. Good thing he’s immortal otherwise I would have been calling the author a sadistic bastard with some serious issues. Scene here: After their fight the tournament moves on to the semi-finals where we get Diane vs Hauser where we see that Hauser has a pure heart (aka cherry boy) and is actually a fan of the Seven Deadly Sins. He takes his fight with Diane serious using his tornado powers to blow her out of the ring and in turn makes Diane get serious where we see she can turn herself into metal and she squashes him to win the match. Even though he lost the match he’s happy knowing that his skills got recognized by one of his heroes. In the second semi-final match Mediolas takes on the old man Cain who’s a retired holy knight that can shoot fireballs at people (he must play a lot of Mario Bros.) and actually has a past with Mediolas. He claims that Mediolas caused the death of many people in the past including the destruction of a kingdom. We don’t get a clear answer if Mediolas did in fact cause the destruction of a kingdom but he doesn’t deny the fact that he wasn’t able to protect those he cared about in the past and he tells Cain he won’t fail again this time. Cain believes him and forfeits the match after having a heart to heart with Mediolas in the ring (scene here:, there’s no hugging in the ring. Only fighting). This brings us to the end of the episode where we’re about to see Mediolas take on Diane who’s pissed at him because Ban paid off the village whores to flirt with Mediolas at ringside and upset Diane (now that’s how you get payback).

In episode 12 before Mediolas and Diane’s fight can really heat up the village gets attacked by Gulia and Jericho of the Holy Knights (there’s also this strange jiggly motherfucker with them as well who likes the maracas). Gulia and Jericho take down Mediolas and Ban (only because they’re tired and the knights have drunk demon blood. If this had been any other time the knights would been owned) and the jiggly knight throws Diane until a canyon that was caused from all the fighting in the tournament. King takes on Gulia and Jericho where he’s able to hold his own against them until another Holy Knight from King’s past shows up to fight and gives King a hard time. Elizabeth returns to her normal size and gets captured by her sister Veronica and Griamor. Veronica believes that Mediolas has brainwashed her and is planning on overthrowing the kingdom so she traps him in a crystal and takes his sword (bad idea, the last person who did that got the Lazy eye). Elizabeth tells her Mediolas isn’t evil (yeah, he’s just a perverted guy. It’s in his blood) but Veronica doesn’t believe her so Elizabeth escapes her clutches and tries to run off with the crystal and Mediolas’ sword with Veronica trying to catch her. Unfortunately, they both land on one of Gulia’s mines and Veronica dies protecting Elizabeth from the blast. As for Gulia and Jericho they don’t care they just want the sword and Mediolas. Elizabeth cries out for Mediolas and he breaks out of the crystal with half of his body in demon form (oh boy shit is going down next episode).

In episode 13 Mediolas has gone all quiet and demon on us. He takes back his broken sword along with Gulia’s hand (suffer bitch) but Jericho uses a healing sphere to reattach her hand. Mediolas than goes off to face against the holy knight King was fighting against who actually manages to hold his own against the demon Mediolas simply because his power is known as Link (no not the one from Legend of Zelda) an ability that allows him to borrow the powers of all his allies no matter where they are (so basically Mediolas is taking on all the Holy Knights by himself). Mediolas gets knocked out and the holy knight gets Mediolas’ sword. Just when he’s about to take Mediolas and Elizabeth hostage Diane appears restored to her giant form (I liked her better in human size) and she’s got her hammer Gideon back where we see how powerful and destructive a sin can be when they have their sacred weapon by literally causing an earthquake (that was epic). Diane thinks she crushed all the holy knights and rescues Mediolas who has regained consciousness and returned to normal (welcome back you perverted OP bastard). We also see that the holy knights survived Diane’s attack and still have Mediolas’ sword which they say is one of the keys to reviving the Demon Clan. The next day we see Diane comforting Elizabeth after the loss of her sister, Ban and King training with each other, and Mediolas deciding to stop holding back and start fighting seriously. He even splits a mountain in two to show how serious he is.

Well this looks like a good place to stop for now. I got to get ready for Turkey day. Thanks for reading and happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there from my family to your family. I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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