Project #256: Nanatsu no Taizai Part 2

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Did have you have a good holiday? Get your fill up on food and football? How about your fill up on anime reviews? No? Well I got you’ve cover, so let’s continue our review of Nanatsu no Taizai.

Opening and Ending

The second opening for the anime is “Seven Deadly Sins” by Man With a Mission the same group or who did the opening for Log Horizon. Definitely an improvement over the first opening. While the first opening is good and enjoyable it didn’t really get me hyped to watch the anime. While this song does have a slow tone, the singer does sing the song with intensity. On top of that the instrumental really sets the mood for this opening. It feels more serious like the stakes have been risen. It’s time to stop holding back and take things seriously now. The second ending is “Season” by Alisa Takigawa. It’s alright, the song definitely feels like an ending song as opposed to the other end (again, that really should have been opening). I like Alisa’s voice, the melody is good, and there’s this sense that no matter how bad things may seem for the group, everything’s going to be okay.

Episodes 14-17

Episode 14 starts us off by introducing us to Gowther the sin of lust and probably the strangest of the Seven Deadly Sins (the others you get a sense of who they are but this guy I can’t get a read on him). He’s voiced by Yuuhei Takagi who at the time was a newcomer to voice acting. He has a strange method of talking, engrosses himself in books and comes across as a guy who has no idea how to interact with the outside world but at the same time he’s somewhat fun to watch like the others. Anyway, he’s traveling with this mysterious suit of armor that has someone inside of it which is much different than how they introduced him in the manga. In the manga he poses as the butler for a village boy until the others show up and then he reveals himself to them. To be fair his debut in the manga wasn’t all that great as the other sins and his debut in the anime isn’t all that great as well. We also spend sometime with Gulia where we see she has a younger brother named Zeal who she cares about dearly and is constantly being harassed by a bunch of citizens who call her family a disgrace since her father is said to have betrayed the kingdom. Despite this hardship she says that as long as she has her brother she’ll endure anything (and killing the people who throw rocks at your house is a good stress reliever). Back with Mediolas and the others they have arrived at a village to setup shop and gather information. While in the village Elizabeth and Hawk run into Gowther where unbeknownst to them Mediolas, Ban, and King sense the presence of the suit of armor which they believe is Gowther and go running towards it. They arrive to find the suit of armor surrounded by assassins from the Holy Knights and help it out where the suit of armor gets attacked and saved by Gowther who catches an arrow of light (badass).

Episode 15 opens up with Gowther chopping off the head of the knight inside the suit of armor and offering the head to the Holy Knights as compensation to leave. Since the mission of the knights was to kill whoever was in the suit of armor they take the head and leave but give them a warning saying that when the time comes they will show no mercy (you won’t get the chance to show mercy because you’ll be begging for it). After they leave the suit of armor gets back up to reveal itself to be a demon. Hendrickson, a Grand Holy Knight has been conducting experiments to create artificial demons and this knight is one of his mistakes that got away from him. Also, that knight that turned into a demon just happens to be Gulia’s father Dale (oh shit sucks to be her right now). While the group is fighting the demon, Elizabeth watches the bar and receives a visit from Cain who tells Elizabeth a little bit about Mediolas’s past. In the past Mediolas had a lover named Liz who bears a striking resemblance to Elizabeth (only with red hair and they both have well-developed bodies). Liz was sold by her country to be a slave and wound up serving in Mediolas’s squad (be careful where you sleep Liz). The squad wanted to kill her but Mediolas said no and the two developed a romantic relationship with each other until one day Liz died in battle (well that’s a downer). Cain also tells Elizabeth that Mediolas is too kind for his own good (no I think he’s too perverted for his own good) because he refuses to kill other people which is why Mediolas never wields a sword (you’re a fool Mediolas! A damn fool). Back on Mediolas and the other’s fight with the demon Mediolas refuses to kill the demon making things very difficult for the others (luckily, Gowther is there to relieve the stress by making us laugh). Elizabeth finally shows up and throws Mediolas a sword which she got from Cain which used to belong to Liz. She tells Mediolas that Liz didn’t give him that sword to kill but instead to survive, to keep on fighting, and to protect that which he held precious to him. Mediolas takes the sword and kills the demon releasing Dale and he thanks Gowther for everything he’s done (or she in all honesty I’m confused about the gender. He’s got the voice of a man but his body and demeanor makes him look like a woman) done for him.

In episode 16 the group has a party celebrating the finding of Gowther who tells Mediolas that the person who knocked him out on the day they were framed by the kingdom was Merlin another one of the Deadly Sins who is female (thank you). After all the fun Mediolas says he wants to attack the capital to get back his sword because the sword is actually a relic which can resurrect the demon clan (he was carrying around something that could resurrect a clan of demons. Look I know you’re strong Mediolas but still even you should know that thing needs to be kept hidden at all times). We find out that Hendrickson wants to resurrect the demon clan and wage war against them because he’s a knight, he believes his place is on the battlefield and can’t stand this time of peace (so you’ll sacrifice God knows how many lives to resurrect an army which will kill God knows how many lives to find your purpose in life? I’m starting to think you’re the demon). Dreyfus another Great Holy Knight confronts Hendrickson on his actions and orders him to stop this madness but he refuses and we find out that the person who framed Mediolas and the others was Dreyfus who wanted to seize control and power from his brother (dick move man). Hendrickson orders another one of his knights to kidnap Elizabeth because she’s the final piece they need to release the seal on the demon clan (I guess they require a virgin to break the seal for some reason). Elizabeth gets kidnapped and Diane throws Mediolas, Ban, and Gowther to the kingdom’s capital (good arm) where they begin wreaking havoc on the west side while the army of Camelot led by King Arthur approaches from the south (so now they’re introducing King Arthur into this series? I don’t know how to feel about this).

In the opening moments of episode 17 we find out that the army King Arthur has is just an illusion created by the mysterious mage traveling with him (well I think we’ve found the next sin). Arthur said he’s here to help the king of Liones and is led into the city by Hendrickson with a few other holy knights who try to kill him and the mage (does trust and hospitality mean anything in this kingdom?). Elizabeth gets thrown into a dungeon but little do the knights know that Hawk was teleported with her and he busts them out of the dungeon (way to be a hero Hawk). Mediolas, Ban, and Gowther continue to fight the holy knights where Gowther unleashes his holy weapon which is magic arrows that have the power to change the memories of his opponents however their original memories will return eventually (okay we should of name this guy Loki). He uses this power on the knights which allows them to sneak into the kingdom unnoticed (and that’s saying something considering it’s a pretty odd group to miss). Meanwhile, King summons a dimensional wolf which has the power to teleport people anywhere they want (wow, plot convenience). The only way to get teleported is to have the wolf eat you so he grows in size and eats Diane where half of her body gets stuck while being swallowed by the wolf (now King while she’s not looking, feel that big ass up). She gets teleported to Hendrickson’s magic lab where she runs into Dreyfus, Hauser, Gilthunder, Gulia, Jericho, and Helbram the knight who stole Mediolas’ sword. They all attack Diane (why? The others I can understand but why Dreyfus. You just found out Hendrickson has been lying to you this whole time so why fight the good guys?). We see just how powerful Dreyfus is by seeing him blast two holes into Diane (one on the leg and the other on one of her breast. And it’s pretty brutal I’m not gonna lie). She gets knocked into the city where the townsfolk turn on her and begin throwing rocks at her (yeah let’s all throw rocks at the pissed off giant that’ll turn out well). Diane gets back up barely conscious and tries to make her way back to the castle to save Elizabeth where she saves Zeal from a falling building with her body. Dreyfus comes in with the others to finish her off but Hauser finally sees how wrong this is and sides with Diane along with Gulia who finally sees that everything is wrong (they were once blind but now they see).

Episodes 18-21

So, in episode 18 Hauser and Gulia take on the remaining holy knights by trapping them in a fiery tornado (hey that’s actually a pretty good combination move). The attack takes out Jericho but Dreyfus and the others are still standing unscratched. Gowther finally comes in and takes on Dreyfus himself where he traps him in a nightmare and haunts him with the death of his brother who also was the holy knight and leader of the holy knights but Dreyfus manages to fight out of it and take down Gowther but the battle took its toll on his body and he’s force to retreat with Gilthunder leaving Helbram in charge of dealing with the scraps (well that’s what they are right now. That or sitting ducks). Diane despite being injured tries her best to help the group but she gets pierced in the stomach again (oh my God I feel so bad for her) and just when the final strike is about to be made King comes in to save her and attacks Helbram. Helbram finally reveals his true form, another fairy from King’s past 700 years ago (man King looks good for his age). As King takes a beating he protects the others with his magic and once the others are okay he gets back up and focuses his attention on Helbram (this episode is really making the sins look weak). Back on Elizabeth’s side of the story she finds her sister Margaret but soon gets recaptured by the holy knights.

In the first half of episode 19 we learn about King and Diane’s past. Originally King was the king of the forest fairies and his real name is actually Harlequin (that’s a good name but I’m going to keep calling you King because there’s another Harlequin I know who’s way hotter and crazier than you). It also turns out he and Helbram were actually the best of friends with Helbram taking an active interest in humans and wanting to be friends so he left the forest despite King telling him not to trust humans. King hears word that Helbram and other fairies are in trouble so he goes to rescue them only to get defeated himself and saved by a young Diane who was all alone and just wanted a friend (and yes she is adorable). King wakes up and has no memories of his past so he decides to stay with Diane looking after her and giving her that sexy outfit which puts a heavy emphasis on her legs (thank you King). As centuries go by (with both King and Diane aging gracefully) King eventually remembers his past and goes to a nearby forest where he sees the fairy hunter still alive and slaughtering humans. It gets revealed that it’s really Helbram who for the last 500 years has been slaughtering humans left and right as a way to avenge the death of his friends who got their wings stolen by poachers (no wonder he went crazy. Imagine being locked in a cell and watching someone tear the wings off someone else’s back). King, not wanting to see his friend in pain shoots him with a rose which King think killed him (wrong~). He also erases the memories of Diane who he formed a pact with to love forever no matter what (bet you’re regretting that now King) because he’s been prosecuted for the death of all the humans Helbram killed and is sentenced to 1000 years in jail (that’s just like waiting at the DMV for them). As he’s being transported he meets Mediolas where he would join him and become one of the 7 Deadly Sins. In the second half King fights against Helbram who combines his powers with all the powers of the holy knights around his powerful link orb (so you guys know he wants to kill all humans yet you’re still helping him? And Helbram you hate humans but you’re using their powers to kill? You’re all hypocrites). The two fairies have a short but intense fight scene where King slices him on the shoulder and that kills him (the guy can survive a rose to the heart but he can’t survive a slash to the shoulder? Well logic flew out the window long ago so I’ll accept this). Arthur and Hendrickson continue their fight throughout the city and Mediolas appears to help Arthur take down Hendrickson.

Awesome episode! Awesome episode! Awesome episode! Awesome episode is awesome! Sorry, had to get that out of the way. In episode 20 Gilthunder joins the fight with Hendrickson against Mediolas and Arthur so now it’s two on two. Mediolas takes on Gilthunder in an impressive display of lighting attacks while Arthur takes on Hendrickson and loses (why are they making Arthur look like a wimp? He’s fucking King Arthur). So with Arthur down it now becomes a two on one match and eventually a three on one match because another holy knight named Vivian shows up to fight and she’s a battle mage (the best kind of mages in my opinion). Back at the palace Elizabeth is reunited with her father and Margaret has escaped her cell and has headed to the top of the castle. In a series of flashbacks we find out that Margaret and Gilthunder are actually childhood friends and sweethearts with Gilthunder being Margaret’s personal knight who vowed to protect her no matter what (that’s why you locked her in a cell and took over the kingdom). As Mediolas is getting owned he sees Margaret do a leap of faith off the castle (good eyes. Also, this isn’t Assassins Creed Margaret you will die. There’s not even any hay waiting for you) and sends a powerful sword slash which misses her and destroys a lizard that was watching her every move showing us that all this time Margaret was being held captive by the holy knights and in order to keep her safe Gilthunder had no choice but to side with them until he could finally find Mediolas, deliver his secret code to him and wait for the right moment to save Margaret (wow, 17 episodes building up to this moment and it was well worth it). With Margaret safe Gilthunder attacks Hendrickson killing him and getting revenge for his now dead father (a few months late but still satisfying). Vivian steps up to fight them with her magic but she gets stopped by her master the mysterious cloaked figure who we find out is Merlin the sixth deadly sin, the sin of gluttony, and one hot woman voiced by Maaya Sakamoto (Crona from Soul Eater).

In episode 21 Ban reaches the basement of the castle where he reaches the Horn of Cernunnos the kingdom’s most valued asset which holds the spirit of a goddess inside. Ban wants to exchange his life in the hopes to revive Elaine (and then she’ll use her new life to bring you back and then you’ll use your new life to bring her back and will keep on doing a circle of revival that never stops). The goddess tells him she’ll bring back Elaine but in exchange he must kill Mediolas (oh that’s messed up). Speaking of Mediolas with the help of Merlin they reach Elizabeth and the king where Mediolas actually gropes her twice in front of him (dude, her father is right in front of you show some restraint). The king’s life is in danger because of his health deteriorating but Merlin says she can save him but she wants to perform surgery on him in Camelot. Elizabeth and Margaret give her permission to do it and she teleports with the king and Arthur back to Camelot. Before leaving Arthur asks Mediolas if he would join his holy knights and he says yes but only when he chooses to do it (he has places to go and Elizabeths to grope). Drefyus confesses his crimes and gives himself up but before he can be escorted to the dungeon the castle gets attacked. The attack came from Hendrickson who is still alive thanks to the demon blood within him. He causes all the demon blood within the new generations of knights to go berserk and transforms them into demons themselves (hmm~, Attack on Demon. Doesn’t have the same kick as Attack on Titan). Hendrickson revives Helbram and has his lifeless corpse fight King again (man killing your best friend three times. What does that do to a guy?) Mediolas and Gilthunder fight Hendrickson but he’s too powerful for them and is about to kill both of them until Elizabeth steps forward and gives herself up in order to save them. Mediolas tries to go after them but he gets stopped by Ban who attacks him and the episode ends with Drefyus confronting Hendrickson.

Episodes 22-24 and OVAs

At the start of episode 22 Ban and Mediolas have their fight (you know the goddess never specified which Mediolas you had to kill Ban. You could essentially be killing the wrong one). After a short fight the two agree to settle their differences after they rescued Elizabeth and saved the kingdom (you can kill each other later. For now, save the girl and kingdom). Mediolas takes a short rest while Hawk carries him on his back to Elizabeth (bacon on the go) and Ban uses a senzu sphere to heal Diane and Gilthunder. He also saves Jericho by destroying the demon blood inside of her and after King kills his best friend for the third time (man that is so messed up) he and Ban work together to save the other knights and Gowther manages to save Gulia. Back with Dreyfus and Hendrickson the two have an intense fight where Elizabeth gets caught in the crossfire and severely injured (well it had to happen eventually). Dreyfus loses to Hendrickson and gets disintegrated (never thought I see that in an anime like this). Mediolas shows up and begins fighting Hendrickson where despite Mediolas having the upper hand Hendrickson’s body keeps regenerating but as time goes on his body eventually starts to succumb to the wounds and he begins to slow down. Everyone else eventually shows up to stop Hendrickson and we see that the demon he’s been hiding all this is the same demon responsible for killing Elaine (Ban is so gonna kill you).

In episode 23 after Ban knocks Hendrickson underground we see him inject himself with grey demon blood. This blood is way more powerful than the red demon blood inside of him and turns Hendrickson into a complete demon with unbelievable power (so demon blood is like steroids in this anime? You get stronger but you lose your sanity?). The knights as well as the sins are no match for Hendrickson’s new powers as he begins killing knights left and right, decapitates Gowther (he’ll live. Somehow), and even kills off Hawk who gave his life protecting Mediolas and Elizabeth. After seeing Hawk’s burnt dead body in front of them (I wanted my ham rare not burnt) Elizabeth activates her hidden power which is that of a goddess. The powers instantly heal everyone on the battlefield (except for those who are already dead obviously) and seems to weaken Hendrickson as Mediolas’ attacks are able to hurt him.

In the final episode Mediolas has a plan to defeat Hendrickson (thank God because this whole situation is like trying to catch air in your hands). Gowther gets back up and reattaches his head to his body (what the hell are you?) and uses his powers to telepathically relate Mediolas’ plan to everyone. The plan is rather odd as Mediolas wants everyone to keep attacking him while he holds Hendrickson down (well he’s lost it. He thinks he’s a super saiyan now). After he absorbs all the attacks from everyone (and survives somehow) he unleashes revenge counter a power that allow Mediolas to absorb the attacks of everyone and unleash them all on his opponent (it’s like Counter from Pokémon minus the double damage). He unleashes his attack on Hendrickson which finally destroys him giving Mediolas and everyone else the win (plausible victory FTW). When the fight is over the king returns fully healed and everything thanks to Merlin (boy did he miss a lot) and we see that Veronica is still alive as is Hawk who is now tiny for some reason (well at least he’s cuter). So with Hendrickson gone, the kingdom safe, and all of our favorite characters and family members still alive the kingdom holds a celebration where Gilthunder tells Mediolas that he’s going to leave the capital and journey throughout the kingdom to help others as a way to redeem himself (yeah sure. Leave the woman you love behind). Merlin gives Diana a potion which makes her human size now and Gowther is going out with Guila now (no offence but their sex life is going be boring as hell). Jericho also seems to have fallen for Ban (I hate to tell you but he’s into lolis). While Elizabeth is eating with her family she finds out that Mediolas and the others will be leaving to start up a new country around Camelot and she wants to say farewell to them but her father says no saying it’ll be too difficult for them to leave then. But fate works its magic and Mediolas arrives at the castle where he tells Elizabeth their journey isn’t over yet because they’re still missing one sin and thus their journey must continue (clever bastard). He practically kidnaps Elizabeth and takes off with her along with others where Ban says he’s going on vacation for a while to take care of a few things and King goes along with him.

This anime came out with two OVAs after the anime ended. The first OVA focuses on Ban and his relationship with Elaine. We see more depth into how the two met and developed feelings for each other until Elaine’s unfortunate death at the hands of a demon. The second OVA is a collection of short stories featuring the characters from the series. Each one is funny and I’m sure will get a laugh out of you.

Along with these two OVAs the series also released another set of OVAs called Signs of Holy War. 4 original stories written by the author himself meant to build up the second season. The first one takes place immediately after the festival in the last episode. It’s the day after the festival and after Mediolas threatened to cook Hawk he runs away. Mediolas organizes a search party saying that whoever grabs Hawk first gets to ask Mediolas to do whatever they want him to do. So, the search is on to catch Hawk where he keeps giving everyone the slip until he comes back willingly to Boar Hat because he can’t resist Ban’s leftovers. However, Mediolas catches Hawk first meaning he wins and doesn’t have to do anything. At the end of the episode Mediolas goes down to talk to the goddess where we find out she lied to Ban in order to kill Mediolas because apparently the goddess clan hate him and want to destroy him. We find out that Mediolas has been alive for over 3000 years now and is a member of the demon clan. The goddess continues to taunt Mediolas until he hears enough and destroys it.

In the second episode Ban and Mediolas have their fight with each other on a mountaintop just outside the kingdom. Merlin creates a barrier so the two can go all out and everyone from Elizabeth to the holy knights show up to watch them fight (it is a rare treat). The fight as you would expect is awesome and ends in a stalemate between the two after they exchange rapid punches which causes the barrier to break. This fight managed to resolve the bad blood between them and they head back down for a drink. While that was going King and Hauser also have a little fight to win the attention of Diane.

The third episode focuses on King and Diane. King is still hesitant to confess his true feelings to Diane and when the two meet up they decide to play a game of tag across town where they come to a church and a demon interrupts a wedding ceremony. Through their combined powers King and Diane beat the demon and it gets revealed that Diane is slowly but surely starting to regain her memories that King sealed away. She gives him a kiss on the cheek but the moment gets ruined by a falling brick which hits King on the head and gives him amnesia forgetting everything that happened that day.

The final is really nothing. Merlin agrees to be a waitress at the Boar Hat on the condition that Mediolas and Gowther follow Gilthunder around to find out if he’s being stalked by someone. Sure enough, he is, and it was Vivian all along. The only thing of value we get from this episode is a name of the next enemies in the series the 10 Commandments the highest class in the demon race. Merlin eventually quits her job as a waitress and Gowther fills in for her.

Final Thoughts

Nanatsu no Taizai is just good enjoyable fun. That’s the best way to describe this anime. It’s a shonen series that’s just so fun to watch for it’s simple story, excellent artwork, fantastic characters, and great fight scenes. The story does a good job balancing out the comedy, drama, action, and development of our characters. It never feels rushed or like it’s standing still. Despite all the side trips and jokes, the goal of the group remains the same. Reunite the team and take back the kingdom. Everybody has this same goal and while some may have their own agenda going forward, the goal remains the same. Where the series really excels is with it’s cast of characters. I just love these guys, they have that same bond like the Strawhat pirates. Their a group so different from each other and on the surface seem disorganized and out there but in truth they are a well-oiled machine that at times seems unstoppable. Mediolas is definitely the most interesting of the bunch. Underneath his perverted tendencies is a badass who can take down anyone that gets in his way. While we don’t learn that much about his past and he doesn’t change all that much, I really don’t think he requires change. Mediolas has shown that he’s a competent captain who has the respect of all the sins as well as other holy knights who despite being his enemy recognizes his skills and know he’s not to be messed with. This was a character who’s complete and doesn’t require much development because he’s already gone through the hardships of life and has already established his view and philosophy of the world and the only way that’ll change is if something major happens. The other characters really don’t go through that much development as well and again they really don’t need that much development since they’re already complete characters. Elizabeth is as kind and sweet as a princess, but at the same time she’s strong-willed and never gives up. She loves her kingdom and will put herself at risk to go out and find the other sins. Her bond with Mediolas is nice and funny. You can tell she puts her trust in Mediolas and knows that he can count on him. Mediolas also recognizes Elizabeth as a strong-willed girl who has a goal, a deep love for her kingdom, and is someone worth protecting whether she’s royalty or not. The other characters each have good backstories which helps us get to know them more and why they’re the person we see in the anime. Probably my favorite character is Ban. His backstory is heartbreaking and despite his character coming across as someone you think is a scumbag at first glance, he’s genuinely a good person who keeps his promises and cares about his friends. King kind of acts as the sensible one of the group and the voice of reason which I like as well. In a group with so many odd characters it’s nice to have someone serve as the conscience and try to keep the group in line. Diane serves as social commentary against racism. She’s a giant who just wants to be accepted by others. Her crush on Mediolas is understandable as he was the first person who accepted her for who she was and her friendship with Elizabeth is nice as well. Elizabeth is everything Diane wants to be while Diane is everything Elizabeth wants to be. They both have what the other one wants and learn respect each other for it. Gowther manages to keep me laughing. Despite the running gag being he’s the oddest of the bunch, they manage to keep him fresh every time he appears and that’s mostly thanks to the voice acting of Yuuhei. He managed to bring this character to life. The weakest of the characters was Hawk. Out of all the characters who could have used some development, Hawk definitely sits at the top. While he’s not completely useless, he has his cynical humor and has on more than one occasion come to the rescue of Elizabeth, he’s a character whose overall purpose in the series is pointless. If any of the other characters were to die there would be a great loss to the story. But if Hawk died, I really do feel like nothing would have changed within the story and his loss wouldn’t be that big to the group. This is why he needs that development the most.

The fight scenes are all great and enjoyable to watch. Being that the main characters are OP and the enemies are OP as well, we get some over the top action filled fight scenes that may drag on a bit longer than they need to but thankfully each fight has their reason for dragging out. No fight ever feels pointless or a waste time. However, with our main characters being so OP it does take away that sense of worry and doubt when they fight because we know they’ll win in the end. The animation is high quality. A-1 Pictures usually gets flagged for the quality of their animes but they maintain a high quality of animation all throughout this anime. The action scenes flow well, the character designs match that from the manga, the backgrounds are beautiful, and the facial expressions convey what the characters are feeling and thinking at that time. You really do feel as if you stepped into the world of this anime. As far as sound goes, it’s alright. What the songs lack in quantity they make up for it in quality. A lot of the songs are re-used but they’re all good and match up with the scenes so they never become annoying or overplayed. There are a few flaws with this anime like a scene playing out differently from the manga or something being skipped or cut down for time but it’s nothing that gets me upset or takes away from the experience.

Final Score

The final score for Nanatsu no Taizai is an 8.5/10 with a must watch stamp of approval. If you enjoy shonen/fantasy anime than this is the anime for you. You’ll enjoy the characters, the easy to follow story, the great action scenes, and the good balance of comedy and drama. With the second season set to come out next year I’m excited to see what happens next. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you- oh wait there’s something at the end of the credits. Hmm~, watch Arslan Senki. Okay. If you’ll excuse me, I gotta go watch Arslan Senki. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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