Project #262: The Top 11 Anime of 2017

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Happy new year everyone and I like always with the new year we’re celebrating by taking one final look at 2017 and naming our top 11 anime of the year. Why top 11? Because just like someone else, I too like to go one step beyond. Sit back and enjoy, these are the top 11 anime of 2017.

#11. Kekkai Sensen S2

Kekkai Sensen made a return this year and continued the insane day to day lives of Libra. This season follows the manga more closely and as a result we get more insight into who our characters are and what they’re like leading to some good character development which explains why they act like this and understanding that character more. While the overall story may almost be non-existent, the anime is of course still funny, creative, cool, and insane all rolled into one just the way I like it. On an honorary note, this anime might have had the best soundtrack of the year as well. Thanks for breaking the norm and giving us something new.

#10. Konosuba S2 and Love Tyrant

I decided to put these 2 together because they’re both funny as hell and naming only one of them would be an insult. Out of all the funny anime that came out this year, these 2 animes reign supreme. It’s really hard to say which one was the funniest. On the one hand you could argue that Konosuba was the funniest because it kept the laughs fresh, focused more on our favorite characters, and continued to progress the story. On the other hand, you could argue that Love Tyrant was the funniest because it embraced its insane setting, had fun with its hilarious story, and introduced one of the best yanderes to come out in years. I don’t know, can’t we all agree that both animes deserve another season and that they’re funny? Whichever one you decide to watch just know that you’re gonna laugh and enjoy watching them.

#9. Interviews with Monster Girls

I know a lot of people love Dragonmaid but I discovered this anime first so that puts them ahead a little in my book. Just like Dragonmaid this was just a relaxing, fun, and enjoyable anime to watch as well as teaches us to accept people who are different from us and be proud of who we are. I honestly didn’t think I was going to enjoy this anime as much as I did when I first watched it, but as it continued I found myself looking forward to every episode that came out. If you’ve read my side blog you’ll understand why this anime is so good. The characters are all great with each one representing a different monster and a different aspect of life. Each character has their moment to shine and their interactions and talks with each other just makes this anime so enjoyable to watch.

#8. Kakegurui

2017 was definitely the year of MAPPA. The studio released 7 anime last year with some even airing around the same time and two of those animes were 24 episodes. But their best and well-received anime of the year has to be the delightful and twisted anime Kakegurui an anime about a high school girl who gets off on gambling and goes to a school that not only encourages its students to gamble its practically part of the curriculum. Not only does the anime take on a genre that not a whole lot of people pay too much attention to, but it made it interesting, smart, informative, sadistic, and just an absolute joy to watch. The characters in this anime range from being normal people trying to get by to gambling addicts to straight up crazy people who need to be locked up. All of the games are interesting, the character’s facial expressions are a meme treasure trove, and it’s an anime that treats you like an adult and doesn’t talk down to you with its subject matter. MAPPA did a great job with this anime and I hope they continue to dish more quality anime in the year to come.

#7. Princess Principal

This was the spy anime we all wanted Joker Game to be. The anime has a cool setting, complex and interesting characters, surprisingly good action scenes, and doesn’t talk down to you. While the characters may look like your typical moe girl, they each have their own backstory that you connect with, each one serves as a valuable member of the team, and contributes something whether it be combat, espionage, or getting them into places. The anime also had a very cool setting. Taking place in a steampunk 19th century London it’s like what would happen if the Industrial Revolution never stopped and consumed all of London resulting in this dark yet cool country on the brink of war. This anime truly was Joker Game done correctly and if you’re looking for a good spy anime this is definitely worth checking out. You won’t be disappointed.

#6. Kino’s Journey (2017)

The anime I might have had a hand in bringing back. It was great to see Kino back again in this somewhat of a series reboot. The anime is very beautiful with its animation, its use of CGI, and showing the philosophical aspects that the show is known for. The show keeps the surprises coming with everywhere Kino goes and makes you think about the world and yourself. The anime even switches it up on us and has us focus on a few other characters and their experience and viewpoint of the world. All I can say is I’m happy that this series made a return and I’m proud if I had a hand in bringing it back, it’s one of my favorite animes, one of the animes I always recommend to people getting into anime and a series I hope gives you a different aspect on the world. Simply put, Kino’s Journey is beautiful.

#5. Attack on Titan S2

After years of waiting AoT came back and while it wasn’t as long as the first season it delivered on the action and suspense as we discover truths, unlock secrets, and see allies who we trusted become our enemies in the battle for humanity. The anime knew how to grab your attention and kept you hooked on everything that was happening. The third season has already been announced to air this year and after watching the second season I can’t wait to see what happens next. Speaking of second seasons.

#4. My Hero Academia S2

Always a fan favorite and for a good reason. This season covered 3 very good arcs from the manga and even expanded on the last arc. The anime does a good job following the manga as we begin to focus and explore the other characters while still focusing on the growth of our main character and progressing the story where something big is gonna happen. Once again, a third season has already been greenlighted for some time this year, and without spoiling anything let me just say you’re in for a treat.

#3. The King’s Avatar

The Chinese equivalent of SAO done correctly. This anime takes us on a spin as we follow a retired pro gamer who restarts from scratch and quickly climbs the ranks of the most popular MMORPG in the anime where he gains the attention of top guilds within the game and even pro gamers as well. What makes this guy so great is that we understand why he’s so strong and badass instead of just op for the sake of being op. He just has a good knowledge of the game, excellent leadership skills, and a drive to be the best while bringing out the full potential of everyone him. The animation was also spectacular in this anime. This is my second time watching an anime from China and it looks better than most Japanese anime. All I can say is that this anime has shined the spotlight on China anime and I’m honored and happy to make The King’s Avatar the first Chinese anime to make my top 11 list and hopefully it won’t be the last.

#2. Mahoutsukai no Yome

Talk about an anime with a lot of charm to it. Mahoutsukai is one of those animes that just grabs you with it’s story, relaxing vibes, deep and meaningful moments, cute scenes, and a good level of drama and wonderment to keep you coming back. I do enjoy the characters of Chise and Elias and their interactions with each other. You can tell Elias really does care for Chise and wants to keep her safe and watching Chise slowly develop as a mage is enjoyable. The animation in this anime is amazing and the creativity of the environments and spirits we see reminds me of something I would see in a Studio Ghibli film. This was regarded as the most popular anime in the fall season and after watching the first episode you’ll see why everyone loved this anime so much. It really does make the fantasy world feel fresh and interesting again.

Honorable Mentions

As always here are a few honorable mentions from 2017: Youjo Senki, Onihei, Little Witch Academia, ACCA: 13, Kobayashi-san Chi no Dragonmaid, Re:Creators, Saekano S2, Boruto, Fate/Apocrypha, Katsugeki Touken Ranbu, Knight’s & Magic, Saiyuuki Reload Blast, Shoukoku no Altair, Vatican Kiseki Chousakan, Classroom of the Elite, Garo: Vanishing Drive, Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou, Food Wars S3, Inuyashiki, Chain Chronicle, and Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul

And the number anime of 2017 is. . .
















#1. Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss was one of those animes that going into I knew nothing about. I thought it was going to be an anime for kids given the animation style but no, this anime is for an adult audience. This anime has something for everyone. That sense of adventure to explore the unknown, great chemistry and interactions between our two main characters, thrilling movements, a creative setting and animals, good fight scenes, and its fair share of funny and tragic moments. This anime finds a way to balance out everything and give us something great that leaves you wanting more. After watching the anime I’ve become a huge fan of the series and look forward to checking out the manga and seeing what happens next. Made in Abyss is one of those animes not to underestimate or overlook.

So, that’s my list. Did I leave any out? Let me know in the comment section below and be sure to tune in next week when we count down the top 11 openings of 2017. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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