Project #263: The Top 11 Anime Openings of 2017

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj where today we continue are final shout out to 2017 by naming the top 11 anime openings. Why top 11? Because just like someone else I too like to go one step beyond and because I love music. Not gonna lie, this was a very tough list to make as Japan just keeps getting better and creative with their openings each year. Some people think Japan is behind on their music but and while that might be true in a sense there’s no denying that their music is way catchier than our music and is honestly something I could listen to for hours and not get bored with it. With that said, let’s get started. These are top 11 anime openings of 2017.

#11. “Onihei ~Edo wo Hashiru~” from Onihei

Onihei was a pretty underrated show from 2017, and I have no idea why. The story was good, it had a good setting, the lessons were meaningful, the main character was great, and the opening was fantastic. The whole opening is a perfect blend of old Japanese music with noire music creating something amazing and in the same category as Battlecry from Samurai Champloo. It even takes a page from Cowboy Bebop and has no lyrics letting the music and visuals set the mood for what’s to come and gives you chills of excitement. Underrated opening, underrated anime. Please watch it.

#10. “Hana no Kage” from Nobunaga no Shinobi: Ise Kanegasaki-hen

The second opening of this anime was really enjoyable. While I didn’t watch this anime the opening appeared in my suggestion section on Youtube and I decided to check it out. Once I heard it, I couldn’t get it out of my head for a week. The song is just catching, upbeat, and addicting to listen to. I love how the song blends modern rock music with old Japanese music. While I may have skipped the anime, this song definitely deserves praise and a good listening to.

#9. “Bon Appétit♡S” from Blend S

The opening that launched a hundred memes. Due to my busy schedule I was unable to watch this anime but after hearing this song I’m definitely going to check this out. It’s catchy, charming, and pretty intense for a song about a bunch of girls working at a maid café with personas that are the opposite of their true personality. Actually, in all honesty, the song strangely sounds like the stage music from Super Mario World at one part. Am I the only one who hears it? Anyway, I really did enjoy this opening and I’m definitely gonna check the anime out when I have the time.

#8. “Haruka Mirai” from Black Clover (full)

This is intense! While the anime may have disappointed a lot of fans of the series (myself included) and not lived up to the hype or expectations, this opening should as hell did. Whenever I think of Black Clover now, all I hear is this song. It perfectly captures the series and how awesome and enjoyable the manga can be. Too bad the anime couldn’t capture that. Still, the anime gave us this awesome opening and I won’t be forgetting it anytime soon.

#7. “Shinzou wo Sasageyo” Attack on Titan

Who doesn’t love this opening!? While the first opening is still the best in my opinion, this opening was definitely an improvement over the second opening. The song starts off intense and keeps that intensity going until the end. Every time I saw this opening I couldn’t help but get excited for the episode. Hell, the opening feels like it’s very own episode as well. Look at this, our main characters are about to fight a large group of titans with the armor and colossal titan among them and what do they do against these overwhelming numbers? They jump right off that wall with no hesitation ready to kill them all. Oh my God that is so badass! After watching this opening you just feel ready for anything. What else can you say but sasageyo.

#6. “Deep in Abyss” from Made in Abyss (full)

Boy do I love this opening but it is one of the most deceiving openings I have ever seen. It’s cute, it’s well animated, the song is very nice as it’s sung by the VAs of Riko and Reg so the song has that deep and personal connection to our main characters. My favorite part is when they sense each other, stop what they’re doing, run towards each other and walk hand in hand together through the Abyss signifying that everything is going to be okay and that this is a series with a happy end. But it’s all a lie, as the episode reveals how dark and twisted this series truly is and our characters are in a situation where we the audience are unsure if they’re going to accomplish their goal or even return alive. While the anime may have tricked us with it’s cute animation and character designs, it was nice of the song and opening to give us that false sense of security that everything was going to be alright.

#5. “Caste Room” from Classroom of the Elite (full)

I really don’t know what is about this opening that makes so damn enjoyable. I guess it’s because it has a great instrumental, a good singer, and excellent visuals and animation to go along with it. All you have to do is just hear this song and you’ll be hooked on it in no time. Nice work ZAQ.

#4. “Sora ni Utaeba” My Hero Academia S2 (full)

That’s right! I like the second opening more than the first one, come at me! While the first opening of the second season is good, the second opening just carries more weight and meaning to it. The characters are each battling their own hardship or problem and doing their best to get through it and come out stronger. Because in their mind that’s what a hero does, they endure their own problems and carry their own burdens never letting it show that they’re in pain because they’re the next symbols of peace the ones that those who can’t look to for protection and inspiration. It’s a tough task but they’re up for it because they want to live out their dreams of being heroes. On top of that the song is just way catchier and more enjoyable to listen to. Don’t give up on your dreams kids.

#3. “One Hand Message” from Hand Shakers (full)

Hand Shakers was a risk that unfortunately didn’t have the pay off that we were hoping for but this opening sure as hell did. Sung by the same people who did the opening for Overlord, they once again deliver an opening that doesn’t disappoint and makes sure you never skip. The vocals in this song are amazing and the instrumental is awesome as well. I love that piano in the background. The anime may have disappointed us but this opening kept us coming back.

#2. “fake town baby” from Kekkai Sensen 2

Unison Square Garden return to Kekkai Sensen this time doing the opening for season 2 where just like the ending in the first season they never disappoint and deliver a fantastic opening that blows the first opening away. There’s just so many great things in this opening that just makes it so enjoyable. The singer is great, the instrumental while at some parts can drown out the singer is great, and the opening animation goes along great with the song. Just one listen to this song and your hooked on this bizarre, strange, and interesting series that breaks the norm and gives us something new and enjoyable.

And the number one anime opening is. . .














#1. “Shadow and Truth” from ACCA 13 (full)

Oh you better believe this is number one. As soon as I heard this song I knew no other song was going to top it. The song is just so great addicting to listen to. As soon as I heard this song I couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks. I was humming it at work and everything. Even busting out a dance move from time to time. It as if the song took a shot of Shoji Meguro, that’s what this song sounds like, like something Shoji Meguro would make for the Persona series. On top of that the visuals done by the always great Madhouse studio compliment the song and mature theme the anime and song have going for it. Hearing this song was always a treat when watching the anime and it’s an opening I won’t soon be forgetting.

Well that’s my list. Did you enjoy it? Did I leave any openings outs? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to come back next week when we count down the top 11 anime endings. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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