Project #267: Trinity 7

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Last week I said I had seven things to take care of and one of those things was taking a look at a series that has a pretty good fanbase despite having faults. No, not SAO. I’m talking about, Trinity 7. Trinity 7 is a serious that has a good fanbase worldwide. Even I’m a fan of this series but at the same it’s a series with a few faults. The series was created by Kenji Saitō in 2010 and still going on to this day. The series follows the story of a boy who enters a world of magic in an attempt to regain what he lost. The series had a mediocre following but over the years gain quite the following of fans who enjoy it so when the studio Seven Arcs Pictures (Inukami and Dog Days) announced that they were turning the series into an in 2014, you can bet a lot of people were happy. Unfortunately, the anime didn’t live up to the standards of what we were hoping for and kind of divided the community between fans who really liked it and those who said while not bad wasn’t all that good. Where do I stand? Well let’s work a bit of magic and take a look at Trinity 7.

Opening and Ending Themes

The opening is “Seven Doors” by ZAQ. This opening really does nothing for me. It’s not bad but it doesn’t leave that much of an impact on me. I just never found myself really getting into the song probably all because the song itself is confused on what it wants to do. The transitions from fast to slow and vice-versa is all over the place that it’s hard to keep up with song and can barely understand what the singers are even saying.

The anime had a number of endings each sung by the main girls. Just like the opening these endings really do nothing for me as well. Half the time I didn’t even know the ending changed until someone pointed them out to me. Each one just feels out of place and doesn’t match the feel or atmosphere of the anime. The girls are all good singers, I just wish they had better songs.

Episodes 1-4

The anime starts off with our main character Arata voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Kirito from SAO) having a dream about chasing a girl when in reality he’s grabbing the boob of his cousin Hijiri (and he likes it. Hey this is an incest free zone Arata). As the two go to school Arata looks up in the sky and notices that the sun is black which doesn’t sit well with him (Sun: It’s because I’m black isn’t it?). At school Hijiri decides to get a little frisky with Arata on the roof but gets stopped by the mage Lilith (thank God) voiced by Yumi Hara (Takane from The Idolm@ster). It gets revealed that the world they’re in is just an illusion that Arata accidently created through the power of the grimore who has taken on the form of Hijiri (oh so it’s not incest. Alright go for it Arata). Lilith explains that 3 days ago a large scale gravitational fluctuation known as a breakdown phenomenon (an unexplained act of magic as I’m calling it) appeared in the area and ate up the whole town. Because of this the sun turned black and everyone in the city was absorbed into it including Hijiri who before being absorbed gave Arata the grimoire and a deep kiss (and now we’re back to the incest). Arata wishing to have his normal days back unconsciously used the power of the grimore to create a fake world and now has 2 options. One, destroy this fake world and live a peaceful life forgetting everything about Hijiri and magic or two, die (there’s also the option to have a 3-way on the roof but we’ll save that option for later). Arata just laughs and says he won’t forget Hijiri but he also won’t die (okay you can’t have both man, you either live in the fake world or die in the real world). Instead he creates a third option and enrolls in Lilith’s mage academy to become a mage and find a way to save his cousin and city (good option). He goes to the academy where we see that even though Lilith is the same age as him she’s already a teacher and everything (alright a forbidden love). He goes to class where he tells everyone that he created a fake world which gets everyone’s attention because that kind of magic is demon lord level magic and news quickly spreads around the school that he’s a demon lord candidate (now he’s really gonna get the ladies). Arata goes with Lilith to meet the Headmaster who tells him that if he really wants to save his cousin he’ll need the power of the Trinity 7, 7 powerful mages (who are obviously females since this is a harem anime) each an expert in their field and each one as gorgeous as the last one. Lilith is one of the 7 Trinities and as she and Arata walk the halls we meet Levi voiced by Ayane Sakura (Gaspard from Highschool DxD New) a ninja girl who knows all the ninja arts as well as the sexy arts as well (ohh~, something tells me she and Arata are gonna get along just fine). Levi quickly notices that Lilith might have some affection for Arata since she’s usually an ice queen but when she’s around Arata she’s easily embarrassed and becomes more lively and emotional with him (yeah Yoshitsugu has that effect on women. He knocks them off their game and makes them his). Later that night Arata goes to take a bath and meets another one of the Trinity 7 Arin voiced by Aya Uchida (Kotori from Love Live!), a monotone girl whose bust is 82C, is totally okay with Arata checking out her naked body (no! That’s the wrong reaction. You have to be embarrassed otherwise it sucks the fun out of it), and bears a striking resemblance to Hijiri (Yin-Yang: Hold up. Are you saying that if we stopped acting embarrassed by your perverted actions you’ll stop peeping on us? (Nitsuj): Yes, but knowing you guys you can’t go one minute without feeling embarrassed by your naked bodies. (Yin-Yang): That’s not true we could so handle it. (Nitsuj): Alright prove it right here and now. (Yin-Yang): Fine *Yin-Yang unzips her shirt exposing her bra and breast. A few seconds go by as Nitsuj just stares blankly at her before her face begins to turn red from embarrassment*. Ugh~, I can’t do it *Yin-Yang turns her back and covers her chest* your perverted gaze pierces through my body and it’s too embarrassing *Yin-Yang runs out of the room ashamed and embarrassed*). Embarrassed by Arin’s open nature he runs into the hallway wearing nothing but a towel and runs into Lilith who gives the appropriate reaction (there it is. Be more like that Arin). We end with Arata telling the grimoire (who has turned back into a small book-like necklace and can talk) that Arin might have some connection to Hijiri and how she and the other Trinity 7 are going to be an important factor in his life.

Episode 2 starts off with Arin following Arata around everywhere he goes staring at him because he’s the demon lord candidate and according to her she is to be the spouse of the demon lord (scene here: See, only here for one day and he’s already getting girls because of his demon lord swagger). After taking her leave, Arata goes back to his room to be greeted by Lilith, Levi, and Selina a writer for the school’s newspaper voiced by Aya Suzaki (Mako from Kill La Kill) who wants to write an article about Arata (three girls in his room already. He works so fast). As they all talk and joke around with each other we learn that the grimoire Arata has is known as the Astil Codex a grimoire that has the power to create fake worlds. By the way that grimoire is voiced by Rie Kugimiya (Iori from The Idolm@ster). Nobody knows a whole lot about it since up until this point it’s only been perceived as a legend (a legend voiced by the tsundere queen herself). We also learn a little bit about themas which is basically the types of magic mages spend their life studying (sounds a little boring to me). The themas are broken into 7 categories each represented by the 7 deadly sins (so those came into play after all). Just as their discussing this Arin puts up a barrier trapping everyone into the room (oh look the anime turned into Portal) with the only way out is to destroy the seal hidden somewhere in the room. To make matter worse (or in Arata’s case more erotic) the girls have to pee so the search is on to find it. After tricking the grimoire (who we find out later is named Sora so I’ll be calling it that from now on) they find the seal and destroy it escaping the room and running to the bathroom. After that Arin shows up and confesses that the reason she trapped them in the first place was the idea of the headmaster. They continue their discussion in the nurse’s office with Arin where she explains that she wanted to see Arata cause a breakdown phenomenon because Arata has no control over his powers, in truth Sora has been keeping his powers in check this whole time ( Arin removes the control of Sora over Arata and his powers start going berserk causing a breakdown phenomenon which threatens to destroy the school and possibly the world ( Lilith has no choice but to kill Arata and pulls out a gun (really? Just like that? You’re gonna kill him without trying to help him first?) but Arin gets in the way saying she wants to study this since the thema she studies is destruction (I can respect your need to study this phenomenon but still don’t put the world in danger like this Arin). The phenomenon gets stopped by Mira voiced by Yōko Hikasa (Rias from Highschool DxD) and Akio voiced by Ryōka Yuzuki (Satsuki from Kill La Kill) members of the Grimoire Security as well as members of the Trinity 7 (new harem members) who have come to kill Arata and stop the phenomenon ending the anime on a cliffhanger as Akio is about to kill Arata.

Episode 3 opens with Arata and Arin working in a beach house cooking food as punishment for almost destroying the school and we get a little fanservice with Lilith (did I miss something? When did we arrive in Fanservice Land?). Okay, after the opening we see that before Akio smashed Arata’s head in with her foot he was transported to another dimension by a girl named Yui voiced by Rie Murakawa, another member of the Trinity 7 (man these girls just keep coming out of nowhere). We see that the phenomenon has slowly begun absorbing people in the school and the only way to stop it is for Arata to choose a thema to study to control his magic. After deciding on his thema, Yui sends him back where he reveals that his thema is Control the study of figuring out how to control magic (sounds like the equivalent to a literal arts diploma from college). Using Sora he dispels all the magic within the area destroying the black sun (Sun: You’re ignorant) and pulls off Issei’s dress break destroying everyone’s clothes (including himself) except for Mira (Mira: Seen it). That’s how we got to the beach, while the headmaster is repairing the school. After that not much happens other than us learning that Arata has the power to copy the magic of other mages (he’s like Kakashi from Naruto or Ditto and Mew from Pokémon) as he was able to make a copy of Lilith’s magic (which is basically alchemy) and transform it into his own magic. We also see that Mira doesn’t like Arata since he’s a pervert (but he’s a pervert you want).

Episode 4 starts off with another breakdown phenomenon hitting the school (oh what the hell did you do this time Arata?) and putting everyone to sleep who has weak magic powers. This breakdown was caused by Yui who we find out is said to be the second strongest mage in the school next to the headmaster because it’s said that her powers will destroy the world (really? A cute girl like her is going to cause the destruction of the world. Who knew?). In order to seal away Yui’s power she was imprisoned in the school’s dungeon which is underneath the school and the remaining students (which consist of our perverted main character and the Trinity 7) must either stop the breakdown or kill Yui. Levi takes a serious interest in this because apparently she considers Yui her best friend and wants to save her while Mira and Akio want to kill so the race is on to see who will reach Yui first (place your bets). Arata tries to use his copy magic but he can’t use it apparently as there are conditions that must be met in order for it to work (conditions that they never explain fully). With Arata kind of useless the fighting all comes down to Lilith, Levi, and Arin where they manage to make their way to the bottom of the dungeon and run into Mira and Akio where Levi takes them on while the others go on ahead (it’s a bit too early to turn this series into a shounen manga ending). Arata and the others reach Yui where they see she is asleep and being protected by a phantom dragon (and she’s a loli with big breast). Levi, Akio, and Mira call a truce in order to defeat the creature but their magic proves useless in front of the dragon. Levi teaches Arata how to use his copy magic correctly and creates his own alchemy gun which kills the dragon in one shot ( With this the breakdown is gone, Yui wakes up naked and embraces the man who saved her life, and Levi is happy because her high expectations for Arata were met.

Episodes 5-8

Episode 5 opens up with Arata waking up to a big-breasted naked loli sleeping on his right and an emotionless naked but cute girl sleeping on his left (and in the middle of the bed is a huge tent slowly rising). Lilith sees this and rather than panic or try to explain the situation Arata tells Lilith to join them (scene here:, *laughs* I love this guy. It’s so refreshing to see a guy in a harem setting take advantage of it and make the most out of it). In the episode we see that Yui is very infatuated with Arata and doesn’t mind being the mistress with Arin being the wife. While in PE the 6 girls of the Trinity 7 get into a fight with each other where Yui uses her magic to transport them to her dream world and put them all in different dreams while she gives Arata permission to have his way with her (the girl has no innocence. You’re ruining the idea of the loli character). Arata holds back his temptations and says he wants to start off as friends first (quite the gentleman that boy) and she says okay but she gives him a kiss on the cheek to affirm their new friendship. The next day a small breakdown phenomenon occurs at school and this time it wasn’t the work of Yui or Arata but instead someone new. Lilith and Mira discuss that this phenomenon might be the result of a ghost who a long time ago took a student away who was studying in the library. Arata takes an interest in this and along with Selina, Arin, Levi and Yui goes to investigate the library where Lilith, Mira, and Akio are also investigating and they all get transported to a place known as the Eternal Library by Liselotte the older twin sister of Selina and last member of the Trinity 7 (and owner of some sexy legs). She’s voiced by Nao Tōyama (Chiho from The Devil is a Part-Timer). It turns out the person who disappeared from the library was her however she didn’t disappear she just transported herself to the Eternal Library which is a big taboo in the magic world to study magic because she wants to be a demon lord candidate (evil. Suddenly she’s more attractive). She’s transported them all to her realm because she wants to absorb their magic and study it because that’s part of her grimoire. She manages to bite Selina and absorbs her magic (nice twincest) and then sprouts wings on her back to show that she’s a demon lord candidate.

In the first half of episode 6 after Liselotte absorbs Selina’s magic it puts her in a bad state because now that her magic has been stolen she’ll die because magic is the essence of a mage (much like how anime is an essence for me. That and without it I’d have nothing to watch). She manages to absorb Arata’s magic (by kissing him) and does the dress break on the girls (nice~) leaving only Mira (man she is good at dodging that attack isn’t she) and Levi to fight. Because Liselotte doesn’t know how to use her new found powers well she easily gets beaten by Levi in terms of speed but she does manage to break Levi’s left arm and retreats for the time being sending the others back into the real world. In the second half Mira and Akio decide to train Arata to get him ready to fight Liselotte when she returns. Mira has him fight Akio where she tries to get Arata to learn the process for copying the magic of others but it’s not going so well and instead becomes just a spectacle of Akio chasing Arata and him copping a feel of Mira’s breast. Eventually Liselotte returns and attacks everyone in the school trying to absorb their magic (you know she comes across more as a vampire than an actual mage) but she gets stopped by the headmaster of the academy where we see despite being a perverted idiot he actually has exceptional skills and can be frightful and serious when the time comes (I daresay he might be able to beat Liselotte by himself).

At the start of episode 7 Liselotte defeats the principal the only way any woman can (tease, bait, and attack). With Liselotte attacking the school Arata has to hurry up and figure out how to copy Akio’s magic as it’s his best chance at beating Liselotte. Sora comes out and tells him that she figured out the process of Akio’s magic long ago (and yet you wait to tell us now why?). Basically Akio’s magic is all about will the stronger a person’s will is whatever it may be will strengthen your magic. Akio’s magic is mantra control she’s able to strengthen the mantra in her body to make her body stronger and more durable (I bet a lot of guys wished they knew this technique for the bed). After learning all of this Sora takes a physical form becoming a loli silver-haired girl and Akio gives Arata her blessings and tells him to go and raise some hell. Arata and Liselotte have their fight where Arata manages to steal back his demon lord magic Liselotte stole from him and pushes her into a corner where all he has to do is touch her breast which will allow his mantra to flow into Liselotte and shut her down (how do we turn her on?). But Liselotte won’t go down without a fight so she unleashes her ultimate attack time control where she creates a dimension in which she controls time meaning she can make anyone freeze or move at her will (unfortunately you can’t interact with anyone in this dimension so Arata trying to strip the girls naked is a no-no). Arata charges at Liselotte where she freezes him and kisses him which is what Arata wanted her to do as he transferred all of his mantra onto his tongue so when that dirty girl went in for a kiss and sucked his tongue (man this girl really likes to get down and dirty. Can’t wait to see what she’s like in bed) she absorbed Arata’s mantra and has all the demon lord magic dispelled from her body leaving her powerless. Rather than finish her off Arata instead invites her back but as much as she would like to come back she unfortunately can’t because using the time magic comes at a price. The person who uses it has to remain in that dimension forever (but what about those sexy legs and body?). She sends Arata and Sora back where she thanks him for everything he’s done and Mira tells Selina to start teaching Arata how to control Logos Art so he can bring Liselotte back to their dimension (oh Mira don’t be so tsundere, just say you want your friend back no matter what). While the group talks happy about their victory (uh you guys did nothing this was all Arata) we see that danger is fast approaching from the West in the form of the organization Iscariot.

In episode 8 we see that Arata has become more diligent in his magic studies asking the others for advice and everything (what kind of crazy world have I entered?). Even Lilith is shocked by this and thinks Arata got replaced by a doppelganger (way to have the faith teach). Arata says he’s getting serious in his studies because he doesn’t want to lose anyone else (yeah you are 2 for 2 in terms of losing girls). Lilith impressed by his diligence and dedication decides to be Arata’s tutor in the art of magic. During this time we learn why the Trinity 7 is called the Trinity 7. It’s because all of their themas represent the 7 deadly sins (man manga artist love using the 7 deadly sins in their stories. First FMA, Nanatsu no Taizai, this, and many others). We find out that Levi is Envy, Yui is Greed (yeah she’s greedy in terms of plot), Arin is Wrath (I don’t see it), Liselotte is Sloth (I was expecting her to be lust), Akio is Gluttony (well she’s a glutton when it comes to dishing out punishment), Mira is Pride (makes sense), and Lilith is Lust (no wonder Arata wants to do perverted stuff for her. She’s a horny harpy). Now even though these girls have a different thema in truth their themas are the exact opposite of who they really are. So even though Lilith is Lust in truth she’s not really all that ecchi. The same thing can apply for the others; Levi expects nothing from anyone, Yui is very giving, Arin is a kuudere (I think she only has one emotion), Liselotte is anything but lazy (have you seen that girl’s body. Puts your dick in a wheelchair. Especially those legs), Akio is in great shape, and Mira will always accept help from others when she knows she’s outmatch or out of her league. Anyway, the headmaster assigns Arata the position of second-in-command for the school’s security with Lilith joining as his chaperone. The headmaster has done this because one it’s fun and two it’s because he’s sending them to investigate Linder Academy another magic school that was destroyed in the blink of an eye out of nowhere. He’s worried that Mira and Akio aren’t enough for this mission and scared for their safety (because he doesn’t want to lose two beautiful girls before he plays with them) so he has Arata and Lilith go with them as backup. When the day comes for them to go and investigate Linder Academy, as they’re warping there via Stargate (oh please send them somewhere that’s not a disappointment this time) someone interferes in the teleportation process so the headmaster has to send them there himself where they all get split up. Arata arrives with Sora and Mira where they see that the school is still standing and everything (boy talk about false alarm). They run into a fake Hijiri where Mira sees through the disguise and fights the faker forcing her to retreat and leaving Arata stunned.

Episodes 9-12 and OVA

In episode 9 it gets revealed that the fake Hijiri is actually the lliad fragment which was the Hijiri who was taking care of him in the fake world. She moved Linder Academy into another dimension where she plans to trap herself and Arata in for all of eternity because she loves him (wow she went yandere on us fast). She seals up Mira’s powers and does the dress break on her (ha! We finally got her) leaving Sora the only one able to fight. Arata retreats with the naked Mira now wearing nothing but Arata’s shirt (strangely this is hotter than her being naked) while Sora stays behind and fights Lliad where she lowers her guard and gets captured by her. Arata and Mira try to reach the center of the school where they hope to destroy the barrier and return the school back to reality. Along the way they have a heart to heart where Mira opens up about her past saying how she was born with amazing magical powers but was afraid to interact with others out of the fear of losing control of those powers and hurting other people (yeah instead of asking them for help you distance yourself from them and inadvertently harm them from a distance). This all changed however when she started hanging out with Akio who helped her out becoming her true friend and the one that inspired her to control and experiment with her magic to better understand it and control it (and all it took was one friend). They finally reach the center of the school where they find Sora and Lliad waiting for them. Sora and Arata try to work out a plan telepathically but Lliad figures out their plan, captures Arata, begins sucking magic out of Sora, and is about to kill Mira (okay Lilith, Akio, this is where you guys come out and save the day) but Arata loses control of his magic and becomes the embodiment of the demon lord candidate.

At the start of episode 10 Arata turns into a demon lord candidate and takes control of the dimension making it his own, freeing Sora, and giving Mira her magic back. Lliad becomes powerless before Arata (yes, kneel before his evil manliness) and the demon lord Arata tries to get Mira to join his harem (wow this guy moves fast. Show a little more subtlety). Of course Mira refuses and slaps the demon lord which allows Sora and Lliad to use their powers and return Arata to normal. Lliad admits defeat and tells Arata to go ahead and kill her but he refuses saying he owes her for everything she’s done and instead invites her to join him and she accepts becoming Arata’s second grimoire (man two cute grimoires and Trinity 7 all want him. There aren’t enough days in the week). Combining their powers, they destroy the black sun once again (scene here: Black Sun: You’re ignorant~) and return to reality where Arata collapses from overusing his powers and they’re rejoined by Akio and Lilith (where the hell have you two been? We had a major crisis on our hands last episode). They decide to rest in a safe location where Arata gets confronted by the real Hijiri who is now a member of Iscariot the group responsible for destroying Linder Academy and even though she’s become Arata’s enemy, she still holds feelings for him (the sexual tension can be sliced with a knife). Arata being Arata isn’t really all that surprised about Hijiri being his enemy and totally welcomes it saying that no matter what happens he’s going to save her (man every episode this guy just keeps getting cooler and cooler). Lilith comes to save Arata from Hijiri where Hijiri reveals that she’s at a much higher and stronger level than Lilith (from cheating mind you). Lilith realizing what she’s up against uses her body as a shield to protect Arata (you love him) and as Hijiri’s attack makes its way to them it gets blocked Arin’s magic cancelling scythe (looks like somebody ordered the deus ex Arin). The others show up and Hijiri decides to leave and attack their school.

All of episode 11 is just a fight between Levi and a new character named Lugh who’s working for Iscariot. The school gets attacked by Iscariot and the students are led to safety in Yui’s dream world (you know for a school that’s teaching students how to use magic, besides Arata and the Trinity 7 there are a lot of weaklings in this school). We get a good fight between Levi and Lugh with plenty of back and forth action and lots of close call moments particularly on Levi’s part. Lugh reveals that she’s inherited the power of a demon lord candidate (God, how many demon lord candidates are there? Seriously, the anime presents these characters as rare beings in the magic world yet we see these guys just keep appearing left and right. It kind of takes away the importance of this title) and finally gains the upper hand on Levi hurting her badly. Levi gets saved by Selina and (the somewhat) surprise return of Liselotte (alright sexy legs is back). She’s not back entirely, she instead possesses the body of Selina and fights in her place while Selina provides support and backup (it’s basically fighting two people at once). The tide of the fight gets turned in the favor of the Trinity 7 and the episode ends with the arrival of Hijiri in her demon candidate form and the arrival of Arata and the others with Arata landing on top of Lugh and squeezing her breast (scene here: God-like falling at work).

In the first part of the final episode Arata and the Trinity 7 take on Hijiri. Well in all honesty they just explain their magic and Lilith and Arata just shoot her with a power blast to beat her (very anticlimactic and rushed. And what was with the explaining of their magic? It’s just like Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, about half the anime is them explaining magic spells. Stop explaining and just show us already). After Hijiri is defeated she explains that when she got sucked into the breakdown phenomenon she saw the world’s future where Arata and the Trinity 7 have destroyed the world (and Arata has his harem so I say he broke even) and they recreate it starting a new world. It doesn’t stop there, according to her this scenario has happened in the past multiple times and will continue to happen (in other words they’re stuck in a loop. A loop where we all die and Arata gets his harem. Lucky bastard). That’s the reason why Hijiri joined Iscariot, to break the loop and create a world where Arata could be happy (I think he’s happy enough already). Arata says not to worry about it and Hijiri begins to disappear because her body got destroyed by the breakdown phenomenon but her spirit lived on. She turns into a crystal where she gets picked up by Master Linder who I assume is the leader of Iscariot and tells Arata that she’s going to turn Hijiri into the ultimate anti-demon lord weapon which Arata says to go ahead because in the end he’s going to save her. After that the second half is just Arata and Lilith going on a date in town (oh wow someplace new that isn’t a school. Thank you animators). Nothing much to say about it, it’s just them going on a date, enjoy themselves, and the others (besides Mira and Akio who work in a café with Akio as the chef and Mira as a maid) spying on them. At the end of the day Arata gives Lilith a protective charm as a way to say thank you and the others come out of hiding where they all decide to go eat to end the episode.

An OVA for this anime came out months later where Arata is in danger of expulsion because of his failing grades (he saved the school more times than I can count. Plus, this isn’t what I would call an ideal school. We’ve only seen one teacher and she’s the same age as the students. Not to mention all the common threats). The headmaster gives him a special assignment to avoid expulsion which is getting a special lesson from each of the Trinity 7. He does this where each one tries to tell him about their respective sins but each encounter devolves into a sexual or romantic situation between Arata and the girls. This OVA is kind of pointless and not really important. If you want to see Arata and the girls flirt with each other go ahead but just know that nothing major happens between them.

Final Thoughts

Trinity 7 has a good idea, setting, story, and characters but the main problem is that it never goes anywhere. We mostly just spend our time at the school with Arata flirting with the girls and them just talking about magic instead of showing it. I wish the anime would have shown more field work and Arata training on how to master his powers and showing off the powers of the others so we can get an idea that these girls are prodigies in the making and are in a league of their own but sadly we never really get that. The characters are great, Arata is one of the best male leads I’ve seen in a harem setting. Rather than just shy away or panic when he finds himself in a ecchi situation, he embraces it and tries to make the most of it. He’s open about his perverted nature but at the same time can be a gentleman and won’t take his actions too far. He’s also not one of these OP MCs who does everything right. He struggles and has his weak moments but remains confident, works hard to understand his powers, and make them his own so he can protect what he values the most. The girls each have their own personality and character which separates them from each other and have a different relationship with Arata which makes all of their interactions with each other all the more interesting to see and develop. While the magic and mythos in this world is cool, it’s not explained all that well at times and can be quite confusing and difficult to understand. It’s one of those situations where it’s better to show than tell.

The animation isn’t really all that special but the backgrounds are cool and creative. The soundtrack isn’t anything special either. It didn’t distract me from the anime but it didn’t offer anything either. Action scenes are way too short and get resolved way too easily for my taste. The fanservice for the most part is good because of Arata’s character but there are times where it feels needless and pointless in the scene. The character and story development are done horribly here. As I said before nothing gets explained all that well, it doesn’t go anywhere, it’s messy, and confusing to watch that at times I almost wanted to drop it but kept watching because I enjoyed the characters and really wanted to see the story go somewhere great but sadly it didn’t.

Final Score

The final score for Trinity 7 is a 6/10. It’s a mediocre anime with a good cast of characters and a good idea but just doesn’t go anywhere in terms of story and character. This anime is on the low spectrum of anime I would say for you to check out. It’s not bad, but I just don’t think it’s a good representation of the source material or a good entry point into the series. Instead, I recommend you check out the manga. The manga does a way better job at explaining the plot and characters as well as showing off the magic that they talk about in the anime. Over the years this series has developed a strong following of fans so it wouldn’t surprise me if a second season were to come out in the near future and I be open to checking it out. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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