Project #268: The Top 11 Hottest Anime Girls (2018 ed.)

Nitsuj. Valentine’s Day. Let’s do this. These are the top 11 hottest anime girls 2018 edition.

#11. Tsubaki from Soul Eater

Out of all the female characters in Soul Eater I think Tsubaki might be my favorite just for her personality alone. She is very accepting of everyone and everything around her. She manages to see the good in just about everyone and is patient with them. Just look at how she’s able to handle Black Star, any sane person would have killed the guy but Tsubaki sticks by him through thick and thin. Tsubaki is the kind of girl who just puts you at ease whenever you’re around her. Just one small smile from her is enough to make your day better. On that of all this she’s actually the most lustful out of all the characters in the series. That girl is thirsty and I’m all for giving her a drink.

#10. Risa Momioka from To Love-Ru–to-love-ru-revolution.jpg

Risa is often an overlooked character in the To Love-Ru series which is kind of a shame because she’s very pretty and fun-loving girl. She’s quite the seductress when it comes to Rito often putting him in perverted situations with her and doesn’t seem to mind letting him have his way with her. Whether this is her playing around or being serious is up for debate but one thing’s for sure, Risa is one fine lady that seriously gets overlooked in the serious and is a girl that can make any guy feel tight in the pants.

#9. Claire Harvey from Hundred

This busty tsundere from the IS rip off anime comes across as cruel, cold, and a bitch at first but when you start to get to know her, her family situation, and the stress of her life you start synthesize with her and want to help her out. As the anime progresses we start to see that she’s actually a kind person who cares for everyone around her and even start to see her as cute with a body that just begs you notice her. Claire may have started off as a bitch, but as you get to know her the more you start to fall for her and I’m okay with that.

#8. Yukikaze from Dog Days

The ninja/fox girl/goddess is definitely one of the hottest girls in the Dog Days series for obvious reasons. Besides being blessed with 3 tropes that everyone loves and finds hot, the girl has a great personality and a sexy body that would make any guy fall for her. Truth be told, she looks like a character who would fit in perfectly with Highschool DxD. She’s that sexy and good looking. I may have my own sexy fox girl walking around but a second one is more than welcomed.

#7. Yukihime/Evangeline from UQ Holder

Known as Yukihime to members of UQ but known as Evangeline to long time Negima fans. While the UQ Holder anime was a letdown, the one thing I will give the anime credit for is nailing the sexiness of Evangeline in her adult form. The vampire’s gothic Lolita appearance was cute and showed off her sadistic side, but her adult boss appearance in UQ steals the show and shows the beautiful and sexy woman Evangeline would have become if her body was allowed to age and I for one am impress. Whether she’s in her loli form or adult form, Evangeline is one sexy vampire with a sadistic side that you love and a caring side that you want to protect.

#6. Kaho from Blend S

Often considered the best maid of the bunch, Kaho is a girl you would love to hang out with and date. She’s a gamer (which automatically makes her a keeper in my book) with a great personality and a simple perspective on life. Out of all the characters she seems like the one enjoying life the most. She doesn’t care about being rich or famous, all she needs is a good game to play and she’s content with herself. I could really see myself hanging out and playing videogames with her for hours and never feeling bored or tired around her. She’s a girl who likes the little things in life and someone who’s looking a good game to play and someone to play along with her. An invitation I be more than willing to take.

#5. Chain from Kekkai Sensen

It’s hard to believe I missed putting her on the list for so long. Looking back, I always knew Chain was a cool and attractive character but the second season really hammered that home. With the second season focusing more on the characters and their personality, Chain finally got a chance to shine and made us all see how cute she was. What was once just another pretty face became everyone’s favorite girl in the fall of 2017 and I am okay with that.

#4. Medaka from Medaka Box

What’s the best word to describe Medaka? Ah yes, perfect. Perfect looks, brains, personality, everything about her just screams perfect and she backs it up. Medaka is like that unattainable fruit you once ate and now you want more of it. She’s a girl with this incredible aura that’s threatening but you find yourself being drawn to her and can’t help but want to be the one she wants. She may have an eccentric mind that’s hard to read at times but that eccentric side is part of her charm and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

#3. Cynthia/Shirona from Pokémon

Cynthia is hands down one of the best trainers in the series and in my opinion the strongest female trainer in the series. She’s beautiful, cool, smart, and the passion you would expect a champion to have. I love how when she’s not battling she’s just a regular girl but when she battles she shows everyone why she’s the champion and one of the best. I also like how she helps other trainers to become stronger. Yes, she’s the champion but at the same time she wants to keep growing and challenging stronger competitors. What better way to do that than by giving up and coming trainers advice on how to get stronger and then meet them again down the road for a rematch. In my mind I see Cynthia as a childhood friend you vowed to marry when you become the Pokémon champion and now here it is years later. You both have grown, she’s the champion, and now it’s time to make her see why she fell in love you. I know there’s a lot of other attractive female trainers in the series, but Cynthia definitely sits at the top for me.

#2. Yang Xiao Long from RWBY–rwby-cosplay-rwby-yang.jpg

Yang is the kind of person who would you teach you how to swim by tossing you into a lake while telling you to swim or die but would quickly come to save you if she saw you in trouble. At the same time she’s a girl who’s wise and smart for her age. She’s quick to realize her mistakes and make the necessary changes to make herself better. She’s a girl who knows how to handle herself and let everyone know she’s in charge. She’s not afraid to show love and compassion for her friends and family or brawl with anyone who gets her upset. She’s a dragon incarnated in the body of a beautiful young woman I would love to be with. I can see it now, she and I living in a garden of ecstasy with her as my queen and me as her dream. I’ll gladly be her bumblebee. If you haven’t fallen for Yang yet, than let her know and she’ll be glad to give you a reason to remember her.

And the number one hottest anime girl of 2018 is. . .
















#1. Utaha Kasumigaoka from Saekano

Hot damn do I love this girl. She has quickly become one of my dream girls. She’s a very complex girl that’s hard to read and understand at times but that what makes her so charming. Because she’s so complex and hard to read it makes it all the more worth while to finally tear away the veil and see who she really is as a person and when you do, you’re gonna fall for her even more. She knows how to tease guys, show restraint, be patient, and most importantly make the guy come crawling back to her. What I’m trying to say is, she’s an amazing girl who you’ll fall in love with easily. While Megumi may be the best girl for Tomoya, Utaha was everyone’s favorite girl in the series and definitely the hottest.

So that’s my list, did I miss anyone? There’s always next year. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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