Project #289.5: Shinmai Maou no Testament Departures

(Corbin): Hey-ho!

(Baron): Yo-ho!

(Corbin): I’m Corbin!

(Baron): And I’m Baron! Together we are the-

(Baron & Corbin): Jack Bros.!

(Baron): Your friendly mascots of Atlus.

(Corbin): Nitsuj is busy this week with reviews and other stuff so we offered to help him out by covering a side blog for him and taking a look at the Shinmai Maou OVA, Departures.

(Baron): At the end of the second season it was confirmed that third season would be released sometime in the future along with an OVA.

(Corbin): At the start of 2018, the OVA was released it was said to set things up for the third season as well as provide us with some over the top fanservice scenes that would make the anime look like child’s play.

(Baron): Well I think it’s no secret me and Corbin enjoyed the fanservice from the anime and had our expectations high for this special.

(Corbin): And don’t worry, we won’t pass out from snow or fire loss as we got these seals to keep us in check.

(Baron): Let’s see if they deliver and take a look at Departures.

(Corbin): Now the special starts off with the elders in the Hero clan talking about Basara and the recent events that have happened (I bet you old codgers are jealous) and not liking it one bit (you just jealous of his MC swagger). We then cut to Basara having a nice bubble bath with Zest (Baron: Easily the best girl for me. Oh~ that dark-skinned demon is welcomed in my room any day) where the others decide they want in to (hey I want a bubble bath with hot girls too. (Baron): How does he not get hard and ravage them). The fun unfortunately comes to an end when Maria releases too strong of a stimulant (no such thing as too strong of a stimulant) which causes the girls to orgasm (damn it, I wasn’t finish yet). After this, they eat breakfast and decide to go to a waterpark (it may be winter but that’s no excuse to halt fanservice) where girls wear skimpy swimsuits (Baron: And apparently the waterpark is filled with perverts as everyone stops to stare at them. I would do it too I won’t lie. (Corbin): I’d be rushing to the restroom). As they have fun Basara and Mio finally get some alone time with each other (Baron: Use your sisterly charm and make him fall for you Mio) where they come across Chisato also there to research the place for a possible school field trip (lies! You just wanted Basara to see you in a swimsuit). Mio gets jealous at Basara paying attention to Chisato so her curse activates and Basara has to make her orgasm. With no places to hide he jumps in the pool with her (no orgasming in the pool) and starts to fondle her under the water. Even when a few of their classmates stop by to chat with them Basara continues to play with her breast (man that must be some dark water. (Baron): I’ll say. How do they not see him fondling her?). They get swept away by a current and hide underneath a waterfall where Basara manages to bring Mio to ecstasy (she’s not alone). As they walk back home from a fun day they receive a message from the Hero clan ordering Yuki and Kurumi to return to the village and bring Basara and Mio with them (Baron: The battle with the heroes begins). Everyone is rightfully worried about this especially Yuki as she doesn’t want to see Basara suffer again and if they’re asking to meet Mio then chances are they have a trap set for her and everything. But all that mess will have to wait as Basara has a date with Chisato (Baron: Lucky bastard~).

(Baron): So the next day rolls around and Basara goes on a one day trip with Chisato (I’m amazed he got the other girls to agree to this). They go to an inn where Basara makes her feel so good that she lactates from her breast (Chisato’s got the milk everyone wants. (Corbin): It may not have vitamins, but it won’t expire on ya). Back with the girls Mio decides she wants to go to the Hero village not just to face the elders but to protect Basara, Yuki, and Kurumi. She may not know what they endured in the past but Basara is her brother (your stepbrother who wants to do all kinds of dirty things with) and Yuki is her friend (Corbin: I’m sure Mio wouldn’t mind her joining in on the dirty things). The next day Basara returns from his trip with Chisato (Corbin: Best trip ever) where he’s still unsure what he wants to do. He knows he has go to the Hero village in order to protect the others and his daily life but a part of him is afraid, afraid to face his past and is worried that he might not have the strength to protect Mio and the others (what’s with this heavy shit, go back to the fanservice). He gets approached by Lars who is now acting as a watchdog over Mio and warns Basara that he’s not afraid to wipe out the whole Hero clan should he prove unable to protect Mio (and this in turn will start another great war). Basara wants to prove that he can protect Mio as well as face his past so the two fight in the park where Lars literally makes Basara fight himself (Corbin: A physical representation of his inner struggle. He’s not just facing Lars, he’s facing the embodiment of his past, fears, and doubts). In the end Basara manages to pull off a victory and Lars accepts defeat trusting Basara to stay true to his world and protect Mio (oh he’ll do more than protect Mio). When Basara arrives home the girls are all wearing wedding dresses (they look so beautiful. (Corbin): And hot) to welcome him back saying they want to strengthen their family bonds which in turn will make them stronger physically. So they go to the orgy room (aka Basara’s room) and have a fun little orgy (*Corbin’s nose starts to leak snow* (Corbin): Uh-oh, the seal is starting to fall apart). After their night of fun, the special ends with them heading out in the morning for the Hero village together.

Final Thoughts

(Corbin): So that was Departures. Overall the fanservice is good and ecchi but it’s really nothing major in my opinion. It’s not that much different than the fanservice we got in the anime. There are a few cool scenes such as Basara and Mio making out under the waterfall and even the scene with Chisato was hot but they kind of get cool feet and don’t go all the way with them as they do in the novel.

(Baron): The story sets up the start of the third season which will obviously be between the Hero clan now that they’ve settled their dispute with the Underworld. The set up is good but the drama and dilemmas of them facing the Hero clan is pointless. I mean, didn’t they kind of face these issues in the first season and got past them? Why are they bringing them up again? Nothing has changed or nothing new has been added to the story so from a story aspect this feels pointless and unnecessary.

Final Score

(Corbin): The final score for the fanservice is a 7/10.

(Baron): I’m giving the story a 3/10. This brings the score to a 10/20 and averaging out the score we a 5/10.

(Corbin): If you liked the fanservice in the anime you’ll like it here and if you hoping to be impressed with the story you’ll be disappointed as nothing new gets added. All I can say is I’m looking forward to the third season. Just thinking about the ecchi situations they’ll provide gets my snow pressure rising.

*The seal of Corbin breaks and he gets massive snow bleed thinking about all the fanservice season 3 will provide and faints on the ground*

(Baron): *Chuckles* Ohh, what the hell.

*Baron removes the seal and gets a massive fire bleed before fainting to the ground. Both of the brothers stagger up off the ground to the desk*

(Baron): Thanks. . .for reading.

(Corbin): We’ll see you. . .next time. . .on. . .Project Nitsuj.

*Both of the Jacks collapse to the floor*

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