Project #289: Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin Soul Part 1

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. We’re entering the final weeks of the Sequel arc and it only makes sense that I save the best for last. Earlier this year I reviewed Shingeki no Bahamut Genesis an anime created by MAPPA which was surprisingly a big hit and help get the studio’s name known. Then they came out with a sequel in 2017 called Virgin Soul. Like most people I was surprised by this move. Did this series really warrant a second season? The first season ended on a good note with everyone’s story seemingly completed so what more could they possibly squeeze out? Despite all these questions I was the nevertheless interested and excited for the second of Bahamut and seeing all my favorite characters again. Let’s return to the world of humans, angels, demons, and world-ending dragons and take a look at Virgin Soul.

Opening and Ending Theme

The opening this time around is “Let it End” by SiM (a fitting statement for The Simpsons and Family Guy). I didn’t really care much for this song. It’s heavy metal all the way through which I have nothing against but I just couldn’t get into the song at all. The animation for the opening is freakin’ awesome though.

The ending is “Haikei Goodbye Sayounara” by DAOKO. This is another song I didn’t really care for as it just feels out of place in this series. In a series involving dragons, angels, demons, and mythical beasts, you would think they’re be a little more meat to the ending instead of a quiet song.

Episodes 1-4

The new season starts off with the angels getting attacked. Not by demons or dragons but humans (this is new. Usually it’s demons). Apparently, the humans have risen up against not only the angels but demons as well and are killing angels to gain the power of the gods and turning demons into slaves (wow, it’s like the world of Berserk only reversed). We than focus on a girl named Nina who works around a kingdom as a construction worker since she’s so strong (she puts all the other men to shame). We also see that she has quite the horny mind as she appears to misinterpret what most guys say to her (the curse of going through puberty). As far as time goes it’s been 10 years since the first season and the kingdom we’re in is ruled by this guy named Charioce who resurrected the kingdom after Bahamut’s destruction and began waging war on the angels and demons which earned him the support of everyone and Kaisar just happens to be one of the knights that works under him. Later that day we see Nina works also as a bounty hunter and crashes at Bacchus’s place (it’s a lot bigger on the inside than on the outside) even though she hasn’t caught a single bounty yet (you’re lucky you’re cute or I would have thrown you out). Once she hears about the rag demon a bandit who’s been going around killing slave traders and freeing demons, she decides to go after him and then send the money back home to take care of her mother. Kaisar sets up a trap for the rag demon in an abandoned church but the rag demon escapes and soon the knights are after him with Nina getting caught in the crossfire due to a mistake with Kaisar where the knights believe she’s working with the rag demon. She gets saved by the rag demon and is so overcome by his looks and touching a guy, that she turns him a dragon (scene here: Note to self: don’t make Nina horny or she’ll kill us). After her night of whatever delusional fantasies, she had, Nina wakes up in some abandoned area to the sight of Rita (alright, now show us Favaro and we’ll be all set to go).

In episode 2 Nina wakes up to the sight of Rita and find out that the rag demon is Azazel who bought the unconscious Nina to Rita in order to keep her safe. We find out that Nina comes from a dragon clan and left the village in order to find work to support her mom. Azazel and his partner Mugaro another demon who got his wings cut off and his windpipe crushed (ouch) find Nina and show her how demons are being mistreated by the kingdom and asks her to join up with them but she’s unsure if she should. Azazel keeps on pressuring her to join waking up the dragon within her (so many sexy boys around her and they’re waking up the dragon) until Rita comes in to stop him and she heads back home. Later that night Azazel attacks a manor of doctors brutally torturing and killing helpless demons (all in the name of science) and kills all the humans inside. Kaiser shows up knowing that Azazel is the rag demon and tries to get him to stop what he’s doing saying no good will come of it (nonsense, he just made this world a little more scum-free) but Azazel doesn’t listen and leaves where he gets into a fight with the Onyx Knights, elite soldiers, and Charioce’s most strongest knights. Using their magic suits of armor, they manage to catch Azazel but he gets saved by Mugaro who I’m guessing is really an angel based on his powers (scene here:

Not much happens in episode 3. We learn that Nina got trained by Favaro (I knew it, hopefully he shows up in the anime soon) and the angels are looking for Mugaro as apparently, he holds the key to their revival. Charioce takes matters into his own hands and lays out a trap for Azazel. He’s going to publicly execute every demon until Azazel shows up to stop him and sure enough Azazel shows up (it is a beautiful night to die). Kaisar not liking this whole arrangement and not wanting to see Azazel die tells Nina and the others what’s going and Nina rushes off to save him (scene here:

In the first half of episode 4 we start off with Azazel taking on Charoice’s army all in an effort to reach Charoice and kill him. He does a good job taking on the army all by himself, even when he gets blasted through a stone pillar he gets back up and keeps on fighting (don’t know if the guy has strong determination or if his drive to kill Charoice is that strong). He eventually gets blasted away into the streets where he runs into Nina who stops him from going back in fighting. After falling and landing on top of him (Nina, now is not the time), Nina orders Azazel to hug him and not having a choice in the matter he does (scene here: and she turns into a dragon where she goes on a rampage in the town plaza destroying it (scene here: and passes out naked where she gets picked up by the others. In the second half of episode Nina confesses to Azazel that whenever she sees a guy who makes her heartbeat (in other words gets her horny. Which is apparently every guy in this anime. Seriously, she’s so thirsty I’m sure she could drink up Lake Superior if she wanted to) she turns into a dragon and when she turns into a dragon she doesn’t remember anything (she’s like The Hulk). It’s because of this reason she refuses to join Azazel’s cause as she’s afraid she’ll cause him more trouble than good. But Azazel has the perfect solution to this problem, control her himself by sleeping with her (scene here:, sounds legit). Nina of course says no to this (where would you even insert it when she turns into a dragon?) and runs out of Rita’s office and through town wearing nothing but a bed sheet. After this Azazel decides to disappear for a while and leaves Mugaro in the care of Rita. Also, Mugaro’s mother is Jeanne D’Arc (she’s still alive?) who is being held captive by Charoice.

Episodes 5-8

Episode 5 starts off with us seeing that Azazel has created an underground army of demons and plans to attack on the night of the two moons using the power of Nina. While that’s going on we find out that Mugaro is a girl (impressive reverse trap) and is out shopping with Nina where they see a slave owner mistreating his demon slaves. Nina steps in to stop him and before she can take out his men, Mugaro uses her powers to remove the magic collars around the demons and free them causing the slave owner and his men to run away (all that bravado gone just like that). This outburst of power alerts Sofiel an angel who has come looking for Mugaro but she loses track of her and implores the help of Bacchus to help her find Mugaro before the humans do (if she’s going to this drunk for help you know she’s desperate). In another part of town Kaisar has tea with Rita where he unleashes all his pent up stress and problems on her and she responds by punching him (scene here:, good response) and telling him to stop being a whiner and do what he believes is right (yeah, the old Kaisar would fight for what he thought was right even if everyone around him said he was a fool). This act encourages Kaisar to go and face Charoice and try to get him to change his ways before we enter another war this time against gods and demons. But Charoice refuses to change his line of thinking because he believes that in order for humanity to survive they must become stronger than gods and demons (or just work with one and destroy the other) and he warns Kaisar that if he gets in his way he will be crushed. As for Bacchus he finds out that Mugaro is the one he’s searching for and his responds to this discovery is nothing short of funny.

In episode 6 the city gets ready for a festival where Rita will be serving her famous chicken-leg pepper soup (wow that actually sounds pretty good). While getting supplies for Rita, Nina runs into that slave owner from yesterday who’s come to make Nina his slave and he’s bought a bunch of hot guys to catch her (how did he know her weakness?). Naturally, because of the hot guys she doesn’t fight back and is about to get captured until she gets saved by Charoice wearing a disguise and calling himself Chris. This causes her to freak out and do her best rape face (get used to that. You’ll be seeing it all throughout the episode) and asking him to come see her at her stall the night before the festival which he agrees to do. While that’s going on Azazel has teamed up with a bunch of other demons and is planning to attack Charoice tomorrow during the festival’s parade but the plan all hinges on Azazel getting Nina to turn into a dragon (which shouldn’t be hard, just pop your shirt off in front of her). At night Charoice shows up and Bacchus convinces him to walk around with Nina in exchange for free food (jokes on him, I would have taken her around without the free food). So, they walk around the festival, eat some food, play some games, and dance with each other (with Nina surprisingly not turning into a dragon. Scene here: After their date is done and no longer able to control her emotions Nina runs away and bumps into Azazel who asks her to meet him at one of the towers tomorrow during the festival which she agrees to do before he runs away again. As for Nina she now believes she’s in love with Charoice (you sure it’s love and not lust?).

In episode 7 it’s the day of the parade and the demons have set their plan in motion to kill Charoice. During the parade they manage to cut off all his escape routes which means all they need is Nina’s dragon form to give them the edge they need to win. Azazel goes to get Nina, where he can’t get her heart to race (ouch, that has got to be a shot to Azazel’s manliness). Because she believes she’s in love with Charoice everybody else just seems like a normal guy to girl (scene here: You know, creating a plan where success all hinges on whether or not you can seduce a dragongirl, is not the best plan). Realizing the plan is a bust (you think? You demon wuss, you can’t even seduce one dragongirl) he goes to stop the attack but it’s too late the attack is in full force and the demons are getting slaughtered. Azazel makes it in time to save a few and now he’s standing face to face with Charoice to end the episode.

Things take a dark turn for the group in episode 8. The demons get killed, Azazel gets captured as does Nina and Kaisar for raising his sword against Charoice (he was an asshole, he had it coming. Scene here: Mugaro also gets captured by the gods and they return to Heaven with Bacchus and Hamsa getting locked away for keeping Mugaro a secret from the gods who plan to use Mugaro to regain control of the humans (they’re going to turn her into a second Jeanne).  The next day Nina and Kaisar get charged with treason and get sentenced to an underground prison but before they go Nina gives Charoice a piece of her mind (it’s funny because she doesn’t know this is the same guy she’s thirsty for). Nina and Kaisar get thrown in prison where Nina meets Jeanne but it’s Kaisar who hits the jackpot in the character department when he finds our favorite character, Favaro (scene here:, I like the beard).

Episodes 9-13

So, in episode 9 we find out how Favaro met Nina and how he wound up in this God forsaken prison. Favaro first met Nina in the dragon village (that was obvious) where she asked to be his apprentice in the hopes of earning money for her mother. At first Favaro says no but he eventually agrees to do it. He teaches her the ins and outs of being a bounty hunter and even made her turn into dragon after seeing him in the hotsprings (a wet Favaro was too much for her. Actually, I think a wet Favaro is too much for any girl). After finishing her training and leaving the village, he soon got caught by Charoice’s knights and thrown in prison where he’s been hold up ever since. Back with Nina, she befriends Jeanne and tells her about Azazel and Mugaro where Jeanne decides she has to escape and meet Mugaro and Nina agrees to help her out (we’re going to need two more bodies in order to escape).

Episode 10 takes us 7 years into the past (where for some reason there’s less color) where Jeanne was still the captain of the Orleans Knights however after attacking the gods she lost her holy power and is now a plain woman. Rather than runaway and live a secluded life (like a coward) she instead decided to dedicate her life to knighthood as a way to atone for her sins. Of course a few knights didn’t like being under the control of a woman (sexists) and once Charoice took the throne and severed his ties with the gods it was obvious her position within the castle would be in jeopardy. After refusing to renounce her faith Charoice stripped her of her title (I’m sure that’s not all he stripped her of) and she was forced to leave. She retired to the country where she got a nice cottage and one night gave birth to Mugaro which she named El (wow, the second coming of Christ. Never thought I see that in an anime). The two lived a good life in the country that is until one-night Jeanne hid an angel from the Onyx Knights and attempted to kill Jeanne for answers. This caused El to unleash her powers to save Jeanne and the two went on the run. Forced to hide in the city, Jeanne knew it was only a matter of time before they got captured but she at least wanted to make sure El was safe so she cut hers wings which severed her divine powers and dressed her as a demon slave to keep her identity a secret (hide a tree in the forest; hide a car in the parking lot; hide an angel child in a group of demons). The planned work as Mugaro was safe but Jeanne got captured and got thrown in prison (scenes here: and Well at least they didn’t burn her at the stake this time).

In episode 11 Jeanne and Nina begin their escape (jailbreak. Female edition). While that’s going on the gods have restored El’s divine powers as well as heal up his/hers (I don’t anymore. Hell, I don’t think even the anime knows) vocal cords so now El can talk. They convince El to fight against Charoice and free her mother which he/she agrees to do and the gods give Charoice one last chance to return that which he stole but he refuses to do it (I really don’t know what this guy is trying to prove. First, he enslaves the demons now he wants to start a war with the gods. Who are you trying to impress your alcoholic father?). Jeanne and Nina manage to sneak pass the guards and make it to the elevator shaft where just when it seems like they’ll escape Charoice shows up (ohh~ so close) and tells Jeanne about the coming war involving her child. He tries to get her on her side so she can convince El to stand down and calm the unruly citizens who are against the war but she says no and gets re-captured along with Nina who finds out that the person she danced with at the festival was Charoice and is heartbroken (her first crush is an asshole. Sorry kid. Also, does anybody else feel blue-balled by this climax? I mean we got Jeanne, Charoice, and Nina all in one area and nobody throws down. What the hell?). Jeanne and Nina get taken back to their cells where it seems like this is the end for them but lo and behold Rita shows up with the keys (escape back on).

In episode 12 Rita frees Nina and Jeanne and they make their escape fighting off the guards and escaping to the men’s side of the prison using the rail cars (well the men will be happy. I’m pretty sure they haven’t seen a woman in God knows how long). Once Favaro and Kaisar see what all the excitement is about, they decide it’s time to escape as well and Favaro uses Kaisar’s metal hand to blow open the cell door, freeing Kaisar, and grabbing the cell keys off the most likely dead guard (an exploding hand, not as great as the rocket fist but still cool). While our two parties are escaping, the gods attack the city and with El’s powers which drain the energy out of the human army, the gods overwhelm them easily (this isn’t a war, this is a massacre). This forces Charoice to use his newest weapon against the gods which is being kept in the prison where are two parties have finally met up just as Charoice’s device is being activated.

In episode 13 we see Charoice’s secret weapon Dromos a weapon of mass destruction that is said to have the same destructed power as Bahamut. Charoice created it from the stone tabs he got from the holy temples and with its power he’s able to knock out El and make the fight even again with just one blast. The blasts however blows Favaro and Nina away but she gets caught by Charoice (nice catch). With the sides on equal ground now the humans begin slaughtering the angels (they are going to Hell) and Charoice goes blind in one eye from using Dromos (I’ll just chalk it up to equivalent exchange). In order to protect her friends, Nina transforms into a dragon after forcing Charoice to hug her and we finally get to see Nina in her dragon form again where she takes out a golem knight and even beats a few magic knights as well (scene here: She turns back into a human and gets caught again by Charoice who cops a fell (scene here:, very nice catch). Rita comes in to take Nina away from him and she escapes with Nina and Jeanne in Bacchus’s carriage while Kaisar distracts the knights only to give himself up and captured (what was your plan again?). After the credits Rita leaves the carriage and heads back to the capital to look for Favaro (we just got him back and now he’s gone) and Kaisar. As for Jeanne, she wants to go the land of the gods and find El but she doesn’t know where it is. Nina says her grandmother might know so they set a course for Nina’s hometown.

Alright this looks like a good place to stop. So far the anime has been meh. There’s nothing too good in it but there’s nothing too bad in it either. It just seems to be telling a collection of stories which wind up colliding with each other and us seeing the outcome of these stories. So far I’m okay with this but we still have the second half to go and there’s plenty of time for this anime to either succeed or fail. Still, this season does feel unnecessary. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.

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