Project #293: Re:Zero Part 1

Previously on Project Nitsuj

(Nitsuj): This was not the way I wanted to start off the Isekai arc. I wish I could go back in time and restart the arc from zero with a much better anime to review.

(Seras): Oh I think I have just the anime to help you with that.

We now to return to current time

(Nitsuj): Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Well guys we have a special treat this week as Seras will be joining us and I gotta say I’m surprise seeing as how she herself hates Isekai anime.

(Seras): That’s not entirely true. I don’t hate Isekai anime, I just think they’re too happy and fun-loving. When characters get sent to another world they’re either overpowered or the chosen one sent to save this world from destruction. Also, the worlds are too happy and fun-loving. Why can’t fantasy worlds be dark and cruel? Isekai animes always explore the safe side and I think it’s high time they start exploring the dark side of these worlds like today’s anime Re:Zero- Starting Life in Another World. Based off a series created by Tappei Nagatsuki, Re:Zero shows us that Isekai aren’t always bright and fun, they’re dangerous and unforgiving. The series started off as a web comic in 2012 but was turned into a light novel in 2014 by Media Factory along with three manga adaptations. The series was a big hit, it added a whole new spin on a concept that was becoming redundant and with all great success an anime had to be made and who better to do it than White Fox (Akame ga Kill and The Devil is Part-Timer). The anime came out in 2016 and was ranked one of the best animes of the year. It was one of the most watched animes in Japan and outside of Japan with the viewership surpassing Yuri on Ice.

(Nitsuj): And in my opinion the second best anime of 2016 next to Drifters.

(Seras): Let me show you how to do an arc correctly. This is Re:Zero.

Opening and Ending Theme

(Nitsuj): Alright the opening is “Redo” by Konomi Suzuki. I thought the song was okay. I like how the song conveys the darkness of the anime, letting us know that this isn’t gonna be your usual isekai anime. It’s gonna be dark, scary, painful but at the same time interesting to watch. My only complaint is the vocals are a bit too slow for my liking and I wish they were a little bit faster.

(Seras): The ending is “STYX HELIX” by MYTH & ROID one of my favorite Japanese bands. If you liked their endings from Overlord you’ll this ending as well. Once again the song captures that darkness of the anime and the animation is beautiful to look at. Despite the animation just being still-frames, it looks great. While the song is dark there’s also a sense of hope in it as well. Like it’s letting us know that even though things are bad there is a way out of this mess.

Episodes 1-4

(Seras): So the anime starts with the main character Subaru voiced by Yūsuke Kobayashi (Tanukichi from Shimoneta) at a convenience store. Don’t be fooled though this guy is a NEET, he just left his house to get something to eat. Once he exits the store a bright light consumes him and he winds up in another world (Nitsuj: Wasting no time. I can respect that). So we get a quick view of the world by seeing it’s filled with demihumans and humans, medieval setting with magic, and Subaru can’t read the language of this new world (but give him credit he takes the whole parallel world thing quite well). While resting in an alleyway trying to figure out where the cute girl who summoned him is (Nitsuj: Yeah that’s a very good question) some thugs try to rob him as a girl thief carrying an insignia passes through ignoring them. Subaru tries to fight back and manages to get two hits in but they stop to beat him up and he gets saved by a girl named Emilia voiced by Rie Takahashi (Megumin from Konosuba) and her cat spirit Puck voiced by Yumi Uchiyama (Irene from the Asterisk War). After saving him, healing his wounds, and staying with him until he regained consciousness (wow that was very nice of her) Subaru offers to help her find the girl thief who stole her insignia. They search all over town and talk to various people but have no luck. They even help a small child reunite with her mother to put their minds at ease which leads to a store owner who says the girl they’re looking for is named Felt who lives in the slums (Nitsuj: I believe they’re called the projects). They go to the slums (Nitsuj: Projects. (Seras): Shut up) where one of the residents says that Felt might have sold the insignia to some shopkeeper down the road. Subaru goes inside to negotiate with the shopkeeper but finds the guy dead in a pool of his own blood (if it’s alright for me to take everything don’t say a single word). The person who killed him attacks Subaru giving him a serious wound and when Emilia comes in the killer straight up kills her right in front of Subaru (Nitsuj: Holy shit this anime got dark quick). As Subaru slowly dies he grabs Emilia’s dead hand and the screen goes white. After the screen goes white Subaru finds himself back in the market where he first entered the parallel world (Nitsuj: Holy shit, he can rewind time). He doesn’t know what’s going on but he goes to the place where Felt will make the deal with the killer and waits for her to arrive. He works out a deal with Felt voiced by Chinatsu Akazaki where he says he’ll give her his cellphone for the insignia which apparently in this world passes as a rare item called a metia. After bidding for the insignia against the killer (a beautiful yandere) Subaru wins the insignia back but once he says he plans on giving it back to Emilia the killer starts killing everyone and once again kills Subaru (God he sucks at this). Once again time rewinds and Subaru goes back to the beginning where he spots Emilia in the crowd and tries to talk to her but she doesn’t remember him at all (Nitsuj: Have you figured it out yet Subaru?).

In episode 2 Subaru finally figures out that he has the power to restart time upon his death (took you enough) which he calls “Return to Death” (Nitsuj: That’s silly. Resurrection of the Dead is way better). At first he decides to be an asshole and not get involved with the situation (*Chuckles and points crossbow at Subaru* yeah that’s not going to happen) but starts to remember how much Emilia helped him and decides to do fix it this time. He runs into those thieves again in the alleyway where this time he calls out for help and gets saved by an off duty knight named Reinhard (oh I can make him hard alright. (Nitsuj): Damn right you can). The two quickly become friends with Subaru asking Reinhard to find Emilia and have her stay away from the slums (Nitsuj: Pro- *Seras kicks Nitsuj in the head*). He then heads to the slums hoping to find Felt and negotiate with her before the deal goes down and he succeeds in finding her however they still go to Rom’s shop where Subaru begs Felt to give her the insignia when all of sudden Emilia comes in (and all the players have arrived).

In episode 3 a fight breaks out between Subaru, Emilia, and the killer whose name is Elise the Bowel Hunter (Nitsuj: It figures she would have a creepy nickname). Subaru tells Felt to run away while he stays behind to fight Elise with Emilia and she does that only to run through the streets begging everyone for help but they ignore her (wow, these people are assholes) except for Reinhard who hears her cry for help and goes to fight Elise himself where after much fighting they manage to drive her off and Subaru even saves Emilia’s life because he knew where she was aiming for, the bowels (Nitsuj: Well duh~ it’s in her name). With this Subaru has reached the good ending (took you long enough) however he did get sliced in the stomach with Elise’s last attack (Nitsuj: No! We are not repeating this again). Emilia heals him in time and decides to look after him for the time being. As for Felt, Reinhard knocks her out and takes her into custody (woah~, the girls 15. Wait 3 more years).

At the start of episode 4 Subaru wakes up in a mansion where he gets up, leaves the room, and enters the room of this evil loli named Betty who kills him from entering her room and he wakes back up in his room where he’s greeted by gothic twin maids (Nitsuj: That’s hot). He’s taken to Emilia and the two go to eat with the master of the mansion Roswaal who explains that the kingdom is in disarray right now due to the king and his family so the governors decided to elect nobles who would be worthy of being their new ruler (and in the process rule the kingdom through them). Emilia was elected as a candidate thanks to Roswaal and wanting to show his appreciation to Subaru for helping Emilia he offers to grant him anything he desires (Nitsuj: Go for the maids. (Seras): Take the mansion). Subaru asks him to hire him on as a live-in butler and he accepts. From there the maids Ram and Rem (Nitsuj: Adorable gothic twin maids. That’s like an automatic win in my book) give him a tour of the mansion where we learn that Betty is the librarian in charge of guarding Roswaal’s magic books which contain ancient and forbidden magic (such as making brooms come to life). Things seem to be going well for Subaru, he has a job he enjoys and he continues to make small talk with Emilia and even convinces her to go on a date with him tomorrow. However, tomorrow doesn’t come and instead he wakes back up to when he first entered the mansion (Nitsuj: It begins again).

Episodes 5-8

(Nitsuj): So after waking up at a new save point in episode 5, Subaru tries once again to reach the happy end. He does this by trying to make the events of his previous run through happen the exact same way (Seras: Isn’t that usually the opposite of what you want to do in a second run through? Shouldn’t he instead be trying to notice anything suspicious in the mansion or get a better understanding of those inside in the mansion?). This plan unfortunately doesn’t work out. Yes, he does become a live-in butler at the mansion (again, go for the maids) and near the end he convinces Emilia to go on a date with him but other that things change. The biggest change is that he develops somewhat of a friendship with Rem (the one with blue hair) who respects her sister Ram quite a bit and Ram begins teaching Subaru how to read and write the language of this world. On the night of his supposed death he stays awake waiting for his killer but instead starts vomiting and begins to feel dizzy. He searches the mansion crying for help only to have the left side of his body brutally torn off and his skull crushed (oh my God. (Seras): And the way they did this scene was perfect. This is the true nature of Re: Zero. It’s a tale of brutality and gore where there’s only a happy end or a bad end and if you mess up in the slightest you get the bad end. You’ve got to be perfect in your run through).

So in episode 6 Subaru wakes up once again in his bedroom with everyone not knowing who he is and starting over again (man, if this was an actual game, you would drive yourself insane trying to figure out what to do. It be great but you’d be ready to throw your controller through the TV). Realizing the attack takes place on the fourth night Subaru decides to use this time to figure out who it was that’s trying to kill everyone. We get a few new scenarios such as him and Puck making Emilia laugh, instead of becoming a butler at the mansion he instead decides to become a freeloader who lives in the mansion for free (Seras: Hey he’s learning) and tells Ram the story of the Red and Blue Ogre. The story is pretty sad, a red and blue ogre are best friends but one day the red ogre wants to be friends with a human village however they’re afraid of him, so the blue ogre attacks the village and the red ogre saves them thus becoming friends with the villagers. After seeing his friend happy the blue ogre leaves on a journey so the red ogre doesn’t get associated with him. When the red ogre finds out about this he cries bringing the story to an end. After hearing the story Ram calls everyone in the story stupid (yes, but which one is the stupidest? The villagers for being prejudiced, the red ogre for his selfish actions, or the blue ogre for his self-sacrifice where he got nothing in return and lost everything? You decide) and asks Subaru which one of the ogres he would like to be friends with. His choice is both of them and Ram takes her leave asking Subaru not to tell that story to Rem. On the fourth day Subaru pretends to go off on a journey and leaves the mansion but in truth he stakes out the mission for the assassin to come. He gets attacked by the assassin and we finally see who it is, Rem.

So in episode 7 Rem attacks Subaru not because she’s jealous of him or because she hates him but because he has the stench of a witch coming from him (oh that’s just cologne sweetie) which is the faction that is opposing Emilia’s rise to power. Subaru tries to get away from her but loses his leg and she begins to torture him for information (not gonna lie it’s a pretty gory and disturbing scene as Subaru really knows nothing but she doesn’t believe him and it’s even more painful for him because he spent so much time with her developing a bond and now she’s slowly killing him because she doesn’t remember anything about that run through. It’s like being betrayed by your best friend and getting stabbed repeatedly in the stomach). With tears in his eyes he finally dies by an air slice out of nowhere and wakes back up again to the sight of Ram and Rem where he freaks out (Seras: Well one of them did try to kill him so it’s understandable. The other one, I’m pretty sure that’ll be this run through). Emilia goes to check up on him where he gets the bright idea to tell her about his powers (yeah why he never did this sooner is a mystery) but finds that he can’t. Someone or something keeps him from telling her what he can do so he decides the best thing to do is to cut his ties with Emilia in order to spare himself the pain of possibly being killed by her. It’s at this point in the anime where we see that Subaru has been broken. All that male bravado, obnoxious talk, and cheerful smile he has is gone. He’s died 3 times already, hasn’t come close to figuring out what’s going on, and has experienced death 3 times. Even more if you count the last arc. The stuff that he has experienced should happen only once in a man’s lifetime yet he’s experienced it more times than a man should. It’s obvious he be going insane right about now (Seras: This is something not even I would wish on my worst enemies). Subaru receives a visit from Betty where they work out a contract in which Betty will keep him safe as long as he’s in the mansion. One night while sleepy he has night terrors from all of his experiences (yeah, I’d be having those too if I was in his shoes) where he finds a sense of peace when someone grabs his hands. He wakes up only to see that he’s in Betty’s library (Seras: Be quiet or she’ll kill you) and spends some time in there until the morning of the fifth day (he survived the 4th day. (Seras): We’re making progress). But this morning is met with sadness as Rem has died from that mysterious curse that killed Subaru the second and probably first time. Because of Subaru’s stench everyone thinks he has something to do with this and they want answers especially Ram who is ready to kill him with her wind slice (so you were the one who killed him). Subaru panics and runs away with Ram vowing to kill him. He makes it outside the mansion where he feels terrible at the ending he’s reached and wants to fix it but he can’t bring himself to commit suicide and just lies there feeling pathetic until Betty shows up and gives him the resolve to fix things. When Ram shows up ready to kill him he says he loves the both of them and jumps off the cliff to his death (oh this is going to hurt. (Seras): Alright, bring it around one more time boys).

Episode 8 starts with Subaru waking back up in the mansion to the sight of Ram and Rem and this time he greets them properly. Once again, he becomes a servant of the mansion and comes to the conclusion there are 2 conditions he has to do in order to get his happy end. First off, earn the trust of everyone in the mansion (Seras: You can’t just go with one sister, it has to be both. Plus the creepy clown guy). Second, defeat the shaman who attacks the mansion and unleashes that killer air (okay the first condition shouldn’t be too hard but the second one will be. We still have no idea who this shaman is and even if you knew who it was how do you stop him?). While resting Subaru learns from Puck he has the potential to use magic just like Emilia. His attribute, shadow (Seras: Makes sense. Stench of a witch and the ability to restart his life at certain save points. Definitely the arts of darkness. I should know, darkness is practically my element). He tries to a test run with Puck and uses magic but he loses control and uses up all the mana in his body. Later on he talks to Betty hoping to find a way to avoid the shaman’s curse but she says there isn’t a way. They then talk about Satella the Jealous Witch the most dangerous witch in the world who devoured the other six witches (each named ironically after the 7 deadly sins. (Seras): So jealousy is the strongest of the sins. Who knew? (Nitsuj): I still think pride is the strongest) and went on a rampage throughout the world until she was sealed away by a dragon, a hero, and a sage (what, no healer? How’d you guys win?). The next day Subaru engrosses himself in work all while trying to be happy, upbeat, and energetic but it’s clear he’s overexerting himself. His optimistic and over the top antics are him trying to cope with the fear inside of his mind. He knows that at any moment he could be killed and forced to start all over again and it’s driving him insane inside. After throwing up in the restroom he gets stopped by Emilia who allows him to rest on her lap (no matter what world you’re in the lap pillow is always there). He tries to keep the façade up and stay strong but Emilia’s words manage to calm him down and finally let’s out all the mental trauma he’s been keeping inside (scene here: (Seras): He needed this. (Nitsuj): Indeed). Subaru falls asleep in her lap and Rem walks in on them where Emilia tells her Subaru is a good person (Seras: A little perverted and crazy. But a good person). After that scene Subaru learns from Betty that in order for a curse to take effect the one casting the curse must touch the person they intend to curse. With this in mind Subaru now believes the shaman is someone in the village so he tells Ram and Rem he wants to go to the village and since they need to go shopping they say okay with both sisters deciding to go with him.

Episodes 9-13

In episode 9 Subaru goes to the village where he gets everyone to touch him including a little puppy who bites him (geez I wonder who the shaman is?). With this Subaru is now certain he’s been cursed and goes to Betty to get it removed where the curse was on his hand meaning that the shaman is the dog (Seras: What a twi- (Nitsuj): No. No it’s not. (Seras): Not even a little? (Nitsuj): Not even close). Subaru comes to the realization that if he’s been curse chances are the kids have been cursed as well so he rushes off to the village with Rem by his side where we see the children have gone missing (it was Kira. (Seras): Oh you always think it’s him. (Nitsuj): Because it is). Subaru finds their footprints heading into the forest which is dangerous because it’s filled with mabeast, creatures created by the witch. Normally the village is protected by a barrier but one of the barriers is broken meaning they can get in and out of the village. Subaru goes into the forest to save them and convinces Rem to join him where they find the kids in poor health due to the curse taking affect and one of them is still missing. Rem stays to use her healing magic to keep them alive until the villagers show up where Subaru journeys deeper into the forest to find the missing child. He finds the child by a log and goes to get her where one of the mabeasts attacks Subaru but he was ready for it and impales it on the branch of the log (damn son that was. . .brutal). However, this tactic doesn’t sit well with the other mabeasts waiting to attack (Seras: One down and only a hundred more to go). They all launch at Subaru to attack him but Rem comes in to save him and they fight their way out. Just when it seems like they’re about to be safe Rem gets hit with an earth spell and gets hurt badly only to get back up and grow a horn where she goes crazy on us and starts killing mabeasts like nothing until Subaru snaps her out of it but at the cost of getting attacked by the mabeasts and falling unconscious (no! You were so close).

(Seras): At the start of episode 10 we see that Subaru is still alive and back in the village where he’s safe (Nitsuj: Yes! We made it! Woohoo). He gets told that Ram repaired the barrier surrounding the village and that Betty and Puck removed the curses on the children so they’ll live (Nitsuj: Alright, this is a happy ending. (Seras): Not quite). But all is not well for you see Subaru is going to die in half a day. According to Betty the mabeasts planted a number of curses on him when they attacked him at the end of the last episode. There’s too many to remove now and their curses will drain away his mana until he dies (Nitsuj: We just can’t win). There is a slim chance to save Subaru and that’s to go back into the forest, find all the mabeasts, and eliminate them once and for all (Nitsuj: Well then you best call PETA because they’re about to add a new animal on the endangered species list). Rem wanting to save Subaru’s life has journeyed into the den of mabeasts and is going on a killing spree going crazy and everything (no fair! I wanted to do that). Subaru and Ram go into the forest to find Rem where we learn a little more about Ram and Rem. It turns out the two are in fact demons and in this world all demons have a horn which gives them amazing power however Rem really can’t control it. Ram lost her horn a long time ago but Rem still has her thus she’s the strongest of the two however Ram can still use wind magic. In truth the two really shouldn’t even be alive. Normally a demon has two horns but since they’re twins they each get one horn which is an abomination in the demon society (look at those freaks). Yet despite this they were allowed to live for some reason. After attracting the mabeasts to their location Subaru and Ram fight them in the hopes that it’ll draw Rem to them. Ram fights where she uses too much of her powers so Subaru has to carry her and run away (fight you bastard). After falling off a cliff Rem finds them and at first she attacks them but then starts fighting the mabeasts again. Ram says the only way to return Rem to normal is to hit her horn (Nitsuj: You sure about that?). Easier said than done of course but Subaru has a plan. He throws Ram at Rem and then while Rem is distracted Subaru will hit her. Of course he misses at the last minute (Nitsuj: Epic fail) and the ground erupts beneath him where he goes flying in the air but on his way back down he has a clear shot to hit Rem and save her (try not to miss this time).

Epiosde 11 opens up with the backstory of the twin demons. When the two were about to be executed as babies Rem begins to cry and Ram seeing and hearing the sadness of her sister (wow, only a few hours old and already showing a good level of intelligence) unleashes her powers for the whole village to see which amazes everyone. After seeing how Ram was a prodigy the two were allowed to keep on living where Ram’s powers continued to grow. Rem on the other hand showed no talent for magic and quickly became the black sheep of her family. Ram told her to leave everything to her and to just be herself but she didn’t listen and soon developed a complex where she wanted to like or better than her sister. So one night their village gets attacked and everyone dies except for Ram and Rem where Ram drops her guard after protecting Rem and gets attacked from behind where she loses her horn and Rem was secretly happy that she lost it. Sometime later they were taken in by Roswaal where Rem blamed herself for what happened to Ram and in order to repent decided that she would do all the things her sister did (in her mind she’s nothing more than a replacement for Ram). Back in the present we see that Subaru and Ram managed to save Rem and are now on the run from the mabeasts with an unconscious Rem and Subaru having a dislocated shoulder. Rem wakes back up only to see they’ve become surrounded and starts blaming herself for everything that’s happen but Subaru headbutts her calling her dumb and tells her to rely on people around her more (Nitsuj: Yeah because you seem like a reliable person). Subaru decides to take on the mabeasts while giving Ram and Rem a chance to escape (Nitsuj: No~! I don’t want to do another restart) and runs into the mabeast pup that bit him (you started all of this. You must die). The pup transforms into a giant mabeast and Subaru takes it on using his magic to blind it and stab but even that’s not enough to kill it (but, a certain clown man can do it). Roswaal shows and rains down fire on all the mabeasts saving Subaru and then he proceeds to kill all the rest of the mabeasts in the area saving Subaru’s life. The next morning Subaru wakes up to Rem by his side who still feels bad about what she did and still considers herself to be Ram’s replacement. Sure enough Subaru tells her that’s not the case and instead of trying to be like her sister just be herself and nothing more (scene here:

Nothing much to say about episode 12. Emilia has been summoned to the capital and Subaru tags along with her to say hi to everyone he met in the first few episodes. We find out the reason Emilia has been summoned is because they’re moving on to the next stages of selecting the new ruler of the kingdom and Emilia along with 4 others ladies are the candidates. We get to meet one of them named Priscilla who comes from a sheltered upbringing where everything was given to her and she seems to take an interest in Subaru. The day Emilia goes to the ceremony meeting with Roswaal leaving Subaru behind but he sneaks in as Priscilla’s knight where he bumps into Reinhart who reveals that the fifth candidate for the throne and the one that he serves is none other than Felt.

(Nitsuj): So in episode 13 we see that Felt despite being a candidate for the throne still has that charming personality we all know and love (some things never change). We see that she has no desire to be here but Reinhard is pretty much forcing her to do this. After that we get introduction to all the candidates. We Crusch a girl who has the pride of a warrior but has a dense and strict personality. Anastasia who runs her family’s company and enjoys doing things that benefit others while benefitting herself (she understands the ways of the world) and Priscilla. We see a few of the attendants aren’t too big on Emilia being there because she’s a half-elf and her appearance resembles that of the Jealous Witch but she refuses to let such a trivial matter stop her from becoming ruler. Subaru injects himself into the conversation by saying he’s Emilia’s knight (Seras: Well he can’t die so he’s perfect for the job). But another knight named Julius questions him and his resolve saying he’s insulting the honor of the knights and makes Subaru look like a complete fool who embarrassed Emilia in front of everyone (yeah, I’m starting to think he should have just watched in secret). Subaru gets escorted out of the room just as Rom sneaks into the room trying to save Felt only to get captured which forces Felt to take part in the selections in order to save his life. As that’s going on Julius challenges Subaru to a mock fight and he accepts where he gets the crap beat out of him (scene here:, I’m not surprised. (Seras): Yeah, this was a well-deserved ass-kicking. He insulted their pride as knights. The title of knight in this world isn’t something you can just outright give yourself. It’s a respectful title earned by those who have earned the trust of their master, have the power to protect their master, and have the strength to carve a path for their master while training both their mind and body. Subaru has done none of these things. He ignored Emilia’s request to stay behind thus betraying her trust, he’s weak and has no power to help Emilia achieve her goal and can’t create a path for her. He’s not knight or a hero, he’s a joke and without those powers of his he be about as useful as a dung beetle in a gun fight). He wakes up in a bed back at the manor where Emilia wants to know why he fought Julius (because he’s an idiot) to which he says he was acting stubborn and fought him for Emilia’s sake (Seras: No, you were being an idiot and doing it for your own selfish reasons). This leads to a very explosive scene where Subaru falls back into his old habits revealing all his actions in the past to save and help the others but because Emilia doesn’t remember any of them it comes across as selfish pleads from a broken man (it’s a very sad scene as no one is really at fault here. Subaru is having his feelings and reasons denied after everything he’s been through to reach this point and the person he cares so much about doesn’t remember it in the slightest. The stress and burden that Subaru has to carry is painful beyond belief and once again he reached his breaking point and just snapped). Emilia decides to cut her ties with Subaru and leaves saying she expected more from him and that she thought he would treat her differently instead of as someone special like everyone around her does.

(Nitsuj): Man talk about a dark note to end on. But I guess that’s this anime in a nutshell. So much to take in.

(Seras): Yes. Let’s take a break for the time being and resume this at a later date.

(Nitsuj): Good idea. Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj where we’ll review the second half of Re:Zero.

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