Project #294: Re:Zero Part 2

(Nitsuj): Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. We are right in the middle of the Isekai arc and are currently looking at Re:Zero. (Seras): Last time, we saw our main character make a number of bad choices but learn from them and reach the happy end. However, his latest bad choice might have just caused […]

Project #293: Re:Zero Part 1

Previously on Project Nitsuj (Nitsuj): This was not the way I wanted to start off the Isekai arc. I wish I could go back in time and restart the arc from zero with a much better anime to review. (Seras): Oh I think I have just the anime to help you with that. We now […]

Project #272: Onihei

(Yume): Hello, my name is Yume and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Let’s talk about a man named Heizou Hasegawa. Nicknamed the Onihei which means demon, Heizou was a police officer in ancient Japan. He was the chief of a special task force which specialized in arson-robberies throughout Edo. Despite being named the Onihei, Heizou was […]

Project #258: Akatsuki no Yona Part 2

(Seras): Hello and welcome back to Project Nitsuj. This is Seras along with her assistant Isis back again this to take a look at the second half of Akatsuki no Yona. (Isis): Uh~ co-host and yes, today we’ll be covering the second half of Akatsuki no Yona. Will our brave princess find the last dragons […]

Project #257: Akatsuki no Yona Part 1

(Isis): Greetings. Welcome to Project Nitsuj, I am Isis. (Seras): And I am Seras. The unlikely duo has returned. With a vengeance. (Isis): Nitsuj is in the middle of watching Arslan Senki and has asked us specifically to cover for him this week. (Seras): Why did he asks us? (Isis): He thought it be funny […]

Dawn of the Broken

*It’s Halloween Night in the Principality of Jack and the entire kingdom is partying in the streets as music plays, people dance and drink, kids get treats and play games. There’s excitement in the air as everyone prepares for the big magic tournament. We see that the AI girls are taking in the festivities with […]

00 Otaku OVA

*It’s the same day of the con only nighttime. After accomplishing their mission Danny has taken the group to a relaxing spa with hotsprings for the night. Tomorrow Nitsuj and his team will return to Cincinnati* (Nitsuj): Now this is the life. (Brian): Yeah, this has been one tiring day. (Danny): Hard to believe that […]

00 Otaku Part 29

*Nitsuj, Isis, and Yin-Yang are looking for Cole* (Nitsuj): Now where the hell did he run off to? (Yin-Yang): Don’t worry, I’ll find his trail. (Nitsuj): Since you guys are here I take it the system is back under our control? (Isis): Yes. Mira beat Elsa but she didn’t kill her. She’s on our side […]

00 Otaku Part 28

*In the system Mira has come face to face with Elsa* (Elsa): You’ve come. I’m usually the one working in the backgrounds and letting the others handle the physical work. But it looks like I’ll be making an exception this time. (Mira): That works for me. Get ready to kneel before your mistress. *A virtual […]

00 Otaku Part 27

*Now that Nitsuj and the others have the flash drive they are making their escape. The group manages to defeat all the guards in their path and making it back outside to the employee parking garage* (Brian): Come on! It’s just a little further. My car is just behind those bushes. (Seras): RPG! (Baron): Yeah […]