Project#119: Inukami Part 1

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Well guys today is a special day. No not because it’s April 1st but because today is Yin-Yang’s birthday. *Yin-Yang jumps out as streamers fall from the ceiling* (Yin-Yang): Yeah! (Nitsuj): Happy birthday Yin-Yang. So as a birthday present (and under contract obligation) I’m letting Yin-Yang be my guest reviewer. (Yin-Yang): That’s right. So what are we reviewing today master? (Nitsuj): Have you ever wondered what would happen if they mixed Inuyasha with Yu Yu Hakusho? (Yin-Yang): No. (Nitsuj): Didn’t think so. But Mamizu Arisawa thought about it and created the romantic comedy ecchi light novel Inukami. (Yin-Yang): Aww we’re reviewing a comedy anime and a classic one at that. How’d you know I wanted to review a comedy anime? Inukami when translated simply means dog god and is a light novel that came out in 2003 and ended in 2008. The series revolves around a dog god and her master fighting against various troublesome spirits to protect their city and earn money. (Nitsuj): The whole series is like what would happen if you took the slapstick romance of Miroko and Sango from Inuyasha and combined it with the spiritual and action aspects of Yu Yu Hakusho while also adding in your own comedy and ecchi moments to win the boys over. In 2006 the anime studio Seven Arcs (Dog Days and Sekirei) decided to turn the series into a 26 episode anime following the events of the light novel. This anime was one of the first animes I found outside of Toonami, 4Kids, and WB so it holds a special place in my heart as well as being one of my personal favorite animes. Let me hear you howl to your god and let’s get this party review started by taking a look at Inukami.


Opening and Ending Theme


(Yin-Yang): The opening for this anime is “Hikari” by Yui Horie. It’s a pretty epic opening. It sounds cool, gives off a sense of importance and seriousness as well as hope that whatever the characters are facing they’ll pull through in the end. (Nitsuj): Yep. It’s a misleading opening that fools you into thinking the anime is gonna be serious but in truth it’s just good weird fun. (Yin-Yang): The ending for this anime is “Yuujou Monogatari” by Aice5. This ending matches the aspect of the anime more. It’s lighthearted, cheery, and a little strange. (Nitsuj): The melody is quite catchy and upbeat that after hearing it you’ll find yourself humming the song throughout the day.


Episodes 1-4


(Nitsuj): The anime starts by telling us exactly what inukamis are, dog gods who by nature take on the form of dogs but can take on the forms of humans as well (so basically the opposite of a furry. (Yin-Yang): A reverse furry if you will). They are benevolent creatures whose job is to carry out justice and destroy evil with the help of humans called Inukami tamers who have been trained in the spiritual arts to fight evil spirits side by side with their inukami. After that bit of backstory we meet are two main characters for this anime. First up is Keita voiced by Jun Fukuyama (Lawrence from Spice and Wolf) a boy in his teens years who comes from a long line of Inukami tamers and uses talismans shaped like frogs to fight and his partner Yoko voiced by Yui Horie (Milhi from Dog Days) a beautiful inukami with an amazing body (that’s actually realistic), has the power of fire and teleportation, and who openly has a crush on Keita. Yoko wants to go on a flower viewing date with Keita but he says no because he’s dedicated to his job of protecting the city from evil (such nobility from such a young man. (Yin-Yang): Yeah I’m gonna call bullshit right now). He then leaves his tiny apartment to patrol the city leaving Yoko behind where instead of patrolling he instead tries to hit on school girls because he wants to go on a date with a normal girl (you are a fool. You have a hot dog girl right in front of you begging for your dick and you choose to ignore her? I should kill you where you stand). Yoko figures out what he’s up to and as punishment for being unfaithful to her she teleports him out of his clothes and drops him in the middle of the city for everyone to see his elephant tusk (yeah, apparently this anime found a loophole in the censorship laws. If you wanna show a dick in an anime all you gotta do is put a poorly drawn elephant over it and all your problems will be solved. Did I mention the author for this series was a female?). Keita gets arrested and thrown in jail seeing as this is the seventh time he’s been caught streaking in the city (7th time!? Man Japan’s law are pretty lenient. Do this in the states and I’m pretty sure that would have landed you a few days in jail). In jail we meet the Citizens of Darkness people who are considered “outside of society” (Yin-Yang): Basically perverts). We have Boss an underwear thief and Peeping Doctor a voyeur who likes to dress fancy (there are other citizens but we’ll get to them as the series goes on). Yoko stops by to check on Keita who is still naked (give the man some clothes, nobody wants to see that. (Yin-Yang): Oh sure when a man is naked you want to cover him up but when a woman is naked you say show us more. Hypocrite) and so does a new character named Shiro a spiritual investigator who frequently ask Keita for help (and is secretly a pervert but denies these claims extremely). The spirit of a dead novelist has been attacking couples in the city out of jealously and loneliness (have you heard of online dating?) and Shiro wants Keita’s help to capture him. Before his death he found a book that turned him into a powerful overlord spirit, now he roams the city attacking couples and letting them experience his pain. Shiro wants Keita and Yoko to pose as a couple and drag him out of hiding and then take him down (Yin-Yang: Simple. But brilliant. (Nitsuj): Sometimes the best plans usually are simple). At first Keita says no (again, you are a fool for not wanting to date Yoko) but once he finds out that the spirit has the power to make people naked he accepts the request. The next day Keita and Yoko go on a date acting like an actual couple until the novelist shows up naked (the author has an esteemed interest in the male body doesn’t she) to interrupt them. The novelist runs through the city naked until finally Keita and Yoko catch up to him and he unleashes his powers which only effect males which disappoints Keita (I’m with Keita I feel disappointed as well). Yoko is scared to finish him off because he’s a pervert (Yin-Yang: You live with a pervert what’s the difference? (Nitsuj): Well think of it this way. Would you rather live with me or the Jack Brothers? *Jack Frost appears leaning against the wall* (Jack Frost): Hey there wolfie *winks*. What beautiful eyes you have. (Yin-Yang): All the better to ignore you *throws a kunai at Jack Frost barely missing him* (Jack Frost): Ohh~ tough. I like that in a woman). Once the novelist starts going off about hating couples Keita comes in to reveal three flaws with his plan. First off, no woman would dislike the naked body of the guy they love (Yin-Yang: That’s questionable). Second, if you’re gonna strip people make sure their women (true). Third, Keita strips to make his beam useless and show him that he’s not a shame of his body (and apparently neither is the author). With this Yoko is able to defeat the novelist by just saying he’s got a nice dick and that allows him to pass on peacefully. The day is saved and Keita gets thrown back in jail for being naked in the city again.


We start off episode 2 by finding out that Yoko has a fear of dogs (an inukami afraid of dogs. That is both sad and funny). After her panic of being near a dog, another inukami named Hake the inukami of Keita’s grandma, Kayano, shows up with a request. Kayano wants Keita to aid an old monk at a temple who’s battling a curse. Keita and Yoko arrive at the temple where we find out that the macho loincloth wearing university men (nightmares) of the karate club have been possessed by the spirits of dead puppies and are now acting like puppies. The only way to have them pass on is for Keita to play with them and give them that skinship they never got to have when they were alive (and in the process give Keita and me a traumatizing experience. What were they smoking when they made episode?). So Keita does the (disturbing) skinship with them making them happy and allowing them to pass on happily to the afterlife (we shall never speak of this episode again).


Episode 3 introduces us to 10 that’s right 10 new inukami. These 10 inukami are known as Karou’s pack (or bitches seeing as how they’re all female) and belong to Karou, Keita’s better looking, smarter, and talented cousin who we won’t be seeing until episode 13 (Yin-Yang): Busy man). We have Senden (the leader), Tomohane (the youngest one), Igusa (the shy one afraid of men), Tayune (the strong one), Gokyoya (the doctor), Furano (the perverted shrine maiden), Tenso (the quiet one who can draw), Imari and Sayoka (the twins), and finally Nadeshiko (the pacifist maid). The girls have received a request from Hake who is actually Senden’s older brother (I don’t see the family resemblance) from Karou who as you would imagine all the girls there have a crush on him. Their job is to exterminate a water spirit that has been threatening an indoor waterpark. While that’s going on we see that Keita has requested Hake’s help in dealing with Yoko who does nothing around the house accept eat, sleep, make a mess, and occasionally get Keita arrested (you know lady if gonna treat Keita like a bitch the least you could do is sleep with the guy. Also why does this sound like my relationship with you and the others? (Yin-Yang): Hey we help around the house. We just refuse to do the chores you want us to do and do the things you want us to do). Keita and Yoko receive a call from the pool manager to also take out the water spirit and once there Keita hits on Karou’s inukamis minus Nadeshiko who didn’t go because she doesn’t like fighting (didn’t you say you wanted to date normal girls you damn hypocrite). We see that Yoko knows the others and has a bad relationship with them (girl fight in the pool). The water spirit shows up and gets defeated by Keita and Yoko (Water spirit: No! I never got the chance to do the tentacle rape. What a meaningless life I’ve led). When they go to collect the reward it turns out the pool manager called Keita by mistake (understandable) and Yoko gives the reward to Karou’s pack feeling embarrass and upset and takes her leave with Keita where he tells her that she didn’t destroy the water spirit she just turned it into steam and once the steam begins to condense it’ll return to water reviving the water spirit (in other words you fucked up). Karou’s pack figures this out and they combine their powers to defeat the spirit themselves with Nadeshiko showing up to give a proper prayer to the spirit while the others bad mouth her for being a weakling and coward (Yin-Yang: And because they’re jealous that Karou always talks to her and not them). Hake sees this and decides that Nadeshiko needs a little time away from the others so that they’ll learn an important lesson about teamwork and respect so he sends Nadeshiko to Keita’s place to serve as Keita’s temporary inukami as well as be a role model for Yoko to become a better inukami.


Not much happens in episode 4. Nadeshiko comes to stay over at Keita’s place for a week where she steals Yoko’s thunder (well she did nothing around the house so she really had no thunder to steal. (Yin-Yang): Shots fire). Nadeshiko cleans the place up, does the laundry, and cooks meals perfectly even earning the affection and attention of Keita which makes Yoko extremely jealous (ahh~ jealousy, the Achilles’ heel of women everywhere). While that’s going on Karou’s pack takes advantage of this opportunity and tries to get Nadeshiko to stay with Keita and have Karou all to themselves (he’s not a machine girls he can’t take all of you on no matter how much you want him to) so they keep her under surveillance and see that things are going well as Nadeshiko seems happy being with Keita and Yoko seems to be warming up to her but they think Yoko might try something so they call her out for a bitch fight in the junkyard (alright ladies I want a good dirty fight. So let’s have plenty of hair grabbing, clothes ripping, and mud wrestling between you. Let’s get it on. (Yin-Yang): You have series problems. (Nitsuj): So I’ve been told). Nadeshiko finds out about the fight and tells Keita about it where he does nothing about it and just sits at home reading the paper angering Nadeshiko (its call trust. He knows Yoko doesn’t need his help). Sure enough Yoko doesn’t need Keita’s help as she easily beats Karou’s pack in a pretty intense fight scene not even breaking a sweat in this 9 on 1 battle. Even when the pack turns into their dog forms they’re still no match for Yoko (man how weak is Karou’s pack to get owned like this?). This is all because Yoko is a strong fighter who doesn’t need others to fight beside her. The others are all weak and can only wield tremendous power when they all combine thus they need each other to match Yoko. Nadeshiko makes it to the fight and steps in to protect the others from Yoko who retreats saying that Nadeshiko is stronger than any of them. The episode ends with Yoko returning home to Keita resting on his lap and Nadeshiko nursing the others who apologize for mistreating her.




Episodes 5-9


(Yin-Yang): In episode 5 we see how Keita and Yoko became a team. At the beginning when they first became a team we see that Yoko wasn’t all that interested in partnering with Keita even when he made his contract with her. Instead she just used this contract to leave the mountains and run off to the city to have fun which is bad because they never completed the contract with each other and as a result these creepy spirits are hunting Keita trying to take his soul because his spiritual powers are starting to weaken. Hake gives Keita a small puppy to scare Yoko and after Keita confronts Yoko in the city he shows her the puppy scaring her to the point of tears (Nitsuj): Aw man now he looks like the bad guy). He puts the dog away and apologizes for scaring her and she apologizes for acting selfish (wow, she actually admitted her mistakes. That’s pretty rare for a girl in a harem anime). The evil spirits show up and in order to get Yoko’s help she forces Keita to make a vow that he will remain loyal to her and be hers (she’s marking her territory). With their contracts complete Kieta gets a dog collar around his neck and Yoko gets Keita’s silver frog necklace and they beat the evil spirits (and then the two went on to star in a popular slapstick comedy ecchi anime. They had wild adventures that were both funny and good).


Episode 6 centers around Tomohane who’s still upset about her lost to Yoko in episode 4 and wants revenge so she bakes a cake filled with a powerful laxative to give to Yoko (that’s quite the disturbing thought). She goes to Keita’s place only to see that Yoko has gone to a medical center with Nadeshiko for a check-up and Keita eats the whole cake (clear the room. Also that can’t be healthy to eat an entire cake). Just as Keita finishes the cake Shiro comes in requesting Keita’s help to capture a mujina a small demon ferret-like creature that has the power to bind people to objects. Keita and Tomohane try to catch it but the creature binds the two together and binds Shiro to Keita’s bed. To make matters worse (or funny in this case) the laxative starts to kick in and Tomohane has to go into the bathroom with Keita (man talk about bad karma. (Nitsuj): I prefer to call it poetic justice). Using Tomohane’s tracking abilities they manage to find the mujina in the supermarket where Senden, Tayune, and Furano are shopping and join in the hunt for the mujina (tally-ho~) where they and Shiro get stuck to Keita as well and Shiro lucks out having two hands full of titties courtesy of Tayune and Furano (Shiro is ecchi. (Nitsuj): And the man). Luckily Tomohane is free and once again to make matters funny Keita has to use the restroom again and his butt is attached to Shiro’s butt (may God have mercy on his soul and the soul of the others). This leaves only Tomohane to catch the creature where she chases it around the city all day until finally saving it from getting crushed by trains by flying for the first time pass the moon (Joke 1: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Supermutt. Joke 2: Tomohane phone home. Choose your joke) where she faints and falls into the river only to be saved by Keita. She apologizes for all the trouble she caused and is given the mujina which she names Maro. Yoko returns to see Keita cheating on her and punishes him with a frying pan to the face (that’s so classic) and Tomohane gains a new found respect for Keita saying he’s similar to Kaoru (oh so Kaoru’s a pervert too? I guess it runs in the family).


In episode 7 Keita and Yoko go to a hotsprings to eliminate a bunch of evil spirits who have been destroying the place looking for gold. Yoko is disappointed because she was looking forward to a relaxing vacation/date with Keita (Nitsuj): Why he would rather work than date Yoko is beyond me but hey I’m just looking at IT from a third-party perspective). We see that Nadeshiko and a few of the others from Kaoru’s pack are on a relaxing vacation there as well and once Yoko sees Keita hitting on them and ignoring her jealousy sets in and Yoko decides to punish him by taking his clothes from the hotsprings forcing him to climb the building naked. While Yoko is watching from the roof she senses someone watching her and tells him to come out (or she’ll bark, and she’ll growl, and she’ll burn the building down). She turns around to see the person watching her is Tomekichi “the traveling cat”, a two-tailed nekomata who is traveling Japan searching for a statue of Buddha that belonged to a priest long ago who took care of Tomekichi (quite noble for a cat. I guess they’re not so bad after all). Tomekichi believes that statue is somewhere on hotel grounds but he says he’s not the one who’s been digging up holes in the area (if you’re lying I’m cutting off one of your tails off). Keita finds the creatures responsible for all the holes which happens to be the spirits of a greedy old couple who lost their money gambling and are now looking for a treasure they buried here long ago (and yet I find this couple unlikable). They possess Keita and have him dig through the area searching for the treasure and once they trample over Yoko’s emotion she burns them off of Keita returning him to normal (never scorn a woman’s heart especially if that woman is a dog god who has the power of fire at her disposal. (Nitsuj): Or an AI girl who was trained in the ways of the ninja. (Yin-Yang): That to). Combining the maps of Tomekichi and the greedy old couple the group manages to find where the treasure is buried along with the Buddha statue and solve the case. The episode ends with Keita giving Yoko that message, trimming, and brushing she was looking forward to during the trip.


Episode 8 starts off with Yoko teasing the male viewers. After that we take a right turn into Crazy Town thanks to a new character named Naoki a senpai at Keita’s high school (he goes to high school? Could of fooled me) who is a hardcore otaku and cosplay maniac who comes across as either completely insane or just a psychopath who escaped from the mental ward (Nitsuj: Whatever he is he’s hilarious in my book). After seeing Yoko he wants her to become his model in his doujin (Nitsuj: Good this series needs a doujin) not because of her good looks but because of her amazing tail (Nitsuj: It does make her more attracted. I don’t know why it just does) because it resembles the tail of a tanuki (and you just committed suicide Naoki). This insults Yoko and she attacks him returning home where Keita tries to convince her to be a model for Naoki’s doujin because he sold her out for a week of free pastries (cheap). Before Yoko has the chance to punish him Tomekichi comes in cosplaying because of a mechanical rooster that’s been following him around who has the power to put people in random cosplay outfits. The rooster puts Keita and Yoko in cosplay outfits and when Naoki comes in it also puts him in a schoolgirl outfit much to Naoki’s pleasure. Naoki than takes the rooster into town marching in the streets wearing a schoolgirl uniform (like a boss) putting everyone into random cosplay outfits until Keita finally catches up to him and takes him on in one of the most ridiculous fight scenes ever. After the fight Naoki takes his leave admitting defeat and gives the rooster to Keita just in time for Shiro to arrive onto the scene wearing a schoolgirl outfit and braids looking like a pervert (again, like a boss). Shiro explains that the rooster is a devil toy created by Sekidosai a powerful magician long ago and it his life duty to find all of these devil toys since Shiro is a descendant of Sekidosai.


Episodes 9-13


In episode 9 Kaoru’s pack senses the presence of a pervert in the mansion (the shadows have eyes). Worried about them Kaoru ask Keita to come over and watch over them for a short amount of time (oh sure send a pervert to watch your girls. That’ll make them feel safe. Better to see a pervert out in the open than to have him hide from them. (Nitsuj): Sometimes in order to catch a pervert you need another pervert. (Yin-Yang): That’s the stupidest plan I’ve ever heard. (Nitsuj): Yes. A plan so stupid it’s bound to work in the end. (Yin-Yang): Where does your logic come from?). Yoko shows up as well and the girls work out in agreement that if Keita does any sexual harassment to them he’ll be thrown out of the mansion (you want the pervert to not sexually harass you? You be better off asking for world peace). So Keita vows not to sexually harass anyone as long as he’s there and he follows through with it by not doing anything to them even when the girls tempt him by hanging out their underwear to dry and even pretend to be in the bath to get him to peep on them (you guys know you don’t have to trick him. Just go about your daily life and he’ll slip up on his own. Its common logic for anime perverts). He does win over their favor one by one being nice to them and actually catching the perverts who have been spying on the girls in the mansion Peeping Doctor, Boss, and a new character named Chief Clerk your basic salaryman who is a huge masochist and goes around in bondage begging people to punish him (ladies and gentlemen meet the 3 Perveteers). Yoko gets rid of them and Keita manages to earn favor with Igusa by saving her art book. After this incident Keita soon earns the favor of everyone else slowly until eventually only Yoko is the one who thinks Keita is plotting something (man even the guy’s own inukami doesn’t trust him. That’s gotta speak volume to his character). Yoko decides to leave feeling defeated and Keita finally shows his true colors by showing us that it was all an act to get Yoko out of the way and be alone with Kaoru’s pack. With Yoko gone and the girls taking a bath Keita decides to indulge himself in sexual harassment delight by joining them only to find it was a trap set up by the girls (you were so close buddy. So close). This results in the girls punishing him by whacking him with a frying pan. This results in Keita getting thrown out of the house but Karou’s pack does admit they had fun with him (even when the guy loses he finds a way to win) and Yoko admitting that she likes the perverted Keita.


Episode 10 serves as backstory into how Hake and Kayano became partners. We find out that before Hake met Kayano he was bored with life. He saw it as bleak and uneventful (Nitsuj: Well you live on a mountain with no TV or internet so it’s normal to be bored). One day when Kayano was a lot younger (hinted to be around the age of Keita) she went into the mountains on a non-contract day to ask the inukamis for help. A shinigami one of the most powerful demons in the world threatens to kill Kayano’s best friend and she wants the inukamis to help her fight (it’s a character from Bleach attacking your friend isn’t it?). The inukamis are all afraid and refuse to help her soshe takes her leave saying she’ll face the shinigami herself even if that means giving her life in the process she’ll fight and die with no regrets (there goes a badass grandma). Hake impressed by her determination forms a contract with her and becomes her inukami in exchange for her necklace bead. With this contract the two defeat the shinigami and form a bond of friendship that has lasted for years.


(Nitsuj): Not much happens in episode 11. Keita is ask to participate in a fighting tournament (yeah now they’re ripping off Dragonball Z) and gets possess by a spirit which puts him in an eternal sleep. The girls try their best to wake him up but nothing seems to be working. However, even in his sleep form Keita participates in the tournament and wins all of his matches by luck (the sleepy fist fighting style is not to be underestimated). They finally figure out that Keita was possessed by a spirit and save him just in time for the final match of the tournament where he loses to a pink teddy bear.


In episode 12 Keita and Yoko come across their biggest threat yet. A shinigami (// (Yin-Yang): Gaze into the eyes of darkness). The daughter of a zaibatsu family made a deal with a shinigami in order to get out of poverty (and making a deal with the most evilest spirit in the world was your answer? Try hardwork next time). The contract setup between them and the shinigami is that on the 20th birthday the head house will die at the hands of the shinigami. The daughter, Kei, will be turning 20 the next day (which shocks Keita and Yoko because she looks like an elementary or middle school girl. That, and she carries a teddy bear around wherever she goes. You’re 19, if you want people to start taking you seriously lose the bear) and for years her family has done everything in their power to defeat the shinigami by hiring soldiers and fighters across the world but each of them failed and met their end at the hands of the shinigami. Even Kei’s parent ultimately met their end protecting their daughter from the shinigami. After being promised a huge reward and wanting to protect Kei, Keita agrees to the job and the Shinigami known as Sea of Violence makes his appearance with fireworks, a small stereo playing his music, and flying upside down (clearly we are dealing with an idiot of evil here folks). After being told he’s one day early he takes his leave feeling embarrassed but Keita and Yoko decide to face him anyway where we see that despite his comedic antics earlier he is a very skilled and dangerous creature. He has the ability to copy the fighting styles of his opponents so whatever Keita does doesn’t surprise him at all and he’s able to counter attack with ease (man this guy’s full of surprises). He also uses his powers to show Yoko her worse fears (Keita doing it with from some other inukami?), dogs and lots of them. After having his fun he uses his powers to destroy part of the mansion keeping everyone alive as stated in their contract not to kill anyone until Kei’s birthday (say what you want about the guy he follows through with his contracts). Despite being beaten brutally and overpowered Keita gets back up and swears that the next day he will defeat Sea of Violence and save Kei (good luck with that. You’ll need it).


The next day comes in episode 13 and this time Keita is prepared. He gets the butler Sebastian (it’s always Sebastian and no it’s not the one from Black Butler otherwise this whole mess would have been resolved by now) to have the fight in a blimp where Keita will fight Sea of Violence in a boxing match while Kei and Sebastian parachute to the ground below where Kaoru (yes we finally get the chance to see him, //, (Yin-Yang): I can see why the girls like him. Hard to believe this gentleman is related to Keita) and his inukami along with Hake and Kayano are waiting to protect her should Keita fail. Sea of Violence shows up and Keita puts up a barrier trapping him in the ring with Sea of Violence (Hell in the Cell bitches) with the only way out is Keita dying (let’s get ready to rumble~). The match begins with Sea of Violence quickly gaining the upper hand (yer gonna crap thunder and puke blood) and beating the crap out of Keita until Keita starts cheating and using his frogs to fight (Yin-Yang: The frog is mightier than the punch). He loaded his boxing gloves with his frog charms so every time he hits Sea of Violence a powerful explosion strikes him injury the body. He even planted frogs in his pants to be used as a weapon (and he’s naked again. This guy’s an exhibitionist). As the blimp begins to go down Sea of Violence begins to pummel the now exhausted Keita until Yoko enters the ring and reveals her true form a form so terrifying that even Sea of Violence runs in terror of it. Yoko takes her true form which isn’t even a dog but rather a fox and destroys Sea of Violence as well as get Keita to safety before the blimp explodes. As a result of defeating the Shinigami (Yin-Yang): And making the cast of Bleach one character short) Kei’s family fortune is no more but she promises to pay Keita back one day no matter how long it takes (how about tomorrow). Keita than takes his leave and rushes home to prepare for a date only to see that his apartment has been destroyed by the blimp they were fighting on (Yin-Yang: Oh the irony).


(Nitsuj): Well that’s all for.


(Yin-Yang): Hey wait aren’t we going to review the second half of the anime?


(Nitsuj): Yes. I’m reviewing it next week. I gotta take a break. And what’s with the we?


(Yin-Yang): Oh you’re right. Allow to rephrase that sentence. *Pulls out a kunai and holds it to Nitsuj’s neck* I’m going to be here next week reviewing the second part of Inukami and I’m giving you the honor of joining me as part of my birthday review. If you want to take next week off I’ll understand but if you have a problem with me being here next week than I would love to hear it *cracks an evil smile*.


(Nitsuj): Nope. No problem at all. I’m looking forward to it.


(Yin-Yang): *Returns to a peaceful smile and puts the kunai away* I knew you would say that. Well guys we’ll you see you next time on Project Nitsuj as my birthday review continues. Now let’s go have some cake.


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