Project #119.5: Inukami the Movie

*We are in the system where we see Yin-Yang in deep meditation under a virtual water fall*

(Yin-Yang): *Inner monologue of Yin-Yang* As I stand here under the waterfall preparing to finish up the review for Inukami I can’t help but feel I made a mistake in the review. I forgot to talk about the movie. Yes, there was actually a movie for this series that came out a year after the anime started. Even though it’s called a movie it’s actually about as long as an episode in the anime so really it should be called an OVA. The movie was part of the 2007 Dengeki Bunko Movie Festival a festival meant to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Dengeki featuring movies of some of their popular series that came out in the past year such as Shakugan no Shana, Kino’s Journey, and of course Inukami. While it doesn’t hold much impact on the story I think it’s worth talking about and this could help me in my review tomorrow. Okay, let’s begin.

So the movie opens up on a storming weather at a funeral (well this is a pleasant beginning) as people mourn the life of Shiro who is now dead. We then cut to Keita who is being chased in the city by guys in orange hazmat suits for some reason while Yoko is out looking for him. We flashback to several days earlier where everyone (minus Kaoru) is partying in Keita’s apartment (showing us that this movie took place before episode 11 in the anime). Keita and Yoko had just return from a job that involved them eliminating snakes in the frog gods territory (I was expecting trucks or alligators terrorizing the place instead of snakes). As thanks the frog gave Keita their most valuable treasure a giant frog statue about the size of a mountain (well that’ll be a good lawn ornament). At the party as everyone gets drunk they all make fun of Shiro while stripping (scene here: // The next day Shiro was found by the river dead as if someone had drowned him to death. We cut back to the present where Yoko has found Keita and we see that the guys in hazmat suits are called Project K. They claim to work under the government’s cabinet and thanks to a new law that forbids perverted lifestyle are rounding up all the perverts in the city and soon the country so they can re-educate them and make them normal (I hope they have a big rehabilitation center as all of Japan is gonna be going there soon). They round up all the perverts in the city which forces Keita to step out from the shadows and face them himself (all hail Keita. The king of perverts). The leader of Project K reveals himself to be Shiro but Keita quickly recognizes him as a fake and he is right. It turns out the devil toy that Shiro had at the party fed off Shiro’s hatred for perverts and took physical form resulting in an army of Shiroes who hate perverts and want to eliminate them from the world. The real Shiro is in a coma and is about to be cremated at the city morgue. Kaoru and his pack come to help Keita fight off the army of Shiroes where the Shiroes combine to form one mega mecha Shiroe (because potatoes) which becomes too fast and strong for them to beat. Luckily Keita has plan (if it involves knives and kunais I am so on board). He has Kaoru’s pack bring him the giant frog statue which he uses it to defeat mecha Shiro allowing the real Shiro to regain consciousness and escape being cremated.

So that was the movie does it really add anything to the anime? No, but it is a fun watch and if you want to watch it I say go ahead but I recommend watching it before episode 11. This is one of three short movies in the Dengeki movie festival. I wonder if there’s a chance I’ll review the other animes as part of the festival. I’ll have to run this by the master sometime.

*Yin-Yang jumps out of the waterfall, dries off, and changes into her ninja outfit*

(Yin-Yang): Yosh! Time for a good night’s sleep.

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