Project #175.5: Koihime Musou OVAs

(Chibi Isis): Hi~! I’m Chibi Isis and welcome to another side blog the blogs between the blogs. Nii-chan is busy getting a check-up done on him so he asks me to talk about the Koihime Musou OVAs. That’s right. Between each season there was an OVA of the series that took place in an alternate […]

Project #175: Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Tairan

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Well guys we’re entering the final season of the Koihime series Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Tairan. Released in 2010 a mere 4 months after the 2nd season ended Otome Tairan serves as the final season of Koihime. Once again based loosely off the second game and continuing where the […]

Project #174: Shin Koihime Musou

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. We continue the Koihime saga with the second season Shin Koihime Musou. Based off the second game in the Koihime series, the anime really doesn’t change all that much from the first season. It’s still an original story that picks up where the first season left off and just […]

Project #173: Koihime Musou

Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. You know, I don’t talk about The Romance of the Three Kingdoms that much on this show. Probably all because the last time I did I had to sit through one of the worse anime series of all time and got into a fight with a religious nut job. […]