The Killing Review

*It’s Halloween night and the group has once again decided to go Trick or Treating. This year in honor of Persona 5 being released the group has decided to go with a Persona theme. Nitsuj is dressed is Minato from Persona 3, Isis is dressed up as Elizabeth from Persona 3, Chibi Isis is dressed as Marie from Persona 4, Yin-Yang is dressed as Chie from Persona 4, Mira is Yukiho from Persona 4, Shizuku is Naoto from Persona 4, Seras is going as Mitsuru from Persona 3, and The Jack Bros. are dressed as each other just for the fun of it*

(Nitsuj): Ahh~ another Halloween. Time to have some fun, get some candy, and if possible scare a few kids.

(Isis): And get into a fight with someone who holds a grudge against us and cause damage to public property.

(Nitsuj): Don’t be such a killjoy Isis we’ve been good all year nobody’s going to attack us. Plus tonight we’ll be going to King’s Island for their candy festival since they decided to stop doing that ridiculous horror show.

(Isis): You guys will. As for me, I’ll be hanging around here and enjoy a peaceful Halloween night passing out candy to children.

(Shizuku): You sure you don’t want to join us, Isis?

(Isis): Every time we go out on Halloween night something either explodes or people get hurt.

(Seras): But that’s the best part.

(Isis): My point is, I’m going to try something new this year and spend the night in peace for once.

(Yin-Yang): Well it’s your loss. We’ll be sure to bring you back some tasty candy.

(Mira): Try not to have too much fun with the Jack Bros.

(Pyro Jack): Come join us on the couch pretty lady. Plenty of room.

(Isis): Get off the couch now before I shoot you.

*Pyro Jack and Jack Frost quickly get off the couch and sit on the floor*

(Nitsuj): Alright guys let’s go. Isis, watch the house and if anything comes up call me.

(Isis): And once you’re in trouble and need rescuing call me.

*Nitsuj, Chibi Isis, Mira, Shizuku, Yin-Yang, and Seras hop in Nitsuj’s car and head to King’s Island. Once they arrive at the park they’re shocked to see not too many people are around*

(Nitsuj): Hmm~ this is odd. I expected this place to be packed. I mean I saw a lot of cars outside so where is everybody.

(Chibi Isis): Forget that where’s my candy? I was told there be a lot of candy so either give me candy or I start filling graves. And this time you won’t be rising up from the grave like those guys over there.

(Mira): Guys over there?

*Everyone looks to the left to see an AI assassin rise from out of the grave trying to scare them. Not saying a word Nitsuj walks up to the assassin and pushes her back down into the hole trying to bury her*

(AI assassin): Like hell I go back down! Are you an idiot!?

*Nitsuj stands there in silence staring at the assassin*

(Nitsuj): A Shizuku lookalike with a huge scar across her body.

(AI girls): That’s an assassin! No matter how you look at it!

(AI assassin): Don’t underestimate us assassins!

*More assassins pop up from the graves and surround the group*

(Yin-Yang): Well guys we were set up. Chibi, up for filling up graves?

(Chibi Isis): You dig the holes I’ll throw the bodies inside them?

*The AI girls split up to fight the assassins while Nitsuj gets to a safe area to watch and calls Isis*

(Isis): Hello? So it happened? A set up? AI assassins huh? Say it. Say it or I won’t come to help! Thank you. I’ll be right there.

*Isis hangs up the phone*

(Isis): The group’s in trouble. Watch the house.

*Isis goes into the system and emails herself to Nitsuj’s phone. Once she’s gone the doorbell rings*

(Jack Frost): Oh goody our first trick or treater.

*Back at King’s Island the girls clean house with the assassins*

(Chibi Isis): Cyber star bulllets!

*Chibi Isis fires bullets in the shape of starts at the assassins destroying them. Mira takes out her whip and begins attacking a group of assassins taking them down one by one*

(Mira): Whip buster!

*Mira binds one of the assassins with her whip and flings them into the air only to slam them back to the ground. Shizuku, Yin-Yang, and Seras fight the rest of the assassins hand to hand where despite being outnumbered they outmatched the assassins in fight*

(Yin-Yang): Double wolf palm!

(Shizuku): Avalanche punch!

(Seras): Rising ogre!

*Yin-Yang palm fists two assassins and sends them flying. Shizuku does a whirlwind punch to the ground which causes the gravel on the ground to shoot up and Shizuku begins punching those large gravel pieces at the assassins knocking them out. Seras does an uppercut on a nearby assassin which sends it into the air and she follows it up by kicking the assassin in the air to nearby assassins. She then takes out her scythe and slices up the remaining assassins*

(Seras): Grim sentence!

*While Seras clears out those assassins the remaining few close in on Nitsuj who sees them approaching him but just stands there not panicking at all. He hears a beep from his phone signaling him that he received an email. He opens that email and out pops Isis*

(Isis): Twin rapier style: Elegant rose arrow!

*Isis slices up the four assassins coming at Nitsuj where she manages to expose their cores and pulls each of them out destroying them in the palm of her hands*

(Isis): Bullseye!

(Nitsuj): Good work ladies.

(???): Yes. Very impressive. I see that you girls have improved immensely over the years.

*As more assassins quickly feel up the area the mysterious figure of the voice pops up to reveal himself. Everyone immediately gets pale as a shocked look appears on their face*

(Mira): No. You were destroyed. Completely destroyed.

*Mira begins to shake a little as Nitsuj gets a serious look on his face*

(Nitsuj): Nitsuj from Universe 45. You sly son of a bitch, I should of known this was your handy work. How you’d survive, I saw the Reaper shred you to pieces?

(Nitsuj 45): Yes, and he did a good job. But even with my body destroyed I kept on living. You see a while back I created a digital backup of my brain in case something bad were to happen to my body. I set my computer up to activate should I die and once I died in your world the computer activated and I was born.

(Nitsuj): It took you 2 years to activate?

(Nitsuj 45): I was running on Windows Vista I’m amazed it only took that amount of time to start up. Anyway, I began planning out my revenge on you and the others for humiliating me and taking away my AI assassins.

(Shizuku): Your assassins!? We were never created by you!

(Yin-Yang): You stole us from our own universes and brainwashed us to be your servants.

(Nitsuj 45): A big mistake on my part. I allowed you all to keep your free will and it came to be my downfall. But, it won’t happen this time. These assassins you see before you remain obedient and only do what I tell them to do. Their whole purpose for living is to satisfy my wishes.

(Nitsuj): Bastard! These aren’t artificial beings, they’re dolls designed for you to use and toss aside. How did you even create them?

(Nitsuj 45): You’d be surprised at what you can do when you’re just a brain in a computer. Of course, I couldn’t have done all this without the help of my spy.

*Nitsuj 45 looks at Seras and everyone glares at her*

(Seras): I had nothing to do with this I swear.

(Nitsuj 45): Don’t be so embarrassed Seras this whole army couldn’t have been possible without you. You see many years ago I implanted Seras with a powerful microscopic chip that sees everything and analyzes all that data. For the last 2 years Seras has been watching and studying your moves as well as analyzing your data.

(Mira): So that’s why the clones are such good copies of us.

(Nitsuj 45): The assassins that you fought before were rushed out in order to prepare for my arrival. I forced you to play your trump card and I got you away from your house. As for your supernatural neighbors, my assassins should have already invaded your house and attacked them by now.

(Nitsuj): No Reaper, home, or Jack Bros. and you turned your own AI girl into a spy. You’ve turned into a big time villain 45.

(Nitsuj 45): Now Seras, come and join me like a good little girl.

(Seras): I’m sorry master. I can’t comply with that request. In the two years that I’ve been with Nitsuj 44 we’ve developed quite a bond and I’ve become good friends with everyone. Even the Jack Bros. despite their annoyances, I have come to see them as irreplaceable friends. Master, if possible I think it would be best to go back to our universe and start over. We still-

*Nitsuj 45 walks up to Seras and slaps her across the face where she falls to ground. Nitsuj 45 signals for a few of the assassins to come over and they begin to stomp on her. Nitsuj and the others are forced to watch as the other assassins stand in their way. The assassins pick up Seras where she has bruises all over her body and Nitsuj 45 grabs her by the hair as she screams in pain*

(Nitsuj 45): Where the hell do you get off telling me what to do? It appears your time with these idiots has poisoned your mind. You seem to have forgotten your place, Seras. You really thought you and I were friends or lovers? Don’t make me laugh. At the end of the day you’re just my bitch and nothing else. Truth be told I find these assassins more useful than you. Now get out of my way.

*Nitsuj 45 kicks Seras in the stomach and she falls to the ground backwards with tears in her eyes as he walks away with a sadistic smile on his way. After seeing all of this Nitsuj no longer able to hold his anger in pulls out Yami no Period out and quickly slashes the assassins in front of him so fast that they didn’t have time to react*

(Nitsuj 45): You’ve got something you want to say to me?

(Nitsuj): I’m gonna kick your ass. You can destroy my house, make fun of my blogs, and even try to kill me. But when you make a woman cry in front of me you’re fucked.

(Nitsuj 45): Save your badass talk for when you and your AI girls aren’t surrounded by assassins. Kill them.

*The AI assassins take aim at them but instead of shooting at them they instead attack and destroy each other*

(Nitsuj 45): What the hell is this?

(???): It would appear your assassins could use a bit more programming.

*A mysterious figure wearing a fox mask and a kimono walks in between the two factions. In her hand is Fall’s Requiem. The figure removes her mask to reveal herself to be Yume*

(Yume): Hello Nitsuj.

(Nitsuj): Yume!? Uh, guys this is Yume we met in Japan. She’s the one I told you all about.

(Yume): A pleasure to meet you all. Nitsuj has told me so much about you.

(Isis): Likewise.

(Nitsuj 45): Another AI girl? It doesn’t matter. One new face won’t change the outcome of your deaths tonight. Do you really think you alone can change this situation?

(Yume): Yes. But I bought these guys just in case. Wolf power!

*Nitsuj receives an email from his phone titled allies and opens it. All of a sudden S.W.O.R.D appears along with Mako and the rest of the wild cyber wolves*

(Nitsuj): And the sides are even.

*Nitsuj stops to look over at Seras who is still broken up*

(Nitsuj): Seras. I know you’re going through a lot of stuff right now and I won’t force you to fight your own master. So just stay over there and wait quietly. Once this is done I’ll treat you to whatever you want.

(Seras): That won’t be necessary Nitsuj. *Wipes tears out of her eyes* You should know better than anyone that I am not a girl who requires the sympathy of others. I am a warrior. When I fought and lost to you I made a vow that I would never fight with rage ever again. But after seeing my old master and hearing what he truly thinks of me has made me remember my old habits and they’re so hard to get rid of.

(Nitsuj): Than for tonight only, I ask that you embrace your old habits and unleash your rage on the one who has hurt you.

(Seras): With pleasure.

*Seras takes out her scythe and prepares to fight beside Nitsuj and the others*

(Nitsuj 45): A traitor to the bitter end. Destroy them all.

(Nitsuj): Attack~!

*Both sides begin running towards each other until they collide and start fighting. Bodies begin flying in the air during the collision. Despite the assassins having the height advantage over the cyber wolves the wolves are strong and skilled enough to take down the assassins themselves without much help. The AI girls take on some of the AI assassins respectively while Nitsuj takes on Nitsuj 45 in a sword fight. Sparks fly between the two Nitsujs as each one tries to get a hit on the other*

(Nitsuj): So tell me 45 what hurts more? The fact that Seras likes me more or the fact I became more successful than you.

(Nitsuj 45): Shut the hell up! You don’t know me! You don’t know what I’ve been through!

(Nitsuj): I don’t know nothing!

*Nitsuj manages to knock 45’s sword away but in the process he lost his swords as well*

(Nitsuj): AHHHHHHHH~!

*Nitsuj punches 45 in the face and he bumps into a pole where Nitsuj grabs him by the head and bashes his head into the pole to hurt him. While 45 is dazed by this attack Nitsuj goes to grab his swords but 45 stops him with a spinning clothesline which drops Nitsuj to the ground and 45 begins to strangle him*

(Nitsuj 45): I’m gonna kill! I will kill you!

(Nitsuj): Oh God your hands are cold!

*Nitsuj struggling to stay conscious manages to grab a beer bottle on the ground near him and bashes 45’s head with it. Some of the beer got into 45’s cybernetic eye so he wipes it out just as Nitsuj manages to get within range of him and hits him with the green mist*

(Nitsuj 45): Ahhh~ my eyes! My eyes! How could this happen again?

(Nitsuj): Wind slicing kick!

*Nitsuj does a jumping kick to 45 but it gets intercepted by an assassin. Soon more assassins gather and Nitsuj is forced to fight against them as 45 uses this chance to escape and fix his eyesight. He arrives at the center pond and washes his face off to regain his eyesight just in time for Yin-Yang to drop kick him into the pond*

(Yin-Yang): Secret AI arts: Lightning wolf mode!

*Soon an aura of lightning surrounds Yin-Yang and she sends an electric shock through the water hoping to hit 45 but he escapes the water just in time. Not giving him up a chance to escape Yin-Yang uses her lighting speed and engages 45 in a fist fight*

(Nitsuj 45): Well look at this, a little pup pretending she’s all grown-up. I remember how you were quivering in the corner when Seras separated the head of your master right in front of you and in act of vengeance you came to my world trying to avenge him and you got beat by me within a minute.

(Yin-Yang): Yeah I admit I was a coward back then. But don’t think you’re messing with the same wolf you fought back then. This little pup has grown up to be one fierce and dangerous wolf!

*Yin-Yang clones pop up from the ground trying to attack 45. Despite their high speed, 45 is able to defend himself against all of their attacks*

(Yin-Yang): I’ve learned a lot over these last 3 years such as how to move faster, be fiercer in my fighting, but most importantly I’ve learned that laughing is winning.

*Yin-Yang begins picking up more speed and starts to back 45 into a corner*

(Nitsuj 45): Enough of this bullshit!

*45 unleashes a death ray blast in the area striking all Yin-Yang clones but not the real one*

(Nitsuj 45): You’re nothing special.

*45 keeps his eyes peeled for the real Yin-Yang*

(Nitsuj 45): There you are!

*45 fires a death ray at the bushes where Yin-Yang is hiding but misses her entirely as she jumps into the air with her katana flying towards 45*

(Nitsuj 45): I have you now.

*45 launches a flamethrower blast at Yin-Yang but it turns out the one in the air was another clone. The real Yin-Yang pops up from behind him with her guan dao in hand*

(Yin-Yang): Secret AI arts: Rapid lightning tempo assault!

*Yin-Yang begins rapidly jabbing her weapon at 45 striking him each time and finishes him off with a slash to the back and he rolls to the ground writhing in pain. After taking a deep breath Yin-Yang unleashes the lightning mode and returns to normal. After releasing her lightning mode she gets speared from behind and into a wall by one of the assassins. 45 uses this chance to escape and after quickly catching his breath he spots Nitsuj working with Yume to take down a group of assassins. Seeing his opportunity, he grabs a sniper rifle from one of the dead assassins and takes aim at Nitsuj*

(Nitsuj 45): I so wanted your death to be more slow and painful. But a shot to head works just as fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine~!

*Shizuku appears from behind him and German suplexes him*

(Shizuku): Hello. Welcome to Shizuku City. The city of pain and insanity.

*45 gets back up on his feet with the sniper rifle still in his hands and aims it at Shizuku*

(Shizuku): Show me a good time.

*45 begins firing at Shizuku but she dodges the bullets with sidesteps until she’s within striking distance of 45 and nails him with an uppercut which sends him flying into the air but he recovers in midair by flipping so that he lands on his feet. After landing he grabs a nearby sword and charges at Shizuku where she prepares to catch the sword but 45 instead let’s go of the sword*

(Nitsuj 45): Reaction clap!

*45 claps his hands in front of Shizuku which stuns her for a short period of time. This allows 45 to call in the assassins who surround Shizuku and begin attacking her. As 45 walks away feeling satisfied an explosion is heard from behind him and he turns around to see that Shizuku is still standing*

(Shizuku): Secret AI arts: Amazon’s Rage.

(Nitsuj 45): Ah yes, I’ve heard of this mode. Not to worry.

*45 calls in assassins that look like Shizuku and tells them to activate Amazon’s Rage mode*

(Nitsuj 45): When I’m done killing 44 I’ll come back to finish you off.

*45 runs off while the assassins begin charging towards Shizuku who just smiles at them*

(Shizuku): *Chuckles* Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.

*Shizuku takes out her buster sword*

(Shizuku): AI secret arts: Gaia wave!

*Shizuku slams her sword into the ground as pillars of rock begin to pop up and start attacking the assassins completely destroying them*

(Shizuku): You girls fight with blind rage. I fight with the rage to destroy my enemies and protect my friends. Rage is good but if you let it control you than you might as well be insane. A pretty cool reviewer taught me that.

*As 45 continues wondering through the battlefield he joins some of his assassins taking on a pack of cyber wolves and joins them where he helps his assassins defeat the wolves*

(Nitsuj 45): Alright, Nitsuj is at the front gates. Let’s get there and kill.

*As 45 walks behind his assassins he watches them get cut up by a wire trap*

(Nitsuj 45): Oh sweet Jesus what now?

*Mira along with Chibi Isis pops out to greet 45*

(Nitsuj 45): Oh, well if isn’t the nerd and the child. I was worried there for a minute. I thought you were Shizuku or Yin-Yang. Alright out of the way; I got better bigger fish to fry.

*Mira throws a cyber disc at 45 which almost hits him*

(Nitsuj 45): That almost hit me.

(Chibi Isis): Keep talking and my attack will end you for sure.

(Mira): Now look here. We get it, we’re not the strongest, fastest, or the toughest members of the team. I’m sure that if you were to rank us we’d be at the bottom. But you know what, that’s okay. Because that’s who we are. We aren’t fighters, we’re supporters and we’re totally okay with that. We can still take the center stage whenever we want and right now I think it’s one of those times to take the stage and dominate. Let’s go Chibi! Secret AI arts: Metal Empress!

(Chibi Isis): Secret AI arts: Wind Priestess!

*Both Mira and Chibi Isis have an aura surrounding their bodies. Mira’s aura is purple while Chibi Isis’s aura is a light blue. Mira brings out 9 cyber discs and fires them at 45 where he dodges all of them but then they turn back around and transform into arrows. 45 dodges the arrows where 3 of them stop in midair and turn into wires cutting his shoulder. Despite getting cut 45 still continues to move. All the cyber discs come together to form one mega cyber disc and the disc begins chasing 45 around until he manages to smash it with a hammer left by one of the assassins. A few assassins see 45 in danger and rush to his side*

(Nitsuj 45): *Breathing heavily* You can bend the metal and change its shape to your weapons.

(Mira): That’s not all I can do.

*Mira bends and manipulates the scattered remains of her giant cyber disc and creates mini soldiers of herself who take out mini whips*

(Mira): Get him.

*The mini Miras chase after 45*

(Mira): I’ll leave the assassins to you, Chibi.

(Chibi Isis): Got it.

*Mira goes after 45*

(AI assassin): We can handle a pipsqueak like-

*A gust of wind hits the assassin and chops her head off in front of everyone*

(Chibi Isis): Wind claw.

*The assassins begin firing at Chibi Isis but she moves too fast for them to hit*

(AI assassin): Unbelievable! She moves as fast as the wind!

(Chibi Isis): AI secret arts: Vortex shuriken!

*Vortices in the shape of shuriken appear from the ground and begin chasing after the assassins shredding up anyone that gets caught. Back with Mira, her mini versions have found 45 and bind him with their whips*

(Nitsuj 45): I. . .can’t. . .move. Wait what’s that up in the sky?

(Mira): Don’t look away or blink. AI secret arts: Anvil drop!

*Mira creates an anvil out of metal and drops it on top of 45. Before the anvil can hit him he uses his eye lasers to destroy the anvil and then fires at the mini Miras to escape. Back in an open area Nitsuj was busy fighting off some of the other assassins along with Isis, Seras, and Yume. Yume takes out 4 talismans*

(Yume): Talisman: Enhancement!

*Each of the 4 talismans fly to Yume’s arms and legs and strange symbols appear on them. Through this power up Yume’s speed and strength have increased tremendously as she mows down a group of assassins with ease*

(Nitsuj): Nice work Yume.

(Yume): I told you I be stronger the next time we met.

*Bullets than rush past the four as they take cover*

(Seras): We got shooters.

*Isis returns fire but doesn’t hit any of the assassins*

(Isis): I’m too far away. I need to get closer.

(Nitsuj): Not without someone watching your back.

*Seras takes out two mini crossbows*

(Seras): Just this once I’ll watch your back if you’ve got mine. And no jokes from the peanut gallery.

(Nitsuj): Mum’s the word.

*Isis and Seras jump out and begin firing at the assassins watching each other’s back and taking down the assassins. Yume also supports them from afar with her second weapon a bow and arrow*

(Yume): Triple shot!

*Yume jumps out and goes to join Isis and Seras as they finish up sniping off the assassins in the area*

(Seras): Okay I like you.

(Yume): Likewise.

(Nitsuj 45): Well I hate you all!

*45 comes flying in with a sword where he attacks the AI girls by kicking Seras and throwing Yume into Isis. Nitsuj comes out to face 45 again*

(Nitsuj): Hey I’ve been looking all over for you. Where you been?

(Nitsuj 45): I ran into a few of your AI girls.

(Nitsuj): Oh really? I’m kind of glad they didn’t take you out. Because I still haven’t given you an ass-kicking for making Seras cry.

(Nitsuj 45): Why do you care for her and the others so much? They’re not even your AIs.

(Nitsuj): They’re still my friends and I care for all of them.

(Nitsuj 45): And that is why you’re weak.

*45 hits Nitsuj with a sucker punch and then shoots him with an energy shot which sends him flying into a metal pole hurting him badly*

(Seras): Nitsuj!

*Seras gets back up and goes to face 45 where she kicks the sword out of his hand and engage in CQC. 45 does a good job dodging and blocking her punches and kicks. Seras also does a good job dodging and blocking his attacks until he finally manages to trip her up. He manages to knock her away and shoots her through the chest with his laser eyes*

(Nitsuj): Nooooooo~!

*Seras goes limp and falls to the ground but is still breathing. 45 goes to grab his sword*

(Nitsuj 45): Time to die traitor.

*Yume tries to pick up the defenseless Seras just as 45 reaches her where he swings his sword and decapitates Yume right in front of Nitsuj. An enraged Isis fires at 45 but he uses his sword to deflect her bullets and chops her arm off where he catches her gun and then shoots her directly in the head killing her. Shizuku, Yin-Yang, Mira, and Chibi Isis come in to see Yume and Isis dead and try to avenge their fallen comrades by taking down 45*

(Nitsuj 45): Come and get me you dumb bitches.

*45 pulls a detonator and presses it. Soon the dead bodies of his assassins begin to explode as the AI girls rush past them and they get caught in the massive explosion. As the girls fly through the air defenseless, 45 jumps up and slices them up exposing their cores and pulling them out. Their bodies explode as Nitsuj and Seras watches in horror at the experience. 45 then turns his attention to the defenseless Seras where he’s about to attack her but Nitsuj bleeding slightly from the head throws a rock to get his attention*

(Nitsuj): Hey you fat pig, come and get me!

*Holding the back of his head Nitsuj runs away into a building. Seeing his opportunity 45 jams his sword into Seras’s arm and picks up a gun*

(Nitsuj 45): Stay put. I’ll be back to kill you in a moment.

*45 than goes into the building and switches on the lights where it becomes dim and we see the building is set up like a horror house. 45 slowly begins walking while keeping a lookout for Nitsuj*

(Nitsuj 45): It’s over 44. Your AI girls are dead and soon you’ll be joining them. So come out and accept your fate.

(Nitsuj): How? How could you end up like this?

*45 smiles manically*

(Nitsuj 45): Oh 44. You and I are not so different but at the same time we are so different. And you know where the difference is? One review. All it takes is one bad review for you to end up like me. Surely you’ve had a bad review in the time that you’ve done Project Nitsuj? You know I’m right. Why else would you try so hard? You’ve done a bad review and it drove you mad just like me. But you won’t admit it will you? You choose to ignore it and live the lie that things will be better next time. God, you make me sick! I mean what’s wrong with you? How do you keep going? How can you keep getting looked over and still smile about it? How can you handle the silence and hear nothing from others? How does that not drive you crazy like. . .

*45 stops and looks at a painting of Evangelion*

(Nitsuj 45): Like me. I’m not exactly sure what day it was or even what anime it was that drove me to what I am today. Somedays I remember it one way. Other days I remember it another way. If you’re going to have a past it’s best to make it multiple choice *chuckles* but my point is I went mad and when I saw the awful joke of what being a reviewer was all about I went cuckoo for coco puffs and decided to save all the Nitsujs out there from experiencing my pain but they all struggled until the very end. I admit it, I am mad so why can’t you admit it? I know you’re not an idiot, you have to see the reality of the situation you’re in? Everything that we’ve done or will do on Project Nitsuj is all a terrible movie with a joke that goes absolutely nowhere so why do you keep doing this? Why do you keep trying? Why don’t you get the joke? *Begins to cry a little* Why aren’t you laughing?

(Nitsuj): Because I reviewed it already.

*Nitsuj pops out and punches 45 in the face where he goes through the walls and winds up back in the open space where the AI girls are all still alive and the area is surrounded by the cyber wolves*

(Nitsuj): And I didn’t like it the first time.

(Nitsuj 45): What! How are you still alive!? I killed you all!

(Yume): Not in the least. I guess you didn’t know my special talent of creating illusions. When you made eye contact with me I trapped you in an illusion within your own mind. Everything that you saw or thought you did was all in your mind.

(Yin-Yang): Me, Shizuku, Mira, and Chibi weren’t even here to begin with.

(Shizuku): We were taking out the rest of your assassins with the wolves.

(Isis): Me and Yume were stabilizing Seras to keep her alive.

(Nitsuj): And I was catching my breath.

(Yume): So tell me, did you have a good dream?

(Seras): I like this fox so much.

(Nitsuj): It’s just you and me 45. So let’s end this. Nitsuj e Nitsuj.

*Nitsuj draws his 2 swords while 45 picks up his sword and they engage each other in a swordfight with sparks flying everywhere*

(Nitsuj): You know. I heard your little speech. You’re right, I have done bad reviews and you’re right, all it takes is one bad review for me to end up like you but here’s the difference between us. I learned from it. I didn’t let it get me down. I saw the mistakes I made and worked hard to correct them. Nobody is perfect, I’m gonna slip up every now and then and put out something that doesn’t sit well with the audience but it’s how you respond to that bad review that decides the future. You could have learned from it and become a better reviewer. But instead you didn’t. You refused to learn, you turned your back on everyone and everything you care about and you forgot the most important thing about Project Nitsuj. Have fun. Project Nitsuj was never about getting famous. It was about having fun, helping myself better understand an anime I just watched and then sharing that thought with others in the hopes that they’ll benefit from it. In the end, it’s just you that messed up. It’s because of these differences that I’ll never become like you.

*Nitsuj punches 45 and he falls to the ground waiting for Nitsuj to attack him*

(Nitsuj 45): Well what are you waiting for? Go ahead, pound me into the dirt and stand triumphant over me like the hero you are.

(Nitsuj): No. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t even want to keep on fighting. I want to help you. I don’t know what caused you to be this way but maybe I’ve been where you are and I think all you need is a friend to help pull you through. If we worked together I’m sure we can get you back together to the way you used to be just like Seras. You don’t have to be alone in this world. We don’t need to fight and kill each other. Let me- no, let us help you.

*Nitsuj offers his hand to 45 and at first 45 extends his hand towards Nitsuj but quickly pulls it back and gets a depressed look in his eyes*

(Nitsuj 45): I’m sorry, but no.

*Nitsuj 45 slowly gets back up*

(Nitsuj 45): I appreciate the offer but no, it’s far too late for me. Nobody can help me. Not even me. This is the path I have chosen, and I will follow through with it. Even if it means destroying myself in the process.

(Nitsuj): I see.

*Nitsuj gets some distance between himself and 45 and takes out his evoker*

(Nitsuj): Than I will do what I must to protect myself and those I care about. Dark Samurai!

*Nitsuj fires his evoker and he summons the Dark Samurai*

(Isis): Woah!

(Chibi Isis): He looks just like Nii-chan.

(Shizuku): Only cooler and more dangerous.

(Nitsuj): Dark Samurai. Rekt this guy.

(Dark Samurai): I was hoping you’d say that. Dark sword arts: Rashomon’s Destruction!

*With one powerful quick clash 45 is sliced in half as well as the Drop Zone coaster in the distance. Everyone stands there with their mouths opens except for Nitsuj as the Dark Samurai vanishes into thin air*

(Nitsuj): Just what you expect.

(Nitsuj 45): I. . .have lost. But I am not finished. In case you forgot my digital brain is back in my dimension. I will construct a more powerful army of assassins and new body within a month. And with the data I now have on Yume my army will grow in strength. The war between you and me continues, 44, and I will win.

(Yume): This war ends now. Nitsuj, can I borrow your phone?

(Nitsuj): Sure.

*Nitsuj hands Yume his cellphone and she calls the Jack Bros.*

(Yume): Pyro. Frost. Are the preparations done?

(Pyro Jack): Yep, now activating the spell.

(Nitsuj 45): Wait! What’s going on!? I sent my assassins to kill the Jack Bros.

(Jack Frost): Yume here saved us from the assassins just as we went to answer the door. She told us to find a way to send spells through dimensions. It took us a while but we found it and are now launching an attack directly on your house.

(Pyro Jack): In short, you’re going down in precisely 20 seconds.

(Nitsuj 45): No! I was so close! This can’t be!

*45’s cybernetic body begins going crazy in front of everyone as he panics*

(Nitsuj): Hey 45 look at me. Look at me! You messed up my Halloween, endangered my AI girls, and you made Seras cry! That’s the only reason I need to hit you. Final move: One Punch punch!

(Jack Frost): Firing spell now!

(Nitsuj 45): Nitsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuj~!

*Nitsuj punches 45’s cybernetic body and destroys all of it in one blast just as the Jack Bros. launch their spell on 45’s house destroying it along with him*


*Nitsuj raises his fist in the air proclaiming victory*

(Nitsuj): Winning!

*Everyone cheers at for their victory. About an hour or so later Nitsuj and the others are back at his house. The cyber wolves have returned home and everyone is relaxing while Nitsuj works on Seras*

(Nitsuj): Alright Seras, all lights are green. You ready to enter your new body?

(Seras): Yes.

(Nitsuj): Alright, here we go.

*Nitsuj presses a button and Seras’s soul gets transferred into a AI body which looks like Sinon from SAO only with white hair and red eyes*

(Nitsuj): Alright, final check. Follow my fingers with your eyes. Look to your right. Now to your left. Look up. Now down.

*Seras does all of these actions*

(Nitsuj): Perfect you’re good to go.

*Seras gets up from the table and goes to look at herself in the mirror*

(Seras): Is that, me?

(Nitsuj): Yep, your new body personally designed for you. How do you feel?

(Seras): I feel great. Thank you.

(Nitsuj): Glad to hear. You still have all your weapons and skills but take it easy and try not to do anything too reckless until you get used to your new body. Also, I removed your spying chip so your all good now.

*Seras hugs Nitsuj*

(Seras): Thank you. Thank you so much!

*Tears begin to swell up within Seras as Nitsuj hugs her back*

(Yume): Aww, isn’t this just sweet.

(Yin-Yang): If only we had a Kodak camera.

*Seras quickly pulls away from Nitsuj and begins to blush*

(Shizuku): Hey, don’t mind us. Please continue.

(Mira): Well this has been quite the evening. This time we definitely did a number on the city.

(Chibi Isis): I wonder if King’s Island will allow us into the park ever again?

(Isis): That’s the least of our worries. This time we beat 45 but chances are they’ll be another Nitsuj who’ll come to takes us down.

(Nitsuj): Don’t worry. Whatever dangers or challenges come our way we’ll take them on and win just like we always do.

*Everyone smiles at Nitsuj’s comment*

(Seras): All it takes is one bad review to drive you mad. And all it takes is one good friend to get you through the hard times. Right?

The End

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