The 4kidstergeist

*It’s Halloween Night. The group has decided to go with Vocaloid themed costumes this year. Nitsuj is dressed up as Gakupo. The rest of the AI girls are dressed up as female vocaloids. Isis is Miku, Shizuku is Meiko, Yin-Yang is Gumi, Seras is IA, Mira is Luka, and Chibi Isis is Rin. As for the Jack Bros., Jack Frost is going as Kaito and Pyro Jack is going as Len. Despite the house still being possessed by spirits the group intends to go trick or treating*

(Yin-Yang): I really do wish I would have drawn Rin. She’s honestly my favorite vocaloid?

(Jack Frost): Yeah well I wish I drew Gakupo but you don’t see me whining.

(Pyro Jack): You know you could trade me characters and go as Len.

(Yin-Yang): Len is a boy and now that I think about it wouldn’t it have made more sense to have you two dress up as the Kagamines? I mean you guys are brothers so wouldn’t their costumes match you more?

(Jack Frost): I didn’t want to dress up as a girl.

(Pyro Jack): Me neither. Unlike you we have pride as men.

(Isis): I really don’t see why we’re going out anyway. Every time we go out on Halloween something always tries to kill us or explodes.

(Shizuku): That’s what makes the night so fun. It’s always fun to see what’ll happen. Besides do you want to stay in the house that’s dripping with blood?

(Aqua): I definitely do not.

*Aqua comes in dressed in Nitsuj’s Assassin’s Creed outfit*

(Nitsuj): Hey! That my Assassin’s Creed outfit!

(Aqua): Impossible I created this-

(Nitsuj): Screw you I created that outfit 2 years ago. Take it off right now I’m not in the mood for this.

(Mira): The master seems a little upset tonight.

(Seras): Can you blame him, he’s done everything in his power to get rid of these spirits and yet they still remain. Throw in the fact that they’re the remaining spirits of 4Kids and you have a man just ready to explode.

(Nitsuj): Look buddy I’ve had it up to here with you and these ghost. I can’t use my shower, all my furniture keeps flying around, everywhere I go I feel as if someone’s watching and to top it off my house was built on the worse anime dubbing company ever. Seriously what were they doing here anyway? Picking out good anime to ruin with their horrible dubbing?

*As Nitsuj continues to rant off to Aqua a black vortex begins to form in the ceiling of the room. The group tries to get Nitsuj’s attention as the vortex gets bigger but he keeps ignoring them and continues ranting on about 4Kids and how awful they were. They finally get his attention when they all shout for him*

(Nitsuj): What!

*Nitsuj turns around to see the dangerous vortex*

(Nitsuj): What is this?

(Pyro Jack): It appears to be an interdimensional portal created by the spirits of 4Kids responding to your hatred for them. I think you might have pissed them off. I suggest you apologize.

(Nitsuj): No! I’ll apologize when they apologize for the damage they did to anime and leave my house once and for all.

*The vortex becomes more violent*

(Jack Frost): Nitsuj in all seriousness you might want to stop and apologize before the situation gets worse.

(Nitsuj): How much worst can it get? My house is dripping with blood, I got a weird cybernetic jack-o-lantern raiding my closet, and my house is being haunted by the worst anime dubbers of all time. Seriously, the dubbing on those Legend of Zelda CDi games had better dubbing than these guys. If they can make my life any worse I dare them to try.

*Just as Nitsuj finished his sentence a bolt of lightning hits the floor blinding everyone for a second and when they open their eyes they see the room is filled with spirits that look like the ghost from Sonic Adventure 2*

(Seras): You just couldn’t shut your mouth could you?

(4Kids spirit #1): So you want to keep insulting us ehh?

*The spirit walks towards Nitsuj*

(Nitsuj): Please, forgive me. I am just a simple man.

*Nitsuj grabs the spirit, judo flips it to the ground, takes out a hidden dagger, and stabs the spirit making it evaporate into thin air. The other spirits take a step back in shock*

(Nitsuj): Yeah. Didn’t see that coming did ya? Ladies. Supernatural beings.

*The AI girls take out their weapons embedded with magic that allows them to exorcise the spirits from their house*

(Mira): Alright freeze!

(Shizuku): Nobody do anything stupid now.

(4Kids spirit #2): What is this?

(Seras): Did you really think we were going to let you show up in our house and not be prepared for you? We’ve been preparing for your arrival for the last three days.


*After Nitsuj gets splattered with blood and goes over to the Jack Bros. house to take a shower everyone is there to greet them*

(Chibi Isis): Nii-chan! I think I figured out how to get rid of the spirits once and for all. *Takes out a book from the Jack Bros. library and opens it up to a page talking about spirits* To make spirits go away you must do one of two things. Either help them pass on or destroy them all. See Nii-chan? All we gotta do is help the spirits move on.

(Nitsuj): I prefer the second option eliminating them. Is that possible?

(Jack Frost): It is. With our magic we can make your weapons kill these spirits but the problem is getting these spirits to come to our dimension. We tried communicating with them but they refuse to talk to us.

(Nitsuj): Than we’ll make them talk to use. You said we just have to get them to come to our dimension right? Then leave that me. I’ll get them to come over. You guys just be prepared for them.

*Flashback ends*

(Isis): And that’s how we tricked you guys. The master knew that if he kept insulting you you would come over to our side and now that you’re here all we have do is eliminate one by one.

(Nitsuj): How dare you haunt my house! Get out of my house before I make you wish you were never resurrected as a spirit!

(4Kids spirit #3): I must say this was a pretty elaborate plan. But in case you forgot we out number you like 500 to 1.

(Mira): No problem. *Mira whistles and S.W.O.R.D appears* Everyone find 500 spirits and kill them.

(Nitsuj): Attack~!

*At Nitsuj’s signal everyone begins attacking the spirits but the spirits also fight back. The fight goes on all throughout the house and eventually pours outside onto the streets*

(Nitsuj): Alright come who’s up first. Come on!

*the spirits attack Nitsuj where he receives help from Pyro Jack and Mira to fight the spirits*

(Pyro Jack): Pyro tower!

(Mira): Furiko gyakujou (Pendulum frenzy)!

*A tower of fire erupts from the ground destroying the hoard of spirits approaching from the right. On the left the hoard of spirits get destroyed by Mira’s eight wires which have pendulums attached at the end of them that are sharp as knives. As for Nitsuj he simply takes his dagger and rushes pass the spirits in front of him slicing them up*

(Nitsuj): *Grabs one of the spirits, throws it to the ground and stabs it* That’s 20.

*A spirit attacks Nitsuj from behind and he loses his dagger becoming defenseless. Jack Frost sees him defenseless and pulls out a samurai sword that he was hiding in his body*

(Jack Frost): Nitsuj! Catch!

*Jack Frost throws the sword and Nitsuj catches it where he draws the black samurai sword and kills the spirit approaching him*

(Yin-Yang): What was that *kicks a spirit approaching her*

(Jack Frost): It’s Nitusj’s new sword. After Boll destroyed Nitsuj’s first sword he gave us Boll’s helmet and told us to use it as material to create him a new sword. We melted it down and forged it into a new samurai sword. We call it Aki Indou (Autumn’s Requiem).

(Yin-Yang): And you kept it in your body this whole time?

(Jack Frost): Hey he told me to hide in a safe spot and there’s no spot safer than my stomach.

*As the two are talking Shizuku has a hard time dealing with a few spirits who joined to form one big spirit*

(Shizuku): Trying to team up on me huh? Alright. Time to bust out the Amazon in me. Amazon Funzento (Amazon Rage)!

*Shizuku becomes covered in a red aura and strange tribal runes begin to appear across her body. Her eyes begin to glow green and she lets out a primal roar unleashing her red aura. She grabs her buster sword and missile drop kicks one of the giant spirits with ease. While in the air she does a 180 spin and throws her sword into the chest of the spirit. She lands on the ground, takes out her hammer and charges at the other giant spirit*

(Shizuku): Naru Kanadzuchi (Roaring Hammer)!

*Shizuku strikes the spirit with an upward strike which sends the spirit flying up into the where it explodes from the shot. While she smiles about her win a group of spirits flying in the air surround her and begin shooting her with a barrage of plasma shots*

(Seras): Shizuku!

(Isis): She’s fine she can take the hits.

(Seras): But-

(Nitsuj): Don’t worry. In Amazon Rage mode every time Shizuku gets hit she gets stronger. She transfers her rage into power. That’s what makes her mode so dangerous.

*Shizuku gets back up with a few scratches on her but is smiling. As the spirits prepare for another barrage of shots Shizuku takes out her buster swords, lifts it in the air and swings the sword unleashing a powerful energy slash*

(Shizuku): Amazon Gouman (Amazon Pride)!

*The attack strikes all of the spirits about to attack her and destroys them with ease lighting up the night sky. In another part of the battle Isis and Seras are shooting down spirits left and right with their AI pistols and AI crossbow*

(Isis): I’m at 165.

(Seras): 178.

(Isis): What! *Shoots down one spirit* 166. Jinkou Danmaku (Artificial Barrage)!

*Shoots down another and another spirit one after the other*

(Isis): 167. 168. 169. 170. 171.

*Seras not wanting to lose Isis also picks up the pace*

(Seras): Oni ame *Oni Rain*!

*Seras shoots an arrow up into the sky where it splits into multiple arrows and pierces a number of spirits*

(Seras): 179. 180. 181. 182. 183. 184. 185.

*As the two are competing against each other a large spirit comes flying from the sky about to crush them. They move out of the way and try to shoot it down but none of their attacks seem to work. That’s when Yin-Yang comes running in striking one of the spirit’s legs with her katana forcing it down to one knee. She then jumps on one of the spirit’s arm and runs up it to the head*

(Yin-Yang): Nibai Ookami Hirate (Double Wolf Palm)!

*Yin-Yang double palm strikes the spirit upside the head rocking it and causing it to fall face first into the ground. Yin-Yang jumps into the air just as it’s about to fall and pulls a few shuriken striking the nearby spirits in the sky and striking the giant spirit’s nape with her spear piercing it*

(Yin-Yang): Hauringu Boruto (Howling Bolt)!

*A blast of lightning strikes the inner body of the giant spirit destroying it*

(Yin-Yang): Let’s see I was at 221 before all of that.

(Isis and Seras): That still counts as one.

*Ghost sneak up behind Isis but she takes out her new weapons which happen to be Chinese sabers*

(Yin-Yang): Wait! Chinese sabers. I thought you had clubs. When did you get those?

(Isis): The clubs won’t working for me so I talked it over with the master and he gave me these sabers instead.

(Nitsuj): Yeah not gonna lie even I thought the clubs were a bad idea. Truth be told I kinda ran out of ideas for her weapon and put myself into a corner.

*As the fight continues and the spirits keep coming we see Chibi Isis use her summoning skills to summon a cyber dragon. While the dragon does a great deal at taking out the spirits it soon gets overwhelmed by them and is forced to retreat. Everybody starts to get tired and worn out from all the fighting*

(Jack Frost): *Breaths heavily* There’s just no end to these things. How many more do we have to kill before they’re all dead?

(4Kids spirit #3984): You cannot win. No matter how many of us you strike down two more shall take its place. Take those 2 down then you got 4, now 8, 16, 32, 64, 128-

(Nitsuj): Alright we get it you’re a hydra.

(4Kids spirit #2632): The point is no matter how many of us you destroy there will be no end to us.

(Mira): Not quite. I’ve been paying close to attention to everything on this battle. Why do you think I was hanging back so much? So far out of all the spirits that I’ve seen only one of you continues to hang back and not attack. Why is that? The answer, because in truth there’s only one 4Kids spirit.

(Yin-Yang): Really?

(Mira): Yes. The rest of the spirits are all just copies to hide itself. All we have to do is take out the main spirit which is right over there on the far upper left side.

*Mira points to who she believes is the real 4Kids spirit*

(Real 4Kids spirit?): *Laughs* Very funny. We’re all the spirit of 4Kids. There is no end to us we live on forever. Nothing can stop-

*Mira tosses a cyber disc at the spirit and the surrounding spirits jump in front of the disc to stop it from attacking that spirit*

(Mira): Your witness?

(Real 4Kids spirit):. . .Alright, you found me. But I’m not going down that easily.

*In order to protect itself the real 4Kids spirit combines all the spirits together to form one super spirit*

(Shizuku): What the hell?

(Seras): Well Shizuku you said you wanted to see what kind of fun we would get into this year. Be careful what you wish for.

(Nitsuj): Eat meteorite sword you bastard!

*Nitsuj strikes the spirit with his sword where the sword doesn’t even pierce the body of the spirit. Nitsuj not believing what just happened attacks multiple times but all of his attacks do nothing. The spirit bored with Nitsuj’s attack flicks him away where he lands across the street in the neighbor’s pool*

(Yin-Yang): Well that’s not good.

(Shizuku): Dust this bastard!

*At Shizuku’s word everyone begins fire on the spirit. Isis fire her pistols, Seras fires her arrows, Mira throws her cyber disc, Shizuku throws trash cans, Yin-Yang throws shurikens and kunais, and the Jack Bros. and Chibi Isis use magic. Their attacks do some damage to the spirit but the spirit quickly recovers from all of the damage dealt to it. Nitsuj returns after getting out of the pool soaking wet*

(Nitsuj): Okay that was not what I expected.

(Mira): Think it might be time to go to plan B master?

(Nitsuj): Plan B it is. I was really hoping we wouldn’t have to go down this route. Isis. Seras. Plan B.

*The girls nod at Nitsuj*

(Isis and Seras): Taiyou Senkou (Solar Flash)!

*The two combine their attacks and create a bright light which blinds the spirit. While blinded by the light the girls minus Chibi Isis summon their new motorcycles. Nitsuj hops on a bike with Seras while Jack Frost hops on a bike with Isis. Pyro Jack and Chibi Isis decide to fly. They all ride off into the streets just as the spirit finally regained its vision. After seeing them leaving he chases after them into the street*

(Seras): Here he comes. Just like you predicted master.

(Nitsuj): Alright you guys know what to do. Split up and make it happen.

*When they reach a fork in the road Isis, Mira, Jack Frost, Chibi Isis, and Pyro Jack go left while Nitsuj, Seras, Yin-Yang, and Shizuku go right. The spirit goes right after Nitsuj’s group*

(Yin-Yang): He’s coming after us.

(Shizuku): Naturally, he hates boss the most.

(Nitsuj): Yeah looks like I’m popular tonight. Too bad it’s with evil spirits who want to kill me because I spoke the truth.

*The spirit launches plasma shots at them*

(Shizuku): Incoming!

*The girls each dodge the shots*

(Nitsuj): Quick, into the mall.

*Following Nitsuj’s orders the girls drive into the mall through the sides doors. The spirit phases through the doors and into the building like nothing still trying to catch them. The spirit unleashes a few smaller and faster spirits to catch up to the others.

(Seras): I got bogeys coming in from behind.

(Nitsuj): Keep driving I’ll handle them.

*Nitsuj stands up and pulls out his sword striking and blocking any attacks that come Seras’ way*

(Nitsuj): Yin-Yang return fire! Shizuku, you’re on pick up duty.

(Shizuku and Yin-Yang): Right!

*Yin-Yang pulls out a grappling hook and fires at one of the ceiling lights in the mall. She zips through the air towards the light leaving her motorcycle where it disappears and swings around the light where she attacks the incoming spirits with exploding kunai. She swings around the light one more time just as the others are passing over the light and lands on Shizuku’s bike*

(Shizuku): Gotcha wolf ninja.

*Just as Shizuku catches Yin-Yang, Yin-Yang’s bike reappears and she jumps back on it. The group continues through the mall until they reach the other side and exit the mall back onto the streets. Nitsuj hears his phone ringing and answers it*

(Nitsuj): Please say you guys are ready.

(Isis): Yes master everything is setup and ready to go.

(Nitsuj): Great! We’ll be there shortly.

*Hangs up*

(Nitsuj): Guys they’re ready. Head towards the park.

*The girls begin to ride to the park which wasn’t too far away from the mall all while avoiding the attack of the spirit. When they arrive at the entrance of the park they get off their bikes and run towards the open meadow which is pitch black. The spirit loses track of them in the open meadow and stops running to look around for them*

(Real 4Kids Spirit): Where are you? Don’t think I won’t turn this park into a heap of burnt land. Come out right now before I-

*Right before the spirit could finish his sentence stage lights shine in his back and he turns around to see a stage with a movie screen about to play a video. What the video plays is anime clips that were dubbed and Americanized by 4Kids. The spirit seeing how horrible the dub is and not fully aware who made this dub is baffled by what he sees*

(Real 4Kids Spirit): This is so awful! I mean the voices don’t match up at all. Everything they say is like nails on a chalkboard. And why are they calling riceball, donuts? Who dubbed this anime?

*The spirit sees a logo in the bottle right hand corner and recognizes it as the 4Kids logo. Taken back by this the spirit dissolves all the fake spirits until it is the only one left. Nitsuj than comes out holding a mic*

(Nitsuj): That’s right. This dub that you say is awful was done by you. And this was only just a fraction of all the things you did wrong. On top of horrible dubbing and Americanizing stuff that didn’t need to be Americanized you guys skipped over a lot of important scenes, got morals all mixed up, and put in horrible rap openings in a sad effort to make the anime sound cool to younger viewers. For a lot of people out there you guys were there first entry point into anime and instead of showing them how good and cool anime is you dumbed it down, you simplified it, you didn’t take your audience serious and didn’t take the time and effort to study the source material and see what they were going for. You guys failed big time.

*Hurt by Nitsuj’s word but realizing they were true the spirit gets a sad look in its eyes*

(Nitsuj): But you know what? Despite all of this I’m thankful for you guys.

*The spirit looks up and shocked at what Nitsuj just said*

(Nitsuj): I use to hate you guys. I mean seriously hate you guys. But despite all the mistakes you made you guys help bring anime over to the west. Despite your dubbing being bad you did bring over some good anime like Digimon, some funny anime like Shaman King, and you guys got me interested in One Piece and for that I say thank you. So what if your dubbing and Americanizing sucked in the end you guys were just doing your job and doing what you thought was best. Were your decisions right? In my opinion no but you guys helped bring anime to the west and got people including myself more interested in anime. So in the end I say thanks for everything you’ve done.

*The spirit begins to cry*

(Real 4Kids Spirit): That’s all I ever wanted to hear. You didn’t do the best job but you did your best. Thanks for introducing anime to us.

(Nitsuj): Yes. I guess as humans we sometimes forget that none of us are perfect and that we sometimes demand perfection out of things we know can’t be perfect.

(Real 4Kids Spirit): So what do I do now?

(Nitsuj): You can rest now my friend. The time of 4Kids is done. New dubbing companies have risen and learned from your past mistakes. Studios like Funimation and Aniplex are bringing anime over like there’s no tomorrow and online websites and reviewers like me are helping to spread anime. You carried the torch as far as you can now let the next generation handle the rest. But if I ever lose my way I know where to look to get back on the right path.

(Real 4Kids Spirit): I suppose you are right. Thank you Nitsuj. I can now pass on in peace. Farewell.

*The spirit passes on but as it leaves it smiles and waves to Nitsuj. After the spirit is gone Nitsuj takes a big breath of relief and is joined by the AI girls on stage*

(Nitsuj): Whew, for a minute there I didn’t think I be able to pull it off.

(Chibi Isis): Yeah. I thought he was going to attack you Nii-chan.

(Seras): That was a pretty good speech master.

(Mira): Indeed. You’re plan worked out perfectly in the end. Still if you knew the only way to beat it would be through love why didn’t do it in the first place.

(Nitsuj): There are sometimes things you want to say to others but your pride won’t let you until you’re finally backed up against a wall and have no choice but to say it. This was one of those times.

(Mira): I see. Still, I’m curious. You really went all out on Plan B. What would you have done if Plan B was unnecessary and we were able to destroy it at the house?

(Nitsuj): *Chuckles* Oh I had that covered as well. Rule one when making a plan, never leave any loose ends.

*Nitsuj goes behind the curtain and soon a crowd begins to appear in the open meadow much to the AI girls’ surprise*

(Nitsuj): Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj’s Halloween Vocaloid Cosplay Concert. Boy that is a mouthful. Tonight me and my team will be performing some of your favorite vocaloid songs for one night only. Remember, admission is one bag of candy, and we still have plenty of seats for everyone. We’ll be starting very soon and once again thanks for coming out.

*A spotlight soon shines on Isis when the instrumental to World Is Mine begins to play. The other girls leave the stage while Isis stands there unsure of what to do. But the crowd begins to cheer for her and she sees the fans cheer with glowsticks and looks to the side to see a smile from Nitsuj. She nods her head, all her fear is gone and she begins to sing World is Mine. The crowd goes wild from Isis’ singing and it continued throughout the concert when the others went on stage to sing their respective songs. At the end the concert was a huge success and they got a truck load of candy. The group is now walking home with the candy*

(Nitsuj): That was great. You guys were awesome.

(Pyro Jack): No you were awesome! The crowd love your rendition of Dancing Samurai and Fly Me To the Moon.

(Shizuku): Yeah but I stole the show with my rendition of PianoxFortexScandel.

(Mira): You? I’m sorry but they were clearly chanting for more Luka throughout the concert.

*Everyone continues to talk about the concert until they reach the front door of Nitsuj’s house*

(Isis): Tonight truly has been a lot of fun.

(Yin-Yang): And it ended without us having to destroy someone or something.

(Seras): Yeah. It feels a little empty.

*When Nitsuj opens his door he sees that his house is filled with cybernetic jack-o-lanterns partying*

(Aqua): Ah, you’re back. I hope you don’t mind but I invited some friends over to party. I’ll be sure to clean everything up tomorrow morning.

(Nitsuj): Hey guys you still got one more in you?

(Isis): I knew it was too good to be true.

(Shizuku): We’re back to our tradition.

(Pyro Jack): Oh what the hell let’s get them.

(Nitsuj): Alright. We’re going rave mode *claps hands twice*.

*The group gets out there weapons and the whole house lockdowns on them. Soon rave music hits and everyone begins attacking all the cybernetic jack-o-lanterns that have invaded their house to end the night on a high note*

The End

Happy Halloween

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