00 Otaku Part 25

*In the AIA base in Las Vegas, Isis is doing shooting practice when Danny comes in*

(Isis): 7 out of 10.

(Danny): Not bad. Mind if I take a shot?

(Isis): Free country.

*Danny takes a gun and fires hitting all 10 of his targets. Isis stands there amazed*

(Danny): My dad was a sniper in the army. Taught me how to shoot a gun and everything.

(Isis): That firing style. That’s my style.

(Danny): Correction, that’s my style. You learned it from me.

(Isis): Wait, does that mean-

(Danny): You really thought your DNA came from just Ashlyn? She couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn. Your marksmanship came from me. When Nitsuj first told me about his AI project I thought he was crazy and gave him some of my DNA just so he would leave me alone. I still can’t believe it actually worked. So, I guess you can say I’m your father and it’s time for me to perform my duties as one. Don’t you think it’s time for you to forgive Nitsuj?

(Isis): Don’t do this, don’t give me that crap. I don’t want to talk to that guy ever again. He lied to me.

(Danny): About what? Tell me, when you confronted Nitsuj about Cole’s comments did you give him a chance to explain or did you just run out without hearing an explanation from him?

*Isis just stands there silent*

(Danny): I figured as much. You were stubborn and walked out on him without hearing his side of the story. You truly are my daughter.

(Isis): So what if I walked out on him? What could he have possibly said that could make me feel better?

(Danny): So you’re choosing to believe your enemy over the person you’ve spent 5 years with? We can talk all day but in the end you know that you’ve dug your own hole and you’re the one at fault here. You let your emotions get the better of you and chose to believe your enemy over your friend. We call that a rookie mistake.

(Isis): This is unbelievable. Why is everyone siding with Nitsuj on this? Especially you! I thought you hated Nitsuj.

(Danny): I never said I hated him. While it’s true I don’t agree with his methods of conducting missions I cannot deny that he is good at what he does and the person you can count on to get the job done. I guess what I’m saying is despite our differences I respect him. I don’t know what Nitsuj programmed into you but I know this, he has always been a straight shooter and deserves to be allowed to tell his side of the story. You can stay down here and feel sad and angry or you can go get the answers your looking for. The choice is yours.

(Isis): Even if I wanted to talk to him, I don’t know where he is.

(Danny): You’ve been around him for 5 years now. You should know him by now.

*Danny leaves leaving Isis alone in her thoughts. We then cut back to Yin-Yang and Miguel’s fight. The two clash swords with each other and exchange sword slashes with each blocking each other’s attack. They parry each other and both of their swords go flying in the air. Despite this they both continue to fight each other throwing punches and kicks all while dodging. When their swords come back down they both catch their respective swords and put some distance between each other*

(Miguel): Impressionante. Your skills have improved. But I doubt this is all you can do.

(Yin-Yang): You’re damn right. Lightning phantom!

*Within an instant Yin-Yang appears within striking distance of Miguel. He just barely gets his sword up to defend Yin-Yang’s attack. He gets his sword knocked away and Yin-Yang hits him with a punch and a spinning heel kick which sends him to the ground. He quickly gets back up and sees that Yin-Yang is standing between him and his sword*

(Miguel): Show me a good time.

*Yin-Yang charges at Miguel trying to slice him but he manages to dodge her attacks. He even catches her sword at one point and uses this to get past her. But Yin-Yang was ready for this. She takes out a chain and throws it around Miguel’s leg. She pulls on it and he falls to the ground just short of his sword. He tries to crawl to it but Yin-Yang pulls him back and puts her sword through one of the loops keeping the chain in place. Yin-Yang takes out a kunai and lunges toward Miguel who rolls out of the way. He does a sweeping kick which makes her fall on her back and tries to kick her with his loose leg but it gets blocked. Yin-Yang also tries to kick him but he blocks the kick as well. Miguel and Yin-Yang roll away from each other with Yin-Yang getting back to her feet while Miguel rolls to her sword. He manages to kick the sword out of the loop and loosen his foot out of the chain. He gets to his feet and grabs the chain trying to whip Yin-Yang but she dodges the attack. Yin-Yang manages to grab the chain and wrap it around her hand as does Miguel. Miguel pulls on the chain dragging Yin-Yang to him and he punches her in the chest. He follows it up with a small jumping kick to the knee but Yin-Yang recovers from it quickly. She grabs his free arm and does a 180-spin driving her elbow into Miguel’s stomach. She takes advantage of this by taking out one of her electric kunais and driving it into Miguel’s shoulder shocking him. He screams out in pain but endures it to keep on fighting. He throws a punch at Yin-Yang who catches the punch and wraps her body around it while wrapping her legs around his neck locking him into a flying triangle choke hold. Yin-Yang tries to bring him all to the ground but she only manages to get him to drop to one knee. He manages to get back to his feet lifting Yin-Yang up and throwing punches at her trying to her to break her grip but she stays hanging on. She pulls back and again manages to bring him to a knee before he uses his strength to pull himself and her back up where he slams Yin-Yang to the ground. Yin-Yang loses her grip and Miguel goes to pick up his sword but gets stopped by Yin-Yang trying to get her sword. It’s become a game of tug o’ war to see who can pick up their sword first with both wolves struggling to reach their swords only mere centimeters away. They each manage to grab their sword and cut the chain holding them together. Once free from the chain they both activate their lightning modes and disappear in flash*

(Chibi Isis): Huh? Where’d they go?

(Seras): They’re still here but they’re moving so fast we can’t see them. Looks like the fight is going to come down to who’s the fastest. Whatever you do, don’t move. There’s a good chance we could get caught in their attacks and sliced up.

*Yellow and red sparks flash past Seras and Chibi Isis indicating that the swords of Yin-Yang and Miguel were clashing with each other. They throw a few kunai and knives at other but they keep blocking them*

(Yin-Yang): It’s almost time. When will my moment arrive?

*As Yin-Yang talks to herself Miguel manages to hit her with an upward slash attack which sends her into the air. Miguel jumps up hoping to deliver the final blow but Yin-Yang counters his attack and slams him to the ground where he recovers quickly and prepares for his quick draw attack. With a quick lunge he reaches Yin-Yang within a second where she ducks underneath the attack much to Miguel’s surprise*

(Yin-Yang): I see it. Now it’s my turn!

*Yin-Yang gathers a large amount of lightening around her and drives by Miguel sending him into that alternate dimension Yin-Yang sent Nitsuj into before*

(Miguel): Where am I? What is this place?

(Yin-Yang): You’re in the Lightning Zone. It’s like the Speed Force only except with lightning. Here, I am lightning incarnate and the controller of speed.

*Yin-Yang soon unleashes a flurry of attacks on Miguel at a speed so fast that Miguel can’t even see them. Yin-Yang finishes up her furious attack by driving her sword through Miguel’s chest. The two both exit the Lightning Zone with Yin-Yang’s sword still inside Miguel. She finally pulls it out as AI blood begins to flow from his chest as well as his mouth. Yin-Yang puts her sword away and sits down as Miguel smiles*

(Miguel): It’s over. I’ve lost. And yet, I feel no sympathy. I truly was defeated by a great wolf ninja. Please, accept this defeated wolf’s pride and honor.

*Miguel sheathes his sword and hands it to Yin-Yang*

(Yin-Yang): I accept this sword. Know that even though your body is dying, your spirit shall live on forever with this sword that I shall call Akai Kaminari (Red Thunder). You truly were a skilled warrior. It was an honor to fight you.

(Miguel): The honor was all mine filhote. Despedida.

*Miguel walks over to the side of the roof and falls off. As he falls he vanishes with a smile on his face knowing that he was defeated by a skilled warrior who he respected*

(Yin-Yang): Well, what are you guys waiting for? Destroy the central hub.

(Seras): Oh, right.

*Chibi Isis and Seras find the central hub and destroy it*

(Chibi Isis): The hub has been destroyed Nii-chan. You’re good to go.

(Nitsuj): That’s my girls. Mira, do your thing.

(Mira): With pleasure. Get ready to bow to your mistress.

*Mira hacks the door with ease granting everyone access to the 15th floor. Nitsuj, Yume and Mira go to Dessian’s office while Ashlyn and Brian stay on look out. Nitsuj turns on the computer and Mira begins hacking into it. While that’s going on the Jack Bros. and Shizuku use the vents reach the basement and see all the licensed product being made*

(Corbin): Wow, look at all the products. They’ve got Attack on Titan, Hellsing Ultimate, Lucky Star the list goes on.

(Shizuku): Yeah but something’s not right here. These are all animes licensed by Funimation. Dessian doesn’t have the rights to sell this merchandise.

*As Shizuku talks the vents give weight and Shizuku falls through the vent and lands in a pile of Keijo merchandise in front of everyone*

(Shizuku): Thank you fanservice.

*The guards surround Shizuku who puts her hands in the air*

(Corbin): Ahh~! Make way for Corbin!

*Corbin lands on an employee*

(Baron): Make way for Baron!

*Baron lands on nothing and hits the floor hard*

(Baron): I said make way for Baron ya idiots!

*The guards apprehend the Jack Bros. as well and soon the alarm goes off through the building*

(Nitsuj): Oh no. Mira! You better hurry with finding that data.

(Mira): I’m looking! I’m looking! I found it!

(Nitsuj): Great! Copy it to this flash drive!

(Mira): Done!

(Nitsuj): Good! We’re out of here.

(Mira): Wait Nitsuj. There’s another file on here titled faked Utena.

*Mira clicks on the file and plays it. What they see is a terrible dub of Utena with subliminal messaging*

(Yume): It’s another video with subliminal messaging. This one’s worse than the others.

(Nitsuj): We’re worry about that later. Let’s get out of here.

*Once Nitsuj, Yume, and Mira leave the room Yume and Mira get caught in a cyber net which nullifies their powers*

(Cole): Don’t move Nitsuj!

*Cole shows up with some guards and once Nitsuj looks further down the hall to see Ashlyn and Brian have been captured as he gives up. Back on the roof Yin-Yang, Seras, and Chibi Isis also get captured. Seras and Chibi Isis put up a good fight but the numbers were too much for them and with Yin-Yang exhausted and depleted from her fight with Miguel she was easily captured. As the group gets captured back in town on a hotel computer Isis jumps out shocking everyone*

(Isis): Darn. I tried emailing myself to Nitsuj but his phone got turned off. Excuse me, which way is it to Dessian Enterprises?

(Hotel attendant): About 7 miles east of here.

(Isis): Thank you.

*Isis leaves the hotel and begins running east to Dessian Enterprises*

To be continued

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