00 Otaku Part 26

*Nitsuj and the group has been captured and are now strapped to chairs where they stand before Hogan Dessian, Cole, weeaboos and guards*

(Hogan): Well, well, well, well. Well, well, well, well. Well, well, well, well. Well, well, well-

(Ashlyn): Oh for God’s sake get on with it!

(Hogan): Do not interrupt. I have one more series of wells left in me. *Clears throat* Well, well, well, well. It appears we have an infestation of rats within the building.

(Nitsuj): The only rat I see here is you. I can’t believe you’ve been the mastermind this whole time. And to think I thought your stupid son was behind this. No offence.

(Hogan): Non-taken. He’s an idiot. Why do you think I have writers write his scripts? But at the same time, he’s the perfect idiot to manipulate the masses to help me achieve my goal.

(Mira): And what would that be?

(Shizuku): Does it have anything to do with all that licensed merchandise down below?

(Hogan): Ahh~ you saw that? Well then, allow me to elaborate on my ingenious plan. As you all know anime merchandise is highly valued here in the west. My company creates this merchandise and sells it but the main problem is all my merchandise is non-licensed anime. As in it’s anime that either nobody is all that interested or cares about. Meanwhile Funimation and Cruchyroll are killing it on the market.

(Nitsuj): Is their new partnership really hurting you that bad?

(Hogan): Very! Ever since their little partnership, Funimation has been claiming the licensing rights on some of the best anime of the season and turning them into dubs. If it’s a licensed anime I can’t make money off that anime unless I own the rights.

(Nitsuj): Now I get what your goal is. The subliminal messaging, the booths, I get it now. You’re trying to take over the anime western market.

(Hogan): Yes. But as long as dub companies like Funimation exists and there are companies like Cruchyroll and Rightstuf who help deliver anime and its merchandise to the west my dream will never come true. I was all but prepared to accept this fact until my spies told me about the reboot dub of Utena. It was at that moment that I began my insidious plan. However, doing it alone would be impossible so I acquired some help in the weeaboos and elitists.

(Ashlyn): Okay, so what do you guys get out of this? Last I checked you guys hated each other for the most part.

(Cole): We do. But Dessian’s plan benefits both of our parties greatly. For starters, we get to save Utena.

(Brian): Is the dub really that bad?

(Cole): Hell no! It’s a good dub. The voices match up perfectly with the characters and everything. It’s honestly one of the best dubs today. And that is why it must not be seen by peons who will mock it because of their stupidity. By helping out Dessian we will keep the dub for ourselves and guard it like a treasure. Keeping it safe from the world that doesn’t deserve to see its beauty. All the world cares about is tits and asses and action. They all pale in comparison to Utena.

(Nitsuj): That’s because they’re not trying to be Utena. Every author out there is trying to tell their own story. While FMA: Brotherhood may be my favorite anime I don’t expect every anime to be like it. That’d be crazy and unreasonable. Sort of like what you’re doing right now.

(Yume): Elitism aside, what do you weeaboos gain from this?

(Weeaboo): We, are going to witness the end of dubbing.

(Brian): Impossible. Dubbing is stronger now than ever. Funimation’s been dishing out good dub after dub these last few years.

(Hogan): True, but all it takes is one bad dub to bring the house down. I’m sure you’ve seen how my subliminal messaging can affect the minds of people into buying my stuff. That was on a small scale. Imagine what would happen if it were to happen on a larger scale. Say, San Francisco’s Anime Expo Exclusive?

(Nitsuj): What are you planning?

(Hogan): Funimation is now in position of our dub of Utena. With its subliminal messaging everybody watching it will hate dub animes. People will rally in the streets boycotting dubs causing Funimation to go out of business. With it’s market value dropping I shall buy it up and gain control of all of their licensing rights. I’ll eliminate the dubs and focus all of our attention on making merchandise. With Funimation under my control the other companies in the west will fall with it and I will buy them up. Soon, I will have a monopoly on the anime market in the west. You won’t be able to buy anime merchandise here without it coming from me.

(Nitsuj): So that’s your plan huh? Complete control of the market? Not gonna lie, you’ve turned into a big time villain here Dessian and you’re pulling it off very well.

(Hogan): I try.

(Nitsuj): You on the other hand Cole. You disgust me. You being an elitist, I’m okay with that. But turning your back on your friends and everyone who appreciates anime all for your own selfish wishes. I find it unforgivable.

(Cole): Oh don’t give me that crap. As far as I’m concerned everyone betrayed me first and took what should have been mine in the first place.

(Nitsuj): I don’t remember taking anything from you. If anything I’ve treated you like my own brother since we met.

(Cole): You used me to reach the top of the Dark Syndicate. Oh yeah, on paper Kenji left you and I in charge but in truth he put you in charge. I was Kenji’s student way longer than you and yet he still chose you over me. Everybody always saw you as the leader of the Syndicate and I was just the right-hand man there to back you up. Even when you left and I became the official leader all anyone could talk about was you. How Nitsuj did this, how amazing Nitsuj was, or Nitsuj would have done this. It was clear as day that everyone valued you more than me.

(Nitsuj): Is that really what this is all about Cole? Proving your better than me?

(Cole): I’m not trying to prove anything. I know I’m better than you. I’m stronger than you. I trained more than you. It’s time the world saw that. But most importantly, I got the girl.

(Ashlyn): So I’m just your trophy wife. You’re marrying me just to hurt Nitsuj?

(Cole): No of course not. Ashlyn, I really do love you and want to spend my life with you. I’m sorry you had to find out this way but know that my feelings for you are pure. Come on Ashlyn, join me and let’s spend the rest of our lives together.

(Ashlyn): No. You’re not the Cole I fell in love with. The Cole that I love would never betray his best friend like this.

(Cole): I was never his friend.

*Everyone, except for Nitsuj gets a shocked look on his face*

(Nitsuj): Wow. Just when you think you know a guy he goes off and reveals his true colors. Take note guys, this is the sight of a bitter man with an inferiority complex.

*Cole attacks Nitsuj but the guards pull him away*

(Cole): I’m the best! I’m the best! I have always been the best and will always be better than you! I’m sick and tired of everyone saying how goddamn good you are and patronizing me!

(Hogan): Calm yourself Cole. We have them captured and there’s no one that save them.

*All of a sudden the door behind them gets sliced open and in walks Isis*

(AI girls): ISIS!

(Hogan): That door was open you know?

(Isis): I know. I just wanted to try it out. I’ve got to say, it was a lot of fun.

(Cole): What is the meaning of-

(Isis): Shut up. I didn’t come here for you guys. I came for him.

*Isis points to Nitsuj and walks up to him as everyone gets out of her way*

(Nitsuj): Hey Isis, what’s up?

(Isis): I’m about to ask you some serious questions and I want you to be completely and totally honest with me.

(Nitsuj): Of course, like I told you I’ve always been a straight shooter.

(Isis): First question, do you still have feelings for Ashlyn?

(Nitsuj): Yes.

(Isis): Did her getting engaged to Cole piss you off?

(Nitsuj): Yes. I know I said I was okay with it but in truth I wasn’t. That’s honestly the reason I decided to take the summer off. I wanted to cope with this engagement and bring myself to be happy for them.

(Isis): Next question, do you love me?

(Nitsuj): Yes, but only as a friend.

(Isis): Last question, when you created me was I just a replacement for Ashlyn?

(Nitsuj): No. Look I admit it. When Cole and Ashlyn started dating each other I was jealous and it got distracting for me so I decided to take on a new assignment so I would stop myself from doing something I would regret. I know half of your DNA comes from her but I created you to be your own person. When I look at you I don’t see Ashlyn, all I see is Isis that same girl who’s been with me from the beginning. That same AI girl who loves yaoi novels, has a good shot, and the person I can always count on to have my back no matter what. My blue-haired ace. Yes, the guys in the lab gave me the option of making you completely obedient but I said no. I wanted you to have a will of your own. I wanted our relationship to be a real one and you would like me for who I was and not because someone programmed it into you. You’ve always been your own person Isis and I’ve always treated and respected you as one as well. Ashlyn can’t and won’t ever replace you and I’m sorry for any stress I might have put on you because of this whole experience and will do anything in my power to make it right.

(Isis): You really want to make it up to me? Fine, when this is all done, you’re taking me shopping. Just you and me. No one else. You and I haven’t really had alone time in a long time. Also, on my birthday, you’re doing a review with me no matter what and doing a make up a review with me as well.

(Nitsuj): Okay. It’s a date.

(Isis): Alright. One more thing. A hug.

*Isis hugs Nitsuj as tears flow from her eyes. Everyone awws at the touching moment*

(Guard): Man, I wish I had that kind of relationship with my girlfriend.

(Guard 2): Yeah.

(Guard): I’m gonna go call her up right now and tell her how I feel.

(Cole): Would you get off your emotional high. We’ve got work to do. Sorry, but none of you will be escaping this-

*Cole notices that Isis cut the chains restraining Yume and keeping her powers in check. Yume gets up from the chair with an evil smile on her face*

(Cole): Oh hell!

*Yume’s eyes glow green and traps everyone in an illusion except for Cole who stabs himself in the hand to escape the illusion. Isis frees everyone and as Nitsuj is free he grabs Cole and slams him into the wall while Ashlyn recovers the flash drive containing the original dub of Utena from Hogan*

(Ashlyn): Got the drive!

(Nitsuj): Time to go!

*Nitsuj and the others run out of the room as Cole gets back up trying to snap everyone out of the illusion*

(Cole): Snap out of it! Come on! Put this whole building on lock down! Don’t let them escape! Shoot them if you must!

(Weeaboo): Wait, you’re actually telling us to kill them?

(Cole): Don’t let them, escape!

*Cole runs down the hall trying to catch them*

To be continued

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