00 Otaku Part 27

*Now that Nitsuj and the others have the flash drive they are making their escape. The group manages to defeat all the guards in their path and making it back outside to the employee parking garage*

(Brian): Come on! It’s just a little further. My car is just behind those bushes.

(Seras): RPG!

(Baron): Yeah this is like an RPG.

(Seras): No! RPG!

*Seras points and everyone sees a guard getting ready to fire an RPG at group*

(Nitsuj): Hit the ground!

*Everybody drops to the ground as the guard fires the RPG. While it misses the group it hits Brian’s car which goes flying in the air as it explodes. Brian gets up with a shocked look in his face*

(Brian): Noooooooooo! It didn’t even break 1000!

*More guards show up with guns*

(Brian): You bastards! I’ll kill you! I’ll break all your necks!

*Shizuku and Yin-Yang hold him back*

(Nitsuj): Brian, there’s no time for that we’ve gotta keep moving!

*The guards begin to fire on the group. Chibi Isis and the Jack Bros. cover their backs as they escape and make their way over to the car museum where more guards are there and firing at them. The group uses the trees for cover as Isis, Yume, Mira and Seras return fire*

(Shizuku): Boss! Please say you have a strategy!

(Nitsuj): Yeah! It’s called running!

(Shizuku): Works for me!

*The cover fire provided by the AI girls allows the group to make their way into the car museum*

(Ashlyn): We need to get a car fast.

(Isis): Well we got a wide selection to choose from.

(Nitsuj): Lupin’s Abarth 500? Classy, but no. King Kai’s car? Not fast enough. Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro? Too creepy. Mach 5 from Speed Racer? Too small.

*As Nitsuj continues to look with the others he stops and sees the car that he’s looking for*

(Nitsuj): I think we have a winner here guys.

*Everyone one sees the car Nitsuj is looking at and nod an agreement*

(Nitsuj): I’m driving.

*As Nitsuj’s and the others get set, Cole and Hogan are outside*

(Cole): What the hell are you guys waiting for? Raid the damn building!

(Hogan): No! That building contains my car collection! The cars in there are worth thousands and millions of dollars! If anyone of you so much as puts a hole in one of them, I’ll shoot you myself!

(Cole): We don’t have time for this! Get ready to raid the building!

*All of a sudden Cole, Hogan, and the guards here the sound of a horn go off and see headlights closing in on them*

(Hogan): He wouldn’t!

(Cole): Oh yes he would.

*All of a sudden the Toyota AE86 from Initial D comes crashing through the museum’s entrance being driven by Nitsuj with Ashlyn in the front seat, Brian and the Jack Bros. in the back, and the AI girls are in Nitsuj’s phone except for Isis who’s up top shooting at people. Cole grabs Hogan and jumps out of the way as do the guards as Isis takes shots at them. She fires randomly hitting a few people before Nitsuj drives away*

(Cole): Look at these crazy bastards!

(Hogan): All units after them! Move it! Move it! Move it!

*Nitsuj drives out of Dessian Enterprises’s property with the guards right behind him in cars and motorcycles*

(Brian): Look at these guys, they’re coming after us in swarms.

(Isis): Oh that’s great. More enemies means more targets.

(Corbin): You sure we’ll be able to outrun them in this piece of junk?

(Brian): Watch your mouth! This is a Toyota AE86, the same car that Takumi drove in Initial D. You couldn’t ask for a more reliable car.

(Nitsuj): Right you are Brian and we’re approaching a hill turn. Hit the Eurobeat music from the anime!

*Yin-Yang presses the play button on Nitsuj’s music app and the song Gas Gas Gas from the anime begins to play. Nitsuj continues driving while drifting down the sharp roads. Some of the guards are driving too fast and can’t make the turn and wind up falling off the road. Those that made the turn continue to chase after Nitsuj and the others with Isis taking shots at and costing some of them to crash*

(Mira): Alright, times up. My turn.

*Mira comes out of the phone as Isis goes in the phone. Mira gets on top of the car and takes out her cyber discs*

(Mira): I’m coming for you.

*Mira throws her cyber discs striking the tires of two cars before returning to her. One of the cars spins out of control running into other cars and causing multiple car wrecks for the cars behind it and the other car flips over*

(Yume): *Whistles* Not bad Mira. Got anything for those guys on the motorcycles?

(Mira): I’ll leave them to you.

*Mira goes back into the phone as Yume comes out*

(Guard): Oh shit! It’s that fox again!

(Guard 2): Don’t worry, as long as we have these helmets, her powers are useless.

*All of a sudden the guard gets hit with an arrow and falls off his bike*

(Yume): Sorry. But I’m more than just a one trick fox.

*Yume fires more arrows taking out a number of guards on motorcycles. For the one’s she couldn’t hit and got close to the car. Brian and the Jack Bros. were there to take care of them. The Jack Bros. used their magic to attack them and Brian just leans out the window and punched them. After drifting down the hill they manage to make it back on the main road which leads them back into the city where they manage to defeat many of their pursuers*

(Nitsuj): I think it’s safe to say we took care of those guys.

*All of a sudden a hummer rams into them from behind. Looking out the rearview mirror, they see that the person who rammed them was Hogan and Cole*

(Ashlyn): You were saying?

*Nitsuj steps on the gas but Hogan catches up to them. Cole pops out up from the sunroof trying to reach over to the AE86. Ashlyn removes her seatbelt and heads up top to fight Cole. She takes out her rapier as Cole takes out his sword and the two begin to parry each other*

(Cole): Come on baby, don’t be so cold. There’s still time for you to join us.

(Ashlyn): You’re full of shit Cole.

*The two continue to fight each other as Nitsuj and Hogan dodge traffic and stay neck and neck with each other. Hogan takes out a gun and tries to shoot Nitsuj but he can’t get a steady hold on Nitsuj*

(Hogan): You must die~!

(Nitsuj): Pbbt, you sound like the internet.

*Hogan takes a shot at Nitsuj but misses. Nitsuj and Hogan continue to ram each other back and forth while Ashlyn and Cole battle up top*

(Nitsuj): Guys, I could really use some help.

(Corbin): Working on it.

*Corbin rolls down the window and says a magic spell which allows him to shoot an ice beam from his hands. He uses this beam to create a sheet of ice on Hogan’s side of the road. Nitsuj sees this and quickly figures out what Corbin is doing as does Ashlyn. Nitsuj stops the car and Hogan tries to stop but can’t thanks to the sheet of ice. He continues to slide across the road until he eventually hits a traffic light pole head on causing traffic to come to a standstill. Hogan slightly gets injured from the crash with a little blood coming from his head while Cole might have hurt his ribs from the crash. Nitsuj drives off taking the backroads and heading up north*

(Hogan): Fuck!

*Hogan gets out his phone*

(Hogan): Get me another car asap and have my helicopter ready to go within the next hour. We’re going to San Francisco.

*Meanwhile Nitsuj and the others leave the city limits and are on the road heading to San Francisco. After a 5 ½ hour drive Nitsuj and others arrive in San Francisco and pull into the Moscone Center employee parking garage. They have only an hour left until Funimation’s panel*

(Nitsuj): Alright guys. We’ve only got an hour left so let’s move.

*Nitsuj and the group head towards when all of sudden security appears and stops them*

(Ashlyn): It’s okay *takes out badge*, we’re with the AIA.

*The security guards take out their guns*

(Brian): And apparently you guys have a problem with that.

(Danny): Don’t bother wasting your breath. These guards are all elitists. Dessian and Cole arrived about 2 hours ago, and replaced security with their men.

*Danny appears and points a gun at Nitsuj who walks up to Danny as the guards surround them*

(Brian): You son of a bitch. You’re siding with them?

(Danny): Nothing personal. It’s just business. I will do anything to keep AIA alive. Even if that means doing things I might regret.

(Ashlyn): This isn’t funny Danny. I know you and Nitsuj have your differences but not even you would stoop this low just to stop him.

(Nitsuj): You really wanna go down this route Danny?

(Danny): There is no other way.

(Nitsuj): Fine.

*Nitsuj prepares to draw his swords as Danny prepares to shoot him. But all of a sudden Danny turns around and begins firing on the security guards while Nitsuj takes out the guards behind him*

(Nitsuj): *Laughs* Nice work Danny! You still got it! Good acting on your part as well Ashlyn!

(Ashlyn): Naturally.

(Yin-Yang): Okay, what the hell is going on here?

(Danny): Sorry. It appears I never explained my occupation to you. I am currently executive officer of agents for the AIA but before that I was known as the Lightning Gunman Danny Vida, gunman and sniper of The Dark Syndicate.

(AI girls, Brian, and the Jack Bros.): WHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAT!

(Chibi Isis): You. . .You were a member of the Dark Syndicate!?

(Shizuku): How is that possible?

(Brian): Damn, not even I knew that! He must have left the group before I joined the AIA.

(Isis): So wait, are those guys dead?

(Danny): No. My gun fires electric charged bullets. They send a powerful shockwave through the body knocking you out. Not harmful but enough to keep you down.

(Nitsuj): And that’s why we call him the Lightening Gunman. What’s the situation?

(Danny): Not good. After I had my talk with Isis I got a call in Vegas from Dessian. He told me his entire plan and everything. I guess he thought I would join him without question. I decided to pretend to be on their side. You know, in case you guys were to fail. I take it you have the original copy?

(Ashlyn): Right here. Let’s get it to Funimation.

(Danny): Easier said than done. Like I said, once Dessian arrived he switched out all the guards with elitists and weeaboos. Every guard in this con is on high alert to find and capture you.

(Ashlyn): Than it looks like we’ll have no choice but to fight our way through the con.

(Brian): It seems that way but their goal isn’t to beat us, it’s to stall us long enough for Funimation’s panel to happen and air that dub.

(Nitsuj): Not to worry. You do what I told you to do earlier during the tour Danny?

(Danny): Yes.

(Nitsuj): Than we’re good to go.

(Ashlyn): What did you guys do?

(Nitsuj): Let’s just say I’ll be playing my ace during this final fight. Let’s go.

*Nitsuj tries to open up the door into the building but it’s locked*

(Danny): That’s odd, it wasn’t locked a second ago. Phil, what’s going on in there? We need to get inside.

(Phil): I’m sorry. We’ve been hacked. We’re doing everything just to log back in. This attack is even bigger than the one in Miami.

(Mira): Only an AI could launch an attack like this.

(Isis): No doubt it’s Elsa the final member of Les Renegades.

(Elsa): You are correct Isis.

*Elsa speaks through Danny’s wristwatch*

(Elsa): Mr. Dessian’s orders were absolute. This whole building is now under my control.

(Mira): Oh really?

*Mira walks over to the card scanner of the door and hacks into it*

(Mira): The door is open.

(Elsa): Impressive. I take it you’re the one who figured out how to defuse my bombs and hacked into my security system at Dessian Enterprises.

(Mira): Yes. That was me. My name is Mira. I must say Elsa, I’m impressed with your work. I would love to have an in-depth talk with you about it but I’m going to have to shut you down now.

(Elsa): Mira. I must admit your work has impressed me as well. Please, enter the system and let us see who is the better hacker.

(Mira): Gladly.

*Mira enters the system*

(Seras): Look at her getting all excited.

(Yume): Well we might as well back her up.

(Nitsuj): Good idea. We’ll handle things on our end. You guys regain control of the system.

*The AI girls go into the system to back up Mira*

(Nitsuj): Alright guys, let’s go save a con.

To be continued

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