00 Otaku Part 28

*In the system Mira has come face to face with Elsa*

(Elsa): You’ve come. I’m usually the one working in the backgrounds and letting the others handle the physical work. But it looks like I’ll be making an exception this time.

(Mira): That works for me. Get ready to kneel before your mistress.

*A virtual monitor and keyboard appears before Mira and she begins hacking into the system to regain control while Elsa tries to counter her. The typing speed of the two is amazing. As Mira continues to hack a virus slowly begins to appear from behind her. The virus tries to attack her but Yin-Yang comes in and kicks it out of the way*

(Yin-Yang): I’ve got your back Mira. We all do.

*Mira turns around to see everyone keeping the viruses at bay while she fights against Elsa. Mira smiles and returns back around to continue hacking. As that’s going on Nitsuj, Ashlyn, Brian, Danny, and the Jack Bros. have made it up to the main floor where they are on the opposite side of the building from the Funimation panel*

(Nitsuj): Alright, everything is in place. Everybody ready?

(Danny): I still find this highly unacceptable for this situation.

(Nitsuj): Hey, it’s my mission, you can either play by my rules or sit out. Now, hit it.

*Danny presses play on his cell phone and it begins to play Tank the opening song for Cowboy Bebop. Everybody also presses play on their cell phones and it begins to play Tank. They then run out for everyone to see them. They quickly take out two guards and split up, each taking a different route to the Funimation panel*

(Guard): We found them. They each split up.

(Cole): They each split up? The old diversion tactic. That means one of them has the flash drive and the other three are just decoys.

(Hogan): So then which one has the flash drive?

(Cole): Knowing Nitsuj it’s either him or Ashlyn. Focus on those two, but take down Brian, Danny, and the Jack Bros. just in case.

*Cole heads out with a bunch of guards to apprehend Nitsuj and the others. While that’s going on, back in the system, the AI girls were locked in their own battle against Elsa. As Mira continues to battle her, the others take on the viruses that come her way*

(Isis): There’s just no end to these things.

*Isis gets done shooting down a bird-like virus and dodges an attack from another virus by taking out her rapier and slicing it up. Seras and Shizuku take on a group of viruses with Seras slicing them up with her scythe and Shizuku cutting through them with her claymore. Yin-Yang runs through a group of viruses cutting them up at lightning speed with her knives while Chibi Isis cast support magic from a safe distance as Yume protects her. Five goblin-like viruses try to attack Chibi Isis but Yume takes them down herself. She shoots three of them in the head with an arrow and shoots one of them in the leg causing it to fall. The last one tries to sneak up behind her but she takes an arrow and jabs it into the head of the virus killing it and then uses another arrow to kill the remaining virus. Back out in the con the Jack Bros. make their way to the Funimation Panel using the route they were told to take but get attacked by the guards. The Jack Bros. fight but the numbers eventually catch up and tackle them to the ground. The guards search the Jack Bros. for the drive and find nothing*

(Guard): Jack Bros. secured. They don’t have the flash drive.

*Danny also had trouble on his end. As he was making his way to the panel, he was gunning down every guard that got in his way*

(Danny): Screw your elitist bullshit! Die!

*Danny shoots down three guards in his way*

(Danny): Spewing nonsense while acting like you own the world. Get on your knees and beg for mercy!

*Danny continues forward while still mocking the elitist until a group of them open fire on him. He dodges the attack and hides behind a bench returning fire. He manages to hit a few but the numbers are too much and he gets pinned down with nowhere to escape*

(Danny): Shit!

*Back in the system Elsa sprouts two more hands to gain the advantage on Mira and work faster but Mira somehow manages to keep up with her. If anything her hacking speed is starting to increase little by little*

(Elsa): How is this possible? How can she keep up with me?

(Mira): What’s the matter Elsa, you’ve got that worried look on your face?

(Elsa): It’s nothing of your concern. I will defeat you and accomplish my mission.

(Mira): You know, ever since we started this little game I haven’t heard you once mention the other members of Les Renegades. I would have thought you’d hold a grudge against us for killing your friends.

(Elsa): Friends? I never once saw them as friends. They were just associates to me. All that matters is accomplishing the mission given to me. The others couldn’t handle it so I will finish what they couldn’t.

*Mira chuckles at Elsa’s statement*

(Elsa): Did something I say amuse you?

(Mira): Oh no, I’m sorry. It’s just that what you said reminds me of myself back in the day. I too used to think that having friends was pointless and accomplishing the mission was all that matters in the end. Let me ask you this, what’s the point of accomplishing something if you have no one to share it with? In the end you just feel empty inside. I can safely say that my accomplishments with those boneheads over there has been a lot more rewarding than anything I’ve done by myself.

(Elsa): I find that line of thinking illogical. Once friends come into the picture they distract you from what you need to accomplish. Observe.

*Elsa presses a button and all the viruses combine into one giant crab-like virus*

(Seras): Oh that is not good.

*Isis shoots the virus but her bullets have no effect. The virus swats the girls away with its claw. Mira watches this out of the corner of her eyes as sweat begins to drop from her head. Back out in the con Brian gets into a brawl with the elitists. Despite being outnumbered Brian is able to hold his own against them. After taking down 7 of them by himself he gets chased by 10 more elitists who trap him down a hallway*

(Brian): Alright. If I’m going down. I’m going down swinging and taking a few of you with me.

*The elitist rush Brian where he manages to take down 2 or 3 before finally getting bought down and tazed rendering him unconscious. The elitist search him but don’t find the flash drive*

(Guard): Brian has been searched. He doesn’t have the flash drive.

(Cole): That just leaves Ashlyn and Nitsuj.

*Back in the system the girls struggle against the crab virus which causes Mira to lose her concentration and slow down giving Elsa the advantage*

(Elsa): You see? Your concern for your friends has distracted you from the mission at hand. In the end, friends will always get in the way and be your weakness.

*Just then Shizuku begins to glow red activating Amazon’s Rage and uppercuts the virus dazing it. She then takes out her hammer as the others each take an end of Yin-Yang’s long chain and wrap it around the legs crab restraining its movements. Shizuku leaps into the air and slams her hammer on top of the crab’s head cracking the shell and forcing the crab to fall to the ground. With the shell slightly cracked, Chibi Isis takes out her tome*

(Chibi Isis): AI Tome: Chapter of the Fool. Wind Shatter!

*Chibi Isis fires a powerful wind attack into the crack of the crab’s shell which destroys the shell of the crab leaving its body completely vulnerable*

(Yume): Yin-Yang! Now!

*Yin-Yang takes out Akai Kaminari and runs towards the crab where she vanishes entering the Lightning Zone and taking the crab with her. Once there she slices it up and returns where the crab explodes as Yin-Yang sheathes her Akai Kaminari*

(Seras): Hey Mira! What’s with that worried look on your face? Hurry up and beat her.

(Isis): We all beat our foes. Quit stalling and finish this up.

(Shizuku): If you lose I’ll never let you live this down.

*Mira smiles at their comments and turns around to face Elsa*

(Mira): You know Elsa, I won’t deny that my friends can distract me at times. But as far as being my weakness, they’re far from that. My friends are my strength.

*Mira presses a button and all of sudden chat boxes show up of people from all around the world and they’re all wearing glasses similar to Mira’s glasses*

(???): We received your distress signal my mistress.

(Elsa): What? Who are all these people.

(Mira): Allow me to introduce you to the Purple Clan, Starlight.

(Yin-Yang): Oh my God I thought it was just a joke. She actually created her own cyber clan.

(???): Who dares cause distress for our mistress?

(???): Those who do will face the wrath of Starlight.

(Mira): Everyone, I need your help to regain control of this system. Will you help me?

(???): Of course.

(???): I would die for you my mistress. Let’s go boys! Let’s show this bitch what Starlight is all about.

*All the members of Starlight begin to hack into the system along with Mira overwhelming Elsa. The system soon falls under complete control of Mira and she restores everything to normal.

(Mira): The system is now under our control.

(???): Will you need anything else my mistress?

(Mira): No. That’ll be all Peko_sees_light. Thank you all for your help. I’ll be in touch with you soon.

*The chat boxes disappear as Mira and the others approach Elsa who is on her knees*

(Mira): Say it.

(Elsa): My. . .mistress. You’re so cool!

*Elsa leaps up and hugs Mira with her face blushing red*

(Elsa): You were so amazing! I’ll follow you for the rest of my life! Please make me your little sister!

(Chibi Isis): I think Mi-chan broke her.

*Returning to the con Ashlyn has been surrounded by elitist with no escape in sight*

(Ashlyn): You’re out of luck boys. I don’t have nothing.

*Nitsuj makes it just outside the room where the Funimation panel is being done but is stopped by the elitists. He manages to fight them off but gets stopped again by Cole. Their swords clash with each other with Cole getting the advantage and Nitsuj losing his footing falling down a small flight of stairs*

(Cole): It’s over Nitsuj. I win.

(Nitsuj): Really? What makes you so sure I have the flash drive?

(Cole): Because I know you. You want to take all the glory for yourself and be seen as the hero. Now hand it over.

*Two elitist show up and pick up Nitsuj. Cole than searches through Nitsuj’s pockets*

(Nitsuj): Hey! Hey! Watch the hands!

(Cole): It’s not here! Where is it! Where is the flash drive!

(Nitsuj): My guess, probably being shown at the Funimation panel.

*Cole and the others begin to here applause coming from the Funimation panel. He looks inside and sees that showing on the big screen is the new dub of Utena instead of Dessian’s dub*

(Cole): No! How? How did you get it to them?

(Nitsuj): Simple. I’m smart and always think ahead. That was your one weakness Cole. You only saw what’s in front of you instead of looking ahead. You see, I knew that you would think I would carry the flash drive in order to look like the hero. The truth is all of us were the diversion while our fifth member delivered the flash drive to Funimation in secret.

(Cole): Who? What fifth member?

(Announcer): And now let’s welcome our guest host who was kind enough to deliver the original flash drive to us. Lil Lupe!

*The crowd cheers for Lupe who goes on stage to give her thoughts on the new dub*

(Nitsuj): Cole.

*Nitsuj elbows the two elitist and the stomach and then punches them in the face knocking them both out*

(Nitsuj): I’d like you to meet the newest member of the Dark Syndicate Lupe. She’s a junior member as of right now but we’ve got high hopes for her. I’m thinking future leader. What do you think?

*Enraged by Nitsuj outsmarting him and having his plans ruined, Cole tries to attack Nitsuj*


(Nitsuj): I guess that’s a no.

*Before Cole can attack Nitsuj, Isis shows up with Yin-Yang and shoots Cole’s hand knocking his sword away and leaving him in slight pain*

(Cole): Ohhhhhhh~!

(Nitsuj): Thanks guys. I think I had him though.

(Isis): I know you had him. I just wanted a piece of him too.

*Cole picks up his sword and runs away*

(Nitsuj): Oh no you don’t. You’re not getting away this time.

*Nitsuj, Isis, and Yin-Yang go chasing after Cole*

To be concluded

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