Attack on Cyberwolf

*It’s Halloween Night and everyone in Nitsuj’s house is preparing to go out trick or treating. The AI girls are all dressed up as the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon. Isis is Sailor Moon, Seras is Mars, Mira is Mercury, Shizuku is Jupiter, and Yin-Yang is Venus even though she’s embarrassed by it*

(Yin-Yang): *Fidgeting with her skirt* I still don’t see why we have to go as the Sailor Scouts and wear skirts I feel so exposed in this get up. Can’t I just wear long pants underneath?

(Seras): No! You have to be authentic. Besides you look good in orange. I was right to cast you as Sailor Venus.

(Isis): Yes out of all of us you seemed the most vocal about going with this theme.

(Seras): What can I say? I have a soft spot for magical girls.

(Mira): It’s true, she even has a small collection of figurines branching from Sailor Moon to Magical Madoka.

(Shizuku): Woah seriously? I had no idea she was into that stuff. I see you in a new light Seras.

(Seras): Shut up. Should I tell everyone about your fascination with tigers?

(Shizuku): I’ll be quiet.

(Yin-Yang): Oh whatever, let’s just get this Halloween stuff over with so I can change.

(Isis): We’ll leave as soon as Chibi and master come down. I’m sure Chibi will be able to pull off Chibi Moon but I wonder if master will be able to pull Tuxedo Mask.

*Chibi Isis comes down wearing her Chibi Moon outfit*

(Chibi Isis): In the name of the moon I shall punish you. How was that Se-chan?

(Seras): Very good Chibi. You look so adorable in that outfit.

(Yin-Yang): Yes you and Isis look like sisters.

(Mira): Now all we need is the master to come down and we’ll be all set to go.

*A gong goes off in the distant as Nitsuj comes down the stairs. The girls are shocked to see that Nitsuj is not wearing the Tuxedo Mask outfit but instead wearing the ring attire of the great one himself the Great Muta. The current ring attire instead of his old school attire.*

(Yin-Yang): Oh my God.

(Mira): What the hell are you wearing?

(Isis): Some kind of mask vigilante.

(Shizuku): You idiots he’s dressed as the Great Muta the Japanese legend. Probably the greatest wrestler to ever come out of Japan and one of the first Japanese wrestlers to make it big in the US.

(Nitsuj): Your knowledge of wrestling is as great as always Shizuku.

*Nitsuj removes his hood revealing the mask of the Great Muta. Seras comes close to him and punches him in the stomach hard.*

(Nitsuj): Ohhh~. Why?

(Seras): Why aren’t you wearing your Tuxedo Mask outfit!? In case you forgot we had a theme going on this year.

(Nitsuj): I didn’t have time to make the Tuxedo Mask.

(Seras): What!

*Seras pulls out her scythe*

(Seras): Give me a reason.

(Nitsuj): Look, between making your outfits and doing reviews all throughout October I didn’t have time to make my outfit. So I decided to go with my Muta outfit. I’m sorry but if I didn’t put my focus on your outfits first I wouldn’t have finished your outfits in time and let’s not forget you guys kinda sprang this on me at the last minute if I had known back in September I would have had all these outfits done.

*Seras puts her scythe away*

(Seras): Very well. I’ll accept your explanation this time. Even without Tuxedo Mask the group is still complete. But know that I won’t accept this excuse next time.

(Shizuku): Alright now that that’s out of the way let’s go trick or treating.

(Yin-Yang): Yeah let’s do this.

(Mira): By the way are you sure it’s okay for us to be going out master? I mean with all the kidnappings happening recently.

(Nitsuj): Oh it’s probably just some teens pulling a prank to get a laugh. Even if a kidnapper does come after us I’m sure we can take them on. No matter who they are. But to make sure we have a little back up, Kuro.

*A cyber wolf appears before the group*

(Nitsuj): I’ve asked Kuro to accompany us on our trip.

*Everyone begins to head out the door*

(Yin-Yang): Man this is so exciting, I’ve never been trick or treating before. What it’s like.

(Seras): Yes me too. Hey Isis, what was trick or treating like last year?

(Isis): Oh you didn’t miss much. Last year we were attacked by an army of evil chibi AIs who tried to kill us, we had a big brawl in the front yard for the whole neighborhood to see and a hole in the roof of the house.

(Shizuku): Sounds like quite the event.

(Mira): I get the feeling you’re holding a grudge.

(Isis): No not at all. I’m just speaking truthfully about what happened last year.

*The group goes trick or treating throughout the neighborhood with Chibi getting a lot of candy, the girls getting hit on a few times with Seras actually beating up one of them for being too forceful. Nitsuj also gains the attention of a few of the neighborhood kids who like his costume but have no idea who he’s supposed to be.*

(Mira): Well I have to say this lively event of going out and trick or treating has been a fun experience.

(Seras): Yes, seeing this makes me want to be a kid myself. Hey master, any chance you could create a child AI body for my program to slip into?

(Nitsuj): What and get people thinking I’m a lolicon. No thank you. So Chibi did you get a big haul this year?

(Chibi Isis): Yep. I can’t wait to get home and eat them. Let’s go this house next.

*Chibi Isis flies to the next house with Nitsuj close behind her. As she’s flying she accidently runs into an adult.*

(Chibi Isis): Ow!

(Nitsuj): Woah Chibi are you okay. You gotta pay attention to where your fly- I mean walking. Sorry about that big guy, sometimes Chibi gets a little carried away and- *the adult turns around to reveal itself to be a cyber-werewolf with glowing yellow eyes* oh my God that is the coolest werewolf costume I have ever seen. *Nitsuj goes to feel it* So real, authentic, it’s like you’re actually the real thing.

*Kuro appears and begins to growl at the cyber werewolf*

(Nitsuj): What’s got you all worked up Kuro? It’s just a guy in a costume. It’s not like it’s a real cyber werewolf or anything. They don’t even exist and even if they did I don’t think they would look this ugly or smell this bad.

*The cyber werewolf takes offence to this and swats Nitsuj where he goes fly to a bench and breaks it*

(Nitsuj): Ohhhh~. What the hell hit me?

(Chibi Isis): Nii-chan look out!

*The cyber werewolf charges at Nitsuj with speed trying to swat him again but Nitsuj rolls out of the way in time to dodge the attack*

(Nitsuj): Okay buddy, you obviously have no idea who you’re messing with. The name’s Nitsuj and I’m the guy who kicked Uwe Boul’s ass.

*The cyber werewolf throws a punch at Nitsuj but he dodges it and sprays green mist into the face of the cyber werewolf. As the werewolf is blinded by the mist Nitsuj grabs his arm and throws the beast to the ground*

(Nitsuj): Nitsuj pulse!

*Nitsuj strikes the werewolf with an open palm fist to the chest which sends out a shockwave through the body incapacitating the werewolf*

(Nitsuj): Now let’s see what you’re all about.

*Nitsuj pulls out his cellphone and scans the werewolf to analyze what it is. The result come back to tell him it’s a cyber werewolf*

(Nitsuj): Well do me missionary style on an autumn’s nice evening. It’s a cyber werewolf, and according to this there’s more in the area. Gathering in a spot not too far from us. The others!

*Nitsuj, Chibi Isis, and Kuro rush to where the others are at. They arrive only to see that the others are fighting against the cyber werewolves and are surrounded. Shizuku uses her hammer to bat the wolves away while Seras and Yin-Yang use their martial arts move to keep the wolves at bay*

(Shizuku): Back off you shitty mongrels!

(Seras): Ni-oni (Demon knee)!

*Seras runs towards one of the wolves and hits them with a high knee to the jaw*

(Yin-Yang): What the hell are these things!?

(Mira): Give me a second, I’ll scan one and-

*A wolf comes from behind Mira about to attack her but Nitsuj comes flying in to save her with a high jump kick to knock the wolf out*

(Isis): Master.

(Nitsuj): I’ll save you sometime. They’re cyber werewolves, stronger and deadlier than a normal cyber wolf. They would tear through Hell itself if it meant getting a tasting meal to eat. I thought they were just myths but it turns out they do exist.

(Isis): Okay. Now that we know what they are *pulls out a silver gun* all that’s left to do is make them a myth again. Let’s see how many silver cyber bullets it takes to kill one.

*As Isis is about to fire on one them Mira rushes in to redirect the bullet away from the wolf*

(Mira): Noo~!

(Isis): Mira what are you doing?

(Mira): They’re humans!

(Nitsuj): What!

(Mira): When you stepped in to save me I had just finished analyzing them and it turns out that there’s a human inside of them. And they’re not just any humans they’re the people who have gone missing in recent weeks.

(Nitsuj): How is that possible? How do you turn humans into cyber werewolves? Is that even possible?

(???): I believe I can answer that question. Seeing as how I’m the one who turned them into cyber werewolves in the first place.

*A cyber werewolf appears before them being able to speak fluent English and the other werewolves bow before him*

(???): Thank you. You’re too kind. We meet again ladies.

(Seras): Have we met. Because I’m pretty sure I would remember meeting a creature like you.

(???): Why Seras I’m shocked. We’ve been through so much together. I was the one who gave you the power to keep on living when you had nothing. How could you forget me?

(Seras):. . .No it can’t be. You’re The Entity, aren’t you?

(Nitsuj): The what-ity?

(Mira): The Entity. The creature that possessed Seras and was sending multiple viruses to attack are system in the past. Didn’t you read are report?

(Nitsuj): That was a report? I thought it was complaints and demands so I threw it in the trash.

(Mira): You-

(The Entity): Sorry to disturb this little dispute going on but can we get back to the task at hand.

(Shizuku): How are you still alive? I smashed you with my hammer.

(The Entity): By the skin of my teeth. While it’s true the bimbo red-headed schoolgirl there destroyed my main body a part my program managed to remain within Seras’ body. Even though my program was saved it wasn’t enough for me to completely take over Seras. As you guys were flying back to your system, Seras’ program finally detected my small data and rejected me, pushing me out of the body completely. As my data was falling it latched itself onto a cyber bird that just so happened to be flying by and my data was able to completely take over its primitive program and control it. As weeks went by I began moving between animal and animal until finally I was able to completely take control of this wild cyber wolf you see before you. However, I decided to enhance him a bit making him bigger, stronger, and faster.

(Nitsuj): That’s what she said.

(Isis): Is now really the time for that?

(Nitsuj): There’s always time for that.

(The Entity): Now that I am free and have a body of my own I decided the first thing I would do was take a visit to the bitches who tried to kill me, make them pay for what they did to me and while I’m at it make this world my new kingdom. You know, just for shits and giggles.

(Nitsuj): Well it seems like you and the girls have some catching up to do. So me and Kuro will take our leave and-

*As Nitsuj and Kuro try to leave they get blocked off by two werewolves*

(The Entity): Nice try. But no. The creator must also pay for the sins of the created.

(Nitsuj): Technically I only created Isis and Chibi. The others come from different multiverses.

(The Entity): It doesn’t matter. Kill them all now please. *The Entity feels a throbbing in his head* Yes, yes. I haven’t forgotten our promise. Bring me the one girl I told you about.

(Yin-Yang): Oh great their coming for me. You guys use this chance to take him out while the others are distracted.

*Yin-Yang steps forward prepared to get taken by the werewolves but they just pass her by and instead capture Mira*

(Yin-Yang): WHAT! Hey, wolf-girl here. Take me!

(The Entity): I have no interest in you woman. It’s the woman in glasses that this wolf desires.

(Shizuku): Okay this might be a little inappropriate but BURN!

(Mira): Wait what do you mean des-

*The Entity punches Mira in the chest knocking her out*

(The Entity): You’ll find out soon enough my dear. Bring her back to the base with me. The rest of you, dinner is served. If you leave a single scrap of them left I’ll be very pissed.

*As The Entity and two werewolves carrying Mira walk away Nitsuj and the others get attack by the other werewolves where they fight. They use non-lethal attacks to keep themselves from harming the innocent citizens that have been turned into werewolves but because they were holding back the werewolves were able to get in a few hits and bites on the others hurting them little by little*

(Seras): *Breathing heavily* I’ve had enough! *Materializes scythe* I’m going werewolf slaying.

(Isis): You can’t they’re human beings. They don’t know what they’re doing.

(Seras): I don’t care! They’re trying to kill us and they’ve captured Mira. For all we know she could be in great danger and these werewolves are blocking our path. Please master, give us the others to go all out on these guys.

(Shizuku): Come on boss, I don’t like the idea of hurting innocent people either but right now one of our own is in danger.

(Chibi Isis): Nii-chan? I’m letting you know right now I’m not losing my Halloween candy again this year.

(Nitsuj): *Mind dialogue* Seras and Shizuku are right. If we don’t go on the offensive they’re gonna eat us up but at the same time we can’t just kill innocent people like viruses. Think Nitsuj think! There’s gotta be some way to save these people without hurting them.

*As Nitsuj ponders what to do in this dire situation another cyber wolf with silver fur and a scar over his right eye appears out of nowhere and attacks one of the werewolves with a silver knife. After slashing the werewolf, it reverts back into a human being. The other werewolves scatter in fear of the knife.*

(Nitsuj): Well he’s new. Anyone you know Kuro.

*Kuro shakes his head left to right indicating he doesn’t know who this wolf is. The silver wolf approaches these others and hands the silver knife to Nitsuj.*

(Yin-Yang): Hey wait. I know this wolf. It’s one of the wolves who attacked us in the forest.

(Shizuku): What’s he doing here?

(Silver wolf): Woof woof.

(Yin-Yang): He said, come with me if you want to live.

(Isis): A little cliché for my taste but it works.

(Nitsuj): Let’s reconvene back at my house.

*Nitsuj and the others run back as quickly as they can to his house to regroup and come up with an effective strategy to defeat The Entity. They arrive back at the house where they catch their breath and sit down to talk to the wolf.*

(Nitsuj): Alright, first things first. Who are you?

(Silver wolf): Woof woof.

(Nitsuj): Translation Yin-Yang.

(Yin-Yang): My name is Mako, new leader of the forest cyber wolves and son of Muta the previous leader.

(Nitsuj): I see. I’m Nitsuj. Yin-Yang’s master I’m sure she’s told you all about me.

(Mako): Woof woof.

(Yin-Yang): No, not really. So this is the man who has swayed your heart Yin-Yang. Why is he dressed like a bad 70’s disco roller skater? You have fallen for a very bizarre man. *Blushing* Hey wait I haven’t fallen for him. This perverted anime loving D-listed internet reviewer is just my master and nothing else. Besides he’s totally not my type.

(Nitsuj): Uh, right here you know. Also, I’m dressed as the Great Muta. He’s one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. God, why doesn’t anyone get that? Kids these days have no respect for the old school. So tell me Mako, what’s the deal with this entity guy, I take it you guys have had your running’s in the past.

(Mako): Woof.

(Yin-Yang): Indeed, I have. I’m glad I got here just in time. Your friend and my friend are both in danger.

(Nitsuj): Start at the beginning and don’t leave anything out.

(Mako): Woof woof woof woof.

(Yin-Yang): It all started about two months ago. After you guys defeated my father a tournament was held to decide the next leader of the pact and as you might have guessed I won. After that, news spread quickly about my father’s defeat and all the other animals in the forest were hoping to take advantage of this situation and try to conquer our territory. We were assaulted on all sides and by everyone. Bears, foxes, mongooses, and even beavers. Can you believe that, beavers! Talk about hitting an all-time low. We were losing territory fast on all sides and in dire need of an edge to turn the tide in our favor. Then one day, when me and my good friend Tomo were out scouting we got attacked by a cyber bear. Tomo managed to beat him and after he stood over the corpse a black substance I’d never seen before came out of the bear and latched itself onto Tomo. Tomo began to grow bigger, started standing on two legs instead of four, and began to speak like a human. At first I was scared but when I saw Tomo fight I realized that this was the edge we needed to turn the tide in our favor. I sent Tomo to the frontlines and within days we were able to reclaim the land we lost and re-establish our dominance in the forest. I thought that Tomo’s transformation was a blessing sent from my dad to protect the pact but after a while Tomo started changing, he became more aggressive and violent, invading areas that didn’t belong to us, and picking fights in and out of the pact randomly. I decided he had to be stopped but before me and the group could take action Tomo just disappeared on us. I’m guessing this is when he came to your world and began attacking others.

(Shizuku): Wow, that’s quite the story.

(Isis): Combining your story with the story of the Entity it sounds like he possessed your friend and an exchange for giving your friend power the Entity gets control of his body.

(Seras): Not entirely. By the looks of it I say the Entity hasn’t completely taken over this Tomo guy’s body and mind. Why else would he keep Mira alive.

(Chibi Isis): So than why did he kidnap Mi-chan?

(Yin-Yang): And why the hell did he turn me down!?

(Mako): Woof.

(Yin-Yang): What do you mean he has a thing for girl with glasses!?

(Mako): Woof.

(Yin-Yang): I’m not his type!?

(Mako): Woof woof.

(Yin-Yang): I’m too violent, short-tempered, and unapproachable as a female!? What kind of bullshit is this!? I’m very feminine!

(Nitsuj): Alright let it go Yin-Yang, don’t be mad because your kind is attractive to Mira more than you.

(Yin-Yang): Why don’t you shut up before I stab you and change your name to the Great Bleeding.

*Nitsuj picks up the knife Mako gave him and examines*

(Nitsuj): So I’m guessing this knife is the only thing that can stop him? What is it anyway?

(Mako): Woof.

(Yin-Yang): They call it sliverium, a rare type of silver that’s a combination between natural materials found in their forest and silver. He says that before Tomo left he infected one of the wolves in the pact and this knife that they picked up from a dead hunter seems to be the only thing that can reverse the affects.

(Nitsuj): Interesting. Tell me, is there any more of this silverium in your forest?

(Mako): Woof.

(Yin-Yang): Yes, it’s pretty much everywhere. In fact, there’s a cave underneath a waterfall that’s full of the stuff.

(Nitsuj): Perfect. Here’s what’s going to happen. I want all of you to go back into the system, find that cave, and bring back as much silverium you can carry. It’s time to do a little crafting.

*The AI girls go into the system with Mako and return 10 minutes later with bags full of silverium for Nitsuj to use*

(Seras): Is this enough master?

(Ntisuj): Perfect. This is more than enough. You guys rest, this is where I come in.

*Nitsuj logs into the system and begins taking the silverium melting it down and molding it into weapons for the others to use so that they can save the others. Nitsuj works hard and focused on the task of completely all the weapons making sure they’re adjusted and made correctly for the others to use. The process took about 25 minutes but Nitsuj was able to complete all of the weapons.*

(Nitsuj): Alright guys the weapons are completed. Isis for you and Chibi Isis I created you some silverium swords *throws the swords to Isis and Chibi Isis*. Shizuku, here are some gauntlets made out if silverium with some blades attached to tips to cut through werewolves.

*Hands Shizuku the gauntlets*

(Shizuku): Badass.

(Nitsuj): Seras, here’s a scythe for you. I even added in a little red/white coloring to make it feel more personal.

*Tosses scythe to Seras*

(Seras): Thank you.

(Nitsuj): And for the prideful wolf ninja in the house I give matching silverium blades to slice up the guy who broke your heart.

(Yin-Yang): You know I can tell you’re getting a good laugh out of all of this. But, that’s okay, because I’ll be taking all of this anger out on Tomo when we go to fight him.

(Nitsuj): That’s the spirit. Now all’s that left to do is out where the Entity is hiding.

(Isis): That shouldn’t be a problem. He’s on the news right now.

(News Reporter): This is Channel 5 reporting to you live outside of the Cincinnati Zoo where a strange wolf like man carrying a woman has entered the zoo. After he entered more wolf like creatures began to follow him and surrounded the zoo scaring everyone away. Police arrived moments ago and tried to enter the zoo but were stopped by the wolf creatures. They are now urging everyone to stay back as they try to evaluate their next step of action. We’ll keep you up to date on this latest story.

(Yin-Yang): He setup base in the city zoo huh? Not bad, since he’s a wolf he could blend right in with the animals and everything.

(Nitsuj): We can admire his incognito skills later. *Nitsuj appears in front of the girls wearing one of the soldier outfits from Attack on Titans* It’s time to begin the hunt.

(Mako): Woof.

(Yin-Yang): He says he’s coming with us. He wants to own up to the crimes of his men.

(Nitsuj): Fine by me. But as far as owning up to crimes. I wouldn’t worry about that, because I intend to not only save Mira but I’m also going to save your friend as well.

*Everyone rushes to Nitsuj’s car and they drive down to the Cincinnati Zoo where people are packed outside wondering what’s going on. Nitsuj parks the car on the street and they all sneak in the back way with Nitsuj carrying a briefcase in one hand. They arrive at a gate where Shizuku breaks it open with her fist and they arrive in the parking lot of the zoo.*

(Seras): So do you think that’ll alert anyone.

*Two werewolves appear out of nowhere and began charging at the group*

(Nitsuj): First strike goes to Yin-Yang and Seras.

(Yin-Yang): Ookami senpuu (Wolf whirlwind)!

(Seras): Shinigami tsume (Grim Reaper claw)!

*Yin-Yang jumps into the air and begins to spin towards one of the werewolves where she strikes it with her blades which cut the body of the werewolf. Seras dodges the punch of the second werewolf where she drops kicks it in the face, dazing the creature, and swings her scythe to slash the beast. After their attacks hit the two werewolves turn back into humans.*

(Isis): Looks like the silverium works well.

(Nitsuj): Yep, now we know how to save everyone. Let’s continue.

*As the group continues through the parking lot covering their faces a police officer sees them and stops them.*

(Police officer): Hey what are you guys doing here? This place is off limits.

(Nitsuj): Officer trust me, I’m here to help. You need to tell everyone to pull back now and leave this situation up to me and my crew here.

(Police officer): Hold up, who are you anyway? Let me see some Identificat-AHHHHH!

*A cyber werewolf appears out of nowhere and pounces on the police officer ready to bite into him. But Nitsuj pulls out a silverium gun and shoots it which blows the werewolf off the police officer and to the ground where the werewolf reverts back into a human.*

(Police officer): What the hell did you?

*Nitsuj helps the police officer up and pushes him to a pillar*

(Nitsuj): Now listen carefully because I’m only going to say this once. Tell everyone to fall back and turn off the news cameras. Just give me one hour to clean this mess up and medical personal standing by for treatment. Understood.

*Police officer nods*

(Nitsuj): Good. Now take this person and give her medical attention immediately. Also, what you saw, it never happened.

*The police officer grabs the body of the teen girl and carries her away*.

(Nitsuj): Let’s get an idea of what’s going on in there.

*Nitsuj takes out an orb like mechanical object and throws and throws it in the sky where it begins to hover above the zoo. Nitsuj takes out his phone where a map of the zoo comes up and the group sees what’s going on inside.*

(Yin-Yang): Man he’s got the place on lockdown.

(Shizuku): Any ideas on how to get in boss.

(Nitsuj): Hmm. We’ll split into two teams. The Entity is most likely cooped up in the wolf exhibit. My team will use the side entrance to sneak in near the wolf exhibit while the other team creates havoc near the front gate to get the werewolves attention.

(Shizuku): I’ll lead the front assault.

(Isis): I’ll come with you.

(Seras): Same here. I could use a good fight.

(Yin-Yang): I guess that leaves me, Chibi, and Mako here to sneak in and take out the big bad boss.

(Nitsuj): That works for me. Isis, I’m probably wasting these but here are a few handguns packed with silverium bullets. They each have 50 rounds so use them wisely and don’t miss.

*Isis takes handguns from Nitsuj*

(Isis): Don’t worry. I never miss my target.

*Isis, Shizuku, and Seras run off to the front gate while Nitsuj, Yin-Yang, Chibi, and Mako get in place to enter the zoo. Isis’ group reaches the front gate where Isis fires off a shot at one of the werewolves and Shizuku and Seras run in eliminating the others werewolves turning them back into humans. This alerts the other werewolves and they come charging at the main gate to take on the three girls.*

(Seras): Looks like we’re in for a brawl.

(Isis): It’s beginning to feel like last Halloween all over again.

(Shizuku): I love this holiday.

*Isis’ team begins fighting against the werewolves slicing and shooting a number of them without hesitation. With this distraction Nitsuj’s group is able to sneak in and take out the guards easily guarding the area. Yin-Yang sneaks up behind one of them and slits the throat returning the werewolf to a human, Chibi sneaks behind another one and stabs it in the back, and Nitsuj sneaks behind the last one where he hits it with his briefcase knocking it out and allowing Mako to use his knife to slice the chest.*

(Nitsuj): Nice teamwork Mako.

(Mako): Woof.

(Yin-Yang): Hey master I’ve been wondering, what’s with the briefcase?

(Nitsuj): Oh it contains Mira’s silverium weapon and a little something special for The Entity.

*As Nitsuj’s team makes their wait to the wolf exhibit, Mira wakes up in the wolf exhibit chained and pinned down to a rock.*

(Mira): Ohhhh~, my head. Where am I?

(The Entity): Finally awake, just in time. Now we can begin the festivities.

(Mira): Festivities.

(The Entity): Yes, you see before I can fully take over this simple-minded fool of a wolf we worked out a deal. In exchange for giving up his body to me, I help him with the love of his life.

(Mira): Love of his life. You mean me? The wolf has a crush on me?

(The Entity): Believe me I find the whole thing nauseating as well. To think he fell in love with you, and now I have to watch you two do the horizontal bop so you can bare his child.

(Mira): What! Why do I have to bare his child!?

(The Entity): His dying wish was that he leave behind a legacy in this world. I guess having a child fits that description quite nicely mama wolf. Now don’t worry, the first few trust might hurt a little but you’ll learn to like it.

(Mira): You can’t be serious. Look I’m sure he’s a nice guy but I’m really not into this kind of thing.

(The Entity): And you think I’m in to sleeping with bitches who tried to kill me? If it allows me to be free I be willing to do it with a Kardashian and we all know how nobody wants to sleep with them. Now let’s do this.

*The Entity gets on top of Mira putting one of his hands on Mira’s right boob. Mira lets out a cry of pleasure and blushes a little. The Entity uses his other hand to reach for Mira’s pants and begins to unzip when all of a sudden Nitsuj’s group comes in and drops kicks him all together.

(Nitsuj, Yin-Yang, Chibi Isis, and Mako): Dynamic entrance! Woof!

The kicks launch The Entity into a tree.*

(Mira): Master! Yin-Yang! Chibi!

(Yin-Yang): Man that was close. Things were getting pretty heated up in here.

(Nitsuj): Man you’re really a low creature if you’re trying to rape a girl forcefully like that.

(The Entity): You! Why aren’t you in the belly of my werewolves?

*Nitsuj pulls out a disc blade made out of silverium*

(Nitsuj): I’m guessing you didn’t know silverium was the weakness in your werewolf cult. Now listen up What-ity.

(The Entity): Entity! It’s Entity, you bumbling trash of a cock sucker!

(Nitsuj): Whatever. Is the wolf Tomo still inside you?

(The Entity): Yes. Why?

(Nitsuj): Listen up Tomo, while I can respect your taste in women and you’ve got a fine eye for choosing Mira there are two things you should know. One, girls hate guys who rush things and force their way on them. And two, everything on Mira from the tip of her glasses, to the bottom of her feet, to the top of her head all belong to me.

(Mira): I don’t recall ever handing over my-

(Nitsuj): Contract. If you think you have what it takes to make Mira yours than prove it to me in a fight. *Nitsuj opens up the briefcase and pulls out mechanical claw gauntlets made out of silverium*. Ich bin der Jäger und Sie meine Hündin sind.

*The Entity and Nitsuj charge at each other where they lock hands and roll around on the ground wrestling each other. Nitsuj kicks The Entity in the chest and monkey flips him in the air where he lands on his back. Nitsuj comes in from behind him and applies a rear-naked choke hold on him.*

(Nitsuj): Give up?

*The Entity gets back to his feet and walks backwards where he slams Nitsuj into a tree to break the hold. After he catches his breath he does spinning kick which hits Nitsuj in the chest and breaks the tree.*

(The Entity): I could, but why spoil the fun.

*The Entity goes to pick up Nitsuj and begins to strangle him in mid-air. Gasping for air Nitsuj makes eye contact with The Entity and spits Green Mist into the eyes of The Entity.*

(The Entity): AHHH~ my eyes!

*The Entity drops Nitsuj and after quickly regaining his breath, Nitsuj launches into action.*

(Nitsuj): Flying moonsault kick!

*Nitsuj leaps into the air and does a backward flip catching The Entity with his left foot. He lands gracefully and continues his assault with a double open palm fist to the chest which breaks The Entity to his knees and Nitsuj kicks him to the side of the head which causes him to roll down a hill in the wolf exhibit. He stops at a rock.

(The Entity): Is that the best you can-

*Nitsuj dashes to The Entity and point his left index finger under The Entity’s chin.*

(Nitsuj): Spirit gun.

*A blue beam explodes from Nitsuj’s finger and launches The Entity high into the air where he lands outside of the exhibit near the railroad tracks.*

(Nitsuj): To answer your question no. You just felt the tip of the iceberg.

*Nitsuj activate his gauntlets and the claws begin to glow green. As The Entity is struggling to get up Nitsuj runs his claws into the back of The Entity and begins to pull them sideways as if he were trying to open up a heavy door.*

(The Entity): STOP! What are you doing! AHHHH~!

(Nitsuj): I think you and Tomo have been spending way too much time together. Time to separate you two.

*As Nitsuj tries to tear Tomo out of the Entity 4 cyber werewolves come in and attack Nitsuj from behind forcing him to let go of The Entity. The Entity uses this chance to escape.*

(The Entity): *Breathing heavily* That was close. He’s a lot tougher than I thought. No matter, I will destroy him soon enough.

*The Entity hears footsteps approaching him from behind. He turns around to see Yin-Yang and Mako.*

(Yin-Yang): Hello *pulls out silverium knives*. I’m bored, play with me a little bit.

(The Entity): Oh please. You couldn’t even defeat me when I was possessing Seras. What makes you think you can beat me now.

(Yin-Yang): Two things. One, I can do this. AI secret arts: Wolf Force!

*Yin-Yang becomes engulf in a yellow aura with lightning shooting out. She gains another wolf tail, her hair longer and wild than before, and her hands become wolf claws*.

(The Entity): That’s. . .new.

(Yin-Yang): And second. *Like a bolt of lightning Yin-Yang appears right in front of the Entity and punches him right in the face knocks him through the wall* I’m pissed off.

*Yin-Yang and The Entity began fighting each other with Yin-Yang unleashing a lot of quick and powerful moves that catch the Entity completely off guard. She even multiplies herself into 3 lightning clones to fight The Entity.*

(Yin-Yang): Raikou inago! Raikou lariat! And finish with Raikou mahoutsukai!

*Yin-Yang jumps into the air unleashing of series of lightning kicks that keeps kicking the Entity in the chest one after the other. After that The Entity becomes dazed by the kicks and two of Yin-Yang’s lightning clones hit him with a double clothesline from the back and front which breaks him to his knees. The final lightning clone hits The Entity with a lightning version of The Shining Wizard. As The Entity tries to get back up after taking the assault Yin-Yang comes in for one more hit.*

(Yin-Yang): No wait I can do more. Raikou buzzsaw no kikku (Lightning buzz saw kick)!

*Yin-Yang kicks The Entity with the buzz saw kick and falls back to the ground totally unconscious*

(Yin-Yang): *Takes a deep breath and releases Wolf Force* A wolf maiden’s heart is not to messed with.

*Nitsuj shows up after beating the cyber werewolves.*

(Nitsuj): Yin-Yang, you alright.

(Yin-Yang): Yeah I’m fine. He’s knocked out so now your chance to get him.

*As Yin-Yang turns her back on The Entity he gets back and grabs Yin-Yang by the throat.*

(The Entity): Back off monkey. If you take one step I’ll snap her like a twig.

*The Entity pulls Yin-Yang in close and she looks up to spit Yellow mist into the eyes of The Entity which forces him to release her.*

(The Entity): Ahh~ not again.

(Yin-Yang): Master’s not the only one who can spray mist at people. Hai buzzsaw no kikku (High buzz saw kick)!

*Yin-Yang hits The Entity with a high buzzsaw kick which dazes him allowing Nitsuj to come and insert his claws into The Entity. Nitsuj is able to pull fully sideways and flies a light brown wolf with yellow eyes while the body of the werewolf falls to the ground. Meanwhile, back at the front gate Isis’ team is fighting against the relentless barrage of werewolves.*

(Isis): They just keep coming.

(Seras): Than we’ll just have to keep taking them down.

(Shizuku): Come on. Keep it coming you werewolves there’s plenty for all of you!

*As the next group of werewolves approach them they all turn back into humans and faint right in front of them. Soon the others begin to faint and turn back into humans.*

(Seras): Okay, what just happen?

(Isis): I’ll tell you what happened. That’s our master taking care of the situation.

*Back on Nitsuj’s side Tomo has regained consciousness. He looks around and makes eye contact with Mako where he goes to him and bows his head in front of him.*

(Tomo): Woof woof woof!

(Nitsuj): Um, Yin-Yang.

(Yin-Yang): Mako! I’m so sorry for what I’ve done. I raised my paw against you and bought disgrace to are pact. I know I don’t deserve it but I beg your forgiveness.

(Mako): Woof woof woof!

(Yin-Yang): Raise your head my friend. I share part of the blame as well. I should have stopped you sooner but all I could think about was claiming our land. I ignored your cry for help and only thought about my position as leader. I have failed you as both a friend and leader.

(Tomo): Woof woof.

(Yin-Yang): You are far too hard on yourself Mako. You only were doing what you thought was best for the pact. It was my weak mind and will that allowed this creature to possess me. I can only imagine the trouble I might have caused you. I am truly sorry.

(Mako): Woof woof.

(Yin-Yang): If you’re going to apologize to anyone than apologize to that woman over there. You kidnapped her against her will and was about to rape her. Also, thank that man standing to him, if it wasn’t for his valiant effort you would still be at the mercy of that vile creature.

*Tomo walks up to Nitsuj and Mira and bows his head apologizing and thanking them*

(Mira): It’s alright. I forgive you. I appreciate the feelings you have for me but I think we should start off as just friends okay.

(Nitsuj): That’s right buddy. Mira only needs one guy chasing her and that’s me. But here, a little consolation prize.

*Nitsuj hands Tomo a picture of Mira wearing nothing but her underwear.*

(Mira): AHHH! When did you take this!?

(Nitsuj): Who knows? Probably when you got out of the shower or maybe-

*Mira slaps Nitsuj*

(Mira): Pervert! You perverted troll. Give me that picture right now Tomo.

(Nitsuj): Go ahead and tear it up I got plenty of them at home.

(Mira): WHAT! Where are the!? Where are you hiding them!?

(The Entity): Die!

*The body of the werewolf Tomo was in has sprung to life and attacked Nitsuj from behind tangling him in black wires.*

(Nitsuj): AHHH~ it hurts it hurts!

(The Entity): Did you really think I would go down that easily?

(Nitsuj): How are you still alive I pulled you from the host?

(The Entity): I’ve absorbed enough data from all the cyber creatures and that wolf to create and sustain my own body. Now I am free, free to go where ever I want without the need to control anyone. But enough about me, let’s kill you.

*Mira throws one of the silverium blade disc at The Entity’s arm cutting it off and save Nitsuj.*

(The Entity): What!

(Mira): Shippou enbu (Silver waltz)!

*Multiple silverium blade disc appear before Mira and she begins throwing them at The Entity where he blocks but they still do damage on him.*

(Mira): Get some! Get some!

*Mira’s attack stops but above The Entity Yin-Yang launches an attack on him*

(Yin-Yang): Drop dead! Genkotsu no yajuu (Fist of the beast)!

*Yin-Yang’s fist begins to glow yellow with energy and takes the form of a wolf’s head to strike The Entity. The attack hits but he blocks the attack with his disfigured arm.*

(The Entity): I’m getting real tired of this bullshit.

(Shizuku): You and me both. So allow me to end it! Su-pa-u-man panchi (Superwoman punch)!

*Shizuku jumps into the air behind The Entity and delivers a flying punch directly across the face of The Entity which almost knocks him out. After Shizuku hits him she lands and rolls out of the way.*

(Shizuku): Chibi! Now!

(Chibi): AI magic arts: Ichiren meiru motsu (Chain mail hold)!

*Around The Entity chains pop up from the ground and tangle themselves around his body giving him no chance to escape.*

(Seras): You’re looking well Entity.

(The Entity): Seras! Thank goodness. Please save me. Together we can crush these guys and-

(Seras): Sorry Entity. I’m on their side.

*Seras begins to gather energy in her scythe to prepare for her ultimate attack and Isis appears behind in Phoenix Mode ready to attack with her.*

(Isis): Ready Seras?

(Seras): Let’s do it.

*Isis and Seras charge at The Entity at the same fast speed*

(Isis and Seras): AI secret arts: Houou zenkai (Phoenix Destruction)!

*Isis and Seras swing both of their attacks which causes a huge explosion to occur which can be seen from the streets and the UC campus. The attack completely destroys The Entity’s body but a small bit of him still remains. The bit tries to claw away but is stopped by Nitsuj who is pointing a sliverium dagger at him.*

(The Entity): Who. . .are you?

(Nitsuj): I told you. Ich bin der Jäger und Sie meine Hündin sind. I am the hunter and you are my bitch.

*Nitsuj stabs The Entity destroying it once and for all. After The Entity is destroyed the group here’s cops coming and sneak out the back way where they get in the car and drive back home.*

(Nitsuj): Well guys I suppose this is it. Bye Mako. Bye Tomo. Best of luck with your pack.

(Mako): Woof woof!

(Yin-Yang): We will never forget the courage and kindness you have shown us. Thank you again for saving my friend. You are now an honorary member of the forest wolves. Simply call for our help and it is yours. Farewell Nitsuj. May you forever be free as the Moon.

*Mako and Tomo go back into the system and head back to the outer rim to be with their pact. Nitsuj and Yin-Yang join the others in living room where Chibi is sorting out her candy and the others are watching the news.*

(News reporter): Folks it appears that the mysterious wolf creature and his gang that entered the zoo an hour ago is gone. In their place police officers found the bodies of the unconscious citizens who have gone missing in the last weeks. We’ve just received reports that the citizens have been medically checked and have passed all their test and no harm came to any of the animals in the zoo. But the question remains who was that strange creature, why did he attack the zoo, and who was it that stopped him and his gang. A police officer said a strange man in a costume with a bunch of other girls and a wolf entered the zoo claiming that they would handle the situation but the officer said he couldn’t make out who they were since it was so dark. Whoever, they are, on behalf of the Greater Cincinnati area I thank you for your courage and bravery. This is Channel 5 news signing off.

*Isis turns the TV off*

(Shizuku): Well how about that, we save the city and don’t get credit for it.

(Seras): Oh what’s the big deal? We saved the city, got to fight a bunch of werewolves, and we finally destroyed The Entity. As far as I’m concerned that’s all the reward I need.

(Shizuku): Yeah I guess. Still though this Halloween thing was great. I can’t wait to see what happens next year.

(Yin-Yang): I seriously think you’re missing the point of Halloween.

(Isis): Let her be.

(Mira): Master, might I talk to you alone for a minute.

(Nitsuj): Sure.

*Mira and Nitsuj go out to the porch where they can be alone.

(Nitsuj): What’s on your mind Mira?

(Mira): I just wanted to say thank you for saving me. I was really scared back there you know, when he was about to rape me.

(Nitsuj): Don’t mention it Mira. I wasn’t going to let that guy defile your body. That right belongs to the guy you choose.

(Mira): Really? And here I was expecting you to say “Mira, your body belongs to me and only me.” You know, something like that.

(Nitsuj): What can I say, sometimes there are moments when even I can surprise you.

(Mira): And there are times when I can surprise you.

(Nitsuj): Like how?

*Mira grabs Nitsuj’s collar and pulls him to her where she kisses him right on the lips.*

(Mira): Like that. Consider that your treat for saving me tonight.

*Mira begins to walk back in*

(Mira): You know, out of everything I’ve seen you’ve done so far, I don’t think you’ve ever looked as cool as you did tonight. Standing under a night sky with a full moon over your head.

*Mira walks in leaving Nitsuj alone on the porch.*

(Nitsuj): Boy do I love Halloween.

The End

Happy Halloween

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