Cartoon Cartoon-cember Part 21: Chowder

Is there anybody out there interested in being a chef? This show isn’t for you. Remember how I said Cartoon Network on a Furry phase for short. Well during that Furry phase we got some really dumb and awkward shows and if Squirrel Boy was considered the dumbest of the Furry phase than Chowder is what I consider to be the most awkward of Cartoon Network’s Furry phase. The show centers around an anthropomorphic cat named Chowder who is an apprentice at this catering shop. While he means well and does his best to help out others he gets himself as well as others into trouble because of his Garfield like appetite and the fact that well he’s an idiot. Once again Cartoon Network was trying to rely on past formulas that worked so well in the past in which the main character is a lovable idiot who messes up a lot but at the end of everything he pulls through for his friends and saves day. In some episodes he did but it just isn’t done all that well. The reason why this formula worked so well in other past cartoons such as Johnny Bravo, Ed, Edd, n Eddy, and a few Hanna-Barbara and Avery cartons was that the characters were interesting and funny. Chowder isn’t an interesting character in fact the show lacks motive for Chowder’s character. He never really learns from his past mistakes nor does he seem all that interested in being a caterer if anything he seems more interested in seeing the dishes get made so he can eat them himself. Hmm~, now that I think about this almost sounds like rip-off of the Toriko series.

The show had a lot of bathroom humor and running jokes that went throughout the series but in all honesty I never found them funny in fact I found the whole world of Chowder weird. I mean there’s a lot going on this world but I can’t make heads or tails of it. I don’t know if I’m just not paying attention or trying hard enough but the world in this show is just weird. Creative I admit but just downright weird. Speaking of weird the animation was also weird. It would stick with your usual animation style but at times switch to stop motion and have puppets that actually make The Muppets look real. The characters weren’t really all that interesting especially Chowder he was just a goofball who got on everyone’s nerves but they stuck with him because he always had the best of intentions and everyone in the show saw it. A good quality on their part but they never take the time to tell Chowder why he messed up and what he needs to do to make sure he never makes the mistake in the future they just let him be hoping he’ll figure it out himself which he never does. Chowder was the last of Cartoon Network’s Furry phase and was a disgusting way to end the phase. Take this back to the kitchen I demand a better show.

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