Cartoon Cartoon-cember Part 22: The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

Made around the time when people were into pirates The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack comes sailing into your TV areas. The show centers around a young boy named Flapjack who is an orphan adopted and raised by a talking whale called Bubbie. He serves as the cabin boy for a washed up pirate named K’nuckles and together in a fictional port town called Stormalong Harbor the duo try to find a map which will lead them to Candied Island. Yeah, I bet you thought it was gonna be gold. Nope, in this world candy is what pirates crave and everyone else for that matter. Now while I have to admit this is a kinda stupid set up it did have the potential be something interesting if they did pirate things like sail to other islands to find clues about Candied Island instead of staying in the same town which looks dead to me. Another thing they could have done is have the duo take part in old sailing legends that made fun stories around and pirates. Like do a parody of Moby Dick, have a crazed sea captain who has a sweet tooth hunt for the legendary known as Milky Chocolate. Just do crazy stuff like that I probably would have found the show interesting.

Each episode centered around a misadventure the duo would have usually caused by K’nuckles which more often than not ended with them okay. The characters in the show were alright but at the same time bland. Flapjack was the typical happy-go lucky innocent child, easily influenced by the adults around him, just wanted to go on adventures and held K’nuckles in high regards. K’nuckles was a selfish candy addict who would put himself before others but cared deeply for Flapjack and always came to his rescue proving that he does value Flapjack a lot not only as his cabin boy but probably the only true friend he’s had in his life. Bubbie acted like the mother figure for Flapjack and disapproved of him hanging with K’nuckles but put up with him to make Flapjack happy. The animation style was kinda bizzare and ugly. It’s as if someone cut the background out of cardboard dashed it with animation. The people, creatures, and adventures they went on were also bizarre and ugly and served as almost a mindfuck at times so if you like that bizarre humor chances are you’ll like this show. Personally, I didn’t really find the show all that good even when I heard and saw trailers of it and when it finally premiered and I watched it my thoughts didn’t change at all. Apparently the show received overall positive ratings but when your competition is Chowder and Squirrel Boy the standards are pretty low. The whole is basically Ren and Stimpy humor. Gross us out which doesn’t work in today’s society. This show had potential to be created but they just dropped the ball. Even though I didn’t like this show I will say it tried harder than Chowder and Squirrel Boy to be entertaining. Yoho, yoho, this show is not for me.

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