Attack on Cyberwolf

*It’s Halloween Night and everyone in Nitsuj’s house is preparing to go out trick or treating. The AI girls are all dressed up as the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon. Isis is Sailor Moon, Seras is Mars, Mira is Mercury, Shizuku is Jupiter, and Yin-Yang is Venus even though she’s embarrassed by it* (Yin-Yang): *Fidgeting […]

Night Of The Living Chibi

On the outskirts of Cincinnati during Halloween night a strange portal opens. Appearing out of the portal is a tiny AI girl who looks exactly like Chibi Isis except she has red eyes, fangs, and a crown on her head. (Evil Chibi Isis): Alright the jump was a success. All troops come over. *An army […]

Nitsujcember Part 33: Arcana Familgia

My first crossover review with Isis. Doing a crossover was something I always wanted to try with my characters to see if it could work and I figured Arcana Familgia would be the perfect anime to try it out. Based off a game under the same name, the anime focuses on this mafia group where […]

Nitsujcember Part 32: Sword Art Online (SAO)

It’s the review you’ve all been wanting me to re-take a look at, SAO. Yeah when this anime first came out it was the talk of the town. Everybody loved it, praised it, called it the best anime of all time but now everyone hates on it but is it really deserving of so much […]

Nitsujcember Part 31: The Flashpoint Paradox

When I first released this review it was one of my lowest ranking reviews at the time. I couldn’t figure out why everyone didn’t like it but as time went on it started warming up to people. I guess it’s because I was doing a comic book movie and from my personal experience people in […]

Nitsujcember Part 30: Pokémon Origins

This was an anime I knew I had to review when I found out about it. It was the anime we always wanted to see but thought that we would never get. This review was a rare exception to the 2-month rule I established when I first started writing reviews. It’s the same story we’ve […]

Nitsujcember Part 29: Hell Girl

Boy was this an anime I was nervous going into. Like I said in my review Hell Girl is one of my favorite animes out there. It’s not in my top 10 or top 11 but it’s definitely on the list of animes that I consider one of my favorites. So as you can imagine […]

Nitsujcember Part 27: Highschool of the Dead

H.O.T.D is one of the animes that I wanted to review ever since I started Project Nitsuj and when Aniween came around I felt it was the perfect time to tackle this series which set a new standard for fanservice as well as help anime get into the zombie genre. The series focuses on a […]