Journey to the East Part 11

*A few days have gone by with Nitsuj and Yume leaving Osaka and arriving in Kanazawa located in the Chubu region a region next to the Kanto region and Nitsuj’s last stop before arriving in Tokyo*

(Nitsuj): Well we made it. Kanazawa, one of the cities lucky enough to be spared the attack from U.S forces during WWII. Because of this most of their historical buildings and architectural history are still intact making this place a historical city rich with knowledge and of course the beauty of nature. Our stay here will be short so what say we take a walk through the park and see the beauty of nature.

*Yume is silent*

(Nitsuj): Yume?

(Yume): Oh I’m sorry what were you saying?

(Nitsuj): I said let’s go for a walk through the park.

(Yume): Oh yes. That sounds lovely.

(Nitsuj): Are you feeling alright Yume? These last few days you’ve been a little out of it. Your illusions are becoming predictable and you’re unknowingly casting them on unsuspecting bystanders. The Yume I know is seductive, witty, and doesn’t have a worry in the world.

(Yume): I am perfectly fine thank you. I was just distracted by the amazing sights is all. Now let us be on our way and try not to get lost because I won’t try to find you.

*Yume walks off ahead of Nitsuj*

(Nitsuj): Damn. That was actually a little cold. Yet strangely arousing. Oh my God I’m turning into the Jack Bros.

*As Nitsuj and Yume walk through the park enjoying the sights of nature, Nitsuj was still a little worried about Yume but choose not to talk about it just yet but instead wait for a more appropriate time. After much walking they decide to rest on a bench*

(Yume): This truly is a beautiful.

(Nitsuj): Yeah. You know this place reminds of the first time we met. Remember, the dreams?

(Yume): Yes. I created a beautiful forest for you to explore and find me.

(Nitsuj): I’m curious, why a forest? If you could create anything why did you choose a forest? You could’ve met me in any location of your choosing.

(Yume): At the time my images were limited. Before I could access the internet I could only access the cameras in the facility. In the facility all I saw was trees and temples. My days were spent with them teaching me history and showing me pictures of nature to make sure I could create the illusions perfectly. It became overwhelming at times so I created a place where I felt at peace and safe.

(Nitsuj): So that explains the forest.

(Yume): Do know that I don’t just let anyone into the forest. I only give access to people I trust. You were the first and only person who I allowed to enter that forest.

(Nitsuj): Wow, then I am greatly honored to have access to that forest. I hope someday you’ll let me back in.

(Yume): Oh I will, and once I do things will be different. I’ve seen the beauty of the world, different colors I didn’t think existed, and buildings I never thought possible all thanks to you. When you enter my forest again not only will it be beautiful but it will astound you.

(Nitsuj): Oh man, now I really can’t wait to see that forest. Well, I’m gonna go use the restroom before we continue. Want me to get you anything on the way back.

(Yume): No, I am fine.

(Nitsuj): Alright. Wait here. I’ll be back.

*Nitsuj begins to head to the bathrooms*

(Yume): Nitsuj.

*Nitsuj stops and turns back to Yume*

(Yume): If you return and find me flirting with another man do be kind to walk away quietly.

(Nitsuj): If I do return and find a guy is flirting with you do be kind not to laugh when I toss him into the nearby lake.

*Nitsuj continues to walk and goes to the bathroom. Once he’s done he exits the bathroom and sees a man selling silver necklaces with animals and birthstones in them. He decides to buy one for all the AI girls and buys one for Yume as well*

(Nitsuj): Hey Yume I got you-

*Once Nitsuj returns to the bench where Yume was sitting he sees that she has disappeared on him. He goes to inspect the bench but sees no traces of kidnapping. He spots a local vendor and questions him*

(Nitsuj): Excuse me sir. Did you see a girl sitting on those benches over there? She had green eyes and golden blonde hair.

(Vendor): Oh her? Yeah, I saw her. She got up and left on her own. She ran right by me so I only got a small glimpse of her but it looked like she was crying.

(Nitsuj): What! Which way did she go?

(Vendor): She went down that path which leads to a small shrine. Doesn’t get that many visitors.

(Nitsuj): Alright. Thanks.

*Nitsuj runs down the path hoping to find Yume to get answers from her. Back with Yume, after running she eventually reaches the small shrine where she sits on the steps with tears in her eyes*

(Yume): I’m sorry Nitsuj. But this is for the best.

*Yume wipes the tears from her eyes when all of a sudden she hears a sound that startles her*

(???): Oh my, how rare it is to see guests around here.

*As Yume prepares to defend herself the person who spoke comes out of the shrine and reveals himself to be Mori the same Mori who Nitsuj met in Itano. Once Yume sees it’s just a monk she lowers her guard*

(Mori): Especially ones of the fox girl type.

(Yume): Shit, the illusion!

*Yume begins to panic*

(Mori): Now now. There’s no need to panic, your secret is safe with me. I won’t harm you. I doubt anyone would believe me if I told them.

*Yume takes a sigh of relief*

(Mori): Still though a fox girl, and only a few months after I met a strange fellow talking about them.

(Yume): Was this man’s name Nitsuj?

(Mori): Why yes it was. So you two have met?

*Yume explains to Mori how she met and befriended Nitsuj and started traveling with him. However, she leaves out the parts about being an AI and Nitsuj destroying a temple to save her*

(Mori): So you’re traveling with Nitsuj on his journey. That’s good to hear. How is the young fellow?

(Yume): He’s doing good. At least that’s how I like to remember him by.

(Mori): Hmm~, by the looks of it, it sounds like something has happened between you to. Did he do something to hurt you my child?

(Yume): No not in the least. If anything he’s given me so much. I’ve experienced so many wonderful things ever since I’ve met him. I owe him so much but a few days ago it began to dawn on me, that our journey is almost at an end. Nitsuj will accomplish what he came to do and that’ll be that. Our reason for journeying together will come to an end and he’ll return to his homeland. But what about me? Where do I go from here? What’s next for me? These thoughts kept welling up within me that I just couldn’t stand it any longer. The thought of saying goodbye to Nitsuj became unbearable.

(Mori): I see now. So in order to keep yourself from feeling the heartbreak of saying goodbye you decided to just runaway.

*Yume nods her head and begins to tear up*

(Mori): My child I understand the pain you’re going through. Saying goodbye is never an easy thing especially for you. From the sounds of it Nitsuj has had quite the impact on your life. But I must ask have you talked to him about this yet? Did you share your feelings with him and asks what he thought of you and what he wanted to do? It sounds to me that you choose to keep things to yourself and in an act of selfishness chose to leave without hearing what he had to say.

(Yume): But what if he says what I don’t want to hear?

(Mori): Yume I have lived for a number of years and if there’s one truth in this world it’s this. . .men are stupid. We do stupid things and say stupid things but when the people important to us are in trouble we know just what to say. I may not have known Nitsuj as long as you but I have faith he will say the words that you want to hear and mean them.

(Yume): I have to go. Thank you Mori. You’ve been so helpful.

*Yume gives and runs down the stairs of the shrine and into the forest. Nitsuj continues to run to the shrine when all of a sudden he spots a small fox along the path*

(Nitsuj): A fox! Unfortunately, not the one I’m looking for. Wait! I was told that all wildlife in the area was captured in order to keep the park safe. That means. . .Yume.

*Nitsuj chases after the fox and winds up in a wide open meadow where Yume is there waiting for him*

(Nitsuj): Yume! What the hell are you doing? Do you have any idea how worried I was about you? I thought you had been captured or worse.

(Yume): I’m sorry! Before you continue please hear me out. I’m sure you know that I’ve been acting a little off these last few days. The reason for that is because I’m scared. Scared of what will happen once we reach Tokyo and what will become of us after we reach our goal. I know that you’re not from this country and I have no right to ask you to stay but if there is a chance I would love nothing more than to go back with you to America and join you on Project Nitsuj. I don’t know that much about anime and chances are I’ll mess up and cost you trouble but nothing would make me happier than being by your side.

*After Yume finishes her speech Nitsuj stands there silent for a few seconds until he finally starts to laugh*

(Yume): What’s so funny? I’m being serious here.

(Nitsuj): *Stops Laughing* I know and I’m sorry but it’s just funny. This is what you’ve been worried about? All this time I thought you were starting to get bored with me and was just looking for an excuse to ditch me but all this time it’s been this. I can’t help but laugh. You thought I was gonna leave you behind after what we’ve been through? Don’t you see? We’ve travel across the whole country together there’s no way I was gonna leave you behind. My plan from the very beginning was to bring you back with me to America and have you on the blogs. Your mysterious and seductive aura will be a hit. Though we might need to change that up after this little stunt *begins to giggle*.

(Yume): *Blushing out of embarrassment* I should have buried you in the forest when I had the chance.

(Nitsuj): *Stops giggling* But in all seriousness Yume of course you can come back with me to America or if you decide to follow another path and we go our separate ways just know that I’ll support you every step of the way and if you ever need my help all you have to do is call out to me in my dreams. Now, a little gift to confirm our new partnership.

*Nitsuj hands Yume a jewelry box which contains a silver necklace with a fox attached to it and embedded in the fox is the birthstone for May*

(Nitsuj): I wasn’t sure when your birthday was so I decided to just pick the month when we first met*

(Yume): *Tears in her eyes* Nitsuj. . .you truly are amazing.

*Yume gets close to Nitsuj and presses her lips on his as the two begin to kiss each other. After a minute or so they finally pull away from each other and just smile and blush at each other. Nitsuj than looks at his watch*

(Nitsuj): Oh shit it’s 4pm! Our train for Tokyo leaves in 15 minutes. Come on Yume! Let’s go!

*Nitsuj and Yume quickly leave the park and rush to the train station where they arrive just in the nick of time*

(Mori): Excuse me, which train is it to Tokyo?

(Conductor): It’s the one on your right sir.

(Mori): Thank you.

*As Mori walks towards his train he spots Nitsuj and Yume rushing towards the trains from the opposite side where they board the train on Mori’s left. The doors soon close behind them*

(Nitsuj): Made it!

(Yume): Tokyo here we come!

*The train so takes off*

(Mori): Hmm~, I wonder if they know they got on the wrong train?

(Conductor): Last call for Tokyo. Repeat, last call for Tokyo.

(Mori): Well I’m sure they’ll be fine. At least they’re both smiling. It looks like Nitsuj said the right thing after all.

*Mori boards the train for Tokyo which soon takes off*

To be continued

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