Journey to the East Part 12

*After getting on the wrong train Nitsuj and Yume wound up in the Tohoku region where their train stopped in the Aomori prefecture. After many days of traveling back the two manage to arrive in Iwaki which is in the Fukushima prefecture. They manage to find a train to Tokyo but the train won’t be leaving until tomorrow. So Nitsuj and Yume decide to spend the day relaxing and swimming at the Spa Resort Hawaiians*

(Nitsuj): Oh man. This feels so good right now. After days of braving the cold we finally return to the warmth of a resort.

(Yume): Although we wouldn’t be in this mess if someone didn’t get on the wrong train.

(Nitsuj): Hey it’s not my fault. If a certain fox had just talked about her feelings we wouldn’t have been late getting to the train station, panicking, and getting on the wrong train.

(Yume): Are you trying to shift the blame onto me.

(Nitsuj): I’m just saying I can’t share all the blame for this. Besides, it worked out in the end we’re at a world class resort which has hot springs, an indoor waterpark, and I finally got the chance to see you in a bikini. As far as I’m concerned this is a win.

(Yume): Keep telling yourself that.

(Nitsuj): And it’ll be an even bigger win when I peek on you in the hot springs.

*Nitsuj and Yume head out to the open air hot springs which are split between sexes. Yume enters the women’s side and enjoys the hot spring while on the men’s side Nitsuj walks in to a bunch of young guys trying to peek over to the other side but fail. They try to build a pyramid but the floors are too slippery. They try to peek through the wall but there’s no holes*

(Nitsuj): Amateurs. They’re doing it all wrong. This place has obviously prepared for such cheap tactics as these. If you want to peek over to the other side than you’ve got to think outside the box.

*As some of the men are trying to build another pyramid Nitsuj prepares a catapult. After finishing his catapult, he goes to the far end and waits for the pyramid to crumble. Sure enough the pyramid does crumble and some of the men land on the opposite end of Nitsuj’s catapult where their combined weight sends Nitsuj flying through the air*

(Nitsuj): Here I come naked ladies. AHHHH~.

*As Nitsuj continues to fly through the air towards the wall his momentum is stopped by an invisible plastic wall on top of the regular wall which crashes into*

(Nitsuj): Ow! Sneaky bastards.

*Nitsuj falls backwards and lads back into the hot springs for men*

(Woman): What was that?

(Yume): By the sounds of it a very big and loud bug crashing into the wall.

*Back on the men’s side of the hot springs two very shady people keep a watch on Nitsuj*

(Watcher 1): There he is. Let’s get him while he’s down and defenseless.

(Watcher 2): No you baka! We’re dealing with a dangerous man here. Even if his guard is down that teme could still take us down. Come on let’s go.

*The two shady men exit the hot springs, get dressed, and head to the lounge are where they sit at the bar and order a drink. As they drink a woman comes to sit next to them*

(???): Is this seat taken poi?

(Watcher 2): Not at all. . .desu.

*The woman takes a seat and orders a drink as well*

(Watcher 1): Miss Eris it is an honor to finally meet you. It’s very sugoi.

(Watcher 2): The Weeaboos thank you once again for accepting our case.

(Eris): Dispense with your pleasantries; who and what are my targets?

(Watcher 1): Your target is this fox girl. She is an AI program that was stolen from us and must be recaptured.

(Watcher 2): Approaching her casually is a big mistake as she has the power to create illusions. In order to counter these illusions, use these goggles to cover your eyes.

(Eris): That’s all fine and dandy but when do I get to fight him? In case you forgotten the only reason I took this job in the first place was because I was promised a chance to fight him.

(Watcher 2): Rest assured Eris-sama, once he knows the fox girl is in trouble he’ll come running.

(Watcher 1): Just get the fox girl to the area we specified and Nitsuj is all yours. Hell, you can kill that baka for all we care.

(Eris): Good. That’s all I needed to hear. And my payment?

(Watcher 2): Half of it has been sent to your account and the rest you will receive after the job is done.

*After finishing her drink Eris gets up and heads to the hot springs where just as Yume was getting out she gets attacked and taken out by Eris*

(Eris): This is Eris, fox girl is secured. Now heading to the drop off area.

(Watcher 1): Copy that. We bagged the fox.

(Watcher 2): Too easy. Now to make sure- Woah!

*As the two weeaboos walk through the halls they run into Nitsuj who flips over the second watcher. The first watcher tries to take him out but Nitsuj dodges his attack and slams his head into the wall putting him into a daze. The second watcher gets back up but before he can attack Nitsuj grabs a mirror from the wall and smashes it on his head knocking the second watcher out. He then grabs a shard of the broken glass as well as the first watcher*

(Watcher 1): Holy shit! You’re just as good as they say you are.

(Nitsuj): I saw you in the springs spying on me.

(Watcher 1): How did you-

(Nitsuj): Let’s just say I have friends looking out for me.


*While playing in the waterpark Nitsuj received an email*

(Nitsuj): Huh, what’s this?

*Nitsuj opens up the email*

(Nitsuj): Be on the lookout for these weeaboos. Objective, the fox girl.

*Flashback ends*

(Nitsuj): Now, where’s my fox girl? And don’t even think about lying to me. If you know who I am than you should know I don’t take kindly to being lied to.

(Watcher 1): Uh right. She’s in the hands of Eris the transporter. She’s heading for the Shiramizu Amidadō temple, I swear.

(Nitsuj): Thank you. Now get some rest.

*Nitsuj knocks him out and heads toward the Shiramizu Amidadō temple. At the temple Eris has just arrived and Yume has regained consciousness*

(Yume): Urgh~ what happened?

*Notices Eris*

(Yume): You!

*Yume tries to cast an illusion over her*

(Eris): Don’t bother. Custom-made glasses to hide the eyes. A gift from your masters.

(Yume): I get it now. You were hired to take me back weren’t you.

(Eris): Nothing personal kid. It’s just business.

(Nitsuj): Really? If that’s the case than why do I get the feeling you were hoping this would happen Eris.

(Eris): Well well well. I was hoping you would come.

(Nitsuj): If you’re waiting for the weeaboos you’re out of luck. I took them out before I came here. So what’s the deal Eris? Taking on this low paying job you’re better than this.

(Eris): I know. But when I heard you were involved I couldn’t miss passing up an opportunity to take on The Dark Samurai himself.

(Yume): Dark Samurai?

(Nitsuj): The Dark Samurai? You know the last person who called me that wound up in the hospital. You went through all this trouble just to take me on?

(Eris): Pretty much. Can you blame me? I’m helping out fucking weeaboos. The market is shit right now. If I don’t get a good challenge here soon I’m gonna shoot myself.

(Nitsuj): Very well. You wanna take on the Dark Samurai? I guess I could bring him out of retirement just for you.

*Nitsuj gets a terrifying look in his eyes that actually shocks Yume a little*

(Eris): *Chuckles* Yes. There it is. Those are the eyes of the man who struck fear into many.

*Eris draws her sword and charges at Nitsuj. She tries to strike him but Nitsuj blocks her attack*

(Nitsuj): I am so gonna rock your world tonight little lady.

*Eris blushes a little at Nitsuj’s comment showing a little excitement but quickly regains herself and continues her sword fight with Nitsuj. Sparks fly between the two as their swords clash with each other numerous times. Throughout a majority of the fight Nitsuj is on defense guarding against Eris’s attacks*

(Eris): Something is wrong here. Why are you defending yourself? The Dark Samurai I remember wasn’t someone who played defense all the time. What’s going on here?

(Nitsuj): Let’s just say I’m not at full power. I really do have to apologize for this. I can’t give you the fight you’ve been wanting for some time. But how about I let you dream about it?

*Nitsuj finally stops defending and does an upward sword slash which rips the glasses Eris was wearing right off*

(Eris): Shit!

(Nitsuj): Yume! Now!

*Yume figuring out Nitsuj’s plans hits Eris with her illusion powers and puts Eris in a dream like state where she fantasizes about having an exciting and fun fight against Nitsuj. The illusion was so real and fun for Eris that she falls to the ground mentally exhausted from the fight*

(Eris): *Breathes heavily* That was amazing. I was so close. I can’t believe I still lost to you. Even in my dreams I still can’t beat you.

(Nitsuj): Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ve definitely gotten stronger since the last time I saw you. I’m just sorry I couldn’t give you a proper fight. I wish I could explain but it’s complicated.

(Eris): It’s cool. Just fix whatever’s wrong with you so I can have a proper fight the next time we meet. Illusions are fun and all but nothing beats the real thing.

(Nitsuj): Tsk. You’re still the same crazy girl you were back then. I guess somethings never change. I rather not fight an old friend but if you want a rematch come find me. I’ll be sure to give you a really good and proper fight. Now make sure you get inside, I don’t want you catching a cold.

*Nitsuj unties Yume and takes his leave with her as Eris just lays on the ground resting and slowly falling asleep*

(Nitsuj): You alright there Yume?

(Yume): I’m fine. But are you sure it’s alright to leave her there? She might come after us.

(Nitsuj): Don’t worry she won’t. She technically got what she wanted. A fight and that’s all she wanted out of this job. Truth be told you weren’t any danger, that girl hates weeaboos more than me. I’m guessing as soon as the weeaboos showed up she was gonna take them down and let you go free if I hadn’t arrived in time.

(Yume): So she knew you were going to save me?

(Nitsuj): Yep. She knows that I won’t leave a friend behind.

(Yume): Well that’s both a relief and a bit terrifying how well she knows you? So tell me, what’s the deal with this Dark Samurai thing.

(Nitsuj): *Chuckles* Just an old nickname from my past. Along with the others I’ll tell you about it someday.

(Yume): Or you could tell me now.

(Nitsuj): That would ruin the excitement and suspense.

*Nitsuj begins to walk faster ahead of Yume*

(Yume): Screw the excitement and suspense and tell me now.

*An angry Yume begins to chase after Nitsuj who laughs and runs away from her back to the hotel*

To be continued

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