Journey to the East Extra

*Nitsuj and Yume’s train have stopped in Koganei*

(Conductor): Attention passengers we are now pulling into Koganei. Those of you wishing to continue your trip to Tokyo please make your way over to the next station just west of this station. Thank you and have a nice day*

*Nitsuj gets his luggage and exits the train*

(Nitsuj): Wow Koganei. To think this is where Studio Ghibli is located.

(PTA): Welcome to Koganei, please enjoy the relaxing music courtesy of Studio Ghibli.

*One Summer’s Day from Spirited Away begins to play. A gust of wind blows Nitsuj’s strawhat away*

(Nitsuj): My hat!

*Nitsuj goes chasing after it as he takes in the whimsical sights happening in front of him such as seeing a dragon flying in the sky, a scarecrow bouncing around on a pole, a catbus filled with people, a talking pig driving a car, a teenage witch playing with other witches, a moving building stopping at an intersection, the list goes on. As Nitsuj saw all of this he couldn’t help but smile and be amazed. His hat finally falls to the ground and lands by the feet of this familiar old man who picks it up*

(Old man): Is this yours?

*The old man hands the hat over to Nitsuj*

(Nitsuj): Thank you.

*Nitsuj takes a look at the old man*

(Nitsuj): You look familiar. I think I’ve seen you before.

(Old man): *Chuckles* I get that a lot. Quite the sight though wouldn’t you agree?

*Nitsuj turns back and sees all the whimsical sights again*

(Nitsuj): It’s. . .beautiful.

(Old man): I couldn’t agree more. In my former life I used to be an animator for this big studio, but now I’m retired.

(Nitsuj): Do you ever miss it?

(Old man): I do, but at the same time I am happy with what I have done and I’m sure my work will inspire many others. Have a nice day young man.

*The old man begins to walk past Nitsuj*

(Yume): Nitsuj. We have a train to catch.

(Nitsuj): Hey Yume you gotta see this place it’s amazing.

*Nitsuj pulls out his cellphone to show Yume all the whimsical sights*

(Yume): Um Nitsuj what are you talking about it looks just like a regular city to me.

(Nitsuj): What are you talking about don’t you see-

*Nitsuj looks up only to see a normal city*

(Nitsuj): What? Yume, did you cast an illusion on me again?

(Yume): No. I’ve been in your pocket this whole time and haven’t made eye contact with you. Why, is something the matter?

(Nitsuj): No, nothing. But something tells me you’re not the only one who can show people illusions that sends them to another world.

(Yume): And what does that mean?

(Nitsuj): Oh nothing. Come on, let’s go to where the wind blows, Akihabara.

*Nitsuj rushes to his train and boards it heading to Akihabara with a smile on his face*

To be continued

Author’s Note: Sorry for the short read. Taking a little break this week. Get ready though, the final part begins next week.

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