Project #122: Outbreak Company

(Nitsuj): Yin-Yang are you finish dressing yet?


(Yin-Yang): Almost.


(Nitsuj): Good, when you finish be a good maid and bring me a glass of water as I get ready for the review. Hello and welcome to Project Nitsuj. Let’s talk about the otaku culture. Here in America the otaku culture is widely accepted by everyone out there. At first it was met with hostility and there are still a few people out there who look down on this culture but everyone seems to like it and now we have cons all year around celebrating this culture and giving fans a chance to interact with each other as well as meet people who help make this culture great. In Japan however it’s the exact opposite. In Japan the otaku culture is actually look down upon ironically and calling someone an otaku is a great insult. In their culture it simply means someone who doesn’t have a social or love life and just spends all their time watching anime, reading manga, playing videogames and surfing the internet (well that pretty much describes my Saturdays currently). I really don’t consider to myself to be a full blown otaku I mean do all the basic things an otaku does but I do have a social life with friends and family and somewhat of a love life but I don’t collect figurines, wait in line for DVD premieres, and I don’t go to cons or cosplay (even though I would like to go a con and I wouldn’t mind cosplaying at least once). I’m just a guy who likes anime and manga and just wants to help spread the fun of it just like today’s anime Outbreak Company. Coming out in 2013 by studio Feel (Nagasarete Airantou and Mayo Chiki!), Outbreak Company asks the question what happens when your typical otaku goes to another world and tries to spread his culture? You get a whole lot of silly events and characters to enjoy. Based off the light novel written by Ichirō Sakaki in 2011 and still ongoing to this day Outbreak Company was considered one of the more underrated animes of 2013 getting trapped and overlooked by the other animes that came out that year. Well today I’m here to give my appreciation to this anime and show just how good it is. Let’s journey to another world and see some unexpected company. This is Outbreak Company.


Opening and Ending theme


The opening for this anime is “Univer Page” by Suzuko Mimori. It’s a very good song. I like how it starts all slow and quiet but as the song continues it starts to get louder and quicker. I like the chorus part the most and the instrumental to this love is lovely. The ending is “Watashi no Houseibako” by Mai Fuchigami who plays an actual character in the show so we can consider this a character song and it’s a rather good character song. I have to admit I really didn’t care for this song when I heard it the first time but after listening to it a couple more times and reading the lyrics I really came around to liking it. The song talks about how much she sees how hard the main character is working and how when she’s around him she feels happy and free. Which does fit her character quite well. Mai sings very well in this song and I like the piano and violin in this song.


Episode 1-4


The anime starts off with our main character Shinichi voiced by Natsuki Hanae your classic example of a closed off otaku who got turned down by his childhood friend simply for being an otaku (shallow bitch). He goes online to apply for a job where he answers all the questions correctly (impossible nobody can answer an online survey with 100%). He goes to meet the company boss where he wants to know exactly what he’ll be doing and what the company does (and I would have told him to go home right then and there. You applied for at a company and position you know nothing about? That’s just stupid on his part). As they have a drink to him getting the position (hey I’m liking this company already) he passes out because the company boss drugged his drink (call the cops). Shinichi wakes up to the vision of every otaku’s dream a real maid but they can’t understand a word each other are saying (stop speaking weeaboo and speak Japanese the universal language of anime). The maid reveals herself to be Miusel voice by Suzuko Mimori (Umi from Love Live! School Idol Project) who will be Shinichi’s personal maid from today forward (congratulations Shinichi welcome to the Maid club. *Yin-Yang comes in with a glass of water wearing a maid outfit* (Yin-Yang): Here’s your glass of water master. (Nitsuj): Thank you Yin-Yang. Now how about service with a smile? (Yin-Yang): *Forces a smile on her face to hide her anger* Don’t push your luck master *leaves the room*). After her introduction we get introduced to Minori a member of the military who will acting as his personal bodyguard and is an F-Cup (that’s consider big in Japan). She’s voiced by Maaya Uchida (Irina from Highschool DxD). She reveals to Shinichi that he’s in the Holy Eldant Empire an empire in an entirely different realm from Earth where he gets told that he’ll be acting as a general manager for this realm exporting Japan products such as anime, manga, and video games to the citizens of the country as well as teaching them the otaku culture (so he’s in a sweet alternate realm full of wondrous mysterious creatures that we have dreamt about and only seen in video games and media, has a cute personal maid and bodyguard, and he’s getting paid to export and sale anime, manga, and video games to this new realm as well as spread the otaku culture. 0_0 BEST JOB EVER~! I am so jealous right now. This is literally every otakus dream). At first he refuses (do not screw this up you pussy! You be an otaku and you go out there and spread are culture) but when he finds that they’re his only chance of getting back home he decides to work for them (but hey why leave this place is awesome). For the next few parts of the episode we see that Miusel is half-elf half-human (scene here: //, she just keeps getting better and better), Shinichi gives her notes on how to speak Japanese (any chance I can burrow those notes?), and we meet the groundskeeper of Shinichi’s manor a lizard man named Bluk (who Shinichi responds to in a fitting manner. Shocked but still calm). They finish the episode with him going to meet the princess of the country which turns out to be a petite 16 year old girl with the body of a loli (this is even better than I thought it was gonna be). After calling the princess a little girl she response by literally punching him while being restrain by the guards. We end with Shinichi doing inner monologue saying he loves little girls (oh you lolicon. Scene here: //


We start episode 2 by finding out that princess is named Petralka voiced by Mai Fuchigami. Representatives of Japan explain to her that in their country you aren’t consider an adult until you’re 20 to calm her down (I’m sorry but aren’t you the guys who sexualize 13 year-old girls?). Shinichi earns Petralka’s favor and blessings for the otaku culture and he gets started. For the rest of the episode we see just how different their world is from ours (I know shocking right). Apparently in this world lower classes of species are treated horribly with no respect and education, hell they aren’t even given time to have fun (than how the hell are we gonna spread the otaku culture if our customers can’t read, can’t understand our language and can’t have fun? That’s a pretty essential part of being an otaku. Japan surprisingly didn’t think this all the way through. I haven’t seen them this shortsighted since they went to war with us). Instead they’re trained day and night to fight in wars or become servants of the high class where they get treated like trash. While this soaks you in we also see Shinichi start bringing the otaku culture to the their world and testing it out with Miusel and Bluk as well as Petralka who comes over to visit and wants him to read her a manga (how about Mahou Shoujo of the End, think zombie apocalypse only with no chance in hell of survival). Miusel also takes an interest in the manga as well and thanks to Shinichi teaching her the Japanese language she’s able to actually read a little bit of the manga. This in turn makes Petralka mad and jealous because Shinichi is paying more attention to Miusel than her (and her character is complete. A petit, spoiled tsundere princess who obviously has a thing for the main character). She begins to insult Miusel calling her worthless and not letting her read manga with them (that’s mean) until Shinichi finally has a enough and is about to go off on her but he stops himself and remembers that this is a whole new world different from his world. For him this is wrong but to them this is normal life, this is what they grew up believing and being taught. He takes a deep breath and explains to Petralka that in his world freedom, peace, and equality are the basis of society (freedom for some, peace for few, and equality is very debatable). He explains to her that if she wants to fully enjoy his culture she has to start by understanding the basics of his culture (the rich and corrupt shall live comfortably until the otaku culture slowly takes over the world). She doesn’t fully understand but she stops insulting Miusel (good, because anymore and I would have seek Yin-Yang on her and for some odd reason she’s been on edge lately. *Cut to Yin-Yang in the kitchen sharping her daggers* very soon my pets, very soon I’ll let you taste the blood of the troll) and agrees to better understand Shinichi’s culture but in exchange he has to teach her to read Japanese since she can’t stand Miusel understanding something she can’t (translation: I want onii-chan to teach me too and shower me with praise and attention! I wanna! I wanna).


In episode 3 a month has passed and Shinichi has built a school to help spread the otaku culture (a school that teaches kids about anime and manga? I’ll gladly be a teacher). We also see that Petralka has been studying the Japanese language and has learned to speak it a little bit. But unbeknownst to her Miusel is far ahead of her (naturally, she’s a smart girl) being able to actually carry out a full conversation with Shinichi without the use of the rings. As Shinichi continues to praise Miusel, Petralka becomes more and more jealous of Miusel getting Shinichi’s attention more than her that she finally has enough of it and orders Miusel to leave Shinichi’s manor and service (wow this girl is so jealous. Just tell him the truth, “I want you pay more attention to me”). While in the school the group gets attacked by a group of anti-imperialist who don’t want Japan in their country, and consider Petralka an unworthy ruler for allowing foreigners to come in and change the countries way of thinking (Anti-imperialist: Bringing humans and demi-humans together through manga and anime. Ha! What bullshit). Through the clever thinking of Shinichi and Minori they escape capture and fight back apprehending the anti-imperialists. The leader of the group tries to activate a bomb but Shinichi puts it out with a fire extinguisher (scene here: //, thank you Cintas Corporation) and Minori takes him out (what do you think about the otaku culture now ya racist thinking motherfucker). As the leader is being arrested by the imperial guards (where were you guys 10 minutes ago?) he throws a knife at Petralka but Miusel protects her using her own body as a shield, (despite the harsh words and treatment the selfish and tsundere princess put her through) getting pierced in the stomach, and we end with Miusel falling unconscious and slowly dying (NO! Don’t you dare let her die! She’s too precious to die).


We find out in episode 4 that Miusel is gonna make it (awesome~) but she has to stay in the hospital for a month, Shinichi begins his otaku school for the people but he dives into complicated stuff that they just don’t understand such as Absolute Territory (speaking of which. Hey Yin-Yang! *Yin-Yang shows up* (Yin-Yang): You called master? (Nitsuj): *Pulls out a new maid uniform with a miniskirt and high knee socks* I want you to wear this maid uniform from now on to show off you’re Absolute Territory. (Yin-Yang): I’LL CUT YOUR HEAD OFF AND MOUNT IT ON THE WALL! (Nitsuj): Now, now, you’re still my personal maid until the end of the review and the master wants to see his pretty ninja wolf-girl wear this maid outfit. (Yin-Yang): RARRR~! *Throws a dagger at the wall* Fine! But when this review is over you better have a good picture of yourself lying around because the coroner won’t recognize you when I’m through with you *walks out of the room with eyes glowing red with anger*). Minori realizes his lessons are too complex (what’s so complex about it? Guys like girls to show off their sexy legs. It’s that simple) and takes over where she herself talks about another complex subject, BL (NO~! Lady there are guys in the room, keep your weird hobby to yourself. Talk about this with the girls in a private lesson). After the lesson we fast forward a month and see that Misuel has been released from the hospital and is doing fine. Around this time Shinichi and Minori find an intruder near the mansion and catch her. The intruder is an animal girl named Elbia a big-breasted wolf-girl who is a traveling artist from the Bahailm Kingdom which is the neighboring kingdom and enemy of the Eldant Empire (so just like this world the neighboring countries don’t like each other). Minori as well as the soldiers of the Eldant Empire believe that she’s a spy sent from Bahailm to gather information and arrest her (police brutality! Arresting a cute animal girl! Police brutality). Shinichi not wanting to lose this rare treasure and seeing how well she draws, goes before Petralka and tries to convince her to let him keep Elbia (you honestly think the tsundere princess is gonna let you keep a cute animal girl? You’re clearly on meth). He tries to convince them that Elbia is just an artist and not a spy but Elbia admits to him that she is a spy who was tasked with infiltrating Eldant and drawing pictures of their country (well. . .shit there goes his plan. Scene here: // He then begs Petralka to let him keep her as his personal artist to use at his otaku school and tells them that they can feed her wrong information to confuse the enemies and take them by surprise. Petralka and her court like his plan and they allow him to keep the animal girl (//


Episodes 5-8


Not a whole lot happens in episode 5. We see that things are going swimmingly well at the otaku school so well in fact that everyone is actually arguing over which games are better (man I always said the otaku culture spreads like the plaque but I never meant that literally). Petralka tries to show off her tsundere skills to Shinichi but fails (how is that possible she’s been tsundere all season so far?). Minori finally gets the green light from The Cabinet (who the hell are these guys?) to add BL in the school’s curriculum (I am so sorry for all the guys who have to sit through that class. It’s gonna be painful boys). We see Shinichi and Miusel’s relationship grow a little more and see that if Shinichi decides to return to his world she wants to go with him (he’s going to have a half-elf/half-human be his possible girlfriend or wife. Luckiest man in the FUCKING world). Finally, Elbia begins to act strange in the mansion, she locks herself in her room doing nothing but drawing, doesn’t come down to eat dinner, and acts very scary and secretive to the point where Shinichi suspects that she might actually be an assassin who has plans to kill him in his sleep. Shinichi’s premonition comes to reality one night when Elbia attacks him in his sleep, rips his shirt off and begins licking him (oh my God she’s trying to kill him with eroticism). We find out that the reason she’s been acting strange all this time is because it’s a full moon and she’s in heat (alright Shinichi, man up and prepare for a long wild night) and since she didn’t want to cause any trouble she locked herself in her room and decided to draw to keep her mind off of ecchi things (apparently that didn’t work).


In episode 6 the in-class conflict between the dwarves and elves in Shinichi’s class continues so he decides to hold a peaceful soccer game (ehh~, soccer, what do people see in this game?) between the dwarves and elves hoping it’ll reach a happy ending and the two races will come to respect each other like in those sport mangas (this won’t end well will it?). In the first half the dwarves dominate with their superior strength and mow right through the elves taking 50 point lead (now that’s what I call a dominating first half). In the second half the game starts to get interesting when the elves get the green light to use magic and the game becomes even again. But the game starts to get out of hand and instead of playing soccer an outright war goes on between the two races (now this is my kind of soccer game, take notes world be like this and I guarantee you your fans will triple in size. Scene here: //, this isn’t soccer anymore. This is madness). They destroy each other and Petralka joins the game and scores a shot high fiving Miusel in front of everybody to show their friendship which ends the game on an awkward note (you mean the game wasn’t awkward with the super strength, the magic, and the “oh my God that guy just exploded” moments). In the end the game ends in a draw and they win PSPs (what no Vitas?) and while the fighting still continues between the races they’re at least not physically fighting each other.


Moving on to episode 7. After the government keeps messing up Shinichi’s orders he demands that they take him back to Japan for one day so that he can get the stuff himself. He also wants to take Miusel with him (you want to rub in the face of your childhood friend you had a crush on don’t you?) but he can’t because he’s told she can’t breathe in his world. The next day the military knocks him out since the wormhole is a secret and he wakes up back in his room where we see that Miusel has hidden herself in his luggage and is there with him. Oh, and she can breathe just fine in our world (those lying punk-ass motherfuckers). Since Miusel is with him he decides to take her to the anime/manga capital of the world Akihabara (it’s like Disney World for otakus and fans of anime/manga). So they spend the day taking in the sights, Miusel learning a little bit more about Japan and loving every minute of it. They return back to his place where Miusel tells him she doesn’t have any spare clothes or undergarments so he’s force to go out to the local convenience store and buy her a pair (they actually sell women’s underwear in a convenience stores. Way to meet customer needs) and yes it is quite embarrassing and funny. As he’s walking home the universe is telling Shinichi to sleep with Miusel. I’m not kidding, the whole universe is giving him all the signs. He walks pass a condom machine (they have those in Japan!? Why don’t we have them? This would make life so much easier and less embarrassing), a couple talking about going home and having sex, and when he gets back home he finds Miusel sleeping defenseless in nothing but a shirt that says “be true to your desires” (scene here: // The only thing missing is the song “Power of the Heart” from the Persona games and a mysterious voice telling him to do it (//, (???): Do it, do it, do it, do it). But of course this is a PG program so Shinichi is able to fight through the urge. The next day they both get knocked out again (this can’t be good for their health) and return to the other world where Shinichi didn’t pick up the stuff he wanted because he was on a date with Miusel (I still say it was a good trip. He went on a date with a half-elf girl. He’s the Boy now. If he had slept with her he would have been the Man).


Episode 8 centers on Petralka. She becomes tired of working day after day and decides to become a NEET (oh trust me I’ve seen where that road leads it’s not a pleasant site) locking herself in her room with nobody being able to get into the room except for Shinichi. Shinichi goes into the room and instead of trying to talk her out of it he actually encourages her to be a NEET and shows her how to properly embrace the NEET life like he did in the past after his childhood friend turned him down. During this time we learned that Petralka became ruler at a very young age because her parents were murder by Galius’ (her cousin and captain of the guards) parents wanting to seize the thrown. Once Petralka’s grandfather heard the news it became too much for him to bare and he passed away. Also, while Shinichi is away from his mansion Miusel goes all crazy on us and doesn’t cook food for everyone back at the mansion (it warms the sadist inside me. Speaking of sadism. Hey Yin-Yang, please clean the bathroom and make sure you get the hard to reach places like behind the toilet. Also I got done using it not too long ago. (Yin-Yang): ROOOOOOOOAR~. (Nitsuj): Yes, I can feel every ounce of your rage. Feed me your rage. HATATATATATA. HATATATATA). As time goes on Petralka starts to feel bad about being a NEET and causing people problems and eventually decides to return to her work as ruler just like Shinichi had plan (the best way to beat a NEET is to have it hang around an even bigger NEET).


Episodes 9-12


It’s the beach episode in episode 9 where Shinichi, Miusel, Elbia, and Minori all go to the beach on the royal family’s private beach as thanks to Shinichi for helping out Petralka last episode. Not much really happens they just all go the beach, the girls look great in their swimsuits particularly Minori because of her excellent sized breast. We get into a few shenanigans such as members of the JSDF secretly protecting them and at the same time taking provocative pictures of the girls where they get discovered and beaten up by Minori. Probably the funniest part of this episode is on Petralka’s side. The council men at the palace are trying to create the perfect swimsuit for Petralka since she’s going to the beach to join Shinichi and the others after her work is finish and throughout their discussion one of the members keeps recommending a school swimsuit for her which everyone is against. When they get to creating and forming their ideas for the right swimsuit it all keeps coming back to the school swimsuit as the perfect swimsuit for her. When it’s time to show her the results of their labor they give her the swimsuit expecting her to hate it and yell at them but it turns out she likes the swimsuit saying it’s comfortable and cute (scene here: //


Not much happens in episode 10. Someone from the JSDF leaks footage of the soccer game onto the internet causing a huge buzz with everyone wondering if this is all real or not (well if it’s on the internet it has to be real right?). In order to keep the other world safe Shinichi works out a plan to shoot a movie and show a behind the scenes video to make it look like all the stuff happening in the movie was done with special effects to trick everyone. Other than that nothing much happens in the episode besides them making the movie. The whole theme of the movie is a magical girl with Petralka as the main heroine. There are two funny scenes that I did like in the episode. The first one is the dragon scene; Minori, a dragon tamer, and a member of the JSDF (sounds to like the lead in to a joke doesn’t it) try to tame a dragon for the movie but fail because Minori keeps spraying herself with deodorant which is a smell dragons can’t stand which causes the dragon to go berserk on the team making them unable to tame it. This scene happens again near the end of the episode when they’re filming and a wild dragon comes out and attacks everyone on set because Minori is once again spraying herself with deodorant and the dragon tamer can’t figure out why the dragon is attacking until she sees Minori using the deodorant. The second scene that I found funny was when Shinichi walked in on Miusel, Elbia, and Petralka changing and instead of the girls pummeling him or beating him within an inch of his life as you would expect they openly welcome him. Elbia encourages him to get naked as well so she can paint him, Petralka wants him to help her put her clothes on, and while Miusel is still embarrassed to be naked if Shinichi wants it she’s willing to do it (scene here: // At the end of the episode the movie gets shown and we see that Petralka kept stumbling over her lines which embarrasses her greatly at the premiere and the movie gets posted on the internet showing how the movie was made and everything which kills the buzz and everyone comes to see the soccer game as just a stunt using special effects and the movie as just a satire of another magical girl anime (next time, I’m directing the movie and where’s the product placement?).


In episode 11 just when things were going great for Shinichi and the people of Eldant Shinichi finds out the truth about why he was bought to Eldant in the first place (and it is a plan that makes me sick to my stomach). Shinichi is an invader, let that sink in for a second (// Yes, the Japanese government want to conquer Eldant not by force but by culture, they want the people of Eldant to rely on anime and manga so much that they would have no choice but to take orders from Japan’s government and do their bidding (that is sick! But the scary part of all of this is its working. It’s working so perfectly). Shinichi wants out of their plan but they threaten to kill him if he doesn’t comply with them in fact the reason why they hired him in the first was because they could dispose of him without anyone really caring (oh my God this is diabolical). So after hearing all of this Shinichi shuts himself in his room and doesn’t come out (shades of the first episode) until he sees Miusel preparing food for him where he tells her that he’s an invader but she doesn’t care about that and tells Shinichi that thanks to his teachings and school the people of Eldant have gotten along better with each other and are happier than they’ve ever been (and that my friends is the point of the otaku society). This inspires Shinichi and he comes up with a plan to stop the Japanese government’s invasion plans (he’s gonna stick it to the Man). He goes to Petralka and proposes that the people of Eldant create their own manga and anime instead of relying on the Japanese government to get their fix (// Petralka likes this idea as does everyone else in Eldant which means the government’s plan is ruined and Shinichi gets the eyes of death from Matoba (Yin-Yang has been giving me that look all day).


In the final episode the Japanese government tries to kill Shinichi (really guys, you’re gonna kill him just because you wanna conquer this country? Come on Japan you’re better than this, you guys have some of the best books, video games, shows, and technology the world has ever known. Conquering another nation is beneath you). In their first attempt they try to kill him in his sleep with Shinichi telling Petralka about what’s going on and she has her personal maid force act as Shinichi’s bodyguards to foil their plan (deus ex maid to the rescue). After this event Matoba tries to play it off that it was a group of radical forces in the army who were trying to kill Shinichi and even though Petralka and the others know he’s lying (hard to tell by his poker face) they decide to believe him but warn him that if he tries another stunt like this again Eldant will cut its times with Japan (and then they’ll side with the US and you guys will really be in trouble). After that days pass, peace returns and eventually Petralka calls back her maid force (bad idea, this whole situation is like a crocodile waiting to get food. It lays motionless for hours but when the prey finally shows up it attacks and gets its food). After the time of peace the government sets Shinichi’s school on fire (// and Shinichi runs to the school to get this rare magazine that came with his new shipment (//, exactly, why would you go there when you know it’s a trap? I understand it’s a rare treasure but still this is your life we are talking about here). So he goes into the school (which is on fire mind you) and gets taken out by soldiers who knock him out and leave him in the school to die (sons of bitches). Miusel, Elbia, and Bluk go to the school to save him and with the help of Minori they manage to escape unharmed. The next day Shinichi decides it’s time to talk to the politician in charge of this operation so that they can reach in understanding (how’s this for understanding, you guys stop trying to kill him and give him what he wants and I won’t use my foot to drill a second hole in your ass). The politician tells Shinichi to follow orders and do what they say (okay I see we’re going with option 2 here) but their conversation gets overheard by Petralka and she tells them to back off of Shinichi or she’ll kick them out of her country in a split second. The politician hears her and agrees to leave Shinichi alone (damn my foot was shaking and everything). So in the end Shinichi’s school gets rebuild, Shinichi is still allowed to teach although his budget to get new material is no more (assholes), and we end with Shinichi teaching his class and still happy to be spreading the Japanese culture for good instead of evil.


Final Thoughts


This was an interesting anime. The story is very good. I didn’t think I would like it so much but in all honesty it’s the strongest point of the anime in my opinion. The characters are also as each one is memorable, distinguishable, and developed. Shinichi really does come across as an otaku, he’s not ashamed of it nor tries to hide it. This is who he is and he’s proud of it. Miusel was in my opinion the best girl of this anime. Cute, kind, smart, loyal, and just an all-around enjoyable character to be around. I do like how they don’t make Petralka your typical tsundere princess and actually do give her some more personality throughout the anime as a girl who’s really scared about ruling but she’s doing her best to rule accepting her responsibilities and not running away from them. Minori is pretty funny with her BL talk and I like how she looks like the no nonsense military woman but in truth she’s into the otaku culture as well. The characters who probably could of used a bit more development and screentime was Elbia I would of liked to focus more on her and her home kingdom, Bluk we barely learn anything about him, and about halfway through the anime we get an elf and dwarf character who seem like they’re gonna play a major role in the anime but they never get used.


There are few downsides like we never really get to explore the fantasy world. We learn its culture and society but we never really get to explore it like go into towns and get to talk to its various citizens and see how the otaku culture is impacting people or society who aren’t going to the school. I would of loved to see their reactions to the culture. There are a few harem troupes but none that are too distracting for me at least and while the pacing of the story flows well in the anime it falls apart in the last two episodes where the anime crams in all that seriousness and drama that the previous episodes lacked. And I really don’t like the idea of using the otaku culture to take over another world. I think it would have been better if they bought back that radical group from the third episode or had a face-off with Elbia’s kingdom to get an idea of what they’re like.


Animation wise the anime is gorgeous to look at. A medieval time period overflowing with beautiful nature and mountains. Again, it really is a shame we never really got a chance to explore this world more. Music is also enjoyable and fits the scenes quite nicely. That Da Da Da song had me on the floor the first time I heard it. It’s something I probably shouldn’t like but I just can’t help but love it. Finally, the comedy and jokes in this anime are funny. They make all kinds of references to past animes and mangas and the director even pokes fun at himself. The line deliveries are good and facial expressions make you laugh.


Final Score


The Final Score for Outbreak Company is a 7/10. If the anime would of done a better job on the last two episodes, set aside time to explore the world more, and develop a few more of its characters it would of easily been an 8.5 in my book. But despite these setbacks this anime was still a good watch with a lot of good jokes, characters, story, animation, and setting that anyone would find enjoyable. Why they haven’t made a second season yet is beyond me but this is an anime that rightfully deserves a second season and I hope in the future we get one. Thanks for reading and I’ll- *Yin-Yang comes in pounces on Nitsuj*.


(Yin-Yang): Master~.


(Nitsuj): Well I knew this was coming. Just make your hits merciful Yin-Yang.


*As Nitsuj expects Yin-Yang to hit him she instead begins to lick him while blushing*


(Nitsuj): Wait stop, what’s gotten into you?


(Yin-Yang): Onii-chan. Play with me. Play with me.


*Nitsuj gets up wondering what’s going on*


(Nitsuj): Well this is an unexpected development.


(Mira): It’s a full moon tonight. On nights of a full moon Yin-Yang’s emotions go all wild on us and she becomes an entirely different person controlled by her wolf instincts. Usually she locks herself up when this happens to avoid causing trouble but because of your bet she’s on the loose now.


(Nitsuj): Interesting. I could get use to this.


(Mira): Don’t.


(Yin-Yang): Wolfie punch~!


*Yin-Yang punches Nitsuj and sends him flying across the room. She then pounces on Nitsuj again prepared to rip his clothes off*


(Yin-Yang): Let’s play onii-chan!


*Mira shoots Yin-Yang with a dart which knocks her out*


(Mira): See? Whenever she gets like this she attacks anyone and becomes unpredictable. It’s best to knock her out and keep her locked up until the full moon passes


(Nitsuj): Spoiled sport. Just when it was getting good. But it’s probably for the best. Well guys thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time on Project Nitsuj.


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